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 Miss Jasper Jinx [Finished]

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Jasper Jinx

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PostSubject: Miss Jasper Jinx [Finished]   Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:45 pm


Name: Jasper Halliwell Jinx (“Born” Siobhan Lynch)
Nickname(s): Jasper goes under a wide branch of aliases and nicknames. Her most frequent aliases are Maggie Flynn, Siobhan Lynch, Norah Fabray, Saiorse Quinn, and Josephine Riley. She adopted Jasper Halliwell Jinx soon after she acknowledged her naturally dangerous nature as a Bounto creature. She took Jasper as her permanent name, believing that she always needs to be hidden. She may return back to Siobhan one day, but until she is sure that she is safe from dangerous beings, she keeps Jasper Jinx.
Age: 433 years old.
Visual Age: Jasper looks around 24 years old.

Gender: Female.
Rank: Normal Bounto?
Sexual Orientation: Jasper's sexual orientation would be bisexual. She finds both males and females attractive.
Height: 5'10'' tall
Weight: 126 lb.

Body Frame: Jasper has a medium sized body frame.
Blood Type: AB-
Sound of Voice: Jasper usually has a sharp yet sweet voice. Her voice always, not matter which emotion she is experiencing, has a permanent undertone of sarcasm to it. She doesn't mean for it to be like that, it's just gradually been cooperated into her voice after many years of her life. The only time she truly welcomes this light tone of sarcasm is when she is angry or pissed off. During those emotions, her voice will grow raspy and more threatening, the sarcastic tone growing til it overwhelms her usual kind tone. It tends to become very frightening, with strong shadowing of a demented and obsessed maniac taking over. When Jasper is sad, her voice still has the sarcastic tone to it, but her voice grows in a pitch, becoming a depressed squeak. Her warmth seems to dull also. When she begins to get excited or very happy, her voice will spark up with anticipation. Besides how Jasper's voice sounds when she gets into a specific mood, her voice always has a nearly indistinguishable tinge of British to it. She tends to speak in strange slang-like speak, Jasper being very informal with her vocabulary. She ignores the use of honorifics, believing them to be largely overrated and outdated. Jasper's voice can also take on a slight purr whenever she finds satisfaction in something. Whenever she's aggravated or annoyed, she tends to sound snappy and harsh.
Appearance: Jasper is considered very beautiful, yet still has slight imperfections. Jasper has bright fiery red hair, tinted with darker rouge shades of red. It's frequently clipped into a pony tail. A very large sideswept bang hides her left eye. Her eyes always look a bit curious and wide, but her irises are a shockingly bright emerald green. Long black lashes and light sage green eyeshadow compliment her looks. She has a tiny nose, which curves slightly at the tip. Her eyebrows are thin and brown and always seem to be a bit arched. Jasper's cheeks have a perpetual yet light dusty rose blush. The shape of her face is a soft heart shape. When Jasper's hair is down, it reaches just below her shoulders and is a bit wavy. Jasper wears a wide array of outfits, all very gorgeous and complimenting. But her most common and favorite one is a white top with three blue, pink, and green figures on the top along with long black pants. She usually slips a long forest green hoodie over her clothes. Both her choker and her hair tie are green. Her skin is a very light peach color. Her lips are frequently coated with a clear gloss or sometimes lip balm, as she doesn't like to where lipstick. She wears thin black sandals or clean white sneakers. Jasper's body frame is also a bit more unbalanced. She has a normal sized waist, as Jasper isn't sickly thin. Her bum is a bit big while her bust size is around a C cup. Her arms are plain, as they aren't fat or thin. Jasper does has long, gorgeous legs but like the rest of her body, it's just right in proportions. Her ears are small and have lobes. They are also pierced multiple times along the upper ridges and lobes. On her shoulder there is a tattoo depicting a snake about to strike.
Introvert/Extrovert: She's a bit of both, but she drifts towards Introvert
Hobbies: Drinking, Fixing things, sleeping, people watching, yelling.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes These Things:
-Some Humans, Shinigami, Bounto
-Taking revenge
-Playing the violin
-Taking care and protecting others
-Keeping her adopted identity secret

-People who lie to her without a reason
-Taking Lives
-Those who kill for fun
-People who give in too easily

Personality: Jasper is a very peculiar character. Being a Bounto, Jasper's welcoming nature isn't very expected by those who are aware of it. This makes her a common outsider, a pariah, accepted by no others or her own race. This fact nags at her in the back of her mind, therefore she does possess some sadness over not being accepted for who she is. She still keeps her happy and warm attitude despite this. She knows she could never fit in with them for their ways and their mindset, as she likes to call it. She also has a major problem with trust. No it's not trust issues. She just doesn't trust many people, at all. She hates people who lie without any sort of reason with a burning passion. She flip out in a rage if she finds out they were lying blindly, and it's likely she won't trust you again. Whenever someone intrudes or touches things that are hers, she'll develop quite a snarky and harsh attitude towards the person. She thinks if people try to touch her items or things that belong to her, that they should get their hands chopped from their arms. Despite her often harsh mentality, her friendly and welcoming streak is very bold. She treats other with politeness and fairness until they provoke her or piss her off. Jasper also possesses a strong, very strong, dislike for the alcohol known as sake. She can stomach it, but in Jasper's mind it tastes absolutely sickening. She prefers beer, wine, and whiskey.

Jasper also has an amazingly high tolerance of alcohol, therefore she's never been drunk to the point of a total blackout. Jasper is also very straightforward and and no-nonsense. She doesn't beat around the bush during serious things, like wars and dangerous conflicts. She hates to foll around with such things, preferring to get it over and done with. Also, Jasper isn't one to leap ahead in extremely serious decisions, despite her straightforward attitude. She knows it's better to keep her options and choices open before deciding on one completely. Once she watches the situation and waits it out to see which side she believes is more fair and in league with her own ideas, she will side with them. Also, has mentioned before, Jasper has a very pleasant side. This aides in her job, which she usually works as a nanny, caring for young children. She recently moved into Karakura own, previously living in Kagomino City as a nanny. Jasper also possesses quite a flair for design, adding her own unique stylings to houses she has owned previously. Jasper, being a very pretty woman, is also very charming, yet her rough behavior usually scares boys away from getting close to Jasper. In addition to being distrustful, she is usually skeptical and suspicious of others. Along with her odd behavior, Jasper has odd interests. One being that she has quite an affinity for fixing up and tweaking with things. She can spend months messing around with a beaten up old car, and days tinkering away at a broken music box.

Her creative talent is very admirable and noticeable, as it floods her house in little ways, like quirky wall designs and odd furniture choices. Jasper also loves to play the violin, which is smaller then other violins but still appears average. She can play the violin good enough to where she could contest any professional. Jasper also takes great pride in things she fixes up, an example would be her electric blue 1978 Pontiac Trans Am sports car, even though she still needs to fix it a bit more. Jasper tends to display a selfish, trouble making side to her, but it's very rare for anyone to see this. Jasper also has a small habit of cursing. It accidentally happens if she's very angry with others. And even though Jasper is distrusting, once you earn her loyalty and trust, she is perhaps one of the most brave and selfless allies you've ever seen. Even under extreme circumstances, as being kept prisoner by a enemy force or even tortured, she would never give out information vital to her allies. When Jasper is alone, her vulnerable, upset side shows. She tends to cry when pressure runs high or when she feels situations will never get better. Also, she usually feels more depressed after she feeds from a soul, despite the pleasant instinctual feeling she gains from it. Jasper doesn't like people are are too distant and cold hearted, as even the straightforward Bounto girl believes that people should display some form of warmth. Also, Jasper doesn't like having guests over at her her house. At all. She suffers from night terrors, sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, and narcolepsy, most were required over events in her lifetime. She was born with narcolepsy and sleep paralysis. Jasper is also very very blunt while speaking about things, as she doesn't care to soften or sugar coat any kind of news. She, unlike the master-servant relationship that other Bounto have with their Dolls, has a strong friendship relationship with her Doll.

Defining Characteristics: Her alcohol tolerance is amazing, her unusual Irish accent, and her slightly strange ability to detect emotions of other. In other words, Jasper portrays some form of empathy. She is also a Bounto that can reproduce, despite her status as a normal Bounto.
Specialties: Repairing and tinkering with broken things is something that Jasper is incredibly skilled at. She also excels at reading.
Fighting type: Power House
History/Background: Like the other Bounto, poor little Siobhan wasn't born to normal parents through normal means. She was created in a lab, like some Shinigami science experiment gone terribly, horribly, wrong. Well, one of our Shinigami scientists actually felt much pity for the race of Bounto, specifically because he had overheard their terrible fate. His name was Miyoto Hakazi. He had long, wavy black hair and deep gray eyes. So that same Shinigami decided to pick one of the baby Bounto to escape with. He chose baby Siobhan, mainly because of her bright, emerald green eyes. He saw some form of calm and hope in them that was replicated by no other. So he wrapped her up in a tiny black blanket, stole a Gigai, and left the Soul Society, permanently. But....he couldn't care for a tiny baby girl all on his own, which is where the Gigai came into play. He ran away to somewhere farther than Karakura, where no Shinigami would think to find a once famous Shinigami scientist: in Ireland. He wed a young woman named Bethany Lynch, who had two younger Human sons, Dominic and Daniel. Bethany was gorgeous and had traveled to settle in Ireland from Norway. She had delicate blonde hair and extremely fair skin. It always looked slightly waxy, with a small pink blush on each thin cheek. She had a very curvy body frame with deep oceanic blue eyes.

Dominic and Daniel intensely disliked the young little Siobhan, now Siobhan Lynch. She was beautiful, even as a young child. Short, choppy, fiery red hair and a ferocious attitude to match. She could kick Dominic and Daniel's ass anytime. Which wasn't very expected among others. Dominic was a large, heavyset young man with sandy blonde hair and sharp features. Daniel was more of a plump boy, slightly chubby, with dull red hair and dark brown freckles. He always used to have a annoyingly lazy grin on his face, which would morph into a angry grimace each to Siobhan punched him. But as years passed, Siobhan developed into a lovely young lady, well truth be told, Siobhan wasn't lady like at all. Siobhan was a tomboy, to say the least. Indulging in fights and battles was one of Siobhan's frequent pastimes. But, she began to see other creatures, like Shinigami and Hollows. This frightened her, at which she approached her adoptive father. She was only 14 years of age at the time, and still a gorgeous girl. Once she mentioned that she saw mysterious beings, her father talked to her alone about her existence. How she had originated in a society of spiritual beings, that he had created her in a lab, and how she never had true parents. In fact, Siobhan never had any true family. She was a true orphan. She was shocked to learn of this, so shocked she burst into tears. Her father was aware of how she would take this, having a slight empathetic feeling about it. So he gently entrusted a thin, leather bound book to her. It looked quite ancient and odd, but when Siobhan went to open the book, all the pages were blank. She was confused at such a thing, as their wasn't a single letter or even a marking in the old parchment pages. After collecting her things in a dark brown bag, including the book, she set of from her past home.

The consequences of Siobhan's actions were bad all around. Her adoptive mother committed a suicide by means of poisoning herself at dinner. She always viewed Siobhan as her pride and joy, even if she wasn't her child through blood. Soon after, Shinigami had tracked down the former Shinigami scientist. Once he told that he lost the Bounto and had no idea where she was going, they killed him. They were disgusted with the fact at why someone so prestigious would give such a terrible creature a name. The only ones left alive were Daniel and Dominic, who had slowly developed there own sense of Spiritual detection over time. Now that the boys knew what Siobhan was, a filthy soul sucking Bounto, in their eyes, they were dedicated to hunting her down and killing her. They had overheard the mentioning of Karakura, Bounto, and spirit beings. So they set out to Japan, in belief they would find Siobhan there. They wanted revenge, for their mother. Meanwhile, Siobhan had progressed to the age of 21 while traveling aboard a ship around Africa and to Kagomino,Japan. She had sailed for many years, and noticed a few months after Siobhan had turned 24, she had stopped aging completely. Not a wrinkle or look of deterioration on her face since that day when she blew out 24 yellowed wax birthday candles, all alone. But a strong hunger had arisen within' her, something she couldn't ignore. But it wasn't your normal every day “I want a taco” hunger. No, it was something much worse. She felt a pang of her hunger everytime she walked by a Human, seeing as Hollows and Shinigami were rare on the high seas. But this hunger was for souls. Siobhan made her first kill a few months after she turned 24, solidifying her status as a Bounto creature. More and more people would disappear every week because of her insatiable hunger. Her kind would be described as a vampire by the victims, if they were still alive that is. She fed much the same way, by inserting her teeth into their necks and thereby devouring the soul.

Of course, there were rare cases when Siobhan would indulge in torture and cannibalism. They still couldn't figure out why people were disappearing. This made Siobhan laugh sometimes. Back then, Siobhan hated Humans. Not just specific ones, but all. Along with that conscious ruining hunger, Siobhan discovered the leather bound book she had received years ago was in some way connected with her. It was outspoken, yet kind. Quirky and charming was what it was. Siobhan soon learned it's official title. A Doll. She found it somewhat enchanting that she had a connection to such a beautiful object, rather entity. So she grew strong with her Doll, learning gradually. After Siobhan had arrived in Japan, she roamed the little country for a place she could call home. Eventually, Siobhan came across what would become the booming metropolis known as Kagomino City. She lived there, establishing a home and working as a patient nanny for families who needed so. She would work a meager amount of hours, earn a small pay just enough to pay the taxes, then she would find one soul, and feast on it. She had specific means of choosing a soul, and would often watch those who looked shady. Once she narrowed it down to the most idiotic soul in the bunch, she would corner them in a slightly innocent way, and wreak havoc on their soul and body, occasionally indulging in torture. She punished those her deserved to be punished, then feasted on their soul. She always had mixed feelings about feeding though. The feeling she received from it was so pleasant......but the feelings that ensued were enough to make Siobhan commit a suicide. But anyways, that was Siobhan's simple life. Sleep, wake up, get ready, go off to work, come home, feast, and start it over again. Day after day, year after year. Finally, a very old Derek and Dominic had arrived in Kagomino, finally tracking down the adopted baby sister Siobhan.

Well, she wasn't so much of a baby anymore, nor was she considered a sister. Derek and Dominic had become Superhumans, who also gained special, but rudimentary powers of Fire and Ice. Though they were no match for Siobhan and her powerful doll. She vanquished them with ease, and devoured their souls. Sure it was a mean thing to do, but why let good souls go to waste? She finally decided after wards that things weren't the safest, so she took up many aliases. She needed some way to keep herself isolated from the rest of the world, and she just had to do it this way. Very many years later, present day arrived. Siobhan kept her Irish accent, it almost sounded as if it grew stronger. Her hair was still the same fiery red, and her eyes still the same emerald green. But she had ditched her common names, along with Siobhan Lynch, and took up the charming name of Jasper Halliwell Jinx instead. Along with the seemingly permanent name change, she had a relocation in living spaces. Yup, to the now popular spirit attraction of Karakura Town. She found the place dainty and cute, along with slightly dangerous and threatening. In other words, Jasper's type of place. She bought a lovely pink Victorian styled home, along with getting herself a job interview with a mother of two. Jasper bought one old Pontiac Trans Am with the leftover money she had, and is currently fixing it up, along with a black motorcycle. She keeps her distance from the other Bounto, along with other spirit beings, but she can't help to wander towards them time to time. Jasper just wanted to be a normal girl, to live a normal life, and die a normal death. But she had been thrown onto this path, and there was no turning back. If she had to blend in with Humans just to get a normal life, so be it. Jasper got what she wanted, and whenever the hell she wanted it.
Role-play Sample: None, this isn't an elite character. But if you insist, look at my posts as Cordelia and Yuffie.
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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Jasper Jinx [Finished]   Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:51 pm

Have fun in the RP, now ^^.

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Miss Jasper Jinx [Finished]
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