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 Kaze Shinigami application

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Clemente Vega


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PostSubject: Kaze Shinigami application   Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:07 am


Nickname(s):Kaze, Kami
Visual Age:25

Division:4th Division
Rank: 4th Seat
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 162 lbs

Body Frame: Lithe
Blood Type: B
Sound of Voice: A very comforting and soothing voice, very smooth, around baritone.
Appearance: With dark brown hair that is long enough to frame his face, from behind he could easily be mistake for a woman, although upon seeing his actual face would quickly prove that false. With a clear complexion, his eyes a dark blue, there always seems to be a smile on his face and his eyes seem to always have a fire burning brightly behind them. His nose seems to blend right in, neither sharply pointed or squashed and has no facial hair to speak of.

Kaze's skin tone borders on pale, but this is just his natural skin color, not from any effect from his lifestyle. His body is thin but toned. His arms and legs are normal for his height, neither too short or lanky.
Introvert/Extrovert:While he enjoys being around and helping people, he's also fine being by himself amongst his own thoughts.
Hobbies: Go, Painting, Gambling, Studying the human world.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Helping others, the rush of winning something, philosophy, real world artifacts, anything out of the ordinary, hot and spicy things, puzzles.

Dislikes-Cruelty, blood, dull or boring things, sour foods, dogs, the color gray, people with short attention spans

Personality:Kaze, at first, seems to be a very nice person, whose heart is in the right place. He is always eager to help someone out as best as he can. However, upon knowing him further, one finds that he is more complicated and, more odd than this.

He is fascinated by the oddest of things, the stranger it is the more it intrigues him. He hates things that are simple and enjoys thinking about things. He also tends to get annoyed with people that move onto to other things rather quickly, and will have a tendency to ignore them childishly, mainly because they fail to see the fascinating details of objects that he so loves.

While he gets along with most everyone, he also tends to be a bit of an outcast due to his eccentricities, though he doesn't seem to notice or care, as this doesn't stop him from sharing whatever new tidbit he had learned from whomever he is assisting. However, due to his curiosity, he tends to be a bit gullible.

Defining Characteristics:His willingness to help others, as well as his interest in the oddest of things.
Specialties: Because whenever he learns about something, he goes all out in learning about it, he tends to have success in new hobbies that he tries. He is quite adept at Go, and is also a quick learner overall. He specializes in tasks that require a fine attention to detail or a vast amount of knowledge to learn and utilize.
Fighting type: Kidou Killer
History/Background:Kaze doesn't remember much of his human life, having forgotten most of those memories, most likely because his human life was uneventful. However, since he arrived in Rukongai, he has taken a much more interest in life and learning what it has to offer.

He lived in a relatively peaceful part of Rukongai, though was often seen alone, but almost always happy. He was seen doing anything from learning a new game and figuring out the best way to win, to helping animals (with the exception of dogs). While always willing to help, he never had any close friends as his eccentricities often made people hold him at a distance.

His desire to become a shinigami came when a thief was apprehended by some using binding kidou. Kaze's eyes lit up upon seeing this natural wonder and immediately set out to become a shinigami, determined to learn kidou. However, he ended up failing the entrance exam the first time and it wasn't until his second attempt that he was allowed in.

Once in the academy, he quickly proved that natural talent was all that was necessary, making up for his lack of exceptional talent with pure desire to learn. He graduated in 5 years instead of the normal 6 and, due to his kind and caring personality as well as his adeptness in kidou, was taken into the 4th Division. It is here that he continues to strive to improve his kidou, finally finding something that continues to amaze and fascinate him, the limits of kidou seemingly boundless.
Role-play Sample: Link User name is the same, character name is Mammon.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaze Shinigami application   Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:54 am

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Kaze Shinigami application
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