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 Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy

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Voodoo Jester


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PostSubject: Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy   Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:39 am


Name:Zainin Daizai
Age: 22
Visual Age:22

Rank:Legendary Quincy
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame:Medium
Blood Type:A+
Sound of Voice:He has a cold sound to his voice it is chilling and piercing. Since Quincy do not focus on raw power his voice reflects that they pierce rather than overwhelm
Zainin has blonde hair, which hugs his head and comes down in strands in his face. There are a few streaks of whit placed into his hair, other silver to show his love for the cold. Parts of his hair, towards the back of his head flick out behind him, created by quick movement over the years meaning the hair has shaped itself into a streamline shape, fitting his head. Zainin’s face is quite thin, his chin comes to a point but he is actually quite handsome for such a cold and unloving man. His face is usually emotionless his care for people non-existent, his whole manner of dress and appearance is his way of shielding himself from the evils of the Shinigami and other Quincy.
He has blue eyes which give cold and piercing glares but can also be soft when he likes someone and they are in pain, or he truly feels the need to be nicer., however that has only been seen so far at both his mother’s and father’s funeral.

He wears the Shinigami dress but decided to wear it in white to reflect his love for all things cold but also this shows his hate for the Shinigami due to them being arrogant people in his mind. So by wearing contrasting colours to them he shows that he is supposed to be completely different to them. He has a belt made up of three black strips which lay on top of each other making an arrow shape. The style continues with the rest of the outfit, except the legs are not covered like the Shinigami clothing it becomes more like a baggy pair of trousers.
He can also be found wearing a blue jacket with a golden trim. He stole this kind of look form the Shinigami as well, he wear a long coat like a Captain’s Haori. Despite him liking the cold, he wear it more like an accessory to mock Shinigami and Hollows who are smart enough to understand it. He can sometimes forgo the wearing this coat just down to preference.
He is quite a handsome man who cares little for his appearance but remains good looking. However his only medium sized frame can also be quite a haunting figure. From him seems to emanate a cold mist from below him, and from the way he stand and acts his presence is that of power. Adding that to his cold stare and whip of a tongue, he is a figure to be reckoned with.

Introvert/Extrovert:Introvert mostly, preferring not to talk at all.
Hobbies:Archery, Ice sculpting, Hollow/Shinigami hunting
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Ice/cold, Archery, Observing, Hunting, people suffering

Dislikes- Shinigmai, Hollow, loud noises, warmth, Missing targets

Personality:Zainin is on the whole not a very nice person. He has gained a dislike for almost everyone. He is not very tolerant towards other people because he has come to the conclusion that everyone is the same. He does not openly judge people though because his father had told him not to. He respects the memory of dead people unless they offended him or one of his friends. Despite him being the type of person who dislikes most people he does actually like to meet people, however he will only enjoy the meeting of these people if they are interesting.

However he is not interested easily, he enjoys mostly killing people, and seeing people get killed. The way to get him interested in you is to show that you are strong enough to be in the same place as him. The display of power must not be directed at him since if he is fighting he switches off, and goes into a silent killing mode.

During his fights Zainin switches off from other people, and focuses on killing people. He is a cool and cold killer who prefers to think things to every detail and make ruthless actions. This trance-like state can only be broken if someone beats him or if someone of importance to him requires something of him. He does not enjoy getting into fights but thoroughly enjoys fighting them. He is always trying to keep up his cold demeanour and to not care about anyone but that can be subject to change.

Whilst he has pride it does not control him, but he is a Quincy so obviously he has truck-loads of pride. However his personality is open to change even drastic change because of his cold and anti-social ways. Zainin is a quite complex person as his thoughts are always buzzing inside his head, some philosophical others just trivial opinions, and due to him not speaking much it means he also is quite a mysterious character as well.

Defining Characteristics:He holds little love for people and is very often pessimistic and cynical. Most people in his presence will end up being given cold and ruthlessly observed truths or a stare.
He a very proud person and demands the respect for the Quincy race.

Specialties:He is good at guessing other people’s physical traits, like bust and height.

Fighting type:Ranged

History/Background: Zainin was born into a medical family in a town near to Karakura town. His father was a devoted Quincy but secretive nonetheless. He had kept up the practices of his race till the very end but still remaining distant from them; he thought that by being known the Shinigami would come and finish their extermination. So this was the reason as to why the Quincy in Karakura town thought they were the only lot left. However they did interact with that family as they were running a small hospital and in times consulted the larger hospital ran by the current “last” Quincy. Seeing this Zainin’s father knew that one day he would be made last of the Quincy as the old man did not have very many days left in him. However it was something he could not have so he made a promise to himself.

Soon when Zainin’s training began and the revelation of what he really was. And being a child thought it to be really cool. Throwing himself headfirst into becoming a Quincy he progressed extremely quickly in power. After a few weeks he managed to create his first arrow and it was only a few days after that he could fire several in succession. It was with this speed his training continued his father rushing him and training him every minute he could spare. It also seemed frantic as if the coming of a storm. The training had started when Zainin was only twelve, some would say too early other too late but it was when Zainin’s father had suddenly gone Quincy crazy. It ended up with him having to sell the Hospital and they were living on benefits. They had gone from a good life with laughing and joking to a solitary life. Zainin’s mother left them, not due to hate of his father or the loss of money but she died from a broken heart. She had loved Zainin and his father but they had forsaken everything else in life but the training to become a Quincy. It broke her poor little heart and it did the same to Zainin, he had been to intent on learning and progressing his powers to honour his race, and forgotten his most precious thing in his life.

This was the beginning to Zainin’s loss of sanity because he was grieving he found an output for his grief. Not just his father’s training but he had been trained to kill so he thought to train on that side more. So whenever he was not being trained by his father he let out his inner rage on those who had wronged his race so long ago. He travelled frequently to Karakura town and lay in wait for the hollow that prey on the newly freed souls. He would watch the interaction between them eyeing the evil being as it licked its lips in anticipation. They are all the same all hungry always eating; he had even seen fights between them and then eating the loser, Zainin however noting this cared little for it. He sometimes let the hollow eat but in reality he was waiting for their saviours to come. Due to the intense spirit density of Karakura it was teeming with Shinigami who had to try and reduce the amount of souls populating the area, and when they did, Zainin struck. He shot down chords of blue light impaling the Shinigami, each and everyone fell not knowing what had happened. Zainin liked it this way, less hassle but some fights could not be avoided, whenever a Shinigami had enough skill to dodge the first shot another would be fired after a quick flash behind them. These killing made it so that the amount of hollow in Karakura was huge as the Shinigami who would normally deal with them were dead.

During these years the Karakura’s “last” Quincy died, and during the exact day that happened Zainin’s father locked himself in his room, a week passed and he finally burst from the room bleeding, he had stabbed himself and only exited the room when he had no chance of living. In his last moments Zainin was told that he was loved, and his father was proud of him.
After the burial Zainin went into his father’s study where he had been for the last week and found that there were hundreds of written notes, all of them on Quincy. He read through them all, finding out the story behind his father’s whole training program and death. When the last Quincy of Karakura died his father had became the last Quincy, this allowed him to know where every Quincy tribe was, even though they had thought them all dead. His father had trained Zainin and killed himself as he knew that being the last Quincy would mean he would need to take charge, and he had been disgraced by the others, that is why they are cut off from other Quincy.

Taking all of this information with him, Zainin left. He travelled the world, trying to make sense all of his father’s notes, one day he would return a Quincy of unbelievable power.
(Sorry it will be developed with trainings etc.)

RP sample: Taken from one of my recent two people training topic.

(Note: The Quincy coding needs to be changed please since there is no RP sample from the copy and paste bit.)

Last edited by Zainin on Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:58 am; edited 1 time in total
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy   Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:31 am

To be honest, this app doesn't seem legendary worthy to me.
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Web Master

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PostSubject: Re: Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:52 pm

I agree. Could you please be more descriptive in your appearance and your personality.

I also think you would need a better role-play sample. Please give a more updated version.
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Voodoo Jester


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PostSubject: Re: Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy   Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:59 am

Ok edited, thanks for looking guys ^^ hopefully this is up to standard.
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Tadashii Adachi


Posts : 257
Points : 108
Join date : 2010-08-22

PostSubject: Re: Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy   Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:14 pm

Approved as a legendary, with a few notes.

Reason I'm approving you is because you have potential. Try to improve grammar and such, and word variety. Paint a prettier picture with your words as such.
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PostSubject: Re: Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy   

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Zainin Daizai - Legendary Quincy
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