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 Ichijou Tenshi - Captain App 6th Rokubantai

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PostSubject: Ichijou Tenshi - Captain App 6th Rokubantai   Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:26 am

Shinigami Template

Name: Ichijou Tenshi つ子供 天使
Nickname(s): Ichi
Age: 712
Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male
Division: 6th Rokubantai
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 75kg

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Slightly Husky in general.

At first glance ichijou might've looked like a westerner, what with his blonde hair and light blue eyes. However upon closer inspection Ichijou has black shadings in his hair. He has rather large eyes for that of an Asian but they are still slanted. His body shape is slender a tall man made mostly of red muscles. This allows not for burst of strength but stable strength that will endure for long periods of time. Ichijou has long fingers and large hands that are steady. Some mistake him to be a pianist due to this physical feature.

In the sense of clothing he would have worn traditional clothing that of nobility but as the times advanced he took a liking to simplicity.
Ichijou wore the standard shinigami uniform. The white undergarment with the charcoal black gi and Hakama. With the golden vice captains badge strapped to his left arm. Later as he advanced the badge was abandoned and the white Haori adapted.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert Dominate can become extro
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Kendo and origami.
Likes and Dislikes: (What does your character like and dislike? At least 5 for each.)

Likes- There are many things Ichijou likes. As a boy he always did enjoy speed and as the modern technology further developed he took a liking to Motor Bikes, preferably bigger than 220 cc but lower than 850cc. On the opposite gender, Ichijou finds the so called "sexy girls" rather burdensome and uncomfortable. He prefers the somewhat cuter type of girls. Perverted? One would highly doubt. Though among his fathers and clan members he would pretend to enjoy the traditional style of Japanese music but he really is just another modern day person. Ichijou he listens to rock, the strumming of the bass, the monster jams of electric guitars and the heavy crashes of the drums, yes.

Dislikes-Daimeyo Tenshi the cocky and somewhat evil half brother. The word dislike would hang more on the words of Hate. Haruno Tenshi, he intends to avoid her, not out of hatred but more out of annoyance. She is 6 years older them him, considering him her little brother and engaging him in head locks and a lovely "noogy". The snail who walked backwards, Ichijou despises slow things. Ranging from getting work done or vechicle wise.

Personality: The First Born
Ichijou is usually seen as a serious and somewhat stern child among his fellow clansmen, peers, shinigami and especially his father. The reason why Ichijou acts as the stated above is because he believes the duty of the first born must be carried out in the official and cold manner, the way his father had did.
The Mother's son
Ichijou is known to act like a child when he spends time with his isolated mother. Smiling and crying at the smallest of things. He will relax often resting his head on her laps and talks about almost everything to her unloved mother. His mother in turn treats Ichijou with outmost care as if he is a newborn baby. Mind you this is only physically, the talks are mostly that of mature level and problems that Ichijou faces.
The Friend
Among his peers is the rare collection of friends he has. Around them Ichijou is like any other child. Sharing jokes with each other and messing about like any boy would do. Unlike his First born personality Ichijou often smiles and will play and receive pranks from both ends. The few circle of friends consider him of outmost importance and love, claiming that they would take a bullet or in our case hollows for him.
The Fighter
Ichijou will always take a fight seriously; a smile from his face may drop at the slightest hint of hostility. He favors fighting in counter maneuvers; block, parry or dodge before striking a vital point. He does not recall dragging out a battle for the fun of it and usually ends it as fast as possible.
The Student
Due to the status of being the "First Born" Ichijou was piled with books, techniques, healing methods and any other skill the clan deemed fit for the "First Born". This gave him a strange skill of being able to learn large amounts of information in a short space of time and still remember it clearly. Though his fellow students might've seen it as photographic memory it was in fact... just simple training at a young age.
The Stubborn
Ichijou will be very stubborn in a lot of cases. Now this doesn't mean he never listens but rather that it is rare that Ichijou gives up. He will try even after a patient is dead to revive and save the patient.

Defining Characteristics:

Specialties: Interogation and adapting to situations (social)

Fighting type: Ranged
History/Background: Clan of Tenshi
1200 years ago Japan was thrown into turmoil. Demon possessed beings ran wild, consuming human's of their very soul. At this opportune time, appeared a group of saviors. With eye opening swordsmanship and bow skills that even the god's would envy. Slowly but surely they emancipated the people from the hollows. To the people this group of men were like the messengers from heaven, born from the very gods. Thus they were called the Tenshi, the Angel.

The Tenshi were a race of spiritually aware humans. Protecting the people from hollows and exorcising those that fell. Unlike the Quincy the Tenshi were able to purify the hollows reverting them back into a plus. However they lacked the ability of sending them to Soul Society, ultimately having to re-purify souls at certain times.

The job of keeping the people clean of impurities quickly earned them respect and a 100 years later the title of Nobility. They had become the elite of Japan.

The First Born
Our story takes us a 600 years later. A human being from the Tenshi clan, Hitachi Tenshi and a beautiful goddess Fuyuki had enjoyed passionate relationship. Soon the two were married over the period of a year and had conceived a child. However the child was somewhat special, though it took most Tenshi children to notice spiritual beings at the age of 7, the boy noticed them as soon as he had spoken. Had to he noticed before? that was an unanswered question. The boy was thought to be gifted among the clan elders. Excelling in most skill trades, out clashing much older boys by sword and bow. The boy was named Ichijou, the first high born. This was only possible for one Reason, his mother. Not entirely human but a demi-god, her lineage tracing back to that of Izanagi, the supreme Shinto god.

The un-loved mother
Upon birth Ichijou's birth Fuyuki Tenshi had lost a great deal of her health. She lost her former beauty and wrinkles forming around the edges of her eyes, her frame became fragile and her breathing caused great shudders. Though she had born a great son to Ichijou's father, Hitachi, the man started to turn a cold eye to the women. His daily visits to her coming to an end and not the slightest interest about her health. He soon took a liking to another woman, young and healthy the beauty still in her youth. This caused the depression of Fuyuki Tenshi and her solitude life in one of the main house Chambers.

The Head of the Clan.
The Head of the main family and head of the Tenshi clan. The man was a bull, both in appearance and personality. Never listening to others and always approaching head on. He enforced rules with a heavy hand and had minimal tolerance for mistakes. Liking efficiency and perfection, those who were lazy were demoted or exiled with no warnings. Taking the role of a father he expected Ichijou to be exactly like him, stern and serious. He always implied that Ichijou must be perfect and better than the rest for he was the heir to his title.

Childhood friends
Though one cannot call them friends Ichijou had 2 other children that trained, ate and slept with him. They were his half brother Daimeyo Tenshi and Haruno Tenshi. Haruno Tenshi was a couple years older than Ichijous, treating him like a little brother and usually taking the lead. He didn't really enjoy her company, always hitting him for no apparent reason and calling it tough love.

Then there was his half brother Daimeyo Tenshi, the twisted and evil one. Always mocking Ichijou and claiming that he was the true successor of their father. Ichijou would have not minded if the child was not a born liar. Acting like a sweet and innocent child among others instead of his immoral and twisted ways. Countless times this child had claimed that Ichijou had ambushed him when he had challenged Ichijou and lost pitifully.

Age 11
Ichijou had mastered the many skills and arts that the tutors could possibly find. Only the veteran sword masters could break through his guard. As for his archery skills he could shoot down a hawk in flight. For the spiritual art of cleansing Ichijou was able to exorcise a soul, purifying it. The average age that most children could reach was 17. It would've been obvious that he was the heir if it wasn't for Haruno and Daimeyo both being able to do all the above at similar ages. All three were considered gods and were often called the re-incarnations of the shinto gods. Susano, Amaterasu and Tsuyukomi. The three children of Inzanagi. Ichijou being Susano the god of light. Daimeyo, Amatersau the god of the sun and finally Haruno the goddess of the moon, Tsuyukomi.

Age 16 the disgraced
Ichijou had stepped out the way, hot blood running down the side of his head. He swore in anger, screaming at Daimeyo. Fuck you Daimeyo!When their training had ended, Haruno had left to fetch something to drink, Daimeyo had swung his sword at Ichijou. His left eye was splattered with blood and was forced to close it. The sneaky bastard had thought would be funny.
Awwwh, what's wrong brother can't even take a hit
You will surely die by my hands
With that Ichijou had lifted his blade up and retaliated back at Daimeyo. Clashing furiously, as sparks flew and blades were blunted. The two boys were dead serious, bent on killing each other. Ichijou tired of these sudden attacks and Daimeyo wanting to claim the title of Head clansmen. The battle had reached to an extent that they had both received cuts and blows. Lips bruised and both splattered in his each other’s blood. Ichijou having a counter offensive battle type had a advantage over Daimeyo's offensive style. Countering a blow Ichijou slid past Daimeyo, swinging his katana aiming to decapitate his brother's head. There was a fresh splatter of blood as his blade was lodged in Daimeyo's neck. The child choked and gurgled blood the very life slowly disappearing from his eyes. Ichijou swore his blade had been too blunt for a clean swipe, the child was still alive. He would've have dislodged the blade and hacked at the spiteful creatures neck if Haruno hadn't come back in time. With a scream she had pulled Ichijou back, locking him in a Nelson head lock. The cry of shock had attracted many more clans members, reacting immediately by treating Daimeyo. Ichijou regretted that the bastard had lived. Only if he had swung a little harder.

Three months after Daimeyo's recovery, he told Hitachi that Ichijou had randomly started to attack him and managed to knick his head before being cut down. Ichijou had burst out in anger and shouted his defense only to be waved down by his father. The cold eyes bore him down, saying words of disappointment. I thought you'd be much calmer Ichijou had been disgraced by this liar and demon. He would surely die bu his hands one day or another.

The mother and son
Ichijou had once again visited his mother. Staying alone in a large room, unattended. She ate nothing, drank nothing and still looked rather pretty even in her fragile state of health. With his head on her lap Ichijou had cried in the blue tinted room. His mother silently sobbing and stroking his hair. She felt sad that her only love had forsaken her and her only child. Where had the passionate young gone too? Through the night they had only cried with no words shared.

Age 17 the conspiracy
Ichijou had been told by Daimeyo that their father was to be ambushed during his evening walk in the mountains. Though Ichi had been sceptic about the matter he believed that even this spiteful creature would not lie about their father. Ichijou had watched the sun as it slowly sunk; there would not be enough time. As an agreement Ichijou would rush to his father's aid and Daimeyo to call for men as back-up.

Little did Ichijou know that all this was a ploy conducted by his half-brother and that his father was perfectly safe. When Ichijou reached his father he was faced by his disappointed father. Next to him stood Daimeyo and few armed men.
Did I not tell you the truth father? Ichijou-ani (older brother) was coming to kill you. Look! he is armed and aims to take your title
You Li...
Ichijou! you disgrace the little honor you have left, I would have given the title when the time was right... it seems that you are not fit...
Though Ichijou had tried to claim his innocence his father bluntly ignored him and declared Daimeyo his heir to the title and Ichijou was to be executed on the spot. Not a trace of sadness traced the man, only anger. Ichijou drew his sword at the oncoming men, He may have been the best swordsman of his clan but no one could face 10 fully grown men.

The Death
Ichijou stood panting, choking blood and eyes closed. Ten men lay dead around him with pools of blood telling a grim tale. In front of Ichijou was Daimeyo with a large grin on his face, the bastard waited for Ichijou got tired and had recieved several hits. As the last man had fallen Daimeyo had pounced and stabbed Ichijou through his stomach. Ichijou could feel the life from his body disappear and his vision begin to blur. His father watched the whole ordeal from a distance, still disappointed. This was not how it was to end. Ichijou scream, tears falling from his eyes. With the little energy he had left Ichijou ran his katana through the Heart of the smug Daimeyo. Shock turned to splutters of blood as Ichijou would silently whisper in his brother's ears.
See, you have died by my hands

The rebirth
Ichijou had woken up to find his body covered in blood and the wounds still present. The funny thing was that he felt no pain. Upon his chest was metal cap laced with a chain. This was the soul chain, it was connected the soul to the body. By the looks of it, it had already started to corrode. He could have asked his clansmen to purify him or send him to the afterworld but he was not sure they would. They would consider him a traitor who had killed the heir. However if he did not do something quickly Ichijou would turn into a hollow.

There were two hopes for Ichijou, one was to go home or come across a Shinigami. He looked about his surroundings but this was a place not even on earth. To his left he could see the burning sun, to his Right he could so the cold moon. Where he stood was a vast see of nothingness. It seemed all ethereal with distance spots of lights. This was indeed a strange place. A shudder as he doubled over as the chains came alive and started to devour itself, coming ever closer to the metal cap.

The pain had passed and only one ring of the chain remained. Through his knowledge Ichijou deduced that he would roughly have about an hour. He needed to find a Shinigami but sleep creeped upon him as once again Ichijou fell asleep

The re-awakening
Ichijou woke up to an unbearable pain. The last chain had started to eat the metal cap and to make matters worse he heard the voice of Daimeyo. Upon looking up stood Daimeyo his body half wrapped in a porcelain white substance. There was a large grin to his, the face of excitement, the face of hunger and the face before a meal. Ichijou desperately clawed at a mask appearing on his face.
Why did you kill me brother?
I have no brother!
It looks like you're about to become a hollow like me! And when that happens I'll eat you!
I will not become the likes of you!
Ichijou was angered by the fact that he would become a hollow and furthermore exactly like Daimeyo. He let out a spine shuddering cackle as he firmly gripped the mask with his right hand. There was a loud crack as his mask broke Ichijou's face one again visible. He was once again calm and relaxed, running towards Daimeyo. With a powerful thud Ichijou punched his brother, breaking off a small fraction of his mask.
You disgrace the name Tenshi

The Shinigami
it had been two months since meeting his half-brother. 7 times he had forcefully ripped the mask off, and each time it took much more effort and had left him weak and covered in sweat. By now Ichijou was starving, in addition to the pain it felt like his insides were being clawed by stomach bile. The thought of becoming a hollow welcomed him as the mask started to re-appear for the 8 time. A voice in his head explained how he would feast to his content on those weaker than him, that he would never be hungry again.
Give me food.... There was a sharp pang of pain as Ichijou saw a blade through his chest, where the hole depicted his hollow entity.
Not today boy.. Not today
But I've been starving... for 2 months now
There was a look of shock on the Shinigami's face as Ichijou disappeared with a pop

Ichijou was rather annoyed by the fact he kept on losing his conscious and waking up to be in a whole new area. This time he awoke in an alley way, the cement was cracked and behind a wooden board was a hidden body. Another of place of death and decay. As he stood up he felt that his hunger would cause him to eat his own arm if he had to and he would have if it wasn't for the smell of food.

Upon exiting the alley Ichijou found a deserted street. The smell seemed to have come from a little clay stove. On top the stove, laid a metal steamer and upon opening it, three little loaves of bread lay, seductive Ichijou. He would have sworn that they screamed Eat us! Without asking anyone Ichijou had taken out a loaf and stuffed it into his mouth. This was not a time for acting like Nobility and using utensils, one had starved for an eternity and no one would get in the way.

Hey! That's my bread! A man appeared from behind the clay stove. Clearly the sound of someone moaning in pleasure had disturbed him. Without caring or even lending and ear Ichijou took out another loaf of bread. He stuffed the second one in his mouth as he began to eat. Did you hear me? That’s mine! and not yours! Ichijou finished his second and proceeded to reach for the last loaf when the man screamed in defiance. Who the fuck are you! Producing a sickle the man swung down at Ichijou's head.

Without even tensing a muscle Ichijou had lifted his hand up and snatched the Sickle away from the man. Slowly tilting his head he looked into the eyes of the man Not anymore sir The man quickly took three steps back and stared in horror. t..tth... the...the Shin.. shinigami will deal with t tt t yo you The man spluttered over his words. Clearly Ichijou had frightened him and he had abandoned fighting with his own strength. Take me... take me now
wwhhaa what?

The man had taken him to a Shinigami roaming the streets of rukongai and to both Ichijou and the shinigami's surprise it had been the exact one who had given him the soul burial. The shinigami explained that he had looked for Ichijou ever since he had given him the burial.
Child you have been hungry for 2 months?
In-humane I know, it's your choice to believe me
No you don't understand ... come with me boy and eat this
The Shinigami gave him a large piece of bread, much more than the 3 he had eaten. Ichijou looked at it, he could eat it now and feel only a little less hungry or do the right thing.
Sorry old man... I was... Hungry, please take this

The one month student

The Shinigami had explained that the reason for Ichijou's constant and large hunger was for his great spiritual strength. It would have been impossible but having a demi-god mother and a clan of spiritually aware family, Ichijou was bound to have this. The Shinigami further explained that he would need to perfect and master the skills and use his great potential to help others. Why? The answer was simple so that people would have a place to be themselves even after death. That... appealed greatly to Ichijou.. Where one could be himself.

The academy was rather boring, the first day he had looked through most of the text books. 50% of the material he knew from living as a Tenshi the other 50% was Seireitei history, kido, methods of Seireitei and guides to become a Shinigami.

Upon returning to his dorm Ichijou opened up every single text book he had and learned them all. His old habit started to kick in, learning vast amounts of information in a short given time and remembering most off by heart. It had taken him exactly a month from the first day when he demanded that he was given the 3 tests. Reluctant as they were the Teachers believed that Ichijou would never succeed.

The Gotei 13
Ichijou Initially joined the 11th Division, a lot of the experienced Shinigami referring to his fighting style unique and very effective. He would have been given a seat but the 11th division was reluctant to give this 18 year old boy a seat and further more counter-offensives were not their motto of brutality head on.

The other talent of learning vast information in a short given time allowed him the transfer to the 6th Division. Upon his transfer Ichijou got the 9th seat. Having authority over un-seated officers but no men directly under his control. Given off jobs to monitor potential threats and record behaviors of Shinigami.

100 years
Was the first meeting of his Zanpakuto, Ichijou was disappointed. He had expected to excel in this process and reach it at least 50 years before the norm. However Ichijou had reached it at the normal rate. at 100 years after becoming a Shinigami. But nonetheless Ichijou was lucky enough to have even met his Gaurdian. Kanshisha, the guardian Angel. She was a strange being, Beautiful to look at yet she had so much force and strength. Clad in iron armor and white wings, she openly challenged Ichijou to a fight.

He had heard from older Shinigami that their spirits would often give them a task or a question but never had he heard that they were required to battle their own spirit. She had swung her great sword in magnificent series. Ichijou had been never been pushed back so strongly. 5 Minutes into the battle Ichijou was sweating and gasping for breath. All the time she asked him the same question well rather more of a taunt.
Can you say my name? Can ya?

Truth be told Ichijou didn't know the name of his spirit and nor did he want to anger her by asking her name. He had a feeling that if he asked she would send his head flying but strangely she seemed to never really reach him. She was always just an inch off and was always stopped by something when Ichijou was clearly unable to block or attack. Was she protecting Ichijou?
The Iron clad Angel, Kanshisha, will you not lend me your powers?

The rise of an Angel
60 years later Ichijou had risen rapidly in the ranks. Given important assignments and often accompanying the Captain to apprehend traitors and rogues. It was a hard process often having to battle higher seats, but it seemed nothing could stop this Angel. Ichijou had reached the esteemed rank of a Vice-Captain. Having Authority over the 6th division next his Captain. Ichijou somewhat aspired to become the next captain of the Division. Many other people believed he would. What with his fair dealings in matters and keeping discipline with a kind hand. And so it did happen. Rokubantai Taicho he became

Role-play Sample:
[ooc: please note this is my usually my starting posts and replies if my partner gives me
something to work with]
[ooc: BR shutdown... so can't link or show you any but yeah....]

Ichijou looked through the glass cover as a thin stream of hot brown liquid poured into a cup.
He waited till the stream had stopped and reached under the glass for the steaming beverage.
With closed eyes he passed the drink under his nose appreciating the strong smell of vending
Coffee. It was well past midnight but Ichijou had chosen to stay at the hospital, helping the
one doctor for night shift rotations. While he blew the steam Ichijou popped coins in the
vending machine and pressed a button. As soon as he had done this a white paper cup popped
down and the hot coffee started to pour out.

Yes lately he had stayed behind wanting to become more than a clerk at a hospital. Ichijou
wanted to become one of the doctors. There was something about wearing a white gown and
helping people with their ailments, receiving thanks from the patients not for who they were
but for what they did. Ichijou took a sip from his own coffee as he pulled out the second.
Coffee was rather an amazing discovery; it had not been around during his life time. It helped
one to wake up with its bitter yet sweet taste.

Ichijou had walked in through a door where a man had dozed off on his chair. His glassed lay
Propped on his nose as his chest gently rose up and down. Ichijou gently put down the coffee
on the doctors table. He moved about to look for a blanket when the doctor stirred.
Just coffee is fine lad. How is the patient in 201 doing?
Patient 201? well he seems to be fine though his breathing is labored and seems
to be suffering from blocked sinus.

Is that so?
I'm not sure sir but I think he is allergic to the anti-biotic that he was

I'm surprised you picked that up... I wonder why the other doctors could not

The old man smiled as wrinkles appeared on his aged face. The hospital business was getting too much for him, it seemed as if he would soon retire. Hopefully Ichijou would learn as much as possible before the man decided to do so.
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PostSubject: Re: Ichijou Tenshi - Captain App 6th Rokubantai   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:39 am

Denied, I want you to make a fat old and bald captain for the 6th division...

Quote :
just kidding

Approved *NOTE you must be approved by admin as well*
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PostSubject: Re: Ichijou Tenshi - Captain App 6th Rokubantai   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:01 pm

This Application...I don't like it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichijou Tenshi - Captain App 6th Rokubantai   

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Ichijou Tenshi - Captain App 6th Rokubantai
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