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 Ex Captain of squad 5

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PostSubject: Ex Captain of squad 5   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:54 pm


Name: Kuraiyama Mizuki
Nickname(s): kurai
Age: 1,100
Visual Age: 20

Rank: captain
Sexual Orientation: straight
Weight: 100 pounds

Body Frame: petite yet slender
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: strong,cheerful,And positive.Yet soft,and gentle when the time calls for it.

Kurai appears to be a twenty year old woman with light pink hair that falls down her back. that she'll either leave in a ponytail or a single braid.and torquoise eyes with full light pink lips.She's petite yet has a curvy figure with supple E cup sized breasts .Her skin is smooth and the color of cream peach. Her shinigami outfit consists of a black kimono with a white sleeveless captains haori with a blue obi tied around her waist. She wears traditional Chinese shoes and her zanpakuto is strapped to her back.When Kurai is in a gigai,her hair is left loose and she wears a white short sleeve button up shirt with a few buttons undone to reveal her collarbone,she wears this with a black tie and a black skirt,black socks that stop below the knee and white shoes. Or shell wear a green t shirt with pair of black pants and black sneakers with her hair tied in a loose ponytail. She also appears to have a snake bite on her lower lip,the piercings having two small silver hooped rings.
Hobbies: in the soul society she trains to get stronger while in her free time she reads or draws or she can be seen wmdering around the world of the living.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- music,sports,waking around,hot springs,and chatting with friends.

Dislikes-people who hurt her friends and squad,country music,being called with the honorific "captain" and the color pink.

Personality: As a captain,kurai is cheerful friendly and positive. Always looking on the bright side of things.she doesn't like to be called with honorifics from her own squad for she believes that despite thee difference in power she is equal to her squad.though she is kind to her squad members she is no push over. She allows no slacking off on the Job and encourages her squad members to train hard to become stronger. She is serious when the time calls for it and puts others before herself in battle.not afraid to die and always Ready to risk her life for the saftey of her squad,friends,and the soul society.she is also very determined and refuses to give up despite the strength of her enemy. And she encourages her squad to do the same. Though she isn't a fool and will think before she acts. She is also extrememly skilled in the art of combat. As she trained for years to earn her place as captain. When she is not on duty however she is still friendly yet she is mischievous and loves to tease. She also enjoys having casual conversations with people and has a knack of befriending the people she meets. Even if she's in the company of her enemy she is still respectful and kind yet not as friendly and cheerful. Though she hates killing she will do it if she has to without her free time kurai can be seen reading a book in her office,drawing in the soul society or the world of the living,relaxing in the hot springs. Training with her squad or others and wandering the world of the living or the forest in the soul society.

Defining Characteristics: long pink hair and a tattoo of a black flame on the small of her back as well as two silver hopped rings on her lower lip.
Specialties: Kurai is talented in drawing and she also has a gift with dancing and will occasionally visit the world of the living to go to a club to dance.
Fighting type: well rounded
one cold winter night in Tokyo japan. A couple where sitting in their home. The husband who worked as a doctor and the wife was the owner of a flower shop. The couple were expecting a child. In less than two weeks. They where excited yet nervous at the thought of being parents. However they almost constantly had problems. Invisible creatures would follow them if they walked through public places at night. They roared constantly. Terrifying the couple. Unknown too the soon to be parents, the hollows were attracted to the spiritual energy the wife contained inside of her. When the baby was due,and they tried to make way to the hospital. A hollow attacked the home. Crushing the car. The husband kept the hollow busy by blocking tendoors andntskimg his wife into the basement area. As the hollow was slowly making progress,the wife's screams of agony filled the household until faint wailing could he heard in the distance. The now mother and father of the child cradled the tiny infant. Naming their baby girl Kuraiyama.they where then snapped back into reality as they heard the sound of the Door being smashed to pieces. Determined to keep the baby safe. They hid her in a box in a small closet with a light blanket to cover the top. Kissing the baby one last time before facing off with the hollow. Despite their efforts, the hollow successfully slaughtered and ate the parents. Leaving kuraiyama orphaned. The hollow could sense the baby girls spiritual enrgy from the closet and eagerly headed over ready to claim it's prize when a shinigami appeared and hacked off it's limbs. It's roars of pain causing kuraiyama to awaken and cry. The shinigami heard the cries of the child and finished the battle by casting a hado 33 spell. Blasting the hollows body in half. Killing it instantly. The shinigami moved to the closet where the girls spiritual energy was sensed. The female gently picked up the baby girl and held her for a moment. Humming and rocking the girl until the baby fell asleep. Knowing that the parents where dead. The shinigami deicded to raise the child as her own from that day forth.The first thing she did was to figure what the original parents named her. Using her zanpakuto ability she learned that the baby girl was named kuraiyama mizuki.The female shinigami made a fine mother for kurai however she was much different than most mothers. For while kurai was at a young age she taught and trained her into learning how to fight in hand to hand combat always encouraging her to become stronger. Kurai who disliked fighting seemed to take joy in hearing her so called mothers praise as she accomplished something. She even home schooled kurai up until she was about 11 years old. The shinigami knew that kurai was starting to feel lonely as she had no other company than herself. Wanting kurai to make some friends enrolled her into a school for young girls. At school, things seemed pretty decent as kurai showed to be pretty intellegent for her age as well as pretty. However as the school days passed by, students grew jealous of kurai because she attracted attention from the males from the neighboring school and was praised by the teachers.thus making the girls hate kurai.making her miserable each and every day insulting her and pulling her hair. As kurai came back home her shinigami mother could see the bruises and the misery in kurai's soft silver blue eyes. Causing the shinigami to become quite furious of the fact that they where hurting kurai and the fact that she could do nothing about it at the time. As kurai grew older,she became much more attractive and intellegent. And despite her kind nature the females in her class never liked her. If anything they increased their emotional and physical abuse until kurai's mother pulled her out of school and started home schooling kurai again. However another event occured. Hollows would attack kurai's home town frequently in search of humans with high spiritual pressure. As kurai walked into townthe hollows followed her into a dark ally and attacked. Kurai seeing the creatures became horrified yet she tried to fight them off the best she could. Suddenly with a flash of sudden blue light. the hollows where encased in ice. Scared of what she done, kurai ran home to her mother and told her everything. Causing the female shinigami to hold kurai close and explain who she really was and what kurai was. She started explaining about the soul society and hueco mundo and even mentioned how her real parents died.and That starting tomorrow she would train kurai how to control her abilities. Kurai was 15 at the time.

Kurai's mother became much more tense than usual as kurai's seventeth birthday came up. For she knew that the soul society was looking for her. However it wasn't herself that she was oncerned about she was worried about kurai's well being. Afraid of what might happen if the soul society found out about kurai.meanwhile kurai was still timid about being back in school.and sure enough the students treated her horribly as they did long ago. Once again emotionally and physically abusing kurai walked back home she felt a presence nearby yet it disappeared.for some reason this made kurai extremely nervous.eunning home as fast as she could calling out to her adopted mother she opened the door to find blood everywhere and to her horror she found her mothers corpse limp in a male shinigami's hands.he flung the body over his shoulder and attempted to leave yet through blind rage kurai attacked him.the shinigami was surprised at this and when he tried to reach for his katana,kurai had already wounded him using her mothers blade.abandoning the female shinigami's dead body.the male shunpoed.disappearing from sight.Kurai cradled her mothers head in her lap as she mourned.kurai burried her in the backyard under a cherry tree.there kurai would give respect by leaving flowers at her grave.ever since that day.kurai had been fending for herself and going to school despite the harsh abuse that occured.knowing that one day she wouldn't have to deal with this any longer.however she was wrong. for even in adult hood she was given problems. one day as she was on her way back home one rainy night. a dark figure stalked her. a knife was pulled out of his jacket pocket. as kurai fumbled with the keys to her home the figure grabbed her and stabbed her multiple times. leaving kurai on her doorstep bleeding to death.
all that kurai could feel was pain until she drew her final breath and everything went black.

Kuraiyama awoke on the doorstep to find a metal chain in the center of her chest confused shetwisted it around her fingers for a minute until she sensed someone behind her. she turned to see a tall male wearing a black kimono while wielding a katana stood before her. Saying his name and rank before suddenly drawing his katana from it's sheath and slamming the end of his blade in her forehead. Transferring her to the soul society. There she learned what she was and were she was. Determined to become a shinigami. Kurai immediantly enrolled herself into the academy. Constantly studying and training. From kido to swordsmanship to shunpo. Kurai learned and mastered all there was to know about being a shinigami. Even figuring out her zanpakuto's name and mastering shikai. When she graduated, she was immediantly premoted to 3rd seat of the second division. There she trained constantly for 200 years until she finally mastere shikai and was learning bankai. She was then premoted to lieutenant of the fifth division. She continued to train. Becoming stronger and Steiner until she mastered bankai. She was one of the lieutenants that had captain level spiritual energy. when her captain died in battle kurai was then promoted to captain. Taking her captains place. From there on out,kurai lead her squad with confidence. Proving herself worthy of the title captain.everyone respected her and even admired her determination as well as body to her annoyance. she can be seen either training her squad members, drawing, wandering around or down in the world of the living at clubs to dance when ever she can.however many years passed and kurai continued to train herself pushing herself further and further.she continued to push her squad harder and harder making sure that their skills could be good enough to battle any hollow that crossed their path. one fateful day everything changed as kurai was sent to hueco mundo to she explored las noches and took careful notes she was captured by an espada. there she was held hostage for several then the seretei gave up their search on her and simply replaced her with a new captain while kurai remained in las noches. one day kurai grew tired of playing games and broke free from her prison cell only to be cornered by arrancar. one of them holding her zanpakuto. engaging in combat with the small army, she overwhelmed the weaker ones with her spiritual energy causing half of them to fall to their knees and as for the others she used hand to hand combat and kido spells.Until she fought her way over to the arrancar that held her zanpakuto. she fought him for a good half hour until he was ready to release his ressereccion. leaving his side open. Kurai kicked him square in the rib cage causing it to break. in agony the arrancar dropped kurai's zanpakuto which she snatched up and shunpoed out of las noches. she ran through the menos forest. using her zanpakuto alone to kill the hollows that got in her way. finally finding a place she used a kido spell and opened a garganta. jumping through it she ended up in the world of the living. hearing that she was replaced. she was disappointed. she didnt want to have a seated officer rank for her spiritual energy was stronger than such. knowing that it would cause problems later on Kurai simply went to the world of the living given permission from the captain commander. there she bought a home and sat in waiting until the soul society contacted her for help.

Role-play Sample:

Sounds of metal clashing with metal echoed through the forest one ot evening.Come on come on!!! Is that all ya got?! kurai demanded as she sparred with her captain and friend Soifon. She was wearing her usual shinigami outfit with a lieutenant bage on her left arm. Her hair was in aponytail with her bangs hanging over her face.Soifon simply smirked and appeared behind her.don't get cocky now.. before a kick could be made to kurai's back she turned around and slashed at soifon causing nthe leader of the stealth force to jump back in surprise. Grinning wickedly kurai attacked head on slashing and kicking at her captain without holding back. She wanted to get Steiner and learn shunpo from soifon but in prefer to do that she needed to surpass her in speed. Kurai's zanpackuto spirit cheered her on mentally saying."that's it! You can take her! Come on come on cut her already!" as if on cue, kurai was able to make a small cut on soifon's cheek with the point of her blade. Causing soifon to touch her cheek in amazement as kurai closed in and concentrated her spiritual power into her kick sending the captain of squad two flying into a tree. The point to kurai's katana slightly against her throat. it's over! kurai said with a vicorious smile on her face as soifon seemed shocked at her loss. Putting her katana back in it's sheath. Kurai smiled and waved at soifon.well thanks for the workout but it's getting late I'm going to get to bed now...night soifon-Taichou! with a wink and a giggle kurai shunpoed away into the night.

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PostSubject: Re: Ex Captain of squad 5   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:13 am

The fifth division is taken by Dazai.

Quote :
Specialties: kurai is very skilled in kido,hand to hand combat and swordsmanship. Being able to hold her own without releasing her zanpakuto for quite some time.

Loopholes, hah. Remove everything involving the way she prefers to battle, we have a section for that. It's called "Fighting type". Choose other worth-while specialties. Such as being able to make a fine dish, your character being a female and all. Maybe even knowing how to work the shaft, a pole; even knowing how to perform a lap dance. Damn, girl. Think outside the box, will ya? You can always be naughty and know how to fight well.

Quote :
Fighting type: she prefers to fight hand to hand or with kido but she is also very talented in swordsmanship and her zanpakuto techniques.

I suggest you check this: Fighting Styles. You get one and one only.

Increase your age to 20. No one wants under-age girls runnin' around with swords. Men are very protective, y'know. Sensitive too, we have feelings.

99 pounds? C'mon, be realistic now. 100+ would be fine.

Your appearance, mind being a little bit descriptive about it? How big or small your character's bosoms are and what-not.

No defining characteristics? Are you sure 'bout that?
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Ex Captain of squad 5
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