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 Daizai - 5th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Daizai - 5th Division Captain   Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:13 pm


Name: Daizai Bachi (Grave sin, Divine punishment)
Nickname(s): Dai, Shade or Whisperer
Age: Estimated at 1000, exact age is unknown.
Visual Age: 18

Division:5th Division
Sexual Orientation:Straight.

Body Frame:Medium
Blood Type:A+
Sound of Voice:Daizai’s voice is that of someone who has long since lost their sanity. He has a giggly voice not like a girl or little boy, but always as if he is amused by something. That also leads to it being creepy at the same time. It is kind of similar to a captain Gin, but this one is more sinister comparable to the Joker from Batman. It also has an English sound to it, a high class accent, although not form the high class he developed it to amuse himself, and others...
Like the snow and ice he controls his hair has developed to become a unnatural light blue, with the blue fading into white near the end of the strands. His hair takes on the appearance of the ice by spiking out in a menacing way. His face is always in a twisted smile, whether he deems it appropriate or not. This as well as shadows around his eyes create an image that haunts peoples nightmares.

Just to be controversial Daizai wears different clothes to most Shinigami because they are looser and he enjoys the soft blue colour more than the black uniforms others are forced to wear. To top it off he wears a straw hat on his head to shade his eyes from the nasty bright sun. Under the shade of his hat his blue eyes peer out in a menacing fashion. When seen they will mainly be showing his state of amusement in his current situation. However the eyes are a window to the soul and through this thin layer to the thing that makes a man you will see the turmoil of the madness, whose seeds have been blossomed into forests. When he removes his hat you see a transformation in his stance and overall body language the maniac hidden beneath something that only truly hides his eyes from view.
He wears both of his Wakizashi on his hip on one side. Both keeping to his blue theme, except for the white captain coat he wears with pride.

Introvert/Extrovert:Extrovert mostly, however not completely outgoing in his personality.
Hobbies:He tends to keep to himself most of the time, hobbies mean little to him what he cares most for is spending time with his life partners from his Zanpakutō.

Likes and Dislikes:


  • Generally he enjoys messing with people making situations awkward.
  • Watching the flow of nature, or fighter’s graceful movements.
  • Snow, ice and the colour blue.
  • Himself
  • His Zanpakutō because of his other likes


  • Noisy people
  • Bright lights
  • People trying to ignore his crazy outbursts.
  • Arrogant people especially those who are that way due to them knowing they hold great power.
  • People wasting his time.

Daizai is an unstable individual. Years alone has caused him to lose his sanity in varying stages. He keeps up a cheerful attitude to everyone, seemingly as if everything and everyone amuses him. In reality most do, he is fascinated by people and how they work, his time away from them made him appreciate people for every quality. This doesn’t mean that he is easy to fool or is blind to deception it is more like that he looks past it. But when you get on his bad side all that you see is his fake smile which is still the same as his usual but is not backed up with his amusement.

However when it comes to letting loose, he goes crazy. Cackling, a manic smile and murderous eyes are let out into the public eye as he shows the true effect of his loneliness. He tends to shout utter nonsense at people making no sense. He is rarely happy to revert to this part of himself as he is only able to control it when outside of battle or has started to use his Bankai. Or he can keep his hat on to stop the lunacy and murderous intent he would direct unto those who stand in his way.

The captain can still be reached though; he does not just switch off from other people. He is still him but a more accurate representation of his true feelings. So he hides his dislike for people less and says what he thinks. However this behaviour despite being his true self is disregarded by himself as some random outburst and not to be listened to.

In normal situations he is a polite and nice person to talk to. He tries not to get on others bad sides, unless he truly does not like them. Most of his speech is done inside of his head, where words can do little damage so he picks the spoken words much more carefully.

Defining Characteristics:
Specialties:He is good at lying.
Fighting type:Ranged
Daizai started his life around the fifth century. He was a jester in the kings’ court, using his unpredictable personality to get the snobbish people to laugh. He was damn good at this line of work; he threw himself into his job as he loved it. But he did not love the people, being a jester was fun but those who mistreated him ended up dead. You see he was an expert juggler, and what he juggled were knives. And the end product of this was him learning how to throw them extremely well. Whenever a snob insulted him they ended with a knife thrown into their spine when no-one was looking, and a sneaky retrieval afterwards.
He managed to get away with it for some time, as his smiley nature never led people to suspect him. This meant he could live quite peacefully, until the day the king was overly rude to him. This king was assassinated in public, in front of a whole crowd. Little needed to be said about what happened, his was promptly killed by those in the guard who saw him perform the killing.

And only a few seconds after, a Shinigami appeared, stamping his head sending him to Rukongai. When he got there he found an instant hunger inside of him, which he had to steal for, sometimes doing small jobs around the place since being funny didn’t pay for food.
He found this rather odd, none of these other plusses needed food. Then it was during a month of being in the shanty town he got caught eating. He was quickly taken in by the Shinigami and put into the academy. He found the lessons quite easy due to his background he was used to moving in different ways, so the training went quickly for him. He enjoyed using his previous talents in life for something which he could actually say helped others. Again he threw himself into his studies, becoming quite powerful in a short amount of time, although the rush was short lived.

After his induction into the Shinigami ranks he was sent on his first solo hollow killing mission. That was a huge turning point in his life.

On the way to the human world the butterfly mysteriously disappeared, leaving Dai in the void. Not the normal place, the butterfly had taken him somewhere different, time did not progress as normal here, slightly slower than everywhere else. Obviously this is not somewhere you want to be for any amount of time but Daizai had to spend about nine hundred years. He was so lonely in that dark space, only having himself and his Zanpakutō for company. Every now and then his brooding would be interrupted by a light in the distance, he knew it was a Shinigami but he would never reach them in time, as the light was always so far away. So, alone he was for the nine hundred years, only occasionally having to fight to survive in the dark abyss. He grew more and more insane as his Zanpakutō was perhaps not a good influence on him. It may have been a part of him but it was the darker side and because it was the only thing with Dai he embraced the spirit. He never could be apart from them, always talking with them, playing games strengthening their bond. Not only did he train his Zanpakutō he learnt the other Shinigami skills again and again, honing them to be able to escape one day.

After accepting his fate Daizai got a visit from a Shinigami being led by two butterflies. They seemed to be looking for him and both following one butterfly up front. Daizai looked up from his brooding and saw the lead butterfly, he held out his hand for it to land on it, where he admired the beautiful creature. That had been the butterfly that had abandoned him in the void, it had come back after so long of looking to help him. Dai then passed out; the Shinigami took him to get him healed at the fourth division being guided by the second butterfly. After his healing he asked for food, they agreed it made sense for someone in the void to need food so they complied to his wish. He then ate a huge amount, enough for several people. He was then taken and put into the academy again. He was only back in there for a week, as he already excelled in everything, even showing that he had acquired a Bankai. This power was normally unheard of by an unranked officer, but the long time that he had spent in that void allowed him to become amazingly close to his Zanpakutō Bankai was natural to him, it was only a by-product of his wish to meet his Zanpakutō in the void.

And so it was, his power recognised, he was moved into the 3rd division. He was given a high seat but quickly became a Lieutenant, not even bothering to wait for a year to pass; he challenged his captain and took his place as a captain. Something he naturally was good at, by commanding the respect of his men due to his amazing kindness, but odd ways.
Role-play Sample:
I know this is supposed to be representational, my posts may be a little shorter than this but my Bleach Rping is more serious than Naruto. [/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Daizai - 5th Division Captain   Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:55 am

Bump! Plus if you want to see more Rping look at Zainin, despite the silly mistake I think the rping is enough! And perhaps the history is lacking but I like to develop it IC, revealing snippets every now and then.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Daizai - 5th Division Captain   Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:33 pm

Suo is already third division captain.
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PostSubject: Re: Daizai - 5th Division Captain   Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:40 pm

Terribly sorry, changed to 5th Smile
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Tadashii Adachi


Posts : 257
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PostSubject: Re: Daizai - 5th Division Captain   Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:39 pm

I would like to say the only reason I'm going to let you have a blue shihakusho instead of a black shihakusho is because you're a captain, and it's still a shihakusho. Also, shinigami clothes are rather loose. Have you seen those pants? It's like loose-a-palooza. So as far as I'm concerned, you're wearing a Shihakusho.

With that note, Approved. Go be crazy all over S.S.
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PostSubject: Re: Daizai - 5th Division Captain   

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Daizai - 5th Division Captain
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