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 Kaizen (Shinigami)

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Dark Red
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PostSubject: Kaizen (Shinigami)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:01 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Kaizen
Nickname(s):Dark Red
Age: 475
Visual Age: 28

Sexual Orientation:Straight
Height: 5'10

Body Frame:Medium
Blood Type:O
Sound of Voice:Deep
Appearance:Kaizen wears a kimono similiar to his old shinigami uniform with the only difference being that it's dark red. The male is of average height and weight with a hair color of black. He's also a brown skinned male with green, bright eyes. He also has a few medium sized scars on his collar bone, shoulders, and abdomen. His eye brows are slightly thick and his body appears to be athletic and ripped, though it was not the result of being apart of a sports team. His body was attained through sheer independant work when he's not busy.
Hobbies:His hobbies include practicing his zanjutsu techniques, cooking, exercising, and sleeping.
Likes and Dislikes:He likes fighting/sparring, food, sleeping,pain, and women. He especially hates rude people, jerks, power hungry, arrogant, cliche individuals.

Personality:Kaizen seems to have a multiple layered personality. The one where everyone sees or is most commonly seen is the carefree, dark comical Kaizen. What usually is something sad or horrific is something Kaizen will mend and twist into his "dark comedy". Even though there are people who rarely see his side of things, he's seen as an insensitive person, especially when cracks about dead people or mutilated people, or about mutilating people. However, his view on life and all of its ugly occurences are a testament of his detachment to the most gruesome things anyone would see, even to hollows and any other spiritual entity.

Kaizen also seems to be a masochist, which he considers as a gift rather than a personality disorder. This addition to his personality is and aid to his emotional detachment towards mentally disturbing things and all that is harmful to the mind, brain, and emotions. Kaizen does have emotion, but he knows when it's appropriate to show or utilize them. The side that people seldomly see is a Kaizen that appears to be unbelievably passionate individual that sees things in an unbiased light, noting all things from every view possible, even going as far as seeing what would be justice to one individual and what would be evil and unjust to the other.

He even can care for someone when the individual deserves to be cared for or looked after. With this trait combined with his emotional detachment and abnormal insight makes for an unorthadox spiritual entity on any standard.

Defining Characteristics: His kimono was originally white, though because of a certain wide scale incident, his kimono was horribly stained all over with several types of blood that it stayed a permanent dark red, hence his new alias.
Fighting type:Samurai
History/Background:Kaizen was a soul born in soul society, though he was born in the zaraki district, a dangerous district filled with mostly, if not, all criminals. As he grew up in district 80, he was victim to several muggings and fights, usually finding himself in an abandoned hut until a merciful old lady decided to look after him and treated his wounds until he was grown enough to care for himself. However, during the night, he would sneak out of the old lady's hut and stalk around alley ways to look out for those who mugged him in the past.

He stuck close to the shadows with a lead pipe, spotting the group hanging out in one particular alley way, sitting around a fire. He peeped around the corner, plotting his next move on the perps. Everytime he would get beat up, it was always those four grown men. He waited for hours and hours until the group would disperse to head home for rest. He followed a bald guy to his house. He crouched down since he was heading towards Kaizen's corner. As the guy turned, he walked slowly since he could barely see anything infront of his face.

He leaped onto the man's back and crushed his throat with the lead pipe and proceeded to stalk the alley ways after the other three. It was that night he decided to learn how to defend himself and to live the life of vengence. Years later, he was accepted into the soul reaper academy where he learned to become a great shinigami, joining the second division because of his talent with close combat, especially with the sword. He learned the name of his zanpakutou a little later after graduation at night time.

He was sent on a mission back to his old district, though it almost ended in failure after being ambushed by countless hollows in an alley and almost killed him in the tight space. The shinigami interfering with the zaraki district sparked a small civil war that Kaizen fought himself, almosy dying again in the process as his uniform was permanently stained in blood, making it the new color of his outfit. After ending the civil war, he gained the nick name "Dark Red".

Role-play Sample: Kaizen strolled through Rukongai in tattered clothing with his zanpakutou in hand. Seeing this as a sign of weakness, some lowly thugs approach the male and surrounded him. It was four scarred men with chains and swords. One by one they charged at him. He raised his sword and maneuvered around each individual, slamming the bottom of his hilt into their temporals before slicing at their shoulders in retaliation for their counter. After he dropped the thugs, he continued his way back towards the Gotei 13 headquarters.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaizen (Shinigami)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:36 pm

Quote :
Kaizen also seems to be a masochist, which he considers as a gift rather than a personality disorder.

Okay... so your character jizzes over whips instead of normal love... that's one. Not a big deal, but anyways.

Also I noticed a conspiracy in your character thread...


Unassuming name at first, is it not? But let's subtract K from it...


WTF?! It proves that you are an evil unassuming looking nice guy turning out to be a super evil guy who plans to assimilate world cultures in the form of domesticated global domination that involves the destruction of Walmart with use of thermonuclear device, thusly performing an action known as 'Kazumi'. You'll probably slick back your hair and turn out to be an evil sophisticated douchebag who will somehow kill one Shinigami and a shitload of Arrancar as a result of your own army...

But very accurate conspiracies aside, I would've given you Hell if you were applying for an elite status, and your history does express non-Gary Stu tendencies, so that's a plus for you.

But anyways, no problem, means a stamp from me.
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Kaizen (Shinigami)
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