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 Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)

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PostSubject: Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:13 pm

Name: Misumi Seth
Nickname(s): Guilty Light
Age: 1300
Visual Age: 24

Gender: Female
Division: (Any one that doesn't have a captain)
Rank: Captain (but if that’s a no just say so and place me wherever: )
Sexual Orientation: Both (Glares at Vicky/Jushiro!)
Height: 5"9
Weight: 11 st

Body Frame: Medium (but muscular)
Blood Type: (O)
Sound of Voice: (Seth has a soft light voice that sounds like an angel but at the same time seducing like a succubus. Every time you hear it you feel like your ears are having sexy and will turn to hear it clearer)
Appearance: ( Seth is a women from western Europe more accurately Sweden. She stands 5"11 which is quiet tall and has a muscular build with A 34 GG bra size. She has light blue eyes and long flowing bleached white hair and a light complexion. Seth is normally in her shinigami uniform, with the occasional switch to a nurses/maid/cop outfit. Oh and she always wears high heeled sandals.)

Introvert/Extrovert: (Extrovert)

Hobbies: (What hobbies do you take interest in?)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes-Ice cream, Sex, anything that can get her drunk, her students and Candy

Dislikes- Need less fighting, bitches, People way stronger than herself and death.

Personality: (Seth has a simple persona, but at the same time it can be considered complex due to the way it can change in short periods of time. Being a proud shinigami she will lead her underlings and those who are lost or undecided as if everyone one of them where her students or even family. Acting very motherly at times, but when faced with enemies who could harm her or her allies she doesn't waver. She turns into an ice-cold killer who unleashes all her power to overwhelm and subdue the enemy. But when alone with certain people again the way she acts twists to a sexy succubus who is addicted to sex, of all kinds.)

Defining Characteristics: (What unique characteristics are distinctive to your character?)

Specialties: (What is your character's specialty? This has nothing do with fighting.)

Fighting type: (What type of a fighter are you? Go here to see the fighting types:

History/Background: (In life Seth was a teacher who taught a school in the far out country side. She enjoyed teaching; it was her passion in life along with being the wife the leader of their small village. This life was mostly good to Seth apart from the villagers thinking weird of her as she had enough money not to work seeing how her husband was a wealthy leader.

But sadly this life didn't last long. Her village was raided and burnt to the ground. All her students, family, friends and husband were taken from her. Only a couple survivors remained. A seed of hatred was embedded within Seths' soul that day which lead her to take up the arms with the rest of the remaining villagers. Seth trained relentlessly for a whole year and until the bandits who murdered her joy returned. This time the village was ready with early reports from newly appointed scouts. Together with a band of poorly armed village lay hidden until the bandits attacked. But the bandits where slaughtered from a surprise attack, complete overkill killed. The village took little damage from the raid, but the void of their lost loved ones remained.

But unluckily now Seths' country had fallen into a great war, with one of its' neighbors. Seths' village defended itself with Seth as its' leader for many years but evenly it fell, with Seth being the last women standing fighting to her dying breath. Seth wondered the world aimlessly for another year or two nearly turning into a hollow four times.

Luckily one day she bumped into a shinigami who took her to Soul Society. There she lived for a couple of years only to discover that she had quite a good amount of reistu and became a shinigami. In the academy she trained and moved swiftly into the 1st Division.

And that has pretty much lead up to now where she is now training as a member of the 1st Division. But recently she has changed divisions Smile

RP sample:
Chaos- Chapter 1

It was a dreadfully hot day in Seiteitei, home of the souls who have passed on and shinigami alike. Seth was walking along in her divisions’ halls heading towards the meeting her captain had called to squad members of the current situation the shinigami where in. She was hoping it to be a nice calm meeting with little input needed. But knowing how unpredictable things can be in the afterlife Seth didn't dismiss the worst being a possibility.

By her side, to the left stood trusted 2nd seat Ryuk, a trusted friend and a loyal ally in the fight for justice. To her right the 3rd strongest fighter in the entire squad and also the third seat, Kizer Zakuyo. A powerful man only interested in fighting the strongest of opponents whilst following the captains' word like law, being the most powerful opponent he would find around here.

Kizer walked proudly down the corridor standing 6" 5 with his shirt off, revealing his heavily toned six-back and a huge muscular build. Although powerful Seth ensured he stuck to fighting rather than assigning him other duties since he wasn't exactly the brightest of shinigami. Seth accompanied by Kizer and Ryuk walked down the corridor until they reached the meeting hall doors.
They entered the meeting room. Seth walked first into the mediocre sized meeting hall and stood at the end on what would have been the captains’ left hand side, staring now in a civil manner. Kizer took his position, already bored of waiting for the other important members of the squad.

The doors opened and a single glint of sunlight shot through the room filled by the division’s members. Sasume Haro captain of this division entered the room gracefully. Sasume was another one of Seths most trusted allies and friend for life. Sasume had her head held high with her long bright pink hair flowing as she glided along the floor taking her position at the end of the room.

After Sasume took her position the doors busted open causing a powerful draft through the entire room. All present members all turned in curiosity. The 9th seat, Trez Alcar, didn't normal act so rash nor ever make an entrance as energetic as that. Trez had an awfully bad look on his face that spelled out chaos.

Panic- Chapter 2
Trez walked down the centre of the room with his dark robe and equally long dark purple hair flowing as he walked. He took a bow and looked deeply into Captains' eyes with his single uncovered dark purple eye. Seth remained silent deeply disturbed at the thought of something unsettling one such as Trez like this let alone one of her ex-training buddy (who she had put through hell)
Seth brushed the few misplaced hairs and remained silent worrying for what new Trez had bought to the meeting. Trez continued to stare into eyes only making her worry even more. He then took a breath and begun to talk with a serious tone "I have had three reports from three separate shinigami from the division detailing a attack on Kakura town which we are responsible for...." Trez took a second breath now slightly longer than the first and then continued "All shinigami who have reported back have all sensed a large amount of different reistu’ all at mixed levels. But 7th Seat Karen who was the third to report back has detailed that there were two extremely powerful reistu both of which having disturbing levels. He also looked into the source of the attack and it appears they are all coming from a portal in western Kakura town near the residential area."
Seth and the other members all took a moment to take in what has just been said. "A attack on Kakura Town?!" Kizer muttered happily whilst smirking not being able to hide his newly found source of excitement. Captain Sasume remained silent and still whilst thinking about what was to come.
But then began barking out her orders “We leave at noon! All division members are to report to the gate ready for combat. Apart from you June, you stay behind and inform captain commander on all the details and request assistance from the over squads.”
“As far as tactics go we'll be doing a ping and sting tactic having weaker division members at the rear setting up a barricade camp, whilst I and all seated officers head into the fray. We’ll purge the entire area of hollows immediately and allow not a single one of them a route to escape.”
Sasume flung her hand forwards "Go!" All shinigami in the room vanished including Seth to prepare for the coming fight. It would indeed be dangerous but regardless of that Soul Society needed to maintain justice and stability in both their world and the living world.

Last edited by Seth on Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:34 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)   Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:50 pm

No. No to captaincy, or even to being a lieutenant.

Fix some grammar errors.

You're missing a few things, such as Specialties, Fighting style, and defining characteristics.
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PostSubject: Re: Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)   Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:17 am

sorry this is just a crappy edited version of one of my older charaters that I quickly wrote up a while back:( and are you a admin? I'll finish it later

(also btw admins I still have the Work In Progress thingie at the top:)
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Web Master

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PostSubject: Re: Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)   Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:13 pm

Add "WIP" to the topic name please.
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PostSubject: Re: Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)   

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Misumi Seth-Shinigami (WIP)
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