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 10th Division Cappy

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PostSubject: 10th Division Cappy   Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:09 am

Name: Hunter Kaze
Nickname(s): Dude
Age: 869
Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male
Division: 10th Division
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6 feet and 2 inches
Weight: Average

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Rough when fighting, but he normally has a soft voice when joking.
Appearance: Hunter has a scar on his left eye that is about 2 inches long and is very different from the color of his skin. His skin color is that of an asian, but it's not too brown. His eyes are average and colored black. It is said that you can truly see the world of nothing in his deep dark eyes. His nose is I guess kind of flat. Teeth are like a wolf's and wears normally a white sleeveless shirt, and unlike most of the captains, he wears Lebron James shoes from the human world and a nike baseball cap also from the human world.

Then a tattoo of the 10th division on his right arm. The old shinigami's arms are very muscly like his legs are, but just right. Wearing cargo pants as well. Most look at him funny for wearing such weird clothes, but he likes being outside of the average joe's category.

The 10th division captain's hair is very short and is considered to be spiky, and it is very black. Hunter also has a scar crossing diagonally from the left side of his body down to his waist, but he wears that get-up only when in the human world, but in the soul society, he wears normal shinigami get-up and a sleeveless haori, but never takes off the nike baseball cap.

In time of boredom, Hunter wears a green shirt that says "Get me a hot chick and we'll be friends." which causes people to sometimes show disgust when caught in sight. It's just a shirt and it actually says the truth. It's what he wears when new division members come in. Most of them lose their respect for Hunter, but he doesn't care.
Introvert/Extrovert: Decide for yourself once you read the personality.
Hobbies: Destroying hollows, making clever jokes, and owning his own division members.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Women - Do you need a reason?

Food - Cause it's tasty

Dislikes- Annoying Women

Fourth Division

Personality:Hunter is considered to be a cold person, but makes many funny jokes while he isn't in a serious fight. Always looking like a fool, but when it comes a time he has to be serious, he seems like a heartless person. The young shinigami sleeps most of the day or drinks because he thinks that captain's should only be called on when fighting, not doing paperwork. But he likes killing people very much, yet makes them work hard to deserve to be killed by his mighty sword or hand. Being an extremely smart person, he likes to think of the enemy's moves when fighting, but applies his knowledge in order to strike them down with one blow. Normally, people know him as a lazy pig, but is also known as a legendary fighter for he doesn't show any mercy when his closest comrades are in danger.

The shinigami has a weird way of showing his emotions, for example, if he kicks you, it means you're a good fighter, but if he drinks with you and doesn't get unconscious after drinking a couple bottles of saki, then he hates you. The man is very difficult to understand, but he drinks with good reason. After remembering terrible memories of his past, both living and fighting, he drinks in order to forget. Hunter is very remorseful, but doesn't regret killing, but instead regrets his actions and replies. And despises his attitude.

Since a long time ago, he has regretted letting his captain die in the Menos Forest, and regretted not killing the arrancar that killed his captain. So, he drinks to the memory of his captain, and washes his pain and anger on booze. The man is really a traditional man as well. He mostly doesn't believe in healing people or trying to save them when it's no use. Unless you can protect it from being injured, then he believes it is quite useless to help people near death. Many people believe that he is idiotic for thinking that, but he too thinks that this was stupid. Why do you think he would choose to do such a thing? He does because his old team when he was still alive believed in that. Though, of course keeping thinks natural doesn't mean he likes to keep his smell natural. He showers once a year (JK).

The young shinigami also hates pitying people. He believes that he is disrespecting them by showing pity, by showing pity, he is basically throwing all there hopes and dreams into a trash can and burn it. If one were to show pity to Hunter or even the slightest sign of mercy, then they will be mercilessly killed by him. Another tradition that he follows when he was still alive, when training, when you make a mistake three times in a row, then you should either be demoted or slapped in the head, but if those mistakes are truly heinous, then they will be cut a bit. The old shinigami may be considered cruel for following this cycle, but he believes in doing it in order to make them stronger. To prepare them for the harsh world that will come crashing down upon them.

This young or old shinigami also believes in modesty. He believes in order to truly win, one needs to be modest. Those cocky normally get killed is what he also thinks. Truly, he admits only one thing in battle, it's that he can swing his sword. Other than that, he doesn't admit in being strong, nor strong enough to be a seated officer in even the 4th division. Still, in times of great battle, he admits that he is able to wound both physically and psychologically. Not only is he modest in his physical ability, but also his intelligence.

Defining Characteristics: I guess his unique personality.
Specialties: He doesn't really have a specialty
Fighting type: Samurai
History/Background: Hunter was born in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. In those days, the Mongol Empire was 15 years away from starting. He fought with many people when he moved to China. He traveled around the world as a child, but still wanted to fight in an empire. Then, news spread when he was in Mongolia, about the Mongol Empire. The man joined the Mongol empire when he was about to turn 16. Then, he was sent on a mission with a team of 25 including himself. He was the 2nd in command of the team, but he thought the leader was a weakling. The leader seemed like a coward, and everyone in the team thought that. They were supposed to check out the borders of China and guard one outpost that just started in the outskirts of China. They traveled for a long time, fighting bandits, soldiers, and many others.

After a two long months, they finally arrived int he new outpost. With only 7 men in the team left, the rest were all dead including the leader, and buried around many parts of China. Then, they saw 5 guards outside of a small house that was the outpost. They were surprised that it was that small. Then thousands of flying arrows started shooting at them, immediately, 8 men were killed including the ones outside of the outpost and the ones in the team. they fought hard avoiding the arrows and trying to find the position of the enemy, but all attempts were put to waste. Finally, they all died. The outpost burned, and their bodies continually stabbed even after death.

Hunter wandered in the realm of the living for 20 years, until finally, before becoming into a hollow, a man in a black and white robe arrived, he was a shinigami. The man just wanted to find out what happened to the bodies of his teammates and his own. The shinigami aided him in doing that. Afterwards, he passed into the Soul Society. Hunter still didn't know what to do there, but he had a lot of reiatsu, so much in fact that he was discovered by a shinigami when he suddenly released his reiatsu and made the weak shinigami pass out. The man joined the academy, and passed quickly. Hunter joined the 10th division. When he became a shinigami, he made many visits to the soul society because he requested missions that included the human world. Still, he was unhappy with his division, but he grew to love the 10th division.

The man had already been in the 10th division for quite a long time, so he began trying to access bankai. Of course, at first, he failed miserably. I mean, though he was considered a genius, it ain't gonna be so easy. After five years or so, he was close to accessing it. Only few people knew about him attempting to achieve bankai, but the ones who did, said that he couldn't. That caused him to try every single waking moment of his time trying to do it. In the end, he couldn't do it within 10 years. He tried many ways for 10 more years. Still nothing, but he didn't give up. (totally not a cliche xD) After 20 years of trying that, he looked for different methods. Until finally, he heard of a method that took three days. One thing was assured though, it was dangerous, but he was in the point of desperation where he would try anything. Trying to search for the way to do that method, it took him another two months. Finally, he did it. With few minutes of rest, only to drink or eat some noodles or rice, he finished it. Still, he wanted to do it faster than normal, but it was good enough.

Then, they were sent into the Menos Forest with ten fifth division members including him and his captain plus a 4th division member by the name of "Ryohei" but the old shinigami despised him greatly. They were sent there because they needed to check out the power of the hollows in the Menos Forest and to see if there were any Vasto Lorde left. After losing most of the group, he was left alone with his captain and the 4th division goon. Even after two years in the hell hole, he still had never seen the coward fight, but one day. When they were being surrounded by twenty-three arrancars, they were cornered by thousands of gillian and adjuchas as well. Finally, after fighting for four straight hours, Ryohei helped and showed great ability that surpassed a normal lieutenant's ability, but after fighting for six straight days without rest, food, and few drinks of water, Hunter's captain was killed.

The young shinigami released all his power and killed all the remaining enemies with one strike, but it took him almost all his power. Afterwards, he spent another five hundred years in that place of darkness and continued to fight with his new 4th division friend, he had returned and was now going to see what light is after years. OMG! THE HORROR!
Role-play Sample:

From another site.

Holy shit! What the hell was Hunter thinking? Crazy as bastard sealing this motherfucking bijuu in himself. Rather selfish or selfless. Maybe neither? Maybe it was half greed and half to save his beloved village? Oh, this is just some messed up shit. Anyways, this bastard called Hunter walks through the streets of his great village. His hands in his pant's pockets. The sun stayed home sick. Aww, what a sad life it lived. Hmm, was it alive? Maybe it was just a lifeless thing. Wait a second, what is he doing thinking about shit like that?

All he knew and needed to know was that it was a bitch and he had to avoid it. After years of experience, he had learned the great art of avoiding annoying girls. I mean, why did they have to hunt him down even though he just slept with 'em a couple of times and never met with them again? Seriously, give a guy a break. Smiling to the people who gave him food, he wondered what to do.

Humming a happy tune which turned somehow into a dark one in a moment. Then, he noticed tons of girls were running after behind him. Quickly, he disappeared in a puff of smoke. SHIT! Where the hell did he go? Well, the crafty bastard arrived on a roof top. Though he had to climb a couple of stories before. Since this shit ass building was tall and high. Pulling his fingers, but not to fart or anything, he made cracking noises.

Perhaps that was the noise of the man's noise breaking. Huh? What man? Hunter had arrived on the rooftop, but there was someone there already. Damn it, just his luck. The teen quickly kicked the man in the groin and now stood submissively with his right foot on top of the man's noise. Each second pressing his weight down on it and the bone broke and blood gushed from it.

Haha, this was funny as hell. Really funny. Not to mention enjoyable. Come on! Jeez, this was fun. Who would have the guts to say this wasn't? That was just flat out idiocy if you ask me. Anyways, the teenager planned on training the second stage of this beast on this very rooftop. Releasing his foothold on the man's nose, he bent down and threw the man of the roof. Whistling as the man came falling down unto the ground and made a large exploding noise as the man fell splat unto the hard ground..

That wasn't a surprise since they were twenty feet high. Technically, it was the building. Truly, the man was at fault since he just had to be there. Sighing a bit, he thought hard on doing this. Going through his mind, he thought about a life death situation. No, he was in a life and death situation.. In his mind at least. He was about to get hit by a lot of fireballs from a damn Uchiha.

The Senju, even though he was handsome, it happened all too fast. In a moment, Hunter found himself with his eyes looking weird and he seemed more muscular. His chakra felt like it was doubled. Damn, this was mighty fine. Whistling as he shut out the image, he went back into normal form. This time, he tried doing it again.. COME ON! DO IT! DO IT! By the way, it's not the do it as in sex, but as the super activate or what do you call it thing.

Finally, after two hours of trying, he had successfully and handsomely succeeded.

Training a Jutsu on another site:

Damn, it was a nice day. The sun stayed in bed, it rained earlier that day, but what was the problem? Well, of course, Hunter had a problem. All hell broke lose. He was tired of seeing all these nice houses. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE SUCH NICE HOUSES! WHY?!! Anyways, the teen walked through the wreckage of the entire neighborhood. That's right, he destroyed a whole neighborhood of nice houses. What made it better was the Takikage's mom lived in one of these. The teen had his right foot on the back of a tough man submissively. He kicked the man to make him lie on his back. As he saw the sad unconscious look on his face, he unzipped his pants and took a piss on him.. Revealing a wonderful example of manliness as he did it. After making it shoot right into the mouth of this man, he brought his right leg up and brought it down hard on the man's neck. Causing him to cough, and then breath his final breath. With a slight cliche-ish moan as he died. Sighing a bit, the young lad thought it was rather predictable.

As he walked whistling like a damn jackass, he wondered what to do. He wore a blue baggy shirt, and black baggy pants. Ninja boots too. The teen wasn't the type to dress extravagantly since it cost money, but he was the type to kill extravagantly since it didn't cost anything.. At all! Imagine that. You might even get to steal the money of your victim? Hell, that was cool. Of course, there were some.. Legal matters to handle. Since it wasn't made legal yet. Hunter thought about going to this nice village where marijuana and drugs were legal. A red light district to. Drooling at the thought, he continued his walk until he saw yet another better looking house. Without a moment's thought, he lit up a match and then lit up a whole carton of matches. Quickly, he attached a rock to it and then through it to the window of the nice house. Making a breaking sound as he saw the flames and smoke come out of the house.

He grinned, but some inhabitants managed to escape. A woman carrying a child broke through the door with her husband lying on the doormat had fire on his back. It seems his legs were gone. As a final act of mercy, Hunter grabbed his wife by the neck and snapped her neck with both of his hands. The baby dropped on the ground and Hunter simply took the baby with his right hand and chucked it through the same window like a ball. Finally, as the flames engulfed the man, he said his final words and had his final breath. The house was destroyed. The man did say something about spend eternity in hell, go die. Something like that at least.

So, he continued his conquest for destruction. Singing " Burn, burn! Oh my goodness! Die, bitch! When you die, I'll piss on you. When you fry, I'll shit on you. When you cry, I'll fuck you, lady. One day, I shall burn, but I shall bring you down with me!" singing it in such a happy tune you might mistake it for a nursery rhyme if you didn't hear the words. Finally, he spotted another house that looked better than his. The man of the house had a pitchfork with him. His wife standing by his side ready to make a sandwich at any time. The child had this crazy look on his face. The teen shrugged and performed hand signs.. This was a technique he had been meaning to test out. Of course, he tested it out once or twice before, but he wanted to perfect it today. After the hand signs, thousands and thousands of water needles surrounded them. Then, with a grin, Hunter released the needles and let them die. The man of the house had all the needles in his groin area. The woman had ten needles aimed at each of her private parts. The child had all the needles that led to his death go inside his mouth since he screamed right before.. Or cry. Whatever.

Hunter walked away like nothing happened. "WOw, he's so cool." muttered the woman with her last moment of life.

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PostSubject: Re: 10th Division Cappy   Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:12 am

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10th Division Cappy
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