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 Cordelia Rae (Finished)

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Cordelia Rae
Tercera Espada

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PostSubject: Cordelia Rae (Finished)   Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:37 am


Name: Cordelia Rae Cassadine
Nickname(s): "Cordelia Rae", "Cordy", "Rae-chan".
Age: 372 years old
Visual Age: Around 22 years old

Gender: Female
Rank Tercera
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 113 lb.

Body Frame: Cordelia has a medium sized body frame. Her bust is bit bigger then most women and her butt is not too big, but not small. She is taller then most women.
Blood Type: B-
Sound of Voice: Cordelia has a very smooth and seductive voice. It can take on a motherly tone whenever she's comforting someone though. Cordelia's voice gains a more raspy and frightning effect when she's in battle or very angry with someone. Cordelia's voice always has a a strange wild undertone in it, most likely because of her previous background during her human life.
Appearance: Cordelia Rae is an extremely beautiful woman. She has a delicate heart shaped face, framed by a very long and big mane of vibrant fiery red hair. It is kept in a large ponytail, and flares off at the sides, and is often swept behind her. Her hair is kept steadly in place by a cord, with a large ruby red gem on the top. A strand of firey red hair flows at the sides of her head, curling into tiny twists towards the end of the strands of hair. Her Espada outfit has some slight changes to it, one being that of the lightly pink tone to her clothing. She has customized it since her first day with the Espada. Cordelia wears billowing pink tinted pants, the pants ending just below her ankle. The pants appear to sit loosely on her waist, yet still perfectly fitting. Though despite the loose appearence, they are quite stable on her legs, no possible chance of them slipping away. Her shirt is similiar in style to a bikini or tube top, holding her boobs from being seen. A thick strip of pink tinted cloth holds the entire top together tightly and confortably. The lining is a dark aquamarine and red, with a pinkish white cloth filling the inside of the aquamarine and red lining. This flares down to her lower hips. The ends of the blouse covering are ragged, like they were shredded with scissors. Cordelia's skin color is not very common amongst the Espada, her skin being the perfect balance between dark brown and lighter brown. During her human years, Cordelia dressed much differently, nor did she go by the name of Cordelia Rae.

Cordelia used to were a more concealing outfit,a dark pink veil and long red robe covering most of her body. Her hair was kept bound into a tight thick braid by a tiny string of aquamarine. She also wore dark black slippers, with tiny golden markings on the black slippers. That was only how she dressed in Egypt, specifically during the time that she was locked away. During the time Cordelia was an Adjuchas claas hollow, she didn't resemble any animal. She loked like more of a monster. She had long arms and legs, very lanky. Patchs of bone and blood were visible along the white skin. Her teeth were sharp and long, not jagged or rough at all. Her eyes were still a golden honey at the time. Her hands were simple claws, long and sharp, like scissors. Her feet were flat and long. As a Vasto Lorde, Cordelia was a frightning creature. She didn't resemble any animal. Cordelia's arms, legs, and upper body was covered in white, with embossed areas that were reminsicent of bones. Her feet were pointed and slightly curved inward, like talons. Her eyes were a even more bright green, near neon, instead of her now golden honey. The area that wasn't covered by right was covered with a jet black cloth like covering. Her hair gained the yellow and black tones. Cordelia also gained jagged white blades on her legs and arms. Cordelia's Hollow mask remanants are actually on her back, and form a very intricate yet spaced out design. Also, her Hollow Hole lies on her left wrist.
Introvert/Extrovert: Cordelia is usually an extrovert, but when upset she gets very introverted.
Hobbies: Cordelia is very fond of reading, often visiting the human world to find books. She also sings very beautifully. Cordelia also tends to cook, with the results of her meals coming out great. She takes long walks exploring the massive residence that is Los Noches. Cordelia also tends to fiddle around with inaminate objects, experimenting and modifying them. She also likes to play small pranks on people, enjoying how angry people get at small things like jokes. She absolutely despises people who prey on women for they're physical attributes and thinks of them as sickening creatures who need to be killed. That is one of the only violent pastimes Cordelia takes place in, is killing those kinds of people. Cordelia will occasionaly indulge in the torture of another being, but only if they absolutely deserve it in her eyes. Cordelia can often be seen carrying a small harp around, musical instruments being one of her most favorite items. She plays nearly all instruments gorgeously, except for the guitar. She hates the plucky sound of guitar strings, much prefering delicate violins or violas.
Likes and Dislikes:

- Sleeping
- Musical Instruments
- Getting away from the other Espada
- Some Shinigami, Humans, Quincy
- Protecting those who are in need of help
- Singing
- Playing pranks
- The Crossbow

- The Bounto
- Ignorant people of any race
- Certain Arrancar
-People who overtly enjoy the torture of others
- Seeing mass murders
- The bright blue sky of the Human World

Personality: Cordelia Rae is more of a tomboy and uses slight sarcasm when she is annoyed or angry. Cordelia's Aspect of Death happens to be Loneliness, seeing as if she would have had company she might not have given into Encroachment. She plays lots of sports when she can and hates most girly items. Though Cordelia is extremly protective and has a reliable motherly streak to her personality. She has a high honer code and follows it loyally. Cordelia will often act quite loud and laidback if she feels either very comfortable, which is very rare, or if she is in a unusually interesting Espada Meeting. She possesses a moderate loyalty to the Espada, seeing as Cordelia can't bear to be alone. If there's someone Cordelia doesn't get along with, she will dismiss them as rude and vulgar, and pay them no more attention then a tiny ant ona small insignificant anthill. Even though though Cordelia has the desire to be alone, she lacks loyalty, unless the place around her is somewhere she can call home. Though the main reason she lacks loyalty is because she belies it's her choice on who she wants to align with and help, not her superiors. Cordelia's rebellious nature is very strong and explosive, something not dared to be messed with. She is usually caring and only worries when those she cares about or trusts are in danger. She will go great lengths to recover them from whoever is holding them to danger. Her favorite color is silver and peach.She loves to listen to music and treasures any inventions. She also likes to eat, which goes hand in hand with her cooking.

And despite how much she loves food, Cordelia keeps a amazingly perfect body. And although Cordelia is quite polite during normal circumstances, she is calm and steadfastly determined in battle. Cordelia possess a certain degree of ruthlessness and tortur during battle though, something that gets out of hand at a rapid pace if she can't manage to defeat the opponent, which is rare. She hates to battle though. She will train to gain experience, though she hates battling for any other reasons besides saving and helping others. She possesses incredible stealth and dexterity. She doesn't make deals with those who are of a different race, unless they offer her something she needs greatly in order to save herself or another person. Back when she was a younger Adjuchas class, she was often mistreated by those who didn't know of her status. Regardless, she treated others as calmly as she could. She is now somewhat happy and content. She follows the Espada quite loyally though, and is still willing to help anyone she prefers to or strike deals with those she wants to. She often teases her fellow Espada in a friendly way. She is often seen cooking and eating, or napping. She likes to play video games or mess around on the computer in her off time. She somewhat dislikes those who are too serious and uptight, as it goes against her views and ideas. She loves to paint and draw, as her robe was covered in patches,buttons, and paint marks. She is huge slacker and a major drinker. Telma has the unusual habit of adding the -sama suffix to the names of her superiors, the -kun suffix to her guy friends name, and the -chan suffix to her other friends name

Defining Characteristics: One of Cordelia's oddly defining characteristics is her affection for weapons. She likes to study different types and their uses. She also possesses some interest in executional and torture weapons like the guillotine or the iron maiden. In this way she is typically dismissed as morbid or strange. She also portrays a deep interest in the White Desert of Hueco Mundo and the large castle like residence of Los Noches itself, desiring to explore the many chambers that lie within Los Noches. Another defining characteristic of Cordelia's is simply the way she moves. Anything Cordelia does, whether it be slaughtering or cooking, her moves are always graceful and fluid. It's like she's always dancing, although this is just something that's pretty much been hardwired into her mind. She's been tought since practically birth to move gracefully.
Specialties: In weaponry, her specialty would be the nodachi, daito, and her Ressureccion weapon. Outside of battle, she plays the harp magnificently, along with the flute. Cordelia is also majorely skilled in espionage and escapism, meaning she can sneak away and spy on people with much skill.
Fighting type: Close Combat
A Desert Rose
Cordelia Rae Cassadine was born on the darkened sands of the Sahara Desert. Although she wasn't born under the name of Cordelia Rae Cassadine. She was originally born Shukura Nefertiti, which meant a grateful, beautiful girl has arrived. It was a stormy night 1,233 years ago. Her mother, Metis, was in labor while her father, Sethis, was busy discussing the situation of young Shukura.Metis was amazingly beautiful, even amongst the high standards of the Eyptian queens and kings. She was truly worthy of royalty. Metis had long and silky black hir that swayed with her every move. Skin as smooth as the currents of the Nile River and with a dark cocoa tone. Her eyes were olive green, complemented with thick black lashes and thin arched eyebrows. Metis' figure was one of an hourglass, clothed with silk carried by the tribe's many servants. It was draped casually around her waist, with dark blue patterns weaving in and out of the long flowing skirt. Her skimpy top was fitted to her bust, displaying her lean torso. Most important of all, Metis was constantly decorated with tiny gold trinkets and ornaments. Not only was her appearence quite beautiful, but so was her personality. She was commonly witty and kind, even to those lower then her. She, much like her daughter, was graceful. She was of theives descant though, but was treated like a noble queen.

Sethis was also quite handsome, and were Shukura got a lot of her features. Sethis had the same flaming red hair, though it was short and spiked. His skin was the same tone as Metis' skin. He though had stunning golden eyes, the same tone as pure gold. He had an adorably deviant smile, something that managed to capture Metis' heart. And it was to be that Shukura would become a great legend in the history of their tribe. She was to become a perfect sacrifice to the gods of their tribe once she became of age, which would be when she turned only 10 years old. Meanwhile, a massive temple structure was being built for that reason. A cry rang out as Shukura was born. The mother was dying quickly, but didn't want her young helpless daughter to become a sacrifice at such a young age. Not even a grown woman yet. So she summoned the old shaman and Sethis over to her side, just minutes before she would meet her end. She asked for the shaman to give her ten years longer, trusting that the girl would become more beautiful through each ten years. The shaman reluctantly agreed as he slipped a golden coin into the dying Metis' palm, believing it would get her through to the afterlife. Of course, no such fate would occur, not in this world. Metis was shocked to find herself standing there, chained to her dead body. This wasn't what she expected, not at all. Of course, lucky for Metis, shinigami flooded the area, seeing as that part of civilization was boomming with activity, and hollows. Metis was givin a proper Konso and sent to live in the pristine Soul Society, as a peaceful soul.

She didn't have any knowledge of her prior life, nor of the daughter that would very much later on become a part of the exact ranks that slaughtered such innocent souls as Metis. Unusually, Shukura had been bestowed from birth with the ability to see spirit beings of any kind. Which is why Shukura cried profusely when her mother disappeared into the Soul Society. Shukura never ever spoke of the gift she had to others, not a soul. When she turned three, she began to frequent the home of her "teacher", Nakana. Nakana had taught and trained Shukura in the ways of grace and beauty since her birth and all throught her life. And since Shukura was the most beautiful woman of the tribe, she was commonly thought to be not as smart as the others. To the contrary, she was smarter then nearly all the men of the tribe, except the cunning shaman. The shaman watched her rapid progress from afar, awaiting the day when Shukura would be sealed within the feared temple of the sands. Nakana would tell Shukura tales of older times and of her wonderful mother. In a way, Nakana served as a surrogate mother to Shukura, seeing as Sethis didn't like Shukura at all. She reminded him of her mother, bringing painful memories to surface of his mind. For this reason, he often sulked in the main chamber.

Once Shukura completed her lessons, Sethis would return her home and lock her into the lower chambers. There she would sit, alone and cold. The lower chambers consisted of a massive maze, almost like it was a temple itself. Despite the dry environment above, the cool environment allowed plants to grow freely in the underground chambers. Despite this, Shukura didn't like to be alone for massive periods of time. It was one of her greatest fears. The only other thing that inhabited these was a young girl, which truly wasn't a girl at all. She had paled skin with light blond hair and looked around 7 years of age, though she was truly much older then Shukura. This young girl was a rebellious shinigami, who decided not to live in the Soul Society. Instead, she took up residency in a place she believed to be abandoned by other forms of life. Instead, she was shocked to find a silent Shukura sitting next to her when she awoke. She didn't expect a small human girl to see her, nonetheless sit by her. Over the time, Shukura and the shinigami grew to become friends. 7 long years later and still imprisoned in the underground temple after her lessons, Shukura arrived to find the shinigami girl not in the place. Nowhere.

She wondered where she had gone, but it slightly worried Shukura when she spotted the shinigami' sword lying on the ground. Little did she know, a very strong hollow, an out of place Adjuchas, had been preying on the shinigami girl, and had finally cornered the shinigami girl and devoured her. The powerful adjuchas was about to Garganta right back to Hueco Mundo, when he spotted the young Shukura wondering the place. Since this particular adjuchas was smarter then most and also sensed her powerful spiritual pressure, he wanted to devour her too so badly. But he knew of he didn't, this girl would most likely rise in power. Rise to the point where if he devoured her, he could possibly become powerful enough to rip of his mask, and become a prestigious arrancar. So he stakled the girl, torturing her with odd nightime shadows and creepy echoes. This worsened Shukura's fear of being alone for long periods of time. The adjuchas was correct though. Her power grew as she aged. Finally, the day before her 20th birthday had arrived. It was the only day she wasn't locked within the underground temple. She instead, was pampered with gold and silver. Finally, she was subdued into sleep with a mixture of plant vials. She was dressed in a long dark red robe while she slept and placed in a coffin of gold.

It was meant to be sealed shut, so there was no way of her getting out once she awoke. But the one gift her father ever gave her was not sealing the coffin, letting Shukura have a decent chance to escape. The coffin was placed within the deepest depths of the temple of the sand. All the possible exits were sealed, along with the main door. Once she woke up, she didn't have a clue where she was. There were no plants, like her underground confinement. But it was a chilly cold. And the other thing that confused Shukura was the fact that the underground confines were not as confusing. Sure, they were a maze, but this......this was purely devoted to thoroughly confusing whoever happen to wander into the temple. She shuffled her feet around nearly the entire temple, until she discovered an unsealed area with many devotional items dedicated to pleasing their god. Gold, jewelry, vases, and food. Lots of food. Their were many places around the temple with dedicated tombs, and the only way Shukura managed to live was by desecrating those shrines and tombs.

But it wasn't truly a life. She was painfully alone. There wasn't even a shinigami or a plus in the temple. Finally, a few weeks after what she had forgotten to be her 23rd birthday, she died of lack of food. Some of those shrines were sealed, preventing Shukura from getting proper amount of food. And the adjuchas that was supposed to devour her gave up after he could no longer locate her. The shaman was aware all along of the shinigami and the hollow, and had specifically placed Shukura far deep enough to where the Adjuchas couldn't sense her presence, as her spirit pressure wasn't that strong enough to be sensed from such a location. The adjuchas returned to Hueco Mundo, though not without ravaging most of the tribe. After a few weeks, Shukura's Chain of Fate started the encroachment process. With no where to go, no one to call for help, and nothing left, Shukura simply gave into the immense despair she had endured, speeding up the process. Through many painful series in the encroachment process and months later, Shukura became a normal, pitiful hollow. She emerged from the temple easily, devouring many of the humans who remained behind. She wrecked the land, eating any hollow or plus she could find, before she used one of her abilities, the Garganta. She had entered the realm of Hueco Mundo.

The Hollow......The Gillian....The Former Princess

Shukura had emerged to Hueco Mundo after becoming a normal Hollow and devouring many souls. As a hollow, she was simply a mindless, heartless beast. She ate whatever hollow she could, right or wrong not mattering. It was either eat or be eaten in Hueco Mundo. And she couldn't return back to the Human World, not in such a weak state of power. So she continued on. Shukura made the desert of Hueco mundo look even more empty then it was. She would either eat the lower hollows, or evade the stronger Hollows. Eventually, she found her way into the darkened hollow grounds of the Forest of Menos. Here, Shukura truly experienced a rise in power. Many many weak, and strong, hollows dwelled here in the Forest of Menos. She could care less for those devoted to other hollows, she just needed a way to get stronger. Howver instictual and dumb Shukura was at the time, she knew if she didn't eat them, she would die and that constant void within her soul would never be filled. After over a hundred years of just eating hollows, she finally evolved into the Gillian class. Their were very many others just like her, but she had become slightly more powerful.

The Adjuchas.....The Vasto....A Queen Rises

For that reason, she finally decided to venture out into the Human World. Here, she got to once again taste the savory flavor of Human Souls. However, unlike times before, she had accompanied two other hollows who were weaker then her into a Garganta to Karakura Town, a place of immense spirit pressure. She found that the human souls here were much more delectable then the ones in her tribe. After devouring some humans, she returned to the hollows that had accompanied her. She devoured them without thought just as they had finished their kill spree. She absorbed all of the souls both of them had eaten, when something sparked within her. It felt like that void was finally satisfied and leaving her for good. But no, no such thing would happen. She actually began her ascension into the class of Adjuchas, something much much more powerful then her previous state. She looked down to see herself in quite a strange appearence. Her body was covered in pure white. She didn't resemble any animal. She loked like more of a monster. She had long arms and legs, very lanky. Patchs of bone and blood were visible along the white skin. Her teeth were sharp and long, not jagged or rough at all. Her eyes were still a golden honey at the time. Her hands were simple claws, long and sharp, like scissors.

Her feet were flat and long. This is when Shukura regained some feelings and a mind. She felt remorse for devouring so much, but by instinct she knew if she stopped now, then she would devolve back into a pitiful Gillian. She only knew of one place that she could eat and devour creatures, gain power, and not get killed by shinigami. That was the dark Forest of Menos. It was practically a huge buffet for the Adjuchas and rarely spotted Vasto Lorde class. Shukura didn't just barge into the forest either, knowing they would run from such spirit pressure. First, she needed to seek a crew of Hollows. She didn't want a loyal bond of Fraccion, but she did need them to listen. She rounded up a group of very weak Hollows. They would function as her "bait". She released them into the massive Forest of Menos. Other powerful hollows flocked them, desiring to eat them and get even stronger. She only released one at a time. Once she drew in a good amount of hollows, Shukura would strike, devouring all of the hollows. This was just the pre-feast though. Her appitizer. She would go on massive hunger rampages, growing in power, but not by much. Hollows would only give her so much power now. She managed to find three Adjuchas who were foolish enough to follow in her Human World expedition. She acted as if she was unaware of them, which made it easier for her to trap them later on.

After they arrived at the Human World, they all went their separate ways. Shukura devoured many souls, satisfying herself as she pleased. It furthered her power more then the Hollows, but not by much. She needed something more powerful....the Shinigami. That was her answer. Shinigami were like candy for Hollows. Something yummy and pleasent, but very rare for us to claim. After consuming very many souls and humans, she went to the other adjuchas and devoured them one by one. She finally happened to meet and devour the last one, but a large group of shinigami arrived. Some were lowly seated, others were higher. Either way, Shukura managed to diverge them from each other. She devoured all of them, though some put up a bit of a struggle. Shukura knew she wasn't leaving without eating them all. After eluding shinigami and following that pattern for over two hundred years, she finally came to encounter a lieutenant level shinigami. She had never even met or devoured one this strong before. It was always the foolish seated ones who ventured out. But this lieutenant was definetly powerful. Shukura knew it, she felt it.

She sensed that this shinigami would finally unlock the power and she would ascend even farther up the chain of Hollows. She approached him, but she was countered with a sword slash to her shoulder. But she lunged at him, and held him down with one hand. She then placed her knee on his stomach and her other knee on his chest where is rib cage was. She then charged a cero, aiming for his heart. She released it, the cero blowing a hole through his heart before he could even scream. She devoured him quickly and began to feel that same sense of being satisfied as before. But no, the only benefit that came out of this situation was that she had now advanced into a Vasto Lorde class hollow, the most powerful of all. She returned to Hueco Mundo before anyone else could arrive. As a Vasto Lorde, Shukura was a frightning creature. She didn't resemble any animal. Shukura's arms, legs, and upper body was covered in white, with embossed areas that were reminsicent of bones. Her feet were pointed and slightly curved inward, like talons. Her eyes were a even more bright green, near neon, instead of her now golden honey. The area that wasn't covered by right was covered with a jet black cloth like covering. Her hair gained the yellow and black tones. Shukura also gained jagged white blades on her legs and arms. Once she Vasto Lorde, there was no stopping her. She was aware of the next step, she just need to get to it. That was Arrancar. And to get Arrancar, she needed to rip off the damned mask that hid her for so long. Yet even though Shukura knew the next stage, she was unaware of the process.

So, she wandered the desert in search for help. It was a very long time spent devouring hollows, shinigami, and the tasty adjuchas class hollows to grow stronger. Finally, a arrancar approached her. He was kind, unlike many other creatures who she had met. He offered to care for her, in exchange for her loyalty and trust. Shukura agreed to these requests without a single thought otherwise. He slowly walked over to her and put his hand on her forehead gently. With a quick flick of the wrist he tore off her mask. A bright flash followed, washing over the desert like waves of an ocean. Out emerged the beautiful arrancar girl, Shukura. Of course, Shukura could no speak without sounding like something out of hell. She regained her even more human appearence. She had tanned skin, dark red hair, and the black and white Arrancar outift. It wasn't the same as her Espada one that she has now, seeing as she greatly modified her outift. It was a simple long sleeved shirt with a flowing cape and loose pants. The arrancar boy found himself stunned at her hidden beauty and nicknamed her the Desert Rose. However, when he heard her name, he intensely disliked it. So he decided on the name of Cordelia. The arrancar discovered the name when he fell in love with a gorgeous human girl. They had to keep their love secret, or she would get murdered. Eventually the girl had died away from old age. Though the arrancar had enjoyed his times with her, he fended off any hollows that flocked to her soul, letting a shinigami give her konso.

This fueled him to take care of others and eventually Shukura, who was now Cordelia. This arrancars name was Raenado Cassadine, which is where Cordelia inherited a large portion of her name. She was looked after and served as a partner to Raenado. After a few week of Raenado being in the Human World alone for a certain reason, which he didn't tell Cordelia. After visiting the Human World, Cordelia discovered his broken zanpaktou lying in a alleyway. She hoped he hadn't been killed by one of the Quincy or Bounto race and that he had least been given a Konso. But indeed, poor Raenado's soul had been claimed by a very strong Bounto. She hunted down this Bounto and all others she could find, killing them without a warning. She had definetly put a decline in the race of Bounto, only a few survived her rampage. But she returned to the realm of Hueco Mundo, and eventually adapted her name as a dedication to her partner Raenado, by becoming Cordelia Rae Cassadine. After a few more years of wandering and devouring with no purpose, once again a lonely arrancar, she was taken in by the Espada for her massive power. At this time, she majorly put her plain appearence under a renovation, adorning herself with jewels and gold, dying her plain arrancar outfit. She came to be known as one of the most exotic arrancar to ever walk the floors of Los Noches. She started as the Octava, but rose through the ranks, slaying worthless arrancar until she claimed the satisfying spot of Tercera Espada. She holds the same spot, content with her rank among the Espada.
Role-play Sample: Ashei sighed softly and quite sadly while looking at the world around her. She loved the rain, but not when giant inch thick icy hail pelted her skin in an unrelenting fashion. She was left with bruises, some were turning a dark purple color, while others just had that pre-purple shade to it. Ashei collapsed unto her knees on the wide round stone platform, a prisoner to her own memories. That fatal rainy day when Ashei was still a young, sparkly eyed 10 year old. She had been at home, as always, in the families huge spacious apartment. Ashei had everything she could ever want. Her parents pratically spoiled the young ashei with gifts and toys and beautiful presents. Though unlike other typical rich families, Ashei's parents raised her with a sense of honor and kindness.

Something instilled in her from practically the day she could walk. Though her parents knew she was just born with her natural sense of happiness and politeness. She still remembered answering there old olive green cord phone with the old fashioned numbered dial. The ringing jolted her from the television, and she ran to answer it. She still can recall every word, every single syllable, from that conversation between her and the police comissioner. "This is 1665 Cherry River street, correct? And i'm assuming you are a miss Kioru Nerai, of the Neria family?" The man said to her, his voice tinged with sadness, but mainly dominated by seriousness. "Yes, it is. And i'm Kioru. Why are you calling, sir?" Ashei asked him, her voice childish and kind. She still recalls when she was still Kioru. The man cleared his thoat.

'Your parents, they died in a car crash earlier this morning at 10:15. Their car hit streetpost on 13th Avenue, and they both died in a matter of minutes. After the paperwork is cleared, you will be sent to live at Nemida Orphanage, seeing as you have no immidiate relatives." The man explained calmly to her. She whimpered a yes, before dropping the phone onto the holder. Ashei slipped onto the floor, screaming, crying, all alone, and knowing that no one will ever arrive to tell her evrything will be alright. A few people came to pick up her and a few of her belongings. As they drove away to the orphanage, she witnessed a man put a "For Sale" sign on her home. She can recall every single day spent at the orphanage, a total of 5 dreadful and miserable days.

After spending nights crying and plotting, she ran away from there. But not before taking into account the weird cross strapped to a silver ribbon around her tiny teddy bears neck. She untied it slowly, wrapping the ribbon and the cross around her wrist. You can still see the ribbon and cross around her wrist to this day, the ribbon faded a dull white. This cross remains the same. Her treasured Quincy Cross. She noticed a small ribbed space in the fabric of the teddy bear, and a peice of paper sticking out of it. She grabbed it, her hands trembling, On the front was her name, Kioru, written in bold pencil strokes. She opened it and tears started to fall as she read it.

Kioru, in case we never grow old enough to tell you during your time of age, we have left this note, as well as many others, around the house,hidden quietly and specially. What this letter may contain, is vital to you, your heritage, and especially, your abilities. You are a Quincy, a special race in it's own race. Our entire family, as long as rare others. We are a line of spiritually aware humans, capable of making special bows and arrows from a material called spirit energy. You, as your duty, must kill the creatures known as Hollows. They are instinctual monsters, known for devouring dead human souls, known as Pluses. If you must, work with a race of special souls capable of fighting them too, known as the Shinigami. Many Quincies are taught to hate them, but do remember, they are your allies. Find other Quincies, aid them, help them, teach them. Please return to your ancestors hometown, Karakura Town." The letter read.

The fancy script ink was faded, as it must have been there for quite a while. The quickly ran out of the orphanage, finding her way through the lower city scum unto Karakura. She trained along the way, and by time she arrived at Karakura, she was starting to master her gifted abilities. She advanced herself everyday, striving to become a strong Quincy, and eventually, The Quincy Leader. She struggled to find a substanstial amount of Quincies to lead, and she still does. Ashei stood up again, small tears running from her face, barely visible in the cold rain. She regained her balance again, looking into the deep green forest foliage. She sighed as she looked around. The rain started to get harder, hail got thicker, the wind got faster and stronger. Her dull brown eyes looked on over Karakura, scanning it for Hollow activity. The platform started to become cluttered and littered with peices of icy thick hail. After a matter of seconds, they started to melt away, just forming cold puddles of ice water. Her plastic red raincoat flared in the wind, like a bright ersatz flame.

Her yellow rubber duckie boots were now clean of dirt as the rain hit them, splashing back from them and onto the stone platform. Her blue black hair wet with cold rain and pieces of hail stuck here and there. Water streamed from the tips of her pigtails and onto the back of her light blue striped shirt, forming darkened blue lines, uneven and unequivalent to the other simple lines. Her red pants were still completely dry, except for the knees, as when she kneeled the raincoat had slipped above the knees, leaving them vulnerable. They had two dark circular red patchs, the velvet fabric metted down with water. Her upper metallic boots had tiny drops of water on them, once every few seconds a drop slipped and joined another drop of water. She looked around quietly and slowly, sensing a decent amount of reitsu. She sighed calmly, wating for the strong mystery person to approach her, rather then Ashei got to them.
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PostSubject: Re: Cordelia Rae (Finished)   Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:14 am

I know I should not post in other peoples applications....But....

I just wanted to say.....Permission for Tercera given.
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1. I don't like it.

2. Checking Apps is a drag.

3. You're APPROVED.
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Cordelia Rae (Finished)
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