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 Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)

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Esse Renkuji
Primera Espada

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PostSubject: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:37 pm


Name | Esse Renkuji
Nickname/s | Esse, Es-Es.
Age | 845,
Visual Age | Looks like he has 17.

Gender | Male
Rank | Primera/Espada
Sexual Orientation | Straight
Height | 5'7 ft
Weight | 134 lbs

Body Frame |Medium
Blood Type | AB
Sound of Voice | Esse has a pretty gruff voice. Even if he looks like 17 his voice.
Appearance |
    FaceEsse's eyebrows, although are in the dark black color. Only thing what is weird about his eyes is that he keeps them shut. He is open them when he speaks to somebody who's higher rank or when he fights. However, then he opens his eyes everyone can see that he has very dark green eyes. Sometimes it seems that they glow in the dark. If we are talking about his nose and mouth then there isn't anything interesting. He has a pretty normal nose and regular mouth.
    He's pretty tough in muscles. He has a short neck. It probably not longer than 3-4 inches. Esse has very pointed collar bone. Shoulder muscles are pretty tough and strong. Although his arms and chest muscles are very strong, because he had trained them, since he became and adujcha. Esse's skin color in the chest, arm, stomach region is a bit darker than face color. Why it's that, no one knows. He has very fit stomach muscles.
    Esse is wearing very regular arrancar clothes. Vest covers the neck almost perfectly. His left arm is naked, but he's wearing a glove, which hides his hollow hole. *Glove description lower-*. But, his right hand is covered by a cloth. From his shoulder to his left hip stretch's belt, which goes around his back. In the end of the belt, it has the symbol which represents his panther spirit.
    Lower Body.
    Esse has very tough and strong legs, he could run many miles, only if he wants to. He's too lazy for running, but somehow he has those muscles. Maybe because of big walking. He walked everyday, around nowhere. Esse has regular feet, but there is only one thing missing, he hasn't tiny toe. He lost it in the fight for fraccion place. Pretty weird again, but that the way he is.

    Esses remain of the hollow mask is covering his mouth. From one ear till other ear and from chin till the nose. His full hollow mask reminded panther. It was just a bit flattened. The mask had small cat ears, but they are more like projections. It had narrow eye holes and small nose nostril. Although there are three black, sharp lines coming down from back of the head to eye holes. They almost touch eye holes. The bottom of the mask looks like panther teeth, but they are bigger and longer. It had very pointed jaw lines. All mask is in white only the lines were black.
    Now Esse has only the bottom of the mask on his mouth. Those big sharp teeth are covering his mouth so then he speaks his voice is a bit weird.
    -The hollow hole located in Esses left fist. It's right in the middle, between fingers and palm. The hole is about three inches wide. Why it's there? No one knows. Maybe it's there because, when Esse was alive he was rude at the ladies and always slapped them. He hides it from sigh by using a very usual glove. It's in white color. Fingers of the gloves are sharp, because the whole glove is from a very strong leather and mail combination. Each finger is made from white leather and only where palm starts, there can see the mail. It's like a bracelet. About 2 inches wide. From Esses skin till the mail bracelet top is about 1 inch.-

Introvert/Extrovert | Introvert
Hobbies | None
Likes/Dislikes |


  • Walking.
  • Sleeping on ground in the night and watching stars.
  • To be alone.
  • Training his skills for battles.
  • Keep his mouth shut and stay silent.


  • Loud People
  • People who always interrupt him.
  • To be in public.
  • Pathetic people, animal, shiniagami or other living creature( If he's pissed off he even hate/dislike arrancar.).

Personality |
    -There’s nothing much to tell, if we are talking about Esse. He’s a loner. He doesn’t like public places. He likes to walk around and do nothing. That's the thing what he really likes. Esse could walk around for hours. He sometimes left Las Noches only to go outside and sleep in sands under the nightly sky. However, all this doesn't mean that he is weak in the fight or in discussions. He just doesn't like to speak or moon away in fights. Maybe he's born a killer, but he's too lazy to even remember it. There are only few tempers, which really say something about Esse. Those are: loyal, honest, brave and intelligence. These are those tempers which are important to him. Without them, he just wouldn't be himself. His favorite temper is bravery. This actually temper pull together everything else. If you're not braving you can't be loyal to someone, because you are too scared to sacrifice your own life. Bravery contains intelligence too, and that give you mental power to prove your intelligence and say something smart. And now something about Loyalty, Honesty and how Esse feels when he's fighting. -

    -Esse is always loyal to higher rank from arrancars. Yes, he's lazy, but that doesn 't mean, he can't protect someone who's higher standing then he is. He will give his life away for arrancar race and his pride. Esse is loyal to all race of arrancars. Yes, he sometimes gets annoyed by them, but that dosn't mean that he wouldn't help to save arrancar race. Also his loyalty is himself and this temper is one of the main. -

    -Esse is very honest.This temper isn't the popular in Las Noches, but he's one of them who thinks that honesty is one of the important things in the world. Without that people just couldn't live. Everyone would be by himself and only man on, they could trust would be themselves. Esse can say the truth straight in eyes. He says everything what he thinks about that person. However, of course he feels respect to the higher level arrancar.-
    Feelings in the fight¤

    -When Esse fights, he tries to make it quick. He wants to finish it fast so, he could get back to his laziness. He doesn't talk very much when he fights, but the only things what he always says is his rank and name. It's a question of honor. Even when he forgot to tell it in the battles beginning, he says it in the middle of the fight. When Esse finishes his opponent, he shows no mercy. He kills quick and immediately.-

Defining Characteristics |
    Grimmy. Always stays aside and don't interferes in battles if they are senseless. Almost every time he try's to avoid fighting someone.

Speciaties | None
Fighting Style | Well-Rounded
History/Background |
    Human Arc.
    Sebastian Renkuji. That was his real name in the human world then he was alive. Bastian was born in village where now lies Karakura town. He lived there all his life and died there too. He didn't reach the age of old man, but only a teen ages. However, before that, he lived, actually pretty nice life. He had almost everything.
    So, Bastian was born in this little village. His father and mother were very happy, when he came to this world. He was their honor and pride. Bastian's mother and father wanted a son from just a start. It was their dream. Time passed and look what happened, Bastian borned. After a week since Bastian was born, Bastian's mother died in a weird they. She had a cancer. It was in her head. She was fully okay a week ago, but now, now she's gone. That was tragedy. All family came together to keep her remembrance.
    Bastian never knew his mother. Actually, he never asked about her. He wanted to live as it was. Bastian never went to studying places, he studied at home. His father tough him everything what he knew.
    Bastian always knew how to talk with a person who wasn't his friend, but in the end he became. Bastian was a person magnet. Every kid in this ittle village wanted to be friends with him. But, Bastian was very particular. He talked only with persons who had their temper. Bastian never understood those kids which tries to be friends with kids who are ignoring them. That was just pathetic.
    At the very end he had no more friends. Everyone left him. No one wanted to be friends with him anymore, but he didn't know why. He growth in body and in mind too. That what he took from his father was only a smal part what he knows now. He started to meet with bad people. At the age of 17 he started to steel. Once he stole very rare Ming Dynasty bracelet from some man who called himself "Baron". It seemed that he was some kind of godfather or that. Bastian got pretty nice money for that bracelet. In the end of all this stealing, lying and meeting bad people he was killed by the assassin who was rewarded by "Baron". He never got back his Ming Dynasty bracelet, but at least he killed that who took it. Bastian was killed in his own house. Bastian's father was killed then too, because he tried to protect his son, and received an arrow in his chest. Few more days and Bastian would be 18 years old. However, this was present from "Baron". An arrow in his head and a cut with sword in his left fist. And there he was, laying down on the floor without any living mark.
    His life as a human ended. Bastian became a spirit which walked around this village and sometimes taking few nights in his old house. He sought for something better. He didn't want to have another life like it was when he was alive.
    Hollow Arc
    After he had been killed by an assassin who was hired by "Baron" Bastian died. His soul saw how his dead body was dragged away from his house. Blood was almost everywhere. Blood was split on the walls, floor and ceiling. Even after all this he didn't feel anything. He stayed few nights in his home and did nothing. Bastian wanted to start a new life, but he didn't know how to do that. All what he had left to do was siting and waiting for something. His soul became lonely. Even when he was alive he had friends. Maybe they weren't good friends, but they were. Bastian thought that he wasn't his name worth, so he changed it. He changed it to Esse. He kept his surname for remembrance. So now he called himself Esse.
    Only after few days he noticed that something is hanging off from his chest. It seemed that it was a chain or something, but Esse didn't understand its true value. It will show what he wants to be. Will he become a hollow or will he win and become free. Everyday chains' links started to get smaller, thinner and at the end it broke and chain became smaller. After a week, there were left only 2 links. He didn't know what's happening, but he felt that it isn't anything nice. Something was happening with his soul. Two days later the links were off, there wasn't any of them. Esse felt very weird and at the end he felt only paint and burning feeling. He started to transform into hollow. After more two days he was fully transformed into that black demonic creature. He looked like a panther. He walked on all four, and he had a muffle. And this white mask which was covering his face. It made him feel stronger. Much stronger than when he was a human.
    One day after transforming into hollow he started to feel hungry, but that was weird, because when he was in the human form he didn't want to eat or drink. His life became worthless, but now. He felt something and that is the weird thing. What to eat? What to drink? Esse didn't know anything about this hollow thing. In one blink of the eye, he was scented something. That was a wonderful feeling. All what he had to do was to run after it. Esse ran as fast he could. About his running, he was surprised to, because now he runs at least 3 times faster. Anyway, Esse was at his target. He couldn't understand what is happening, because only what Esse saw was a little girl soul, which was killed here, on the road. He didn't understand why his nose took him here. What he had to do? Eat the girl? Esse was really starving and his mind got black. After Esse recovered the girl was disappeared, and he wasn't starving anymore. It seemed that Esse was eaten that little girl. He felt terrible, but if that's what he needed to do to evolve, he's doing everything to get better life in the better world.
    He spent hundred of years eating human souls and revealing his abilities he became a Gillian. HHe was at the lower level of Forest of Menos. There met every hollow, which were found in Karakura town. Finally, after evolving into Gillian he took control over the whole creature and started his way up in the food chain. As a Gillian Esse was more powerful and stronger. He obtained the new ability which is called "Cero" and using it, he killed many of his opponents to eat them and evolve into the next level of hollow. Few more hundred years passed away and Esse evolved into adujcha. And from Forest of Menos he came out in Hueco Mundo. Where every adujcha settled after becoming an adujcha. Now Esse was almost to his victory to have his new life. Roaming through the White Sand dessert he killed many of his kinds. Esse was on his wave. He wanted to reach his goal, and he will do anything to do that. And again after many years he evolved into humans form, but he hadn't his mask on his face anymore, he had only one part of it.

RP Sampe |

    Another day in Hueco Mundo's Desert. Esse went for a walk and maybe something more. He was training his skills since he became a Numerrō. Even, if he is silent type of a man he knows that he need to train to become stronger. His body wasn't from the strongest or toughest. He was weak in this level. Esse understood that and know he was ready to do something about it. Esse's only chance to become strong was fighting, which even didn't like to him. He wasn't a fighter, more like battle viewer. He didn't like to deal with someone with fists. He better used discussions. But now, when he is weak. He has no choice, Esse have to fight.

    It was a wounderful night. There wasn't any sight of a wind or sandstorm. He was going through the desert in silence. Everything was quiet and calm. What could be better then this. Esse's mind was empty and thoughts cleared. Only thing what he was thinling about was in what time he will reach the next level of Numerrō. That was his target tonight. In few hours he had to become more stronger then he was now. The boy was looking for an enemy. Esse didn't spent time for weak ones. He wanted to fight those who were the strongest of their kind.

    In no time he found the one. It was an adjuca who looked alike scorpion. It has a huge tail with poison sting. Two big nippers and very strong hierro. This scorpion type adjuca is one of the many which gonna die from Esse's blade. Esse hoped that this little crap will give him a great fight. This unavoidable battle will be interesting, because this is going to be the first time when Esse chooses his opponent. He took the last look at this creature and went for the blood of it.

    In the blink of the eye he disappeared and appeared in front of the creature. His sword was sealed in his sheath. Only few ten feets were between him and adjuca. Esse take a look in its eyes. -Guess who's gonna die tonight. And swinging his hand back Esse charged it with reiatsu and shot bala at adjuca's head. While Esse was charging his bala, the scorpion disappeared in the sand. It went down in the ground and disappear from Esse's sight. It happend pretty quick. Bala didn't reached the target. It shot in the ground and made a hole in it, but the scorpion was gone. It disappeared.

    Esse was staning and waiting for the scorpions reaction. What it will do. And suddently from nowhere someone start to talk. -What the hell is your problem? It said. -Why do you want to kill me?. I'm just makin my way up in the world, but there came you and ruined everything. The voice stoped and silence fell. Everything was quiet and suddently behind Esses back it appeared with swinging its tail down right at Esses head. And again in the blink of the eye Esse disappeared and appeared few feets away from the place where the scorpion slashed. -There's no use to try to kill me. You will die anyway. Esse said and slowly draw his sword out of the sheath. Meanwhile the scorpoin was mumbling something. -You and kill me.? You will die before you will know it. Scorpion was very confdent about himself. Esse now have fully drawed his sword and ready to take shit out of this creature. He was still standing with his back against scorpion.

    The scorpion took a chance and tried to hit Esse in his back with his poison stig. It jumped up in the air and went for the clear attack right in Esse's back. But that didn't make out well for the scorpion. Esse with one strike cut scorpion's poison sting. It droped in the sands. Blood split everwhere and scorpion was screaming in hurt. -You asshole, how could you. That was my tail. Do you know you cut my killing treasure?. The scorpion was angry. But Esse didn't care what the scorpion was saying to him. He just wanted to kill to obtain his skill.

    Esse understood that this wasn't his real enemy. It was too easy. Esse didn't want to waste his time with this crap of shi, so he went for the last strike. Esse pointed with his sword to the head of scorpion. -You are going down. He said and using sonido went right to his target. But somehow the scorpion stoped his attack by using his right nipper. =Not so tough anymore? The scorpion said and with his left nipper he tried to nip Esse in stomach. -Pretty nice move from such a shit. Esse said and let his sword free and jumped away from the scorpion. Now the scorpion was holding just Esses sword. He tried to squash it, but he didn't succeed. Because while he was tring to do that Esse shot another bala in the direction of the scorpion right nipper.

    The scorpion let it free and throw it away. Now Esse was without his sword and any protection. Scorpion has a chance to hit Esse. Esse was staning few feets away from the scorpion and he was ready for eveything. At least he has a great time. Esse's sword lie down behind the scorpion and he had to think out somthing before the scorpion attacks with its nippers. Esse had to slow him down. Esse jumped up in the air and shot three balas at the ground making a huge sandstorm. Sand was everywhere. Even Esse couldn't see anything. But because of his visual memory Esse knew where is his sword. He jumped back again and tried to find his sword. Then he saw its hilt shining out of the sand. He landed and took it. The sand dropped too.

    The scorpion was gone. It seems that he had gone under the ground again. Esse just had to wait until it will appeared again. Something moved under Esses legs. The sand started to flow under his legs. The scorpion had made a yielding sands right under Esses legs. Esse couldn't do anything. Now he has to think really fast. Suddently the scorpion appeared in the front of Esse, ready to cut Esses head off. Esse could move his legs and jump in the air. Now he had a problem. He had to get out off the yielding sands and avoid scorpions attack. He had small time.

    Time to end this. He thought. While scorpion was talking he charged his best he can do - cero. His hand started to glow in light green color. This was the only way to do this. -Hahaha, What's that. Is that a lightbulb? Do you think you will see something without head? The scorpion stopped talking and swing his nipper. Meanwhile Esse shot cero at the ground and freed his legs. The cero burned a little bit his leg, but that was nothing comparing to would of happen. Esse jumped in air un landed on the scorpion's back. Holding his sword in his right hand he swing it up in the air and deal a hit. He slashed the scorpion's head. He automaticlly died. Esse killed his first enemy in this beautiful night.

Last edited by Esse Renkuji on Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:02 am; edited 8 times in total
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Father Anderson
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PostSubject: Re: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:45 pm

Someone with the rank Tercera got approved just a hour or so ago.
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Esse Renkuji
Primera Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:44 pm


So you're an 845 year old Arrancar. Should mean you were born in the human arc around 1164 C.E. So... Japan at that time didn't have big time hospitals and medicine sucked, save for Chinese medicine which can be imported. Also the modern day schooling idea you get now isn't existent, so edit your sheet to accommodate your character style in a Medieval-ish Japan rather than a modern day one.
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Esse Renkuji
Primera Espada

Posts : 9
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Join date : 2010-11-20
Age : 23
Location : Latvia

PostSubject: Re: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:03 am

OK..I edited my history a bit. Hope its good enough now. ;]
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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)   

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Esse Renkuji.(FINISHED)
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