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 Yuffie Hotaru (Finished)

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Yuffie Hotaru

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PostSubject: Yuffie Hotaru (Finished)   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:48 pm


Name: Yuffie Seraphine Hotaru
Nickname(s): "Yu-Yu", "Yuffie-chan" (Grandmothers nickname for her), "Taru-san", "Sera", "Captain Hotaru-sama".
Age: 849 years old
Visual Age: Around 15 or 16.

Gender: Female
Division: Currently the 2nd Division. She was most recently the 4th Division Captain. Previously the lieutenant of the 12th Division. She was also a seated officer at the 12th Division. She also spent a short time as an unseated officer during her early days at the 9th Division.
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 114 pounds

Body Frame: Yuffie has a bit of a lean build. Yuffie has a perfect bust line, she often is a bit envied because of it. It's not too big, nor is it too small. Her butt is a bit on the smaller side, unlike her bust. She has a delicate heart shaped face, despite her rough attitude. Her smile is tiny and cute.
Blood Type: It was previously O-. Now, her "blood" is a fluid called plasmatic. It functions in the same way as blood, despite the age-appearence slowing effect. It was the only thing that kept Yuffie from looking fifty years old during her sleep. Plasmatic has no healing or regeneration abilities. The only benefit to plasmatic besides slow aging was that Yuffie has more of a resistence to blood infecting viruses. Plasmatic is a bright brilliant, and very vibrant neon blue.
Sound of Voice: Yuffie has a strong, yet sweet voice during normal sitautions. When under situations that bring out her shy side, her voice will become more girly and sweet. It slightly loses the commanding tone. During serious situations, Yuffie's voice rises massively in strength and commanding. She is a fearsome captain during serious and dangerous times, even though she is only the 4th Division captain.
Appearance: Yuffie is short with a small nose and short black hair. Her hair just reaches down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark deep brown. Yuffie wears a navy blue tank-top with a white Hawaiian flowered design underneath a sleeveless dark-gray vest. Both stop just below the rib-cage, revealing her midriff. Her shorts, while still khaki, now fold back (showing the interior fabric to be black) over a belted hip-pack, dark-gray in color, that rests across her right hip. Her green forehead protector is replaced by a black and white bandanna. A white wristband on her right arm and a black cloth that starts from below her elbow and partially covers her left hand replace the gauntlets while khaki colored, laced knee-high boots with black socks that have two white stripes at the top, which replace the sneakers and legwarmers. She only wears her custom cloths under her shihakusho and standard haori, which is long sleeved.

When Yuffie was younger and living in the Rukon, Yuffie's outfits consist of sleeveless shirts that show the midriff with short shorts and leggings. She is wearing a black head band with white around the edges of it, a sweat band on her left wrist, an arm fingerless warmer on her right arm tied up with a bow, a blue tube top with a black fabric hanging at the bottom attached to the bottom of the blue top, two black straps on her shoulder, what looks like a black and yellow belt attached to the black fabric of the top and the belt goes over her shoulder and attached at the back showing her stomach, orangey-yellow shorts with a yellow belt slouching, long white socks that end just above her knees, black long boots that end at the knee, two orange straps that go over the foot of the boot like sandals and a yellow flat, square pouch attached to the right side of her shorts. Yuffie now usually wears a coat that previously had reiatsu masking properties, though after her mother died, they wore off. She keeps this cloak at her desk, tucked away.

Young Yuffie

Yuffie's Cloak/Haori

Introvert/Extrovert: It mostly depends on the situation Yuffie is in. Most of the time, she is very outgoing and a bold extrovert. She'll often become the life of the party when drunk, or a stand up for what she believes in during meetings. But if Yuffie is surrounded by people she doesn't know in a normally comfortable environment, Yuffie will become shy and introverted. If anyone comes up to her, she'll usually look away or stutter over her words.
Hobbies: Reading, fighting, drinking, napping, eating, and playing guitar.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes - Human world foods like pizza, hamburgers, fries, cakes.
-hitting people
-hitting on people
-helping out and being nice others who are kind to her
-playing all musical instruments

Dislikes -evil people
-fitting in
-people who have bad intentions
-manipulative people
-talking a lot
-uninportant social gatherings

Personality:Yuffie is quite a quirky child. She's very eccentric, one minute she's postively hyper and happy, the next she is wrecking things in a fit of oure rage. Certainly a wild child. She is still very caring for those around her, protective of her friends and allies. Most of the time she can be seen smiling or grinning. She has the weird habit of tilting her head to the side when something is curious or interesting in Yuffie's perspective. She behaves quite childish and naive when she isn't fighting or being completely serious around allies. She loves sweet things and desserts, and still loves spicy foods. Yuffie loves to slack off. In her free time, she studies the humans habits.She depises sour foods and candy, and if she happens to get a sour candy, it'll often result in a outburst of anger at whoever is in the vicinity of Yuffie. She is also shown to be more mature during certain times, shown by her constant gambling in the local poker taverns. She is a level-headed and loyal girl, yet always has the best interests in mind.

She often keeps her goals secret and lies about them though. She loves to listen to music and nap constantly, even though she's been sleeping for almost 250 years. Yuffie is still a very smart and cunning girl, not one to be underestimated. She depises people who are constantly hyper, even though herself is hyper a lot. Kiku doesn't really look food from the Seireitai, much prefering to visit the Human World. Yuffie sometimes has a bit cocky and rude personality, and at times can be aggressive and a bit of a tomboy. She has a tendency to bestow honorific titles on herself also. Despite being the daughter of the Hotaru Noble family's leader, Nokina Hotaru, Yuffie has little tolerance for tradition and is highly rebellious to her mother's old-fashioned ways, which lead to a major and devastating clashing with her mother. She is also clever and cunning, able to trick her division with ease. Despite this, she is not at all averse to heroics and is still a reliable ally and friend. She also appears to find herself beautiful, shown when she comments that everyone is "dyin' to talk to a babe like her.".She also shown to care about her friends when Gran Gran dies during her fight with Nokina. Despite her cocky and rude behaviour, she is very helpful as she often help her friends in and out of battle.

Defining Characteristics: Yuffie's most noticeable physical trait is that her teeth are more sharper then other people's. It's not frightning or scary in appearence, but if she bites you, you'll definetly know she has sharper teeth then others. One characteristic of Yuffie's, is that she can slap someone amazingly. It's been a frequent joke at her division that Yuffie could take someone out with a simple slap to the face. Yuffie denys this, but it doesn't mean she won't try to slap you. She often does this to people who really annoy her, or disagree with her to a point of hatred. Another one of her more defining traits, is her incredible flexibility. Whenever Yuffie used to take trips to the Human World, she would often masquerade as a master gymnist. Yuffie can also fake emotions such as crying, quite well. Nothing worthy of an acting award, which she also likes to masquerade as an actor, but it is impressive to see her go from tears to a sneaky grin. Yuffie also as an astoundingly loud yell or scream. Another common joke in the Gotei is that if Captain Yuffie yelled for one of her subordinates to arrive, they would here it from the other end of the Seireitai. This is also something Yuffie denies, but she's quick to anger, and anger definitely causes her yelling. She is also ambidexterous.
Specialties: Her specialities in terms of weaponry would be using swords. She can wield a wakizashi, nodachi, katana very well, but her customized Bankai/Shikai swords and her sealed daito are ones she wields best. In terms of shinigami skills, it definetly would be Zanjutsu,Hakuda, and especially Shyunpo. These three areas are the things that Yuffie shows the most advanced mastery in, her Shyunpo and Hakuda more then her Zanjutsu. She isn't as good with her Kido spells though, but she has shown doog mastery over the Kido area. Other speicialities of Yuffie's is her alertness and the way she moves. Being a theif taught her grace and silence, something that comes in handy at the Onmitsukido. Yuffie's marksmanship with her weapon's gun form during Shikai/Bankai is good, but not the best.
Fighting type: Close Combatant
History/Background: Part I- Yuffie Arrives- The Rukongai Arc

Yuffie Seraphine Hotaru was born in the 12th District of the Western Rukongai, a fairly good district compared to the lower ones. Yuffie was simply born under her normal first name; Yuffie. Her mother was a young and beautiful girl who claimed to be “from above”. Her name was Nokina. She had long black hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was a undeniably smooth pale peach crème. She usually wore a large cloak. The cloak had some reiatsu disguising abilities. Her legs were long and silky to the touch, not that any man except Koten knew. Nokina was a very strong and brave woman, willing to kick ass just for the fun of it. She fell in love with a man named Koten Sunotsu, who was Yuffie's father. Koten Sunotsu was a brilliant man, and very very strong. He had defined muscles and a strong attitude to match it. Koten had somewhat of an ego, something Nokina would poke fun at constantly. He had dark brown hair that was slightly spiked. It framed his face gorgeously. He would often carry a large broadsword along with him to protect Nokina. He and the girl eventually fell deeply in love, of course after many many annoyances and drunken bar singing, and had Yuffie when they had officially ran away from those that knew them. They both ventured to the very ends of the Soul Society together, the damp outskirts. Baby Yuffie, Koten, and Nokina lived in a modest shack up until Yuffie turned a year old.

A giant rumbling down the old ground in path came towards the tiny shack. The sound got louder and louder until the door of the shack was busted down. One thick and muscled man grabbed Nokina by the wrist and held her up high above the ground. The other one, a thick and fat man, pummeled Koten with his fists repeatedly. He bashed Koten's skull in til it was nothing but a bloody stump on broken shoulders. Yuffie slept through the entire event, always being a heavy sleeper. Nokina was dragged out of the door, crying and sobbing. She didn't mention a word about the innocent Yuffie sitting in the woven crib, now a blood spattered memory in the wind. Nokina was dragged out by each arm, through the dirt and grime of all 80 Rukongai streets. They would occasionally take breaks through each district, but not very often. The guards mistreated Nokina, not feeding her and sometimes beating her. By time she got back home, she had changed. She was suddenly colder, broken, cruel. Nokina viewed herself as a widow. She lost that beautiful peachy glow, the bright shine to her raven, black her. Her features seemed to be more sharp and cutting then usual. She was locked away in the highest tower possible, delivered her meals and accompanied by guards everywhere.

The day her father died and Nokina became head of the Noble clan, she would murder people. The only one who knew of this was Gran Gran, who kept files on every single person Nokina killed. Meanwhile, Yuffie awoke to an empty shack with the door wide open. Of course, she was too young to even be aware of what had occurred during the last week. Yuffie hadn't been fed since her mother fed her seconds before the door blasted off it's hinges and was stowed away under the blankets of the crib. Yuffie's crying could be heard from districts away. It was finally heard by a old women who lived in the district just before the Rukongai outskirts. She wandered out in the late night, following only by the crying, as the women was void of her sight. She finally arrived at the old shack, placing her hand on the door frame. Her fingertips hit something wet, and slightly texturized. She didn't even need the scent to know what it was. Dried blood. The next step she took would put her in the foul zone of the rotted blood's scent. It drenched the items of the shack like a evil watermark on the pages of Yuffie's life. The old women rested both her hands on the old woven crib, and uncovered one thin blanket to reveal the baby Yuffie crying loudly.

Yuffie's skin was dangerously cold, signaling that her neglection had sparked some problems within' her body. The old women rocked and cradled her gently, shushing the crying Yuffie as she slowly walked back to her tiny cottage at the 80th district of the Rukongai. The old lady sang a enchanting song to Yuffie, soothing the poor child until she fell asleep in the woman’s arms. Yuffie awoke the next morning wrapped cozily in a thick woven blanket, sitting in a oval shaped crib. The old lady had managed to heal Yuffie to a stable and safe state. She was fed and warm, something that made Yuffie a much easier child to care for. When Yuffie turned two, she learned how to speak on her own. Yuffie's first word was "spirit". The old lady raised an eyebrow, having heard stories about this. She was aware they were spirits, she was also aware of who protected the spirits. The Shinigami. The old lady herself was a former Shinigami, the former captain of the Onmitsukido. Despite her age, the old lady was a master of shunpo, a shinigami skill. When Yuffie turned 3, Yuffie began to develop her current attitude by hanging amongst the streets of the 80th Rukon district.

The only one Yuffie showed respect or friendship too was the old lady. Yuffie possessed an amazing ability to fool and trick people at a young age. The old lady would constantly lecture the young Yuffie, which was the only thing that taught Yuffie the ability to be kind, courageous, and honorable. She still retained her cockiness and ego. When Yuffie turned 5, she was confronted by the first shinigami she had seen in her entire life,well, that was currently in the Gotei 13. It was a woman, who looked around 65 or 60. She had dark brown curly hair, with light gray streaks throught her hair. Her eyes were a dark pristine blue. She had a delicate and warm smile. She had some wrinkles. When Yuffie thought deeper into the background of this woman, she wondered if she knew Gran Gran, which was her nickname for the old woman, who's real name was Anaareii Shinata. Mentioned before, Anaareii Shinata was the one of the former leaders of the Onmitsukido and Captain of the 2nd Division. The other lady, Shiyaio Merazuki, was the Captain of the 3rd Division, and had a burning rivalry with Anaareii. When Yuffie dragged her around the Rukon district she lived him and eventually to Anaareii and Yuffie's home, it resulted in a surprise conflict. Shiyaio and Anaareii briefly exchanged hellos and how are yous, before a thick glare ensued. Shiyaio smirked boldly at Anaareii. Anaareii simply threw a blank and cold look towards her. She always knew Shiyaio to be cocky, but not that cocky that Yuffie was.

Shiyaio was much worse. Yuffie could see the growing tension, and was extremely worried how Gran Gran would fare against this lady. Yuffie was able to sense Shiyaio's power, and it frightened her slightly, but not too much. Gran Gran saw Yuffie out of the corner of her eye and smiled. “Do not be afraid, Yuffie-chan. Gran gran will take care of this threat rather quickly. Just promise to go gather our most precious things, ok?" Gran said to Yuffie, her voice string with pride. Yuffie looked up, then straightened her back, staring pridefully at Gran. "Yes, Gran Gran." Yuffie said to her. Gran nodded and turned her gaze back to Shiyaio as Yuffie ran off. To begin with, the small house never had much. Gran had some rather valuable stuff, but it was a small amount of stuff to be gathered in one tiny bag. The only things Yuffie had with her that was valuable was the large oversized cloak that she wore. Yuffie never took the cloak off, being told it belonged to her mother. Once everything was gathered, Yuffie ran back to where Gran and Shi had been. They were climaxing towards the potential stress point. Shi growled furiously as she pulled out her katana. Yuffie blinked, having never seen one before. The things had a strange oval shaped hilt. It reminded Yuffie of a ring hanging on a tiny pole. One edge of the oval was closer to the other. The tip ended abruptly, curving inward like the tip of a ruined knife. Gran simply smirked in response to Shi's action. "Fool. You were unimportant then, just as you are now. You never learned from your mistakes, have you Shiyaio?" Gran said calmly to her, a slight hint of mocking in her voice. Shi simply threw her a scornful look.

"Shame on you Anaareii. We could've been the most powerful they had seen. We could have been legends. But no. You chose to leave. Leave the Gotei 13? Leave the Onmitsukido? Leave the Shinigami?! You are the true fool Anaareii!! YOU ARE THE TRUE FOOL!!!" Shiyaio screamed to Anaareii. Pure rage flared up in her eyes. Gran simply kept her bored look. Anaareii bowed her head, keeping one eye on Shi. "You forget who I am, Shiyaio." Gran said, before lightly whipping out her old patched green umbrella. She smiled. "Rise from nothingness, and solidify, Nobirashnu." Gran murmured. The umbrella disappeared in a odd column of what looked liked wind. It was really Gran's white spiritual energy. A very long nodachi sat in Gran's hand. It was gray in color, with white swirls around it. Gran smiled at her. "You better be careful what you get yourself into, Shiyaio." Gran mumbled to her. Shi snickered. "Calm the winds and ruffle the clouds Panataro, charge the sun!" Shiyaio yelled. her sword modified into two small daggers. Gran gave a simple wave of the hand. This was a tiny symbol between both shinigami ladies, signifying a battle start. Shi charged Gran, daggers held tightly in hand. She waved her daggers like a wild maniac. One happened to unintentionally swing Yuffie's way.

She gasped as a wave of wind aimed right towards her. It was about to smack her backwards into a thick wall. Gran sighed and shunpo'd over to Yuffie, picking her up and gently appearing behind Shiyaio. She slashed horizontally at her back, smirking slightly. She rapidly shunpo'd over to a higher building and set Yuffie down. "Don't come down, ok?" Gran said to her. Yuffie nodded, slightly confused about what was going, the phrases she heard. Onmitsukido? Shinigami? Gotei? All those word ran through her head as she watched Gran Gran and Shiyaio battle it out. Gran stabbed at Shi's shoulder, the blade emerging through her right shoulder blade. Shi roared with anger and once again swung the dagger in Yuffie's direction. However, Yuffie was already leaned against the farthest wall of the building. The wind hit her string, but didn't physically damage Yuffie. Instead, a amazingly eerie silence followed. Gran and Shi stared at Yuffie in disbelief, as Yuffie stared at them in confusion. When the wind hit Yuffie, hit blew off her cloak This caused all of Yuffie's true spiritual nature to be revealed to both herself and the two women. Shi gasped. "Shes'.....a soul. A normal soul. And she's that powerful? That....that has to be at least more Spirit Energy then a unseated....Amazi-" Shi began, but stopped suddenly.

A tiny sloshing was heard as the nodachi in Shi's chest was pulled out. Gran stared at Shi and shook her head. "Foolish Shinigami shall fall during the False Paradise of man's existence." Gran mumbled to a dying Shi. A sudden light shone as Shi's zanpaktou crumbled into dust, flowing in the wind with a thick blast of wind. Shi's form dissolved into nothingness as Gran peered back to Yuffie. She smiled lightly. "Yuffie, put on your cloak please. We are going forward, to the Shinigami Academy, I will train you, seeing as you have had a large amount of power hidden away by that cloak. I will explain every term to you about the Shinigami beings, and you will listen to everything of that topic. Now then Yuffie, are you ready to depart......for your new life?" Anaareii said to her, staring into her eyes with the look of a wise warrior. Yuffie clenched one hand into a fist. "I....I would be honored too....Anaareii-sama." Yuffie shouted. She tilted her head to the western direction. Yuffie awakens from the slumber of childhood.

Part II- Yuffie Awakens- The Training Arc

Yuffie yawned sleepily as her feet treaded upon the broken cobble-stoned path in the Rukongai. Her tiny hoodie sat on he head, a bit lopsided. Though Yuffie was too tired to fix the silly cloak. She knew she had to pay full attention to Gran Gran on the topic. After that life changing day, Gran had witnessed the spiritual power of Yuffie. It was nothing that could ever amount to something more then a 10th seat, but for someone who had never trained in her entire life, it was quite a amazing feat. Anaareii was aware of how Yuffie had such great power flowing through her veins like blood. She had known who Yuffie's parents where all along. Nokina Hotaru, was the princess and current head of the Royal Hotaru Clan. This legitimately made Yuffie of noble blood. However, Koten was not even a shinigami. But like Yuffie, he had a truly amazing level of spirit energy. Anaareii knew about Nokina and Koten ever since they first began to synchronize meetings to bars and taverns.

Everything that occurred within the Rukongai that had to do with the Four Noble Clans was always practiced in secret manners. The prestige reputation of a Noble House could never be risked over something as foolish as love! Of course, that's only what the old fashioned Nobles thought. Anaareii had specifically raised Yuffie to stand up for the things she believed in and to go against the traditional ways. Anaareii was suddenly awoken from deep thoughts when Yuffie gently poked her arm. In one hand was a tiny cake, the other a massive gem. Yuffie stood there, a tiny smile spread on her face with a glint of deviousness sitting in her pupils. “'d you get the cake and the jewel....” Gran Gran mumbled to Yuffie. Yuffie smiled brightly in response. “I theifed them Gran Gran!!” yelled Yuffie. Gran blinked and shook her head. “Yuffie, return it.” commanded Gran. Yuffie shook her head. “It's your birthday Gran Gran. You deserve something.” said Yuffie with a small frown. Yuffie had just turned six years old. It took them one year exactly to find their way through the Rukongai. They now sat in District 12, the district where Yuffie was born. Gran sighed and softly took the gifts, setting them next to her seat along the fire.

“ didn't have to do that. But thank you. I suppose in return, I should tell you now about the Shinigami terms. We're getting close to the Shinigami Academy, therefore, you must now your terms. First, there is the Shunpo technique. This is a Soul Reapers way of transportation. It is very important you master in this type, like others. I myself was incredibly good with shunpo. But let's go on. The next is Kido. Kido is essentially spiritual magic. For most spells, there is a incantation and a number, along with a name. These spells are numbered one through ninety nine, along with the Forbidden Kido. The last major techniques are Zanjutsu and Jinzen. Zanjutsu is the art of fighting with your zanpaktou. A Zanpaktou is special weapon that contains a living soul within it. You must communicate with your zanpaktou in order to gain it's trust. Learn it's name and you receive the first form, or Shikai. If it manifests in our world, you will receive Bankai. Be warned however, Bankai is extremely rare for one to get. And Jinzen, is the art of meditating with your zanpaktou to communicate with your zanpaktou spirit. That is the basics you need to know. They will teach you well at the Shinigami Academy. We will most likely arrive there in the next day or two. Get some rest, Yuffie-chan.” Gran Gran mentioned to Yuffie, laying down next the fire after explaining.

Yuffie simply rolled onto her back and stared at the stars. “I wonder.....what this will be like. A shinigami, sounds so strange...” Yuffie thought within her mind. Yuffie rolled to hers side, facing the fire, and fell asleep peacefully. During the night, Yuffie had one of the strangest dreams of her life. One sword was lying on the ground, Yuffie was standing before it. She approached to reach for it, but when she got to it, a barrier repulsed her. Yuffie jumped back wondering what was wrong. She began to reach for it again. Her hand was about to grab, when she suddenly woke up. Gran Gran shook her gently. “C'mon Yuffie-chan, we have to get going if you want to arrive to the Shinigami Academy by sundown.” Gran said slowly to Yuffie. Yuffie nodded and got up, her cloak still sitting snugly on her tiny shoulders. They began to walk, when Gran suddenly turned around to face Yuffie.

“I know that you would like to spend time with Gran and walk slower, but we must get there soon. Sooner then I would like to. You are ready for your exam, correct?” Gran explained, raising an eyebrow. Yuffie nodded very slowly, but quickly transferred to shaking her head, signifying she didn't. Gran nodded then sat Yuffie down. “You will have to manifest the energy you have, called spirit energy, into a ball. It'll be big or small, depending on how much you. I will show you how to do so.” Gran said. She suddenly raised her hands before her and closed her eyes. Anaareii's energy began to swirl rapidly around her, like wind. It shook her hair back and forth, until finally compacting into a tiny moving sphere. Gran opened her eyes and raised the ball to Yuffie. “Copy my actions, Yuffie-chan.” Gran commanded, her voice thick with wisdom. Yuffie nodded slowly, and closed her eyes. She began to manifest her own energy. It was golden, and swirled around Yuffie in a large column. The gold had tiny white streaks through it, making it look like a spiderweb or cracked glass. But she couldn't manage to solidify it into a ball. Gran huffed heavily. “Yuffie-chan....imagine falling from the air. Below you is a large red and white target. Aim to land on your feet in the center. Now try again.” Gran directed. Yuffie nodded,eyes still closed. She pictured herself dropping from the sky, face first. The energy pulsated rapidly as she began to imagine her body straightening, her feet pointed towards the ground.

She spiraled down, towards the red center, and finally landed on the center, knees crouched. A shocked gasp sounded from Gran's lips. “Beautiful Yuffie-chan....beautiful....” Gran gasped. Yuffie peeked through one eye and let out a frightened squeak. She smiled. A huge sphere, spinning rapidly, stood before her, a few inches from her hands. It was golden, with white streaks throught it. It reminded Yuffie of a crystal ball about to smash. Yuffie released her focus, and the ball disappeared like smoke. Gran smiled. [color]“Let's go Yuffie-chan.”
Gran murmured quietly. She lifted young Yuffie up, and with a multitude of shunpo's, was at the gates of the Shinigami Academy. She set Yuffie down and kneeled next to her. “Return to the First District of the Rukongai every night. I shall be waiting for you, to train you in your subjects. There will be teachers there for you. And you will become a shinigami if it's the last thing I do.” Gran whispered. Yuffie nodded and waved to Gran. [color]“I promise I will, Gran Gran. Good bye, and I will see you soon.”[/color] Yuffie mumbled. She walked forward, onto her destiny.

Part III- Yuffie Ascends- The Academy Arc

Yuffie walked into a giant room hesitantly. She had never been or seen a room this clean in her life. Three people sat still in woven wooden chairs. There were two guys and one woman. One man had thick black hair that extended unto his hips. Some was brushed over his shoulder while other strands lay lankly over his back. He had a bit of a cold stare. His eyes were a dark green color, complemented with long lashes and thick eyebrows. He had a slight stubble, making him look very unkempt. Yuffie stayed away from his end of the desk. In the center if the table was a woman. She wore thin black robes, with a smaller white robe over it. She had the most friendly and warm smile Yuffie had ever seen. Her skin was more tanned then both of the men and Yuffie's skin.

Her body, which was clearly visible from under the robes, was amazingly toned and thin, yet still had a good amount of muscle to it. Her hair was dark brown and somewhat stringy. It fell down past her shoulders, and with every movement of the woman, it would sway wildly. The last man, or boy as Yuffie thought of him, sat away from the other man and next to the woman. His skin was oddly paler then the others. He had short scruffy dark red hair and a few scattered freckles. Yuffie couldn't see his eyes, seeing as he was wearing a pair of red rimmed sunglasses. He had quite a welcoming attitude towards everyone, and his smile was something even the coldest gal could swoon over. He waved Yuffie forward. Yuffie looked around and slowly took some steps forward. “So, ya wanna be a shinigami, yeah?” shouted the brown haired woman. Yuffie nodded casually. “Yup. This is the Shinigami Academy, right?” Yuffie asked, her voice somewhat unsure. The three people laughed lightly. “Well not really. This is the exam you must take in order to get to the Shinigami Academy. Just demonstrate your power for us, and we'll decided if your ready or not.” The brown haired woman explained. Yuffie blinked then nodded, having been prepared for this earlier. She stuck out her hands and closed her eyes slowly, taking a deep breath. A tiny gasp sounded from the black haired man's lips as Yuffie's spirit energy began to flow freely around her, rapidly forming into a oval shaped column. Yuffie once again went through the steps Gran Gran had told her. The room suddenly went silent again as Yuffie's hair stilled.

In her hands, about as big as Yuffie, was the gold and white streaked ball, spinning rapidly. Yuffie opened her eyes to gaze at the judges, who were all smiling back at her. Yuffie released the energy ball and walked forward. “C'mon over here cutie!” The red headed boy shouted. Yuffie blushed a dark red. The boy was greeted with a silencing stare from the black haired man and the brown haired girl. The girl turned back to face Yuffie. “Impressive....Which district are you from, and what is your name?” she asked. “Yuffie. I'm from the 80th District of the Western Rukongai.” Yuffie said clearly. They all blinked, mystified how such a young girl came from that far to be a shinigami. “Last name, Yuffie?” The brown hair girls asked. Yuffie bit her lip shyly and looked down. “I...I don't have one.” She mumbled. The black haired man snickered quietly, and was greeted with a paralyzing glare from Yuffie. He frowned, but stopped anyways. The other two smiled politely at her. “Well, Yuffie, you may go forward. Welcome to the Shinigami Academy!” Shouted the red head. Yuffie grinned happily and was escorted forward. She easily managed to get into the higher classes, the ones for advanced students. Her first class was Kido, then Zanjutsu, Shunpo skills, then Hakuda. She was supplied with her uniform, that consisted of a red shitagi (under shirt), a white kosode (shirt), red hakama (trousers), and white socks and sandals.

There was a circular symbol on the breast pocket of the outfit, signifying the Shinigami Academy. She was showed to her to her dorm within Academy grounds. It was quite plain. A simple bed, desk, and a table. There was a small closet next to the bed. Yuffie sighed. The damn thing was basically useless when Yuffie didn't have an item to put in it. She put her cloak back on her shoulders and layed on the bed. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep. The dream of the sword started to occur once again. There were definitely some changes though. First off, the sword had changed from she had later noticed to be a nodachi, to the sort of weapon her grandmother had wielded, a daito. It was slightly curved, not a lot though. Yuffie also took into mind that the blade was serrated. Though, just a tiny bit to where Yuffie couldn't tell where the serrations where without staring hard at the blade. It was also stabbed into the ground, like someone had jabbed it there after a battle. Yuffie wondered why she was having this odd dream again. She hadn't had it since that night. Yuffie ran forward and kneeled down, reaching toward the blade excitedly. “Hello, Yuffie.” A young man said from behind her. Yuffie jumped slightly, and peered over her shoulder. “And who are you?” She asked him, slightly annoyed the man had sneaked up on her. The man snickered slightly, and gazed at her with a smirk. [color=blue“For me to know, and you to find out.”[/color] He said, the smirk still sitting on his face. Yuffie growled and spun around quickly, leaping to her feet. “Tell me who you are!” She yelled at him. The man shook his head and laughed.

“Naww, not yet. And stop being so commanding, little brat....” He said to her with a chuckle. Yuffie huffed and leaped into the air, spinning rapidly. Her leg extended, perfectly straight. She grinned as her pointed foot connected to his face. The man was knocked off his feet, but got up just as Yuffie landed on the ground, knees crouched. He glared at her. “Why, you little dumbass!” He yelled to her. Suddenly, a tiny hand grabbed the back of his coat. “Now now, you shouldn't be mean to her. She's not very aware of what's going on or who we are. Treat her nicely, ok?” Murmured a woman, who looked around 27. She had long brown hair, tied into one loose braid. Bangs framed her face perfectly. Her eyes were calm and warm, dark brown like Yuffie's eyes. Her smile was probably the most welcoming Yuffie had witnessed in her entire life. The woman turned to Yuffie after the man grudgingly nodded. “Hello little Yuffie-chan. And if I may ask, do you know where you are?” The woman questioned inquisitively. Yuffie shook her head. “ a dream?” Yuffie replied, confused. The left corner of the woman's mouth dropped slightly, forming a small frown. She walked towards her. “Your Inner World. Take a look around. Your currently in my area of the world. Pretty isn't it? I decorated most of the area.” The woman said, her smile returning. Yuffie nodded and blinked, just noticing the environment was also different. It looked a bit modern, and much like an area of a town. It made Yuffie feel a bit more happy than usual. “Inner World? Like, the one my Gran Gran mentioned?” Yuffie asked. The woman raised an eyebrow. “I suppose so. Then she must of mentioned to you what resides within the Inner World, right?” The woman asked, her smile growing.

Yuffie thought for a few seconds, a look of deep thinking on her face. Her eyes lit up with surprise as she spun to face the two people. “Your Zanpaktou Spirits?! MY Zanpaktou Spirits?!” Yuffie screamed in disbelief. The woman nodded, the man walking up behind the woman. Her gently rested his head on the woman's shoulder, wrapping his arms around her loosely. “Don’t' look so surprised kiddo! And there's one more of us, but the idiot must be sleeping......or he forgot about this little event.” The man said, scoffing slightly. The woman smiled slightly and put her hands on the mans. “Most likely sleeping. And don't call him a idiot. You know how long he has been waiting to meet our little Yuffie-chan here. He's gonna be so disappointed...” The woman mumbled. The man shrugged before looking to Yuffie. “It's about time you go. I think your late for classes.” He said with a snicker. Yuffie slapped her head to her forehead. “Shit!! I'm so gonna get yelled....first day and freakin' late!!!” cried Yuffie. The woman sighed and walked towards her. She set her hands on Yuffie's shoulders and looked into her eyes. “Don't worry, I’m sure you'll do fine. And take the blade with you. Your gonna need it if ya wanna see us more.” said the woman, smiling. Yuffie nodded and ran towards the daito. She stopped suddenly and spun around to face them. Yuffie grinned.

“Thanks!” she shouted. Both of them nodded softly and waved bye to her. Yuffie put both hands on the daito and pulled it out of the ground swiftly. The spirits smiled at the sound. “Bye Yuffie!” they yelled in unison. Yuffie grinned and faded away, waking up on the floor in her room. She stood up and looked around, seeing it was daylight. She spotted the daito on the ground next to her, and snatched it quickly. Yuffie slid on her Shinigami Academy outfit on and ran out the door, in anticipation for the first day. The lessons and days flew by quickly after that. She would attend her Kido class first during the morning. She always managed to be the top of the class during Kido class, and was at an amazing rate for her level. Next on the agenda was Zanjutsu. Yuffie was pretty good at Zanjutsu, she was above most of the class. She would often mention that Zanjutsu was the boring class and that she enjoyed her Kido lessons much more. Next, Shyunpo. Yuffie was a Shunpo prodigy, amazing with her speed and agility. This is may have been due to her Thief background. She didn't care. Shunpo was another one of her favorite skills. She loved to practice that, even out of class. The next class was Hakuda, hand to hand. This was another thing that her Thief background aided, though not as much. She was pretty good at it, but not the best there ever was. She could take down quite a lot of people, but not without getting majorly tired out.

Every night after Hakuda class had ended and Yuffie had eaten dinner, she would visit her Gran Gran for training. They would talk about the day's events, Yuffie's progress, things of that sort. Then Gran Gran would start the battle. Yuffie could last pretty long against her Gran Gran, until she released into Shikai. Almost everytime, Yuffie would get knocked on her feet and toss her zanpaktou to the side, surrendering. This was only during the first year though. During her second year in the Shinigami Academy, Yuffie managed to at least stand during the Shikai of her Gran Gran. Albeit, she could barely move, but standing up was a start, and a amazing one, for someone who was in the Academy. It was during her third and final year at the Shinigami Academy that something amazing occurred. A scandal had occurred in the Shinigami Academy. Hostages were held, many of them, and Yuffie was one. He attempted to confiscate every zanpaktou. Although, at the time, Yuffie's zanpaktou was disguised as an umbrella. It fully functioned as so to. The one trick was, her grandmother had given the old green patched umbrella to Yuffie as a special gift, something that represented Yuffie as moving up. It masked any hint of a zanpaktou perfectly, and was latched to Yuffie's back like the way a zanpaktou would be. However, the renegade had not noticed this. The teachers quietly commanded the students to listen and obey the man's every word.

The teachers were guarded by three students each, showing that the renegades were a massive group. Yuffie had managed to sneak up on the man. She whipped out her umbrella and jabbed it through the right side of his chest. The man spun around, gasping desperately for air, his lung being fatally punctured. “Get her! Get that damned little bitch!!!” he screamed. They all sprang toward her, zanpaktou's aimed forward. Yuffie closed her eyes, aware of how she could never take on this many students at one time. Suddenly, the room went still and silent. Yuffie opened her eyes to see them, along with the wounded leader gone. Yuffie looked around, massively confused and bewildered. Amazingly enough, every other student and teacher was gone too! Yuffie gasped, when she heard a buzz outside. She heard the captive teachers happy voices outside also, which means they had got away safely. But what about her? The doors flung wide open. A woman......a woman with long black hair....deep brown eyes....and smooth, pale, crème skin. The woman was wearing a thick blue veil over her face, with a long gray and white kimono surrounding her lean body. She gently removed the veil to peer at Yuffie. Her eyes bored into hers, a tiny smile twitched at her lips. “So you are have your fathers...attitude....Yuffie.” Nokina said slowly, her voice soft and aged. Yuffie blinked and gasped. “You....but your the Head of the Noble Clan of Hotaru.....” Yuffie shouted. She placed her umbrella back in it's hold, staring at the woman. The woman nodded in response. “Yes, that is true. But many many years ago, I loved your father very much. He was murdered by the guards sent by the previous head of the clan, my father. I have been a widow since. And I see you have the cloak...” Nokina said, a tiny chuckle flowing from her lips like a smooth waterfall.

Yuffie blinked, and looked at her cloak. She had always had a connection with her true parents, unknowingly. She turned to Nokina and stared. “How did you find me?” Yuffie whispered. Nokina walked forward and set a hand on her daughters shoulder. “Gran Gran. Anaareii was your fathers mother. There was always two reasons why we escaped to the farthest Rukon district. To escape my father and to live with Koten's mother. She cared for you for your entire life, yet when I offered her residency at the manor, she refused. She always had been one who never liked the Noble.” Nokina said with a tiny sparkly laugh. Yuffie shook her head. [color]“How....Gran Gran probably wasn't even notified of the scandal. How did she find out about me?”
Yuffie asked. She suddenly heard the name of her father, and a tiny tear slipped down her face. She wondered what he was like, how her father met Nokina, their life together. She winced at the feeling of being an orphan for so long, it cut her heart like a blade. Nokina gazed at her and rolled her eyes lightly. “Anaareii was a former captain of the Onmitsukido. If you haven't been informed yet, the Onmitsukido are silent and deadly assassins. Your grandmother has contacts within the Seireitai that are endless!” Nokina said to Yuffie. Yuffie blinked and surprisingly hugged her mother.

Nokina raised an eyebrow, but didn't mind it. Yuffie sobbed into Nokina's kimono. After a minute or two of crying, Yuffie backed away. Nokina smiled at her. “You are now......Yuffie Hotaru. Princess, of the Hotaru Clan.” Nokina announced.

Yuffie gained instant stardom after that event. Her story was processed in 9th Division magazines, talked about around Seireitai in low voices and hushed whispers. Even the captains would pass time casually conversing about it. 100 years later after working as an unseated officer at the 9th Division. Yuffie decided to join the Shinigami Research and Development Institute and the 12th Division. She first gained the rank of 7th seat. She worked well, did her work, completed missions. After a few years working there, training casually, Yuffie gained her first major opponent. He was a couple seats higher then her, and in a different division. His name was Tenryo Nokidisei. He was the 4th seat of the 7th Division, someone who had already achieved the Shikai level of his zanpaktou. Yuffie still hadn't learned the name or retrieved Shikai yet, despite constantly conversing with her zanpaktou and being pulled into her Inner World during sleep. She knew why. Even though the woman and the black haired man, whom Yuffie had met during the next meeting with her spirits, trusted her. The red haired man, on the other hand, didn't not respect her, as the others did. This was the one thing holding her back, and Yuffie had been training to the point of exhaustion just to gain her spirits trust and respect. Now, it happened Tenryo wanted to fight the little princess, as he called her. So he casually engaged her in a battle.

“C'mon princess, show me what ya got!” Tenryo shouted. Tenryo had unkempt white hair, a cocky grin, and looked around 16. Yuffie at the time only looked 8. Yuffie growled angrily in response, and used a shunpo forward to kick his face. He dodged and smirked at her. “Slow slow slow SLOW!!!” He taunted. Yuffie screamed and rushed forward. The gold and silver streaked torrent of energy rushed around her. It blew off her zanpaktou's umbrella disguise, revealing a odd looking daito. “Nice sword.” He commented, full of sarcasm. Yuffie glared. [color=red[“Better then that hideous thing your holding. You call that a zanpaktou?”[/color] Yuffie said, smirking. The thing wasn't very pretty. It was three large prongs, the two outer ones curving to the side. The hilt and guard were an obnoxious bright green. Tenryo peered at his zanpaktou and looked back to Yuffie. “Whatever brat! It's a beautiful zanpaktou!!!” He yelled. Yuffie laughed. “Beautiful my ass!” Yuffie scoffed. Tenryo groaned and leapt forward, zanpaktou pointed. Yuffie swiftly raised her zanpaktou to block his. “I have two words for you. But your to much of a piece of shit for me to waist 'em on!!!” Yuffie yelled with a laugh. The others gasped, knowing Yuffie to be a noble. And to their minds, how dare a noble speak like that!! Truth was, Yuffie never cared about her reputation. Yuffie would often slap someone had they referred to her as a princess. She smiled as she swiped her zanpaktou towards his shoulder. She landed it, and a torrent of blood flew at her. Yuffie shunpo'd behind him and stabbed at his back.

He shunpo'd next to her side, and swiped with his zanpaktou. He partially landed the hit, much to Yuffie's dismay. She had a cut there and looked up at him. “Asshole!” She hissed angrily. Tenryo smirked at her. “Silly girl. You really thought you could beat me. Yea ri-” He said, the sentence ending shortly. Yuffie had slashed numerous times at his midsection and back, not taking a second to waste. She stood still and glared at him while he was kneeling over. “Your annoying.” She mumbled simply. He stood up, wiping blood from a cut on his stomach. “Never......EVER...interrupt me, you noble whore!!!!!” He screamed at her. “Destroy and Divide, Metonimai!” He yelled. His pronged sword grew twice in size. He smirked at her. “Times up!” He yelled as a fiery blast flew from his pronged sword at Yuffie. It was fast, something Yuffie hadn't expected. It slammed into her midsection, making Yuffie wince with pain. He began to fire more from the tip of his sword. They hit Yuffie ferociously, until Yuffie was surprisingly pulled into her Inner World why she lay unconscious, unknowingly to Tenryo. Her body was slowly getting scorched. The red head glared at her, while the black haired man and the brown haired girl looked at her sympathetically.

“Dammit dammit DAMMIT KIDDO! What the hell do you think your doing?! Letting that fireball slam into you?! Are you stupid?!!!” The red head yelled at her. The brown haired girl and the black haired man said nothing. Yuffie's eyes were ablaze with anger, she shunpo'd forward and slapped the red head right across the face. “SHUT UP DUMBASS! HE WAS IN SHIKAI!!!!!!! SHIKAI!!!!” She screamed. The red head scoffed quietly and looked at her. “Well.....'spose it's time to fight fire, with fire.” He murmured, flashing a tiny grin towards Yuffie. The others smiled at her. “Show no mercy, Suterusiki!” They shouted in unison. They all grinned like devious little kids as Yuffie was pulled back into the Outer World. She didn't notice the pain of fire, his voice shouting her multiple insults, the sounds around her. In Yuffie's hands, were two odd swords. Her head was bowed as she rose above him. Her cloak, flew from her body, releasing the pressure around her more then before. It knocked Tenryo off his feet as he stared at her. She smiled, though no one could see her face, hidden by shadow. “Two words; Screw. Off.” Yuffie said simply. She jerked her swords backwards and threw them in the air. During the time they were in the air, the swords had locked into gun forms. The trigger spot of each gun landed on each index fingertips. Yuffie swung them rapidly before stopping them and pointing the nozzle of each gun towards Tenryo.

“Run back to your stupid Division, with your stupid friends, and your hideous, pitiful, nasty, zanpaktou. Got it? Get it? GOOD!” She shouted, raising her face up. She shot multiple times at him, bullets of energy hitting is skin. Tenryo screamed in agony while Yuffie grinned in entertainment. After Tenryo ran from Yuffie, she gently blew a puff of air over each gun nozzle, and jerked them forward, throwing them in the air. They landed in her hand in sword form. She turned to face a young little girl, around three, a daughter of one of the squad members. She pointed one swords towards Tenryo's running ass and grinned. “That's how you defeat someone.” She said to the girl, her voice mimicking one of a teacher. The girl laughed. Yuffie turned to look at him. “And this is how you finish it up.” Yuffie shouted. She held both swords up to her sides as each sword charged with a white energy. She repeatedly swung her blades forward, launching many blade shaped energy prints towards Tenryo's ass. Once they hit him, he began to use his Shunpo, running out of fear. Yuffie sealed up her shikai and began to laugh in unison with the young girl. “Oh how I love teaching youths violence!!” Yuffie shouted picking up the young girl. She had earned the Shikai level. Little did she know the fight would throw her life, into much chaos.

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Part IV- Yuffie Rebels- The Gotei Arc

After the little incident with Tenryo and earning Shikai, Yuffie was quickly recognized by the 12th Division Captain, who had been watching the fight silently the entire time. He took much interest in Yuffie's Shikai, and the captain didn't even mind Yuffie's constant teases and curses at the 7th Division 4th seat Tenryo. She had admitted to found them rather amusing. She confronted Yuffie one day when all the other subordinates were on a mandated training program. She summoned Yuffie to her, with a wide grin on her face. She patted the back of the young Yuffie. “Listen up kid. Your pretty good. I haven't seen anything like it in all my years. Which is why I want you to take my lieutenants spot. He was promoted earlier on in the week to captaincy, and i've been looking for a quick replacement since then. You up for it?” asked the Captain of the 12th Division. Yuffie blinked and nodded quickly, admiring the captain.

He was someone who Yuffie looked up to as a hero and a role model. The captain smiled at Yuffie. “Congratulations, Lieutenant Yuffie.” The captain responded calmly. Yuffie grinned. “Thanks Captain.” Yuffie replied. Life changed drastically after being promoted. Since she was promoted, Yuffie had more fun and was definitely respected more. She was even nicknamed “Warrior Princess Yuffie.” Yuffie had gotten along much better with the her zanpaktou spirits, talking to them everyday. She and Ruse were on much better terms now. She had visited all of the “districts” of her zanpaktou spirits. She would always eat and talk with Sutei whenever she visited also, bringing along food supplies every time she performed Jinzen. They would all sit around Sutei's crooked wooden table and eat, laughing and smiling and talking, all teasing each other. They were practically the family Yuffie never had. Speaking of Yuffie's family, things were going from bad to worse, concerning Nokina. Fifty years after gaining shikai, everything was going perfectly with her grandmother, seeing as Yuffie still visited and trained with her. However, Nokina was officially angered and enraged at her rebellious daughter. She had expected Yuffie to be courteous and graceful and visit her mother every day! Well, Yuffie just couldn't do that. So one day, Nokina summoned Yuffie to the manor, claiming it was a “emergency”. Yuffie arrived at the grand castle that every simply called a manor. She was astounded at the glory and pristine look of the castle as she was escorted through the building.

She was finally brought up to her mother's throne. She couldn't believe her mother had a throne, like she was the queen of a land that was all in her head. Nokina glared at her as the room filled with many many guards. She stood up from her throne. At that moment in time, Yuffie knew something wasn't right. She walked towards her mother, but was surprisingly cuffed with spiritual handcuffs that cut off all of Yuffie's reiatsu supply. Yuffie glared at her mother as she was bound by a thick chain. “What's the meaning of this Mom?!” Yuffie shouted. “I heard about your incident, Yuffie.” Nokina said. She whipped her body around to face Yuffie. “How could you?! Defying your nobility and regality for a silly little fight?!” Nokina shouted. Since the day she had returned to the Hotaru Clan, Nokina had adopted her fathers state of thinking, one that nobility was important above all matters. It was something Yuffie would never accept. Blades were pointed at Yuffie's neck to stop her from moving. Nokina stared at her in disgust. “Your very lucky, Yuffie. I would've imprisoned you.......but another option has come up. A suitor has arrived, exchanging a large sum of money for....your marriage to him.” Nokina said with a smug look of satisfaction. Yuffie eyes thrived with a wild passion to strike the woman down where she stood. “Never!!! That'll never happen, you evil wretched bitch!” Yuffie screamed. Nokina simply shrugged. “Your choice Yuffie. Have fun spending the rest of your life within a tower.” Nokina murmured.

Yuffie growled and began to wrestle about the floor as guards seized her body and limbs. They dragged her up numerous flights of stairs, and eventually knocked her out on the 3rd flight. Yuffie woke up in a cramped stone room, with one tiny barred window above her head. It was surprisingly cold in the tower, to the point where Yuffie would slowly freeze to death. Yuffie sighed angrily as she sat in the corner of the room, shivering. “This.....this is bad. I have to get out of here. I can't let her get rid of me like this. No, I won't. I won't die, I won't forgive her, and I won't let Captain, my Zanpaktou Spirits, or Gran Gran down. I......I will never let my fallen father down!” Yuffie thought. She was quickly pulled into her Inner World. Sutei, Ruse, and Siki stared at her. A big grin was plastered on Ruse's face. Yuffie bored her eyes into Ruse's. “Whats' your happy ass soooo excited about, huh?” Yuffie said sarcastically, placing her hands on her hips. Ruse mocked fake sadness and walked towards her. He gently placed one slender index fingertip on the bottom of her tiny chin and pushed her face to look upwards. “I'm grinning, idiot, because this is your chance to gain my respect. You die on me, and I really hope you die with shame.” Ruse exclaimed to her, enunciating every vowel in his sentence. Sutei and Siki walked next to him. They both had a sad look.

“Don't die Yuffie....please....” They both said. Yuffie sighed and nodded before returning to her Inner World after a faint knocking on the door pulled her back. Yuffie pounced over towards the edge of the room. She slipped her feet over her handcuffs, having her hands in front of her. She swiftly climbed up the wall, using old bricks as leverage. She was out of site, gripping an old steel pipeline on the ceiling for her life as the door swung open. “Where are little rat...” yelled the guard. Yuffie smiled deviously as she plopped down on top of the guard. Yuffie didn't make a sound as she slid her hand over the guards mouth, silencing him also. She raised one hand to his neck, and swiftly jerked both hands to the right, effectively breaking the guards neck. Once she had finished, Yuffie pulled her reiatsu coat out of the man's burlap bag. Yuffie thankfully still had her zanpaktou, disguised as an umbrella. The guards and her mother had also failed to take notice of that. She slipped on her coat and removed the keys to her handcuffs of the guard's belt. She rapidly unlocked the handcuffs and sighed happily as her reiatsu rushed back to her. It was refreshing to Yuffie. She quickly looked around just as the dead guards body was fading away. She yawned and walked out of the door casually, only to see many guards flanking the hall.

“Shit...” Yuffie said as every guard in the hall turned there face towards her. Yuffie huffed and heard Ruse's chuckling in her mind. “Why do things always have to be so difficult.” Yuffie mumbled seconds before every guard charged at her. Yuffie used a shunpo to get to the end of the hall, where a large glass window was. She flipped 'em all off. “Bai Mesuinas!” Yuffie yelled before shunpo'ing out of the glass window. Large shards of stained glass fell below. Oddly, six guards where standing on security duty at the main door, which was just below the window. They suddenly got spliced into tiny pieces as Yuffie began a Kido spell. “Bakudo 77. Tentaikura! Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line, form a circle and fly through the heavens!” Yuffie shouted, standing still in the air while drawing black markings on her arms. She focused her mind on the message and Gran Gran as wild tentacle like strikes bolted from the box in front of her. “Gran's me, Yuffie-chan. There's been a terrible mistake with Nokina's alignment. She....she attempted to imprison me for not marrying her suitor that would exchange me for money. I escaped, thankfully, before I could freeze to death. Anyways, can you answer your door now? It's kinda cold outside.” Yuffie messaged.

Towards the end of her message, she arrived at Gran Gran's door. The wooden door swung upon to reveal a surprised Gran Gran and a tired, cold Yuffie. “Come in...Yuffie-chan.” Gran Gran said, waving Yuffie in. Yuffie sighed and sat down on a soft chair. “She's gonna kill me.” Yuffie mumbled. Gran turned to look at her. “No she won't, I'd never let Nokina kill you.” Gran said softly, patting her head. Yuffie shivered. “Not her, Captain-sama.” Yuffie said calmly. Gran blinked for a second and grinned. “Captain? Your in a division? Congratulations Yuffie-chan. Which seat are ya in?” Gran asked inquisitively. Yuffie smiled lazily. “Well I was in the 9th Division; unseated. Then I got promoted to 7th seat; 12th Division. And I finally attained Shikai after beating a 4th seat so I was promoted to Lieutenant. I'm the lieutenant at the 12th Division now,Gran Gran.” Yuffie exclaimed happily. Gran sat next to her and hugged her. “You've came so far Yuffie-chan......and now you are in one of most brilliany, yet mischevious divisions. Impressive. This will definitely aid you in defeating Nokina and her minions. Of course, we will need at least one more ally with us.” Gran Gran said. Yuffie frowned.

“Gran, we don't have any other allies. And you know that if we asked anyone else outside of the Gotei or inside for that matter, they wouldn't believe us over a noble family.” Yuffie explained quietly. Gran sighed sadly and nodded. “I suppose your as ready as you'll ever be. As for belief.....I'm sure they'll believe this.” Gran said, grabbing a thick folder and slamming it onto the table. “What is it?” asked Yuffie. Gran smirked. “A record of any person your mother as ever killed or had killed.” Gran said. Yuffie gasped. This was legitimate proof that the Central 46 would certainly accept. Yuffie stood up and set the file in a cabinet. “Gran Gran, we have to kill her first. There's no letting her get away with this.” Yuffie said. Gran nodded and grabbed her katana zanpaktou. “Let's go.” Gran shouted. They both drew their zanpaktou's and shunpo'd out the door, ascending higher into the air. A tiny laugh sounded from Gran. “I remember when you couldn't even shunpo......and now your faster then me. I assuming from the Kido you used on me, that you mastered both subjects very well?” Gran asked. Yuffie nodded quickly, to focused to answer back. She pointed to the broken window. “We enter there.” Yuffie said. Once they were in, Gran Gran and Yuffie fought there way through their manor. They finally arrived at the throne room. Nokina along with many guards were awaiting her.

Gran Gran and Yuffie managed to kill most of the guards, but one surprisingly managed to stab Gran Gran through her chest. “Gran Gran!!!!!” Yuffie screamed. Gran fell to the floor, dying. Yuffie yelled in agony. “Intervention!!!!” yelled Ruse. They suddenly manifested in front of her, holding back quite a few minions. Yuffie gasped and looked at Ruse. “Bankai? Really?!” Yuffie yelled. Ruse snickered and grinned at her. "I told you that if you escaped, you'd earn my respect. Did ya forget? Well, this is a way of showing my respect for ya kiddo. Now, get off your little ass and kill 'em!!" Ruse yelled enthusiastically. Sutei and Siki laughed along with Ruse. Their laugh echoed through the manor as disappeared. Yuffie's cloak flew off of her body as she drew her sword. "Ban-KAI!!!!!" Yuffie screamed. The minions collapsed onto their knees, while others just were paralyzed in place. Yuffie simply stood still and smiled. Her smile was devious and mischievous. She locked her swords into their gun position. In a flashy blur, she swiftly shot each minion, tiny 5 inch lasers piercing their skulls. After making sure each was dead, seeing as Yuffie didn't have the greatest aim, she ran over to Gran Gran. Anaareii was close to death, but not dead quite yet. “ have to leave....before the charm on the coat wears'll only hide your pressure for a few minutes before I die.” Gran mumbled, her voice a barely audible whisper. Tears ran from Yuffie's eyes as she nodded slowly. Yuffie stood up and turned her face to look at a paralyzed Nokina. She slowly walked over to her and kneeled next to her. “Surprise surprise. This is goodbye...” Yuffie said, near robotically. She placed the nozzle of one of her guns to Nokina's temple, and pulled the trigger. A gasp let out of Nokina's lips as her body dropped to the floor. Gran sighed and let out her last words. “Goodbye Yuffie-chan......and don't die....ok?” Gran whispered.

Yuffie nodded and shunpo'd out of the doors of the noble manor. She just arrived in the Seireitai when the charm on the cloak wore off forever. She flinched as a drop of rain hit her skin and looked up as a heavy rain arrived. She sighed as the rain washed away the blood spattered on her cloths and skin. Her knees dropped the ground as she started to cry in the rain. After a few minutes she felt a pressure approaching. A strong one, stronger then her captain. Yuffie looked up to see the captain commander. He quickly bowed her head respectively. “....Hello, Captain Commander...” Yuffie said solemnly. “Hello, lieutenant Hotaru. I can sense I slight change in your've earned it, haven't you?” He said to her, his voice strong. Yuffie peered up at him. “Earned what, Captain Commander?” Yuffie asked him. He turned his back to her and stared at the moon. “Bankai.” He responded calmly. Yuffie nodded. “Yes, I have, Captain Commander.” Yuffie said to him. He sighed. “Well then, I suppose you'll need a new spot in the Gotei.....right, Captain Yuffie Hotaru?” He said, his light smile not visible to Yuffie. Yuffie jumped up and blink. “Captain? Me? Which Division, Captain Commander?” Yuffie asked, slightly excited. He turned around. “The former Captain of the 2nd Division was found guilty of treason earlier in the day. So we need a new Captain, Hotaru.” He explained. Yuffie nodded and smiled softly at him. “Thank you, Captain Commander...” She said genuinely. He waved his hand. “Your new office is in the 4th Division barracks. You run the healing and cleaning duties of the Seireitai. You should get going. I'll see you at your Captain welcoming ceremony.” He said, shunpo'ing away, leaving Yuffie to find her way. Yuffie managed to discover the barracks close by. Yuffie finally felt at peace, but tragedy would strike very soon.

Part V- Yuffie's Tragedy

Yuffie's welcoming ceremony was fantastic, although she was the last one to arrive of all the captains. She absolutely loved her job at the 4th Division. Yuffie was an avid and kind captain, most of the time. But unlike many past captains, Yuffie was pretty strange. Yuffie had been visiting the 12th Division to look for some form of a prosthetic arm. And it wasn't Yuffie's surprise visit that caused the fatal accident. True, Yuffie was in a danger zone that day. One of the older division members severely disliked Yuffie, simply because she was more advanced then him. It was the third seat of the 12th Division who caused this accident. It was well known Yuffie had developed a special fume for causing drowsiness durnig her time in the Division. Of course, when the third seat attempted to use this on her, it took a weird effect, having the results never been tested properly before. Instead of simply making Yuffie dizzy enough to where she could mess up on her own, and be demoted, it reacted to the vial of direction reversal she had injected to test on herself in a worse way. It caused Yuffie to drop right into a comatose state. Yuffie was diagnosed with a vegetative coma to be put out of sight of the normal, younger shinigami, but not killed. Many many captains discussed her state for years and years while she was asleep. They all witnessed Yuffie grow older and older from her usual youthful ten year old self. They were all greatly upset to see her wither away.

One day, the Captain Commander called a meeting about Yuffie's comatose state. "Attention.....I called this meeting to discuss former captain of the 4th Division, Yuffie Hotaru's comatose state of being. As well know, Yuffie is valuable to us. Whatever happened to either something that had occurred of accidency, or it was foul play. I am suspecting our second possibility. I heard one of the lower seated shinigami had acted out against the previous captain when he named his succeeder. I need the Ninth Division to look into this dilemma. The 6th and 2nd, it would be helpful if you kept an eye out for this shinigami." The captain commander said to every seated captain, his voice bold while pointing to Yuffie's poisoner. Every captain nodded to agree with his request. The captain commander nodded in reply curtly. "This meeting, has been dismissed." He said to all, with a quick turn of the heel to stride out the door. Days from then on in the Gotei were different. Posters plastered over each wall of the gaunt man. Younger unseated members would make it a big competition to capture this man. Eventually, the hype surrounding the scandalous incident resulted in the man being apprehended.

He was reported to be placed in The Nest Of Maggots for more then 200 years. He still waits there today. Meanwhile, the current 12th Division lieutenant noticed that Yuffie's appearance was somewhat deteriorating. He had been keeping an eye on her physical appearance. Within a short year, Yuffie had gone from looking ten years old, to twelve. He developed a powerful serum for Yuffie's sake, hoping one day that she would wake up again. He would hate to see her wake up like a aged woman. The serum only sustained Yuffie for one year. He knew that even if he used a whole vat of the serum on Yuffie, her appearance would only managed to be kept for 3 years or so. He realized that he needed to rebuild Yuffie's nerve and body systems. The lieutenant gently lifted her body from the black coffin like holding cell, and set her down softly on the metal table that lay before him. He layed an arsenal of sharp tools and advanced gadgets on the counter behind him. He decided to drain Yuffie of all her natural blood, and replace with a more life sustaining component. It was a vibrant neon blue, yet had the same texture of blood. It had a exciting quality in appearance. He thrusted fifty glass tubes into all of Yuffie's main arteries and veins.

A pale slender finger flicked the large blue button on the boxy machine. In an instant, crimson blood filtered through the tubes with a rapid speed. It was visible at Yuffie's appearance, by the paleness and slightly cold feeling flowing from her skin. The lieutenant even felt her spirit pressure slowly decreasing. He gasped with shock. The sleep must have had major effect on her will to fight it back, causing her to drop lower then he predicted. He rushed to supply Yuffie with the plasmatic material, replacing the tubes the lifted blood with tubes that carried in plasmatic. The neon vibrant blue liquid shot through the tubes within a blink of an eye as he punched the button. The captain smiled brightly as her spirit energy rose. It was like a battery, gaining power from the other source. He made sure all of Yuffie's previous blood had been replaced with plasmatic. He used his complete source of plasmatic on Yuffie's life force. He didn't regret it at all. After patching up Yuffie's incisions from the tubes, he noticed one small thing. A deep cut was placed on her forehead. It waved around her eye gently. He was aware it must've been from the blood taking tube, as a thick streak of blood was draped over her eye.

He frowned, then smiled slightly. He took a tiny yet sharp needle, and slowly stuck into her vein. The captain withdrew some of the plasmatic fluid. After the needle gourd was full, he quickly raised the sharp vial to Yuffie's cut. Ever so lightly, he pushed the edge of it and let thee plasmatic onto her cut. It layed plainly there, no immediate effect. After tending to some inventions and potions, he checked on her a half hour later. The cut was sealed up, but left a small scar. Hinato gently swept a wild strand of Yuffie's hair from her face. Sweat beads clung to her clammy skin like perspiration to a glass. He smiled with comfort and happiness. This captain was Yuffie's former 12th Division third seat and major prodigy, Hinato Nakobo. Hinato was an exceptionally handsome man. He wore light blue glasses, the tops of which weren't framed by the blue rims. He had dark red hair that complemented his pale skin dreamily. His eyes were a light gold color. He always had a slightly concerned look to his face, with tiny worry lines under his eyes. Despite his worrying, he was fairly easy to get along with. He could definitely drink sake like a pro.

He was always telling jokes around friends and treating even the subordinate's with a level of gratitude and respect. When the time came for it, he was incredibly serious and focused. Hinato was accepted into the 12th Division in the seat under Yuffie because he had a very rare poison zanpaktou. Yuffie liked him at first site, specifically because he looked easy going and friendly. Yuffie decided to confront him on her feelings towards, and made him her protege. She taught him every technique she had ever learned, making sure he grasped it perfectly. She even studied and experimented on subjects with him, teaching him the odd ways at the 12th Division. Hinato was extensively loyal to his Lieutenant Yuffie. It was even rumored that they both loved each other. Of course, it wasn't that extreme, but they did have tiny little crushes on each other. Tiny flirtations here and there, a teasing glance, etc. Hinato once again sat Yuffie in her black coffin hold. While she was on the table, he had made some proper adjustments to Yuffie's hold. He had installed a automatic cooling device, a seal on the outside only broken by the key on Hinato's neck, ensuring she would never be hurt while lying vulnerable. The key had Yuffie's family symbol on it, a tribute to his fallen captain.

Of course, he forgot to use the same treatment from the inside. Hinato was the lieutenant of the 12th Division for 100 years. During the end of the 100th year, a large outbrea of hollows broke out in the Human World. All captains, lieutenants, and seated officers above the 10th seat were summoned to fight in the war. Before he left, Hinato slipped the key around Yuffie's neck, slightly aware there was a chance he wouldn't come back. They fought against a major Hollow outbreak in Karakura. Blood was all around Karakura Town. Slaughtered humans lay around the village. It was a massacre, pure horror. Hinato fought valiantly and bravely against the hollows, knowing he had to return home for Yuffie's sake. Meanwhile, unseated and low seated shinigami of the Gotei 13, the Zero Squad, and the Kido Corps were holding down the fort at home. It was unusually quiet for quiet a while. Then a striking silence accompanied a loud bang. It was the sound you hear in a graveyard, the sound of not a living soul near you. It was something paralyzing and stunning. Back at the Human world, Hinato was battling fiercely. Sadly, he was killed by the Arrancar who presided over the hollow invasion. Yuffie was kept in a coffin-like container, much like the days when she was a Special human.

After 150 years, Yuffie awoke to a changed world. She also had some side effects, like her reported nausea and dizziness. After roaming the Seireitai, The Captain Commander approached and asked for her to command over the 3rd Division because her powerful skills, but Yuffie decided to decline his offer. But first, the Captain Commander sent Yuffie to the 4th Division to see if she was in good enough health. Yuffie went on her way. When she finally arrived at the 4th Division, she was sat down on a bed calmly as a nurse stuck a needle into her wrist. The nurse smiled at Yuffie. "How are you today Captain Hotaru?" The nurse asked her while keeping an eye on another patient. Yuffie's head lulled back and forth. "Ok I suppose.....I feel pretty energetic." Yuffie said, her voice heavily confused. The nurse laughed. "Well that's to be expected. After all, you were asleep for over 250 years." The nurse explained, her voice peaceful. Yuffie blinked and hopped out of the bed. "What?! 250 YEARS?! Are you serious?!" Yuffie screamed. The nurse jumped, slightly shocked. "Sshhh calm down Captain Hotaru." The nurse said, gently nudging Yuffie towards her bed. Yuffie batted her away. "No, I won't calm down dammit. 250 years, i've missed so much....where's Hinato Nakobo? The third seat of the 12th Division?" Yuffie asked the nurse. The nurse blinked. "You mean Lieutenant Nakobo? He died 5 years ago at the hands of an Arrancar during the massive hollow breakout." The nurse explained. Yuffie gasped and sat down on her bed, folding her arms across her chest. "Hinato became lieutenant after I fell into said sleep.....and he died in the war?" Yuffie asked, her voice only a whisper. The nurse nodded and suddenly blinked as she glanced down to her wrist where the needle had been. The nurse brought Yuffie's hand up to eye view and slowly touched the tip of her finger to Yuffie's tiny mark where the needle was.

The nurse rubbed the blue plasmatic fluid between her index and thumb. She turned to Yuffie, letting her hand drop. "What is this...." The nurse asked. Yuffie laughed and looked down. She suddenly blinked and grew quiet. "I....I don't know." Yuffie said, confused. The nurse swiftly cut Yuffie's other wrist with a tiny surgical blade. Yuffie winced. "What the hell..." Yuffie said as she looked at the blue fluid running down from the cut. Suddenly, the current 4th Division Captain at the time smiled warmly at Yuffie. "What's wrong?" She asked Yuffie. Yuffie pointed one thin index finger to the plasmatic. "That. That's what's wrong. I don't even know what it is, but it appears to have replaced my normal blood. The captain frowned. "Maybe we should investigate this liquid....Nurse Nilaio, please send a request over to the 9th Division Captain and the Captain Commander on this matter." The captain said softly. The nurse nodded and ran out of the barracks. Days after that, a search of the 12th Division labs and the area where Yuffie was held was conducted. They discovered papers in Nakobo's handwriting on the plasmatic, revealing the Yuffie indeed had no clue what her blood was replaced with. However, some of Yuffie's notes hinted at discovering a fluid like plasmatic. Nakobo simply pieced together and refined Yuffie's researches on it, and used it to benefit her. Yuffie's blood condition was kept hush hush in the Seireitai. Meanwhile, Yuffie was changed from the 4th Division to the 2nd Division, a division widely known for stealth and secrecy.

She now rules 2nd Division as the current Captain and Commander over the Onmitsukido, specifically the Detention Unit. Yuffie still lives at the abandoned Noble Hotaru Mansion, keeping almost every artifact of the fight in perfect condition.

Role-play Sample:

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I heard you were going for Squad 11. I dont see anywhere on your app that you are, but just in case you are, im just letting you know i was switched back to Squad 11.
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Just as a warning, Jushiro Kaizen has been captain of the twelfth division for around a millenia.
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Ok. I'll switch around a bit of history make things fit in more. Is it ok if I put her as the former lieutenant of the 12th Division? And since i'm editing anyways....and Yokkyu has the 11th spot, can I switch my divisions and be 2nd Division Captain? Because with Yuffie's zanpaktou, she won't fit in very well with the majority of shinigami at the 4th Division.
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Erm sure, go for it.
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Yuffie Hotaru (Finished)
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