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 Tetsu Kokku (Shinigami)

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Tetsu Kokku


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PostSubject: Tetsu Kokku (Shinigami)   Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:34 pm


Name: Tetsu Kokku
Nickname(s): Oudou Innou
Age: 129
Visual Age:19

Gender: Male
Division: 6th
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5' 11"
Weight:about 180

Body Frame: Muscular Build, but not bulky
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: not to deep but not to high, a crisp teen voice.
Appearance: Tetsu Kokku wears his Shinigami Robe everywhere he goes, he keeps it nice and dry cleaned so that it stays real crisp and the seems are easily noticable keeping himself looking sharp and professional. He has hazel eyes with a mixture of colors which include: Green, brown lines going from his pupil to the outside edge of his iris, and a thin, deep blue outline around the entire iris giving his eyes a multitude of colors which he is constantly complimented on. He has a toned, somewhat tear drop face with a scar going down from his left temple down to his chin in a straight line from a prank at a high school party gone wrong. He has solid black hair that hangs down just below his chin in length, he keeps it straightened at all times.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert, he likes to speak his mind but not to the extreme level
Hobbies: Hobbies include: killing small animals, killing large animals, killing plants, killing hollow, playing games that involve killing people, and climbing walls
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Hunting just about anything that lives, increasing his knowledge, making people laugh whenever possible, training, and playing video games...

Dislikes- The color brown, snobbish people, smalll dogs that bark at everything, his stepmom, and onions

Personality: Tetsu Kokku is a really laid back person, despite having a rough life he knows how to relax and have a good time. On days where he managed to have free time he liked to either just chill and sleep, or go to parties and be the center of it. He is constantly joking about something and always has smart alec remark to say to somebody for some reason or another and he isn't afraid to tell anyone what he is thinking. However, if something is completely none of his business then he won't bother unless he just finds himself bored and wants to get into something mischievous. If nothing interesting is happening to him at the moment he tends to knod off and fall asleep whether he is with someone important doing something that rquires the utmost attention or whatever. He is quite forgetful at times and has a hard time remebering peoples names that he has just met, usually resulting in them getting uber pissed at him. When he's not in the midst of partying or relaxing he can most always be seen training, he believes entirely that he should be kept in peek condition in case something were to happen and hes called in to a fight.

Defining Characteristics: Other than the scar on the side of his face, nothing.
Fighting type: Tetsu Kokku's fighting style is Samurai, he never uses kidou and rarely hand to hand combat. He focuses almost all his attention to sword play and speed, he believes in striking down the opponent before they can even comprehend what's happening.

I. The Rough Beginning

Tetsu Kokku was a prom dumpster baby. His mom was the high school slut that everyone knew about, she slept with a freshman from the high school after her senior prom at a party where everyone, including freshman, were invited. After getting this freshman hammered drunk she got him in bed and took, not only taking his virginity, but his dignity as well... that and she gave him gonorrhea. She got pregnant from this kid and named the child Tetsu Kokku (Iron Cock) mainly for fun and it reminded her of the freshman who impregnated her for reasons that don't need to be described.

She attempted to take care of Tetsu for a while but gave up claiming it was "Just to hard to raise a kid" after several hours of this child's birth. She took him to a nearby dumpster on the streets of the worst part of the neighborhood. Standing next to the dumpster she kissed his forehead, wrapped him up in his thin hospital blanket that was provided, smack him across his blanket covered face 3 or 4 times, and dropped into the empty dumpster. After crying and laying in the cold dumpster, a nearby homeless man hears Tetsu's screams and pulls him out of the dumpster. The unknown hobo tries to calm the child but after about 45 minutes of screaming he gets seriously annoyed and sets the infant child on a nearby doorstep and rings the doorbell and leaves.

II. The Child's Childhood

Three small children answer the door and look down at Tetsu Kokku who was just laying there crying in his small hospital blanket. The three kids all lunge after him at the same time as if they were fighting for him but they accidentally knock him of the step and out onto the sidewalk where proceeds to scream at the top of his lungs. The oldest looking boy steps down and picks up Tetsu Kokku and then runs inside yelling for his mom.

She said that they couldn't just leave the boy out there like this. She then looked at his hospital wrist band which was still on his wrist and had all his information on it. She took Tetsu Kokku in as one of her own and raised him as such. Her other three boys were rough housers, their form of play was to wrestle and fight and by being rough to Tetsu throughout his whole life like they did is what toughened him up in the long run. He lived his childhood as the youngest brother and was always getting beaten up but his older siblings. He went through school as a highly intelligent student, he knew everything the teachers taught him and assigned him, but he made average grades due to the fact that school was uninteresting to him and he was lazy when it came to doing his work.

III. The Teenage Struggles

Once Tetsu Kokku got into high school he started taking interest in weights and being fit, he worked out daily in his weight lifting classes giving him his build. After school he would go to his part time job where he made the money he used for his food and any class supplies he might need. He would always have some money left over which he would usually blow on something like a game. He heard a group of people at school talking about a small weapons training dojo thats opening up soon, thats when he started saving up his extra bit of money instead of spending it all.

Once the dojo opened up, Tetsu Kokku immediately purchased a membership and began training in the art of sword play. He was dubbed a fast learner and continued to train and learn until defeating his trainer. He was then recommended to a larger area for his training and began growing even more in skill. He always found someone who was better than he was so he would strive and try his hardest to defeat them, which helped him grow even more.

IV. The Cold Truth

It got to the point where Tetsu Kokku had a schedule of school, his job, and his weapons training. He would go to school then work one day, and go to school then train the next and alternate. After coming into his senior year of high school his "mom" told him about his infant years and what had happened. Tetsu Kokku went into a rage after finding out the truth of his family, he couldn't believe he was just "found" on their doorstep and taken in. Taking it incredibly hard he stormed out of the house into a heavy rain that had just picked up, he stopped at a grocery store and bought a few canned goods for him to eat while he was gone, he then stopped at a weapon's dealer purchasing his very own blade to defend himself. He left his town never to be seen there again.

V. Out In The Wild

Tetsu Kokku traveled the wilderness, encountering many new people and places. He lived as a rogue and had to steal to make his living. When he wasn't near a town, he would always manage to find a bandit camp where he would kill the bandits using the skills he learned from all his training and then take their goods. The more he traveled and fought, the more his reiatsu built up. After a while he started noticing odd shifts in land which he didn't pay much mind to until it got to the point where he could clearly see these creatures. He would only fight them and increase his skill even more until during one inparticular battle with the toughest monster he had fought.

Unlike the other monsters this one could talk, and fought exceptionaly well compared to anything else he had faced. The monster said that since he was a human, his only reason for existance was to be eaten by the hollow. Tetsu Kokku fought as hard he could in order to stay alive, but it wasn't enough. The monster was getting pissed at Tetsu for his ability to defend himself like he did, so the monster let out a loud scream and dashed at Tetsu with his full speed, attacked him and killed him with this final attack.

Tetsu's soul then stood up and looked down at his now motionless body, fear and anger poured into his heart and he let out a huge yell as his reiatsu poured from his now dead soul, so much so that the monster who was just about to eat him fell to his knees, a nearby shinigami scouting for hollow felt the sudden intensity of this reiatsu and rushed over. Upon seeing the fallen hollow and the soul of young boy standing next to his dead, beaten up body, he rushed over and sliced down the hollow with one fell swoop.

VI. Shinigami, Hollow, and Death?

Tetsu Kokku was standing next to this robed person, struck with complete awe, after seeing wat had happened. The robed person began to walk towards Tetsu Kokku when he jumped yellin for them not to slice him for he is defensless. The robed person said that he was a good guy and he's gonna send him to the spirit world away from the dangerous hollow and such here on earth. Tetsu feeling completely confused began asking questions about who this person was, wat that monster that he struggled so hard against to fight, and why he is now a spirit. The robed person told Tetsu Kokku all about the shinigami, the hollow, and that he is now dead. the shinigami then realized that it was Tetsu's reiatsu that he had felt, not the hollow's and asked Tetsu Kokku his age. He replied 19 and the shinigami then said, im going to send you to a place called Rukongai, it's a place where all lost souls are sent upon the soul bureal, and once you get there i want you to keep training and building your reiatsu then go to the academy and become a shinigami yourself. He then touched the end of his hilt Tetsu Kokku's forehead and he began to light up and was sent on.

VII. After Life

Upon arrival in Rukongai, the first thing that Tetsu Kokku did was remember what that shinigami had said to him, to continue training, and he did so. He trained everyday, his reiatsu grew even stronger, he was the strongest out of everyone. He was then selected to attend the academy, where he could become a shinigami. He entered the school and received a sword. After many more years of training he finally bonded with his soul and sword resulting in him unlocking his shikai form. He continued training increasing his sword fighting abilities, he learned shunpo, and other shinigami tricks. He lived the next 100 years or so in the 6th division completing missions with ease, training off of hollow, and sparing every chance he could get.
Role-play Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Tetsu Kokku (Shinigami)   Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:26 am

1. I don't like it.

2. Keep in mind your Reiatsu means nothing to others, if you're not at the same rank or level.

3. After thinking about it.

4. You're APPROVED.
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Tetsu Kokku (Shinigami)
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