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Another chance at Life
Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:39 pm by Jushiro Izanagi
The Basic Plot

The ability to manipulate time, turning back events for even only a moment is something desired by many, if not all. Though having such dreams is only a beautiful nightmare, you could never stop anyone from dreaming. As time went by, sorrow, calamity, suffering took control leaving only just a glimmer of hope. But where ever destruction went, lives were lost. And like the trees stripped of their leaves during winter, life was restored once spring came around again. Life. The reason why we try so hard to survive, hoping that through the darkness, another chance of a renewed life will be granted. Each and every race that so happened to be aware of each other. Wished for this same thing, their own worlds being carved to reflect this. Evolution started off with the Humans, meager and timid, only to ascend to greater heights.

The Humans

The Humans becoming more spiritually aware of the world around them. Went through what most would describe as an Awakening. And so they too began to discover the truths of the world, now that their dormant selves were now "Awakened". The transition from being a "regular" creature to becoming an "Awakened" was never an easy task. Only a few were blessed with the powers to do so. And it also took the influence of other beings to ignite the flames of their spirits. The awakened ones soon discovered that they powers beyond what most humans could comprehend. Most of them were seen as oddities of nature, some chose to shun these powers. Ignoring the obvious call to ascend to a greater being. Overtime certain awakened humans found themselves accepting their powers, accepting the truth so to speak. Honing their powers, pushing themselves to the limit, until they had ascended above the awakened ones. Those that has ascended has learned the true nature of their powers. Even giving themselves a purpose in the world, whether it was good or bad didn't matter. The most important thing is that they had a new life.

The Quincy

The Quincy race that almost became extinct, regained their footing in the world. Living amongst humans unaware of their abilities and those aware of them. The dwindling numbers of the Quincy race, sought to multiply. Following the natural laws of the world as far as survival was concerned. They began reproducing other Quincy hopefuls. Living among the Humans in the material world, whilst keeping their traditions alive. From the looks of things, the Quincy race was fully integrated among the humans. The Quincy race did what they had to survive extinction, even breaking off into small tribes. Living in numerous locations in the realm of the humans. It was one way for them to ensure their survival.

The Bounto

The majority of the Bounto race in these current times, came about as an experiment. Although others came about through other means. Those that were created through the means of an experiment. Were dubbed as failed experiments, discarded by the ones who created them. This time however, a massacre didn't follow. Instead they are seen as pawns in a much grander scheme. The Bounto at this moment in time are allies of no one. Hardly ever grouping together, little to no organization. They too managed to integrate themselves among the humans, laying in waiting. Their memories of what had happened to them, so happens to be fabricated. Yet another part of a greater plan, deception at its best. As per usual the Bounto had special powers, very much the same as the Bounto of past times.

The Arrancar

The Hollow race ruled over Hueco Mundo as intended since past times. Although they are many, much like any other race. Only a few chosen by fate were able to evolved, gaining powers beyond their normal capabilities. The evolution from regular Hollow to Gillian, to Adjuchas happened over time. However their evolution did take some time, but time must have been on their side. As more and more stronger Hollows began infesting Hueco Mundo. The balance of …

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