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PostSubject: Byron [FINISHED]   Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:40 am

Bounto Template

Name: Byron. (He makes up a first name whenever questioned about it, any random ones.)
Old Names/Nickname(s): Legate Lanius Augustus Germanicus (By the ancient Romans), Sensō (By the Shinigami scientists), Seuche (by WWI Germany), and many many many other nicknames that he doesn't care to remember.
Age: Unknown, estimated to be a couple of centuries old, give or take, much older perhaps, he lost count at a point in time anyways.
Visual Age: Mid 30's.

Gender: Male.
Rank: Elite.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Height: 6' 3''
Weight: 175 lbs.

Body Frame: Medium frame.
Blood Type: O+
Sound of Voice: In the lingo, Byron has a staunch British tone in his English, and speaks Japanese with an obvious foreigner's tongue. Were it Spanish or German, he'd pull off a decent accent, having a Madrid Spaniard's accent and a Pav Uhlani accent for the German, which means it is by no doubt weird as well. But his most fluent of all languages besides British is his Latin. Given having spent hundreds of years as a Roman Centurion as a result. Other than that, he had forgotten a score of languages as a result of forgetfulness and neglect, but most assuredly, he speaks often in a raspy voice, as if he were a chain smoker, present in all of his languages, thus an undertone, but with an added English flair. He does speak French though but with an obvious accent of an Englishman.

Appearance: Rather muscular, face sketched with a thin stubble, often seen wearing sunglasses thus it would be impossible to deduce his eye color, and always with a mullet. That's how Byron is like, well appearance anyways. He has a thin chest hair adorned on his... chest, and hair on his arms and legs which just shows how manly he can be. His face often sketched with confidence, of course, which can be seen as a big liar of his true nature where he can be considered a nutjob. Meaningly that his snarky smile that he would have often, may portray the illusion of a yes-man when he is far from that.

Byron by all means wears clothing associated with hunters. Meaningly an Akubra hat, a button up khaki collared shirt that has sleeves reaching to his elbow, and cargo pants, with shirt not tucked within it. Said cargo pants is also khaki but slightly darker, and has black army boots taking up the pants sleeves, meaningly the pants sleeves are inserted within the confines of his boots. Making him don something of a pseudo-military/hunter appearance. He also has holsters and a sheath made for a knife and holsters for guns, often worn around, and a bandoleer that hugs his chest to store bullets in. Of course, underneath the bandoleer but over the button up shirt is a kevlar vest he often wears which even furthers the whole pseudo military get up.

Also, he is caucasian. He has a chiseled chest, four packs, as he has some mass made by fat in his stomach, which makes him seem buffer as a result of this. His appearance befits that of an English person due to his lighter complexion, and having the racial traits associated with the English despite the fact it originated with a mixture of Roman and a bit of Gaul. By modern standards anyways.
Introvert/Extrovert: Ambivert lingering unto Extrovert.
Hobbies: Experimenting with chemicals to see their effects, mostly from homemade ones. Tinkering with weapons and also trying to appease his obsession with making a substitute for nitroglycerin. Selling drugs to get money. Making money. Also scouting for hunts to stalk and kill.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Relaxation, hunting, weaponry, home made weaponry, tending to his botanical garden, researching about poison. Also he has a particular craving for Arrancar, literally implying that he wants to devour them due to their most 'unique' and 'colorful' taste, defining them to be particularly very tasty, much better than chicken. What he respects most is a prey that can put up a fight and escape.

Dislikes- Humans for they have little interesting aspects but as food and hunts, history repeating itself, Quincy for their ways and crafts, and stupidity stemming from humanity, and ESPECIALLY a prey that doesn't put up an entertainment.

Personality: How would one describe a complexity and myriad of personalities? Simply by inputting the most observed aspects. In this case, Byron has several personas to which he may change at a moment's notice without much of a hassle. Making it a habit so to be flexible in his dealings with the outside, but it really does nothing to erase Byron's love for torture and interrogation, his sadistic tendencies intermixed with masochism that he so much as to try to hide to attain a much friendlier disposition towards himself, but that's only so he can stab someone in the face as deception is a hunter's nature. To be genuinely friendly has to do with Byron having a degree of respect or amusement with the person anyways. Picking his prey based on their traits and their sense of inferiority anyways.

Of course, the ages aren't as kind to Byron as it has been to all other Bounts. He had been under the effect of a mental condition later diagnosed to be a minor form of Schizophrenia. Leading Byron to have some sort of tall-tale beliefs that may or may not make sense at all, which may vary. Depending on the perspective. It is what fueled his passion for the hunt. Byron's views on everything which goes in two in reality. The hunter and the hunted. That's how people are identified in these categories. Hunters are not quarry but simply fellows who indulge in the same sport and hunt for their prey be it for survival, entertainment or simply for nothing at all even if they don't admit it. Hunted are a different story. For Byron, they are an ultimate enemy, the cunning prey, the bounty that Byron deserves most... his biggest enemy. They must put up a fight, and survive. Show Byron that they are indeed worthy of being his foes, lest they endure a fate of being turned into nothing more than food, hence Byron's passion for the hunt as a Bount.

Though romantic and much of a narcissist of himself, Byron has a somewhat realistic view of things that may be peppered with optimism to help gain confidence, something of a love for having a hunt of a prey with himself being a predator. It may also be seen that he has cruelty, with very little moral obligations, a nihilistic proponent of non-existence of morality fueled by the meaningless existence of the Bounto spurred on by the common knowledge they do not exist when killed. Turning into nothing but ashes, and their entirety of their being wiped out. His biggest currency is the hunt itself, otherwise his life has no meaning, if he doesn't hunt, then he can't be the best of the best species around.

Owing to the Roman Empire, Byron has found a taste for violence, and an experience in it to which is his true calling. The only thing he was good in as he was great at it. Finding despair and agony something very much refining, with concepts of mercy and benevolence useless it may be, a praiseworthy trait, but nothing he'd indulge in besides on a whim. As such, crafty, conniving, cunning, crazed, clever, cruel and conscientious, the 7 C's that Byron holds by that is consistent with his characteristics in general, and overall attitude that is overlying the underlying subtle ones. (Pop vulgar in the fray.)

Defining Characteristics: His obsession with chemicals mostly, which leads him to have knowledge of modern day chemistry way before it has been finalized due to years of experience, and even claims of being the first person to invent chemical weapons for mortars to fire out back in the Age of Imperialism. He also has one more defining characteristic which would be his average knowledge of much of spiritual entities, and even refers back to the general history of Seireitei with a much vivid details. Making him quite knowledgeable of every race out there, their general ability, and their past agendas, having relied much of it from word of mouth communication, which leaves a sort of blotted contradiction or some sort of inaccuracy no doubtedly, but still scholarly in interest of the historic events between every races.
Specialties: Chemistry, Botanical knowledge, polyglot and avid skill in gathering history.
Fighting type: Well Rounded Fighter.
History/Background: Time? Memories? A beginning and an end? Such foolishness that exists not with Byron. For as long as he lived, his life was not always for the ultimate hunt. The battle to be the best. No. At first, it was but survival, back when he had a bigger degree of sanity present within his cranium. Back then, or so he believes, he knows that he was a result of an unrecorded accident, buried it was and all, not even a part of an experiment like his Bounto brethren but an anomaly of nature itself. He is what can be called a Proto-Bount, with the same abilities as a Bounto, same feelings, but his creation caused by a differing cause, which may separate him from the rest of the fold.

One thing for certain is that Byron does not recall WHO (not the organization but the relative questioning of the person in question) created him, not even sure that he was created by the Shinigami at all, which has led him to have a deep rooted belief in the pointlessness of existence, as he was not meant to exist in the first place. It was something pondered upon for a time long, until it was completely forgotten, and considered unimportant, Byron had better things to do besides worry about why he was created.

His memories of civilization though goes back to the Roman Empire, back when it was under the control of the Etruscan civilization, a somewhat Greek influenced civilization. Byron back then was simply known as Legate Lanius. At the time he was working for the Julii, a privately employed soldier for a family of rather affluent farmers. Tensions at the time was high between the Romans and the Etruscans. Very much so, as the King of the Etruscans, and by that extension, the Romans, was a foreigner, despite the prosperity the Romans had, he was to be overthrown and gotten rid of, with Legate Lanius taking part of this assault. At first, violence was a rather survivalist thing for Lanius, he was to fight only because he was ordered to, and did so under great threat of death. But because of his supernatural origins, Lanius had been able to easily crush the humans with reactions, reflexes and power that goes farther than the average human norm. Devouring the enemies in battle as he first suffered his affliction that he dubbed 'The Hunger'. A curse that had followed him and went beyond his natural appetite for human spirit. It was a craving for more, more spirits to devour to satiate his eternal hunger.

He was like a human, but taken to a broader perspective. Rather than having a heart that can't be satisfied with no amount of wealth, he had a stomach that desired more, and a head that wanted to achieve a lot more. It was by then, no stranger to Hollows, that Lanius, in later campaigns after having fought a war against the Carthaginians and even partook in the sacking of Carthage, posing as a descendent of the original Legate Lanius, had a transfer to the front lines in Europe to Gaul after having served his terms under Scipio. It is that fake pass that he continued doing so for a long time, posing as the son of a famous soldier, which somehow bought fame that Lanius did not want, and would put his existence in danger. But going into battlefields makes it hard to tell, on a constant cycle of battlefields, and retirements back at Rome as it was that seasoned Legionnaires, or more specific, now Centurions, got a retirement fund. It wasn't until the Marius reforms that the under ranked soldiers got pay as well.

This form of deception help take attention away for the time, but it wasn't until the northern campaigns, under Julius Caesar, a man of the Julii family, that Legate Lanius had served under the General after Caesar's safe return from the pirates that roam the Mediterranean sea. It was but a simple transfer under Caesar's request of the wary senate, due to the General's swift conquest of Gaul (modern day France). It was later that Legate Lanius, had encountered a very fearsome tribe of humans called the Quinsanii as called by the Romans. A race of spiritual humans that shoot energized bows of some unknown blue energy to the blind eyes, but Lanius, another spiritual entity, noted the bow's material. They had repulsed Roman attacks by the dozens, destroyed siege equipments easily by thousands of blue arrows of energy, and had killed several men, frustrating the Romans, it was nothing but a small town they were defending with wooden walls.

Informing Caesar of the Gallic fighter's special weaponry, and a means to defeat them, does Lanius, with a group of Frumentarii, special operatives within Caesar's forces, Lanius sneak into the town by sapping, and digging a tunnel, in an hour, having made an entire tunnel stretching to the tribe's camp, spanning a mile, do they surprise the Quinsanii and slaughter them with archaic weapons in the form of bows, arrows, and swords and shields made of steel rather than spiritual energy. Though the Frumentarii were slaughtered, the act of Lanius, having opened the gates, had allowed the town to be stormed and the Quinsanii slaughtered. Within the Quinsanii was a shaman who had informed Lanius of a stupid mistake the Romans had made, and especially of Lanius himself, to have partaken within the needless slaughter of their tribe. Scoffing at this, Lanius kills the man despite cryptic warnings of an impending and eventual doom that will befall Lanius himself. By then, Lanius had founded a book of spells with the Quinsanii.

Upon opening it, he was baffled at why it was written in Latin, the language of Rome rather than the language of Gauls. Reading from the inscription of a giant dragon, the book summons the doll from out of the book and had forced Lanius to fight the dragon with little help from the army that had recently stormed the tribe's town. Killing by the dozens with a single swipe, a breath of explosive causing a rain of body and gore to spread all around, and Lanius himself being thrown back by such explosions, had to fight without an army to back him, against a massive beast. But he was no normal person but a supernatural entity of his own rights. With his superhuman strength, a shield to defend himself from the explosive breath of the dragon, and a Spada short blade he took from the Gauls, Lanius fought the doll with a mighty fury. The thrill and adrenaline of such a battle had empowered him to perform more, striking blow upon blow at the jabberwocky until it had finally fallen after the threshold of damage had overtaken the beast's stamina.

Upon striking the beast, Lanius had won himself a food he thought would quench him of his savage and primitive hunger. Throwing away sword and shield he used to down the jabberwocky, Lanius devoured the great beast but with results he had found unusual... no longer does his hunger become a primitive and animalistic thing, emblazoned on his chest was a tattoo of the dragon itself in tribal pattern. His hunger wasn't tamed until the presence of his doll came into place. Spiritually becoming a part of him. It was unorthodox admittedly, but his power was no longer vast and simply blunt, but had become refine and sharp. His hunger now controllable, and he was no longer a slave to that vice.

Caesar, upon arriving into the camp with his entourage of cavalry, had seen the slaughter of both sides, Romans and Quinsanii dead and littered among hundreds with only Lanius having emerged victorious over a large monstrous figure that he had caught sight of from camp. In his awe, Caesar declares Lanius to be the champion of his army, to have slain the jabberwocky whereas all the Roman soldiers failed. Promoting Lanius to become a one man army of his own right, to be sent where all Roman soldiers have failed.

And so Caesar and his men set off to conquer more and more of Gallic territory with a mighty fist, despite having lost 1/3rd of the army on taking over the Quinsanii camp (which was populated by 3,500 Quincy and was the biggest recorded Quincy genocide in history). But such genocides are not without consequences. For what the Bounto did under Caesar's legion, had meant that the Hollows in Europe grew without any other powers to keep them in check. The Quinsanii hadn't been there to oppose the Romans but to fight the Hollow. This was Lanius's first time with Hollows... and it was years later after the conquest of Gaul, that Rome was in the process of a civil war between a jealous senate and Julius Caesar. Lanius having been sent to Spain itself to harshly put down the senate faction there with an army as small as 500. But a small number meant a swift movement, along with threats of death, that there were forced marches and a casualty in each ambush, slaying general after general that fought for the Senate, that Iberia, had become pacified. (It was a region under Roman control at this time period with none of Lanius's involvement prior the conquest).

The first time in Spain though, there was such a thing known as a clusterfuck. Having a higher spiritual pressure than all humans had meant that it was a blessing and a curse at the same time. It was also that Lanius had his powers refined, having learnt how to trigger his abilities, blow them up and perform them in the same function the jabberwocky had, but that hadn't saved all the Roman soldiers under his command as they were all torn apart by an enemy they couldn't see. There were some rare Romans in the army that survived as they were spiritually aware, and had soundly avoided the Hollow and even rarer were those spiritually aware Roman soldiers who survived. Seeing in Lanius an easy prey, nothing but a human to be eaten, that the Hollow were sorely mistaken, being led by an Arrancar by the name of the Vulkar, they were all sorely surprised. With a form of grim love for the smell of the Hollows themselves, as they had a scent that was fairly appetizing, Lanius devours them upon beating the scores of Hollow up.

Leaving a pyrrhic victory for Lanius, and the retreat of the Vulkar via the Garganta to which Lanius was going to give chase, but hadn't... interesting. He had gotten himself a new enemy. An enemy that will span centuries as that was his first encounter with the Arrancar. Having later encounter with Shinigami upon the planes of Germania and defeated them, but they were nought but a scouting party for any Hollows in Europe, a remote location far from Karakura town, a hub in Japan. But it was not a serious outline of Lanius's life...

-Skip a couple of centuries-

Throughout the centuries, after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, Lanius had went throughout Europe chasing the Arrancar known as Vulkar, for the Arrancar had escaped, and Lanius had an old score to settle. From Middle Ages in Germany, to Colonial France, and all the way to Imperialist Britain in a lot of epochs of ages. Vulkar by all means kept fleeing. Having an obsession over the Vulkar after the whole ordeal, obsessing it at a maniacal level with the Vulkar himself freaked out because he was hunted by a creature that looks human but makes food out of Hollows. A true predator. Both fighting to a stand still for days in and out that spans from forests to boggy swamps within Europe, with the Vulkar always retreating in the Garganta, until the score was settled in New Zealand. Lanius, who had identified himself know as Byron, had slain the Arrancar and made a very delightful lunch out of him that piqued his tastes as he was lined with a certain glee... it was the beginning of Byron's hunt... that will span with the Maori and English population of New Zealand at 1800's where firearms are becoming close to modern...

-1914, WWI-

Mundane, boring, boring, BORING. Such things were what they were throughout Byron as he hunted all the humans in one island of New Zealand, and slaughtered all the Hollows. They lacked... cunning. Battles were nothing like stalking your prey and hunting them down with machetes, dynamites, sniper rifles and barehands. WWI was a war that piqued Byron's interests. It was there he had joined the ANZAC and participated in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. Artilleries ringing loud, guns cracking, and the thrill of danger was everywhere. This was no hunt but war, but still just as satisfying. With only a rifle, Byron sniped the enemy slowly, taking his time lining his shots, surprising the Turks and slicing them up, and even at one point in the war, savagely slaughtered his own company to see if they would fare better. A court martial couldn't hold him down as he had become a wanter war criminal that started hunting down those who posted a bounty at him. Even leaving the frontline in Turkey to go to Ireland itself, to hunt the man who had posted the bounty, Lord Kitchener, and letting a South African assassin take the credits for it instead. Having blown up an entire tanker as a result as the years went on.

In essence, becoming something of a commando, modes of transportation varied as often he traveled with hijacked vehicles, most notably airplanes which allowed him to quickly cover grounds across Europe, and with a little bit of skills, dodge artillery lined at airplanes. It was fun, not Hell, for Byron. It was finally later, after having a skirmish with the Quincy, does Byron, for reasons to find worthy targets in the East, makes his way towards India. Taking up a fake name, and wearing something else besides his ANZAC uniform, after killing a couple of soldiers of the Central Power along the way as he made through Bulgaria and Austria on foot, towards a coastline. Held a German U-boat crew hostage, and forced them to sail there. India was certainly delightful to Byron, having fought with the Indians simply to hunt down a superior enemy, known as the British, and assassinate several high key figures until somehow.. the air of peace settled within the subcontinent and Byron had to resort to blatant murder in the cities as he hunted for Hollows and humans alike once more... it will satisfy him for now.

-1940's, WWII to modern era-

As Japan entered the war with the US, the ANZAC were once more formed after being disbanded, to fight against the Japanese, with Byron himself, joining in an assault after lately, left India after his years of hunt, and made way to meet an agent of the US to sabotage Japanese lines. A former Austrian soldier, him and Kitaro had managed to sabotage the Japanese Imperial Army, but with Byron more focused on taking his time on killing the enemy whilst Kitaro urging haste due to the stealthy nature of the mission, but that is how they had met. Even then, it was where Byron had learnt in one mission involving sabotage in Karakura town, that it had a bounty of spiritual entities... yes! The motherlode of quarry. At this point, going insane, he had become a minor schizophrenic and his love for the hunt had grown immensely over the centuries. Deciding to stay behind, Byron volunteered to 'hold the Japanese' back when discovered, to let Kitaro escape, when merely it was but an excuse to hunt. Having found himself under stimulants to keep him amped up as he would just as many would guess, hunt the enemy down, mixing Hollow, Human, Quincy and Shinigami in his stalking, assassinating them and leaving. Just as he were a ghost, sometimes killing Shinigami in a skirmish with the Hollow, and sometimes the Hollow against the Shinigami, mixing the two as it left both baffled. Seemingly making it as if he were offering assistance, but in reality, he was just mixing them up simply upon a whim... yes... years passed on with Byron's anonymous killer status became synonymous with Karakura Town Slasher. Having established a murderer status there that the authorities cannot identify him... as it went on for years until the modern era.

Byron himself having gotten contacts from the Yakuza as an assassin, in return would be provided weaponry and would also be allowed to take drugs of all kinds, mostly stimulants, but he does get unwanted drugs that he ends up selling to make money so to buy weaponries to hunt with, and also selling weaponries when he has spares and sees no use for an extra one. Having already made a name out for himself in the underworld as a man that gets dirty jobs done with efficiency, but only if he was allowed to have time on his side in his stalks for his hunting season, having basically turned Karakura town into his very own personal hunting safari.

(For the less accountable things, centuries passed on, when not made to seem that way, did pass on. Byron changed his names a couple of times. Fought in the Western front once with the Indians, fought the British in India going against his own country, later kept hidden from authorities who had wanted him for WWI war crimes, assassinating them, and so on and so forth, at the modern era, had become nothing but a subject of intrigue for the humans in WWI. WWII, he was relatively kept anonymous as only a select few humans knew about him as a Bounto, yet they had one thing in common with each other -- they all died from old age. Hence Byron's continued status as a laying down-low Bounto. Oh yeah, he also acquired languages in his chase of the Vulkar across Europe and a definite British accent because of his heavy involvement and stay with the British colonies.)

Role-play Sample:

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Byron [FINISHED]   Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:35 am

1. I don't like it.


3. Hans should be thrown in Jail lol.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Byron [FINISHED]   Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:07 pm

You seriously don't like anything, do you Jushiro?
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The Russian
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PostSubject: Re: Byron [FINISHED]   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:13 pm

1. I still don't like it.

2. You should have named him Diana

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PostSubject: Re: Byron [FINISHED]   

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