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 Stein of Division 6

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PostSubject: Stein of Division 6   Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:15 am

Beastly Shinigami

Name: Stein Fra Kenn
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 232
Visual Age: 25

Gender: Male
Division: 6th
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210 lbs.

Body Frame: Medium Build
Blood Type: O-
Sound of Voice: More deep than average but more dark than anything.
Appearance: Dr. Stein is a tall man compared with the average man. He has silver-gray hair and big, round glasses. He has a large screw/bolt going through his head, which he turns, often as a means to focus his thoughts. A signature hallmark of his appearance are trademark zig-zag stitches that cover his body entirely and are from when he was examined as a child thurougly by doctors because of his nature. He has said stitches all over his body and clothing and everything that he owns. His most notable piece of clothing is his doctor's lab coat. He is also surprisingly well built for a man from his background, due to a large portion of his time being devoted to combat training his muscles are very well toned due to their life devoted to combat and the training for such combat situations. His other clothing entails stitched together shoes and pants made from a silkish material. Finally reaching his muscles even though he has stitches all over his body that does not mean he is weak and vulnerable in those areas. In fact he is more resiliant than the average man.

On his face is shown a scar that is stitched together that comes from a few inches above his right temple and within his hair-line down and across his face weaving in and out and zig-zagging through his face. Reaching through the bridge of the nose and moving down under the nostrils crossing the mustache line that would be there over the mouth and coming out on the other side at the bottom of his head reaching down a bit onto his neck and throat. Another prominant scar on his body is the one that was given to him by the doctors when they were examining him. It is in the side of his head and it is where they stabbed a bold/screw into his head through his temple surgically. This is meant to keep him focused and by cranking it he can cause himself terrible migraines that cause the pain to drive his body into a madness state that ignores other external pains focusing so much on the internal brain pain that is being caused. Turning this key doesn't do anything but cause mental pain and doesn't actually make Stein a better fighter it only makes Stein into a more berserk type of fighter the more it is turned by using the possitive effects of pain. This was originally a way for Stein to turn his madness down and into something more calm but in the end it turned out to be a device to bring the madness the doctors tried to so hard to stifle in him down.

He wears a shihakusho as all shinigami do. However his is fairly different from others because he does not wear it openly and his shihakusho is not the same as most peoples. His is covered with the same slashes and openings as all of his other belongings. They appear to be marks of dissections that have been closed back up with stitches and this is worn underneath his signature lab coat with the same stitching however pieces of it can be seen coming out and about if he moves a certain way. This is where his normal shinigami clothing rests while his more extravagent Captains Haori has been ripped off and stitched to the back of his labcoat with the number six still very clearly visible.
Introvert/Extrovert: He is more introverted than extrovert but he is not classified in either.
Hobbies: The pursuit of biological knowledge, the pursuit of genetic knowledge, Dissection.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- To dissect living things. To dissect things that have died. To tear things apart. To devour human flesh. To serve one who will stop his likes.

Dislikes- Unoriginality. Cheaters. Those who would kill themself in a bad situation. Those who would try to tempt his likes. Those who try to undermine him.


Being a man of science and theory, Stein sees everything in the world, including himself, as an experiment or specimen. This is the personality that he had as a child, as he often wanted to dissect and examine the people around him. He was often stopped by the authority by force and other such figures of it. This personality trait made all those around him afraid of him. This strange hobby of wanting to dissect anything he thinks is interesting was still present, even when Stein became an adult, Once as part of an experiment, he tried to dissect an endangered animal, claiming that it would be bad if he did not find out anything from it before it became extinct. He even has worked on himself which includes the stitches across his body and face that the doctors didn't make.

He also exhibits a sadistic and intimidating personality. While fighting in battles against men and women who are weaker and less skilled than himself, he would grab women by\their ponytails, lift her shirt up and marks on her body, to signify where he would put the knife through, and to the men he talks about whether he should turn their skin into sandpaper. His smiles are normally filled with sadistic and dark intentions.

Stein also possesses a dormant insanity. He has even will admit that he is especially sensitive to it. With knowledge about him one could state that he is prone to insanity and a simple push is enough to drive it to surface. Stein knows or at least thinks that he will ultimately go insane and his struggle to maintain it will not be something that he will win. He even quit smoking once as a way convince himself. When struggling through and trying to maintain his madness when it makes a breakthrough, his personality is seen to make drastic changes, especially from his naturally curious personality to someone who does not care at all for anything at all regardless of his own mind and his own relationships. His insanity isolates his mind from others and all of his meetings with others become pointless. Anything he finds interesting become a target for dissection. ongoing investigation at that time.

He has a habit of smoking to the point that he is doing it almost all of the time that is when he is outside of battle. He even smokes a specific brand of cigarette. The lady he buys them from imports them just for him.

Despite this cruel and twisted personality, Stein does have a kind and compassionate side that worries for the people around him and he feels the need to protect them. He also exhibits a rather paternal demeanor towards his division mates. He also expressed deep disgust and moral outrage towards those who seem to have a similar personality and rage that he has. A pointless rage is pointless and therefore should be destroyed is something that he has always thought to be true.

Defining Characteristics: Stein is a man of research and personal gain. He is a sadistic man with many scars of battle and many obscurities about him. He is loyal to the one that can keep him from temptation and using the crank in his head can withstand enormous amounts of pain and agony.
Specialties: Incredible knowledge of all things biological. Especially anatomy.
Fighting type: Close Combatant
Child: As a child Stein was one who was not a happy child. He was often sick to his stomach and vomitting and no one knew why aside from him. It was the blind following of the others during class and during activities that made him sick. They were not original and what made him so different. It couldn't be his birth right and his family because they were normal humans like everyone else. He was nothing special in school and he made 80% to 90% grades as a child but he never knew why. Eventually at an early age he decided that he would turn this into a thing of joy for him. He would make a habit out of checking the difference between his brain and others. So complaining about brain contusions and concussions he was sent to the doctor and his brain was checked. His parents got a copy of the brain scans and he began kidnapping other kids using some advanced Tae Kwon Do that his parents had gotten him to take in case he was attacked and bullied for being the wierd kid at school. Once the child was taken under his control Stein would take a rock and slam it into the head but he was always careful not to damage the brain. After he slammed away all of that skin and bleeding began the scissors and scalpels became involved which were simply stolen from his parents rooms. He tore away the skin and then he took a chisel from his fathers garage and chiseled the skull away and looked at the brains of the kids he kidnapped and compared them to his brain. His first dissections of people occured at this age and he never stopped wanting to do that to people.
Teen He was known for three things in life. He was a seventeen year old boy that was feared by almost everyone. He was known for being a kid who was feared he was known for being a prominant martial arts prodigy and he was known for his incredible curiosity for the human body and biology and making comments about beating you and then eating you and then dissecting you. It was one day that the police made a raid on his house after some terrified student had accused him of claiming to have dissected the brain of another child who went missing about three days ago. While this was true it was not necessarily the only thing that Stein had been doing as of late that was not really legal. So when the cop raid occured Stein of course had no idea. He made his way for the door and tried to fend them off from the secret lab he had set up to the obliviousness of his parents in the basement and when the police found the sick and twisted things down there he was put under arrest and taken to prison where mysteriously seven in-mates were killed who were stuck in the same room as him. They were dead with their heads picked apart and several bones being sharpened to a point and stabbed into people to pull skin apart mostly. Stein always claimed and was proud of it being his work because it was what he wanted to do. He wanted to fight people and he wanted to battle but he wanted to know why people were different and he watned to rip things apart. So he was taken in to doctors and began to talk with them and was examined.
Examination He was taken into a white room and left in that place for seven hours while geneticists, psychologists and other types of doctors watched him. There was a whole team dedicated to just him for a whole six months and more if needed. That was just the minimum. He sat perfectly still watching the camera blinking normally. The whole time they were scanning his brain waves and watching and he remained perfectly calm for seven hours displaying inhuman patience. Not moving any way at all that was not an involuntary blink or the occassional muscle twitch but nothing special. He was just sitting there breathing. They came in and started him asking him questions about morality and the psychologists doing so soon realized that he was something not to be trifled with as far as morality. He would not care if someone was alive while they were being mutilated he only cared to prick and prod at them and the brain was his favorite part. He also realized that to keep his work hidden back at home he would have to destroy the bodies somehow so he had taken to eating long dead mutilated bodies who had been dissecting in some way or other. Then they began to cut into him. Cutting his head open from above his right temple down to a point on his neck they began to stick needles inside and unfortunately they slipped up during the surgery slitting his jugular vein turning him into a spirit.
Spirit State As a spirit Stein was something other than normal. While other spirits were sad and confused and some didn't know they died Stein did know for sure that he was out of this world. Ascending and leaving his body behind he hung around the murderers watching what they did and saw it all as a giant psychology experiment and he could go into whatever building he wanted whenever he wanted to go into a building so he got to watch a lot of surgery and a lot of dissection of everything. If he wasn't at that point an expert on anatomy of humans and everything else he was definitly inhuman at the skill now. He wandered for a few months happy as he had ever been in his life aside from not being able to poke at the questions he wanted but he traveled and eventually made his way to Japan to watch a brain surgery from a famous surgeon in Karakura town. It was here that he was found by a shinigami and a konso was performed. He seemed more arrancarish and the weak shinigami was soon digested by the newcoming Konso soul known as Stein when he turned his back for a moment to rest after showing Stein around. Stein had the idea that eating him was a good idea. Soon after he enrolled in the shinigami academy to become a fighter of this world like he had in the last to contiue his research.
Shinigami Academy When Stein was taken into the academy to learn his way of the shinigami he became known for the same things that he was in the human world. He was known to be feared he was known to be crazily sadistic and he was known to be a very good fighter at every aspect. He was a skilled Kido user but even better at his zanpaktou and as a student at the academy acquired the attention of a 3rd seat from division six. When it was time to assign the new graduates to squads the third seat made a push for Stein and he was recruited into division six since he had the potential and skill to be a part of any squad regardless of his personal hopes to become a member of squad twelve he was told he would have a chance at that captaincy there one day but it was a lie and he would never get that chance.
Unseated Officer Rising through the ranks was fairly easy. He completed missions for the soul society quite simply and with his own special mark. He was known through the whole system as a prodigy of the devil. Or at least that was what Stein was called. Being a sadistic boy he was known to be one of the best because morality was not an issue when it came to winning a fight. He became infamous for his sadistic laugh and for even though he was an unseated officer with a zanpaktou that didn't reveal it's name yet he was able to keep up and exceed that of most shinigami already with their shikai unlocked. It was after a particularly hard mission he finally met with his zanpaktou who became known as Kaije. It was always the zanpaktou's name to be called Kaijo but Stein changed the name because it suited him better and after a fight with the sword he won and the name became Kaije. Finally unlocking his giant sctyhe blade shikai state and then challenging the third seat who he had gained the attention of.
Final advancements He was a third seat after a battle in which he was forced to use his shikai blade in that no one had een up to that point. It surprised everyone including his opponent and the giant sctyhe blade was used so easily in the hands of Stein that he was a great fighter with it and easily overtook his opponent who was winning using his own shikai ability of poision up until that point. Kido also played a role in the battle. Stein finally took the complete victory and became a lieutenant after another similar fight. Besting the second in command's bankai blade with his own shikai blade but he was forced into using his shikai blade which surprised Stein and some of his followers at this point. The only person who Stein was not able to fight yet was the captain. Though at this point the former third seat had ended up a dissection experiment. Finally he challenged the captain of his division to a fight after he trained for a month or so and the captain agreed to the fight not realizing that morality was out of the issue. During the fight Stein used a new technique on him and killed him in the fight taking his job and his life and then dissecting the lieutenant behind the scenes and claiming him MIA on a mission. It was at this point that he assigned some nooby from division 3 which was supposed to be intelligence to handle mission assignments and captain duties while he trained himself. After achieving bankai he took up his private research and resumed command of division 6 after of course making the man dissapear away who had taken command before during his absence. It was too bad that he was unable to take over the command of the captain right before this temporary captain that he beat. It was that captain that he had wanted to kill that ichijou one seemed to be more of a fighter and a stronger soldier than the temporary captain that Stein ended up killing.
Role-play Sample:

Second Tail: Command of the demon. The demon monkey, the laval spitter or as some who are not afraid of it call it the four tailed giant lava monkey. That would be all the respect that the demon would get from Stein's Character until it earned more respect from him by doing something that actually mattered. So he tapped into the demon chakra. Not his own chakra and having already mastered creating a single tail to come out of his ass and enhance his abilities it was now time for Stein's Character to learn how to control a second tail of the demon. Cracking his neck he settled down to get started on this training. Sealing away temporarily the demon chakra Stein's Character then used up all of his normal chakra reserves making clones and typhoons of water in some woods near the Konoha village that he was staying at. They wouldn't mind of course because they were locked away in their little double barrier that kept them from ever being able to leave all thanks to his bestest buddy Stein's Friend. The one who he had the crazy adventure of a lifetime with. This would be much easier if Stein's Character was working on the actual control of the demon chakra instead of just trying to lay an egg out of his ass that just happened to be made of chakra. The odds of that actually working were so slim he may as well be randomly hit from the sky by a million meteors in the same day and survive. Wearing his body down farther Stein's Character began to do battle with himself. Having created many clones in this he fought them one by one and since they were on his level but just incapable of taking damage it was a fun fight for him especially due to the use of his water ninjutsu. Many millions of punches and kicks later Stein's Character had worn down his chakra and begun to tap a bit into the reserves of chakra that his demon provided for him. Having already gained the knowledge and power to access the first tail of his demon Stein's Character now entered this state. Having no chakra of his own to go back on this was a bit risky but the demon was his to own and it was going to be fully under his control no matter what the fuck that god damned lava monkey had to say about it locked away inside of his gullet. Entered the Lucid Day Dream Stein's Character began to speak with the once "great monster of the lava chakra". "You are nothing anymore. I thought we had already gone over this. So leak your dam power through the bars of this cage and we will work this shit out the right way. My learning of how to use you and then my beating your sorry ass into the dirt and grime of the mud a second time. So you fucking retarded monkey let's get this shit going I don't have all god damn day." It took the monkey a few seconds to respond to that. He usually didn't get such a rude person speaking to him but not only that he usually didn't even get talked to. People really needed to watch their mouth around him or he would kill them and all of that bullshit. At least that was Stein's Character's reasoning of why he didn't respond immediatly with some dumbass monkey call and screeching noise that would have just pissed Stein's Character off some more. However after a short bit of time [10 seconds at most] the beast finally spoke back. Starting OF COURSE with a loud screeching noise like monkeys make when they are pissed. "YOU DAMN DIRTY HUMAN MADE OF FLESH BLOOD AND BONE. I WILL RAPE YOU WITH FIRE AND VINEGAR AND SPIT YOUR INSIDES OUT AS A PELT FOR MAKING ME HOLD UP INSIDE YOU!!!! That wasn't the end. This was when a large series of sceeches were made that only served to make Stein's Character grit his teeth in annoyance. "I WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE FUCKING POWER IN THE GOD DAMN WORLD AND WHEN YOU HAVE IT ALL I WILL RIP IT AWAY FROM YOUR COLD BARELY LIVING HANDS TO TORTURE YOUR LIFE INTO AN ETERNAL DAMNATION TO FUCKING HELL! Said the bijuu who seemed to at this point be a tad bit upset. It made no difference to Stein's Character however. Stein's Character walked over to the edge of the cage where the seal that bound the demon inside of the cage rested. Soon Stein's Character would break that and take on the demon himself one on one for a second time and beat it's ass down and finally into submission to him. What a beast this retarded monkey turned out to be. The Monkey made a move to bite his hand but Stein's Character was quicker than the head movement and pulled his hand back and then pushed it forward slap/punching the monkey in the nose causing it to reel backwards and poof away into smoke which in turn awakened Stein's Character into the world again. Concentrating on tapping into the power of the tailed beast Stein's Character first gained a reddish hue around his skin which was the power of Source of Power's chakra aiding his ability to cast jutsu. Second his body became covered in a reddish chakra that glowed in the twilight like a flame. This was the cloak of demon chakra and soon after the demon cloak had covered his skin and body a tail made of the same raw chakra energy emerged from his anus or at least the anal part of the demon cloak. Gritting his teeth and bearing something he hadn't felt before. At first it felt like he was passing a stone out of his ass but then it turned into something that wasn't quite that unpleasent. A tail of chakra began to take shape behind his body. A second tail of the demon Source of Power which was endowing his body with the power of the demon and making his body even more that of a demon than he was before. He was not going to succumb to the demon at any point though. He was now able to use the second tail of Source of Power.

Third Tail: Stein's Character was tossing and turning in his dreams while in the woods near the Konoha village. Tossing and turning back and forth within his small brussel the demon Source of Power was interefering with his dreams. He had taken the form of a raikage and Stein's Character had to fight him. It was another training exercise basically. So taking control Stein's Character began to fight with his dreams inside of his dreams. Meanwhile while Stein's Character used a technique in order to disguise his movements since he didn't want to be recognized he formed a hand seal over the body of one of the men that he had killed on the way into the village. The nearest one to them and he propped the man up. He carried him along side himself and with the effect of that jutsu the two of them looked identical. Now after that shitty opening attack on the invader there would not doubt be a more powerful and skilled ninja force. As the girl behind him yelled at him to turn and face her Stein's Character just ignored her for the most part. While he continued walking toward the place that housed the dictator. Now while men were scrambling around a ball could be seen by Stein's Character as he preformed a jutsu of his own. However as a jounin was coming at him, a male, with a short sword from his right side the lightning from the tower. Nothing would get done from a coward hiding away in his tower. Anyways before the jounin could get anywhere near Stein's Character the lightning spherical attack caught him inside of it and probably electrified the guy to a crisp. How nice of the ruler of the nation to do such a thing.

Stein's Character had finished his jutsu at this point which caused rain to flood the nearby area in a downpour from the sky, however this flood was a flood of knowledge into Stein's Character to know who was anywhere near and that tricky little barrier that covered the tower that the dictator sat in. THe Source of Powerkage dictator. He was the only dictator around these parts after all. Now with the tower sitting up there Stein's Character would have a hard time getting through due to that electricity based barrier. Now that came in handy now that Stein's Character thought about it. With another string of handseals he kicked his fake clone to the side to distract everyone around. Now with the man in the tower thinking that he had been the body that was electrified to death he would not expect the attack on his entire tower.

Using the jutsu swamp of the underworld, Stein's Character felt a drain on his chakra but nothing too bad. The jutsu being cast under the tower would cause the electrified building to fall downwards. Having done the jutsu under and around the tower it would cause a structural fail in the base causing the tower to crumble into the ground from the bottom half up and with the mixture of earth and water and electricity the entire tower would be submitted to an explosion. The lightning is made up of electrons which bond to the water at the base of the swamp which flies the explosive property of the explosion through the entire tower and since the tower is outwardly protected it would seal off its own escape routes. The entire tower would explode as it crumbled down around itself and the remains including the bodies inside would sink into a bottomless abyss of water and earth to drown and be crused to death and then go to a respective place of final resting. However to be sure that everyone inside was killed with his manuever Stein's Character preformed yet another handsign set while the explosion was beginning and before it had taken the tower. A waterfall came from Stein's Character's hands and blasted forwards with a great force gaining size by mixing with the falling rain and eventually reaching the exploding tower in such a force that it would have leveled over the building and drowned everyone inside however in this case Stein's Character ended the jutsu right when the technique had positioned the water around the tower and the giant size due to the rain had been enough to surroundand and encase the doomed building sinking it into the ground with his own water power and earth power and mixing it all in with an almost inescapable explosion.

Stein's Character spoke final words and said. "Haha bitch got owned" as he turned to leave the village. Not giving the girl who had come to stop him a second thought.

Turning and falling he awakened and decided to test something. First tapping deep into the chakra of the Source of Power demon and then forcing a cloak of the demon around him turned his skin a bright red color as if he was a light in the dark or a fire in the woods. However he was not actually on fire, at least not yet, this was the lava demon after all. From the cloak of the demon emerged the first tail of the beast extending out of his ass and this time the tail made completely out of chakra did so without hurting Stein's Character and making him feel like he just shit a half dozen bricks and then laid a yoshi egg. What a relief was what went through his mind until the second tail began to emerge. This is when he felt like he was shitting out bricks and now he knows why the people make that pissed off face when they are forced to use this powerful of a demonic form. IT HURT LIKE FUCKING HELL! Shitting bricks was not enough. Maybe something like shitting out bricks covered in sandpaper may describe the pain more. Finally having the second tail emerged Stein's Character began to go into his newest form of Source of Power. The most recently "unlocked" just like he had thought his dream had given him the access to the third of four tails. The pain was immense and while he was no longer feeling like shitting bricks covered in sandpaper it now more or less felt like the demon was taking a shit on him and those sandpapered bricks that were coming out of that ass were falling all over him and going through his body and out of the other side. What a terrile bitch this situation was. The Source of Power demon was making this way to easy.

Stein's Character was heading somewhere else but he had decided to go into Kirigakure to train his demon in the natural opposite. The water would make the lava much less effective than it should be. So now beginning his training for the fourth dail of his demon and since it had but four tails to begin with this would complete the basic training of the demon's power. It was another dream a test of the Source of Power for his final power. Taking the form of four humans and giving Stein's Character false memories in his dream as he laid down for a rest after using Bursting Collision Waves to travel by himself without a vessel over the waves. A small island covered in smoke served as his resting ground where he fell asleep and the demon took on the form of these ninja. Often power came from being able to be cruel to people when the situation arose. So taking his dream with that in mind and whether the thought was his own or Source of Power's it was unclear. The dream let's watch.

Stein's Character left his old village and walked into the forest. Stein's Character had a bag on his back leaving the village and his giant body easily carred it into the woods. Stein's Character made a wierd face as if he had tasted something sour and bitter and terrible as he walked through the forest. Stein's Character with his free hand that was not slung over his back grabbed at the kunai in his pouch. Stein's Character removed the kunai from his pouch and put the kunai knife into his mouth completely. It barely fit without cutting him but Stein's Character kept it in there. Stein's Character then pulled out a string from his ninja tool collection at his side and pierced through his cheek on one side. Some odd noises now coming from his bag. Stein's Character ignored these noises with a kick to that bag he silenced them as well. Stein's Character began his work with the string as in his mouth. Stringing the string through his mouth and through the circle ring on the back end where he held the knife on his kunai knife and then with a sharp thrust stabbed it through the other side of his mouth. A small trickle of blood was seen however Stein's Character ignored this and tied the string behind his head in a nice bow tie. Stein's Character smiled without opening his mouth and stretching his cheeks much Stein's Character allowed the knife in his mouth to be seen by the others around him however there was no one there. Just his bag on the ground and his own person. Stein's Character then took his hands and created two water clones. These would be beneficial later.

The next phase of this plan would be involving the bag itself and its suspicious contents. This was just some before hand fun for the real event. Stein's Character cut a hole in the bag and out fell the following. 2 small children ages 4 and 6 approximatly. The next person to fall from the bag was a woman about age 18 and finally another older woman about age 24. "1,2,3 and 4. Hmm which one is going to be the one that suffers the most. All right I choose....3 wait what 3 oh ok." Stein's Character had begun talking with himself. No one knows why and no one cares at all. So neither should you mr. or ms. reader of this post to this point. Stein's Character grabbed the third girl that this voice he heard in his head or rather above his head and to the front as if someone were talking to his spirit that dictated all of his movements. An odd experience. Anyways Stein's Character grabbed the third person of this group and not either of the two small unisex children he had also nabbed and sedated hence the quiet. Stein's Character threw the bag over the third person in the line which was the 18 year old girl. Stein's Character with the hole that he had cut into the bag draped it around the teenage female. She was quite attractive so Stein's Character decided to have fun with her before he started his whole thing with this game that he would play with this girl. Stein's Character pulled his pants down and with now only his underpants on he pressed his body up against the girl's body and he heard a light moan from the girl. Stein's Character then rubbed up against her and started sucking on her lips while holding her up in one hand and feeling up her boobies with his other hand. Stein's Character then began to sing a rather explicit song. "Girl I have seven words for you. You ready girl...I have seven words to say to you girl. Love it when you suck my dick girl." Stein's Character pushed up against the girl again and with another grunt began talking again. "Damn girl you put the whore in hormone" Stein's Character laughed before doing one final act with this girl. "In case you survive this ordeal...which you won't sexy. How about you pay attention to this bitchy girly. We really love it when you put the hot water in your mouth, slipping and slobbering about, now it gets hotter in the south,." Stein's Character laughed one last time before almost falling to the ground but keeping this girl held against the tree.

Stein's Character took a kunai knife from his hand and put it on her right hand and licked his lips gently aiming his strike perfectly. Stein's Character then drove the kunai knife into the girl's hand nailing her to the tree with his first strike and with his first used knife in this ordeal. Stein's Character then moved to her next hand quickly as she started to stir because of the pain and her brain screaming about the pure pain that she was under for this ordeal. Stein's Character then put the knife in the center of her other hand and nailed quickly. Stein's Character then looked into the girl's eyes carefully as she began to wake from the heavy sedative. Stein's Character then leaned in close to her face so that the first thing she saw was his crazy ass bloody face splattered with the blood of the innocent and her own hands in front of him staring at her face. Stein's Character then opened his mout moving his cheeks up and smiling broad and opening the mouth containing the kunai knife hanging there. The girl was so freaked out she was about the scream as Stein's Character's hand flicked her in the jaw right where her voicebox is causing her to lose her voice. Her scream came as only a whisper and Stein's Character laughed and removed the string from his mouth and took the tie from the back of his neck and set it on the ground. It would need to be done soon involving this kunai knife. Stein's Character then tied another piece of string to that one and strung it through the girls mouth. Stein's Character then just to be sure she couldn't scream cut the front of this girl's throat so whenver she made a noise she would not be heard she would be drowned out by blood gurgling in her neck because of voice box not being able to work with the tongue and produce screams. Stein's Character then strung this through the next one. He sung his song to pick his next victim.

"1,2 and 4 are left. Oh I don't want to pick one now....well I guess I will pick four are you happy now. Yes Yes I am." Stein's Character laughed and strung the next part of the string through the oldest of them. The 24 year old woman and then stretched her body across the body of the 18 year old trying to scream or make any noise at all her blood gurgling in her neck. Stein's Character then attached the kunai to the very end of it where it would be positioned in front of the right eye of the 24 year old woman. Stein's Character then rigged it up where it was attached to her mouth where if she screamed and opened her mouth wide the knife would pierce her eye. Stein's Character also set beneath her a paper bomb attached to the knife. The knife if it were to move a total of 2 inches the bomb beneath this woman's head would explode and kill her and blow the lower half of the 18 year old's body to dust. Stein's Character held this older woman in place by nailing one hand to the side of the tree that was on the right of the 18 year old girl the other one was to the left of the 18 year old girl and this held her there. Stein's Character then leaned down and wrote on a small piece of paper and placed it in front of the kunai so the woman could read it if she stayed calm. The note read the following. If you scream you will be killed. If you try and run you will suffer incredible pain. If you try and escape I will kill you painfully and terribly. Stein's Character then turned to the 18 year old girl and laughed. Stein's Character then took some of his shuriken and stabbed one into each of the shoulders of the 18 year old girl and spoke to her now. "If you can tell me yes I will give you a new house a new life all the power you could possibly want all the men in the world posibly all the women in the world a puppy and a life of luxury if you tell me you want it." Stein's Character paused as the girl started trying to scream again and blood began dripping onto the woman below her and waking her up to the pain. As soon as she realized this was going on the woman screamed and Stein's Character took a heavy jumped up into a nearby tree and there was an explosion causing the woman to explode leaving only her lower half and leaving the 18 year old girl's only with an upper half. To the untrained eye this was the same person however it seemed to be someone different.

Stein's Character laughed maniacally and then moved onto the next part of this mission. he took the lower half of the woman who had her upper body destroyed and stuck it under the 18 year old woman and took a string and began sewing with a senbon and sewed with woman together. Stein's Character then nailed this woman's lower half to the tree under his girl and then Stein's Character began his work now that she was held in position. Stein's Character removed the head and then pulled her head off the tree and stabbed a shuriken into her head. Stein's Character then put it in front of the 4 year unisex kid. Stein's Character then cut the toes off of this woman and stuck them into her mouth. Stein's Character then stuck two toes the biggest ones into the nasal holes of this child. Stein's Character then stuck the pinky toes of this woman into this kids ears. Stein's Character then woke the kid up and the kid being a small child and not recognizing the toes ate them and was happy about it. Stein's Character knew this was a good opportunity and sedated the child again and cut up the two mixed together women and cut the skin off of them and because the head was removed from the only head left in the group they felll apart and Stein's Character put their bodies into the bag and drug them to the small child. The child then began eating the bodies of the two women without realizing it. Stein's Character then picked up the second small child which he now realized was a female girl. [yes I know female girl is redundant so shut up about it.] Stein's Character then took this kid and cut a small hole in this girl's foot and drug her around turning the grass around the forest bloody while this kid cried and the other kid was eating the two women because he was a hungry child and needed to be sustained with whatever means possible for the two at the time. Stein's Character felt sick but he knew this would be worth it. Stein's Character took his kunai knife and walked towards the female kid and said to this girl."You are a whore in training. Just because I removed you from your parents doesn't meant that you get the chance to get away with this crap. You need to wear a freaking shirt you whore." Stein's Character then stabbed through the girl completely first on the side that had no heart and then on the side that the girl's heart was on. Stein's Character laughed and then picked up what was left of this girl and threw the girl towards the village where if someone were entering the woods they would see this dead body.

Stein's Character walked over to the last kid and picked him up and shook him violently causing him to throw up on what was left of the remains. Stein's Character then cut a vagina into this kid and laughed while doing this. Stein's Character then stuck his pinky finger into the newly made woman's ear and twisted it around until he poked through this used to be unisex child and breaking the eardrums. The kid started crying to Stein's Character yelled at the kid. "WHY THE FUCK DIDN"T YOU WEAR A SHIRT MOTHERFUCKER." Stein's Character said and then opened fired with senbon at this kid and basically destroyed his body. Stein's Character attached a final kunai to a string and threw it into a tree. Another kunai was attached to another string and thrown into the opposite tree and finally the string was forced threw the ribcage of this kid and he was strung up. Stein's Character stood under him the kid's head touching Stein's Character's head beacuse Stein's Character was too tall for this joke to be played correctly anymore. The reason the kid's head was touching Stein's Character's head because it rotated upside down while being attached to the tree. Stein's Character laughed and sat around waiting for his dream to come to an end and in his happy place the dream did come to an end. He was ready now. For now he was able to unleash all four tails of the demon and had completed his training. [center].
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Your RP sample is ungodly long.

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Stein of Division 6
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