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 Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain

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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain   Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:24 pm


Name: Maria Angelus Fate
Nickname(s): Miss Fate
Age 649
Visual Age: 18

Gender: Female
Division: 13th Division
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 lbs

Body Frame: Hourglass shaped, bust and butt noticeable, small waist, delicate figure.
Blood Type: A+
Sound of Voice: Delicate, soft, harmonic.
Delicate at view, Maria seems to be made perfectly by the craftsmanship of God's hands. Her skin is similar to the hue of a porcelain doll. Her skin seems to glow a bit due to the radiance of health. Her cheeks are a light rose color, always seeming to look like she is blushing. Her nose, lips and eyes fit perfectly on her face. Her eyes obtain different hues of light blue to aquamarine due to her moods. Her lips are a light reddish color, and always glossed. She has a natural beauty where there is no need to put on makeup whatsoever. Her hair is a golden yellow color, wavy, and reaches all the way down to her bum. She has bangs, perfectly crafted to fit her oval face. Her body was perfectly crafted, not too skinny and not too chubby, but in a perfect balance where her activeness allows her to be in fit, but at the same time able to have a slightly large bust and bum. Her clothing changes every day, never the same. However, she has a distinct pair of earrings she always wears, white gold diamonds with a purple gem in the center. On her left thigh there is a pink tattoo of a heart and a feather coming out of the heart at the top.


Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert

+ Playing the Piano
+ Playing the Violin
+ Playing in Snow
+ Reading People's Futures
+ Dancing
+ Singing
+ Acting

Likes and Dislikes:

^Dressing up
^Clean stuff

-Cocky People
-Anything that looks Dirty

Maria's personality is quite complicated because of her being bipolar.

Politeness – Maria is only polite to those whom she respects and those who are her “higher ups”. Due to her past, she was known to be polite, almost as if she was acting like a maid towards them, but merely just being a respectful guest. She is also polite to those who can exceed her expectations, those who outsmart her to a point where she admits defeat. She is also polite to those who are able to appease her, especially those who play the violin and/or piano.

Stubbornness – Maria can be quite stubborn at times, so much it could annoy anyone. If she thinks that she is right, then that is what she thinks. Though, she does take in consideration of the opposing arguments. Though, the stubbornness is quite self explanatory.

Curiosity – Maria is what one could call a “feline” or a “cat”. Anything that seems different and strange, no matter how dangerous it could be, causes her to become curious. In her mind, there are many “what if” terms, causing her to look on both sides, but at times she begins to wonder what is between those two sides. Her curiosity is so strong that it wills her to satisfy her knowledge.

Determination – She is determined at almost everything including keeping her word, beating others, winning anything that is important and keeping her friends close.
Shyness – At first when meeting someone new, Maria is quite shy. She does not speak much but basically hides herself away. To those who are high up than her, she is also shy, basically afraid to make a mistake.

Optimistic – She is quite optimistic, always looking on the bright side of life unless someone had triggered to show her “other side”. However, her optimism is the greatest flaw in her bipolar disorder. She is too optimistic and can only see good. This optimism makes her quite hyper, she tends to talk a lot and ends up getting no sleep basically. Her body reacts to the tiredness by releasing more adrenaline to make her more hyper to make up for the loss of sleep.

Defining Characteristics: The tattoo on the left side of her thigh and her earrings.
Specialties:Sensory- good sense of smell and hearing, can also feel others around her.

Singing- Naturally born as a singer, her voice is melodic, she is a soprano.

Musically talented- She is naturally good at playing the violin, piano and flute.

Flexible/Skilled Dancer- Loving music, she enjoys dancing and because of this, she trains herself. She is flexible.

Fighting type: Well-rounded.

From the beginning of her life in November 24, 1975, a mysterious young baby was born into a land of poverty. She was a normal baby, but, the strange part about this young child was the fact that she reached for things that were not there, in reality they were not seen by the humans. Growing up, she began to look quite different from her parents; they had tanned dark skin and messy midnight black hair. Over time, her once black hair began changing into a silvery blonde, her once milky brown eyes changing into crystal-like blue eyes. Her skin changed into a pale color that seemed to “glow”, but even at this age her powers and interest in magic was being developed.

Her parents, their names unknown, were afraid of this child, putting her into the orphanage.
Strange things happened in the orphanage once she had gone there. Little kids cried of how scary things appeared in their minds and that they saw many strange things. Afraid, the orphan keepers sold this girl, her name unknown, to a rich family who seemed to develop an interest in this girl.

“What is your name, little one?” Maria’s new parents asked her, their kind gentle voice stirring this five year old girl out of her daze. Her name, she did not know, but something had whispered in her ear a name, a simple yet powerful name.

“Maria..,” she replied, her crystal blue eyes shifting up towards the gentle faces of her new parents, her head simply cocking off to the side. They smiled down at her, a gentle smile that broke the girl out of her daze fully. But, she did not smile back, just because she never knew the love parents could give to their children.

As time went on, Maria lived with this couple. They taught her many things about being polite as well as teaching her the importance of literature, mathematics, geography and science. They also taught her to play the piano and violin at the age of six just when winter had started. Every day she practiced, her gaze always shifted towards the window. Friends of her parents always spoke of how more beautiful she placed the violin and piano, and how passionate her playing is when ever it was snowing.

She found literature interesting, leading her to read many varieties of books, such as fiction and nonfiction. When Maria reached to the age of nine, she began to take an interest in books about magic. Most of the time she worked with her magic she always did it under luminous light of the full moon.

Her life was absolutely perfect until one day, November 23, 1993, two minutes from turning 18 a Hollow wrecked into her home. That day, her parents were gone, getting her birthday gift as she was sleeping peacefully in her bed. The Hollow that had broken into her house seemed to awaken Maria, but not fast enough, the Hollow killing her immediately once she was found. Blood ran from the girl’s opened chest, her heart pumping weakly and finally, her last breath was drawn. Her scream was never heard due to the shock the pain had given her, and how she knew that her life was going to end. Her blood seeped around her in her torn up bed, time ticking by slowly as her soul was released from her body.

The Chain of Fate was connected to her now dead body and her own spirit, the Hollow immediately turning towards her, her vulnerable spirit. The Hollow was about to strike again until a Shinigami appeared in front of her, engaging into a battle with the beast. Still in shock, Maria watched everything that was happening, wishing everything was a dream. Just then she glanced at the clock, a painful feeling of how she will be unable to see this life again…

The battle finished with the Hollow cry of defeat, a horrible cry as it dropped to the feet of the Shinigami. With no words spoken, the person reached a hand out towards Maria. With the feelings of a lost child once more, she took the hand, the person leading her to Soul Society where she became a Shinigami herself. In secret she works on her magic, under the full moon just as she has done before. Her memories, over time, were locked away, the painful feelings leaving her to become a stronger person, but she knows in the back of her mind of how dreadful that day was to her. She began to eliminate Hollows in revenge, also working her way to rank up.

Within her life she was the best and the top of her class. She was chosen by the Kido Corps to join them and so she did. Even there she ranked up continually without faltering. Maria became close to the leader of the Kido Corps, the Captain until one day, she had gotten to close to her. An Espada had found his way through Kido Corps, capturing Maria during one of her training sessions with the Captain. Because of this closeness, the Captain lost her life in trying to keep Maria safe, which she did. But she watched as the blood of her own Captain was spilt before her feet as the Espada died as well. During the Captain’s last breathe if life, she gave her the Captain robe and Maria took the place as Captain. Maria, being adventurous caused many troubles for Kido Corps until a meeting was held to lock Kido Corps, to combine it with a different Division, to be able to watch over the never seen Captain and her officers. And so, this is how Maria’s story unfolds…

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Maria Fate


Posts : 99
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PostSubject: Re: Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain   Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain   Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:33 am

Everything seems fine with the exception of the "magic" you keep mentioning, even after death. As long as you know you ain't got no magic tricks or nothin' apart from the shinigami innate abilities...


I enjoyed the read.
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Web Master

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PostSubject: Re: Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain   Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:44 am

Approved 'n Moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain   

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Maria Fate - 13th Division Captain
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