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 Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn

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PostSubject: Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn   Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:11 am

Name: Mordrid Takanashi
Nickname(s): Mr.Google
Age: 1357
Visual Age: Mid to late 20’s

Gender: Male
Division: 2nd
Rank: Captain
Orientation: Straight
Height: 6” 4”
Weight: 143 lbs.

Body Frame: Medium Frame
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Mordrid has a calm and relaxed voice most of the time. His voice normally doesn’t sound like he has a care in the world and it can have a calming affect or irritate some people. His voice changes when he jokes around as a harassing the women in his squad he sounds ridiculous just as a joke. But when the time calls for it his voice sounds serious and caring.
Appearance: Mordrid was always known for his bloody crimson eyes. They were always a contradiction throughout his life they always seemed gently but with a fiery blood lust for his prey. His pupils are dark and pitch black but when he gets aroused his pupils dilate quite a bit as his eyes flare even brighter red. He has red hair a similar shade of red as his eyes. It flows gently in the wind and when the sun hits it just right it seems that his hair is a wild blaze flowing in the wind. It flows down to about his shoulders his bangs partially covering his forehead. His smile is a gentle one nothing to spectacular. He is clean shaved and doesn’t really grow facial hair. He is a fairly light skinned man with a soft tan to it so that he isn’t pale. His face can light up around the cheeks and under the eyes when he is embarrassed, though it is a rare occurrence. As one might expect from a hunter who fights animals hand to hand, Mordrid has come out with many scars covering his body though he conceals most of them with his clothes. He is not a ripped man but he has some quite defined muscles on his arms, legs, and chest. He wears around his neck on a golden chain the fang of a hollow, the very first one he killed when he was young, to remind him that he is a hunter and will always be one. On his left hand’s middle finger he wears a golden ring. He wears the standard black kimono but he tends to remove the top half of it when he walks around because he feels it restricts his movements. He respects his captain’s robe and whenever he wears it he always has his shirt on.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert who enjoys talking to people and socializing, though he doesn’t have to. He is happy to just stay alone and relax when he wants to or gets tired of people.
Hobbies: Hunting, relaxing, and partying with people
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Women, Taking naps or meditating, Jokes, Fighting, Partying, a good hunt for prey when the time calls for it

Dislikes- People who can’t take a joke or in general up tight people, A boring hunt, Long range fighters, his Bankai, meetings, paper work, any time someone address him in a serious manner like sir and such, People who hurt anyone he values close, cowards

Personality: Calm and relaxed is the best way to define Mordrid on a normal day he is a person who enjoys time when he doesn’t have to do any work, whenever he gets the chance he likes to delegate his paper work on to others, but he will do it when he needs to. He tends to find himself on the roofs of buildings for naps so that he can watch the clouds in the day and the stars at night either pretending to sleep or meditating. Otherwise he is off somewhere either hunting or training his skills so that they don’t get diminished, he is a hunter no matter what. He hunts many things including women, he always jokes with his squad female members sneaking up and grabbing them from behind as a joke. He does apologize after but he still does it because he just enjoys it and all the jokes. Even with all that he does still look for actual love and does wish to find someone special, but until then he continues his rampant harassment. He tends to get slapped but even then he continues the joke tending to act like a dirty masochist just to screw with them even more. Even with all that he is protective of all his comrades never faltering on them and doing whatever he can to protect them. He has a tendency to throw random gatherings and parties for his squad and others, though it is followed with a crazy training day for his squad. These parties can get wild when he goes all out and turns into a party animal.

When it comes time to be serious Mordrid can do a complete one eighty in his personality. The man people come to think is a care free disappears and the hunter he is emerges from the depths of his soul. He calms his mind and he becomes a blood lusting violent hunter. He loves combat and considers every match a hunt, which he always searches for the next and better hunt. He never falters on his resolves and never quits till the hunt is done pushing more and more when the battle is serious. He has always hunted with his hands and a blade he considers it cowardly to fight using long ranged weapons he prefer hand to hand or blade to blade. His thrill drives him to continue if the battle becomes to heated, once the adrenaline starts pumping he ignores pain as his blood lust and power drives him further, the pain thrilling him.

Defining Characteristics: The party animal of the Stealth Force, he can throw a party no matter what and he will find some way to make it fun for everyone who showed up! COME TO HIS PARTIES!!!

Specialties: He is very good at adapting his attitude to the situation he is in going from serious to friendly to joker when the situation demands. With a knack for reading the vibes of the room and the people in the room so he can understand the situation. He has been a hunter since he was a child, slowly stalking his pray developing his body’s skills. He has been able to hide his presence from even the most skilled beings even without trying suppressing his sounds, smell (unintentionally), and spiritual pressure. To help him track things his senses were heightened to exceptional levels: his sight, his hearing, and his sense of smell. With that to match his prey his agility, acrobatic skills, and strength were trained.

Fighting type: Close combat all the way.

Mortality: Life is life and nothing is perfect mistakes are made and consequences are had none no this better then Mordrid the mistake of his parents after the death of their first born. Mordrid Takanashi was the unwanted child of two people mourning the loss of their first born child Ichijouji someone who took his own life in love of another. Three years after the passing of his older brother Ichijouji, Mordrid was born in a small town outside of Tokyo. When he was born both his parents were still feeling the loss of their first son and didn’t not really want a second one, but they would not give it up because he was still theirs after all. They now lived in a small house with a massive system of woods behind it and a couple miles from the school.

As he grew slowly his parents never paid much attention to him and the entire time he did not know why so instead he began to raise himself teaching himself the basics of life. One thing he learned and excelled at was the art of hunting for animals, starting from when he was only 3. He felt his first thrill of the hunt when there was a mouse running through the house on a warm summer morning. It had run inside trying to escape the heat if the day outside but it was slowed from the heat making it much easier to hunt it down. It scurried through the house running around as fast as it could, but Mordrid was on its tail just as fast moving with it till finally he jumped and grabbed it between his hands constricting it in his hands. He sat down on the floor just gripping it and watching it squirm in his hands the little creature helplessly trying to escape and fighting to free itself but to no avail. Finally after an a few minutes the rat seemed to be fading Mordrid loosened his grip, then in a second the mouse bit his hand violently. Mordrid let it go and just sat there crying a little from the pain but he was alone his parents gone he had to wait hours for them to return before they took him to a doctor and hat it stitched up a little.

By the age of nine Mordrid had began hunting with guns and knives in the woods behind his house with or without his parents knowledge he didn’t know nor did he care by this point. They had always ignored him unless he needed to go to a doctor for an injury which was fairly frequent with his constant hunting. He knew he had an older brother and that he had taken his own life and that’s why his parents didn’t get close to him, but he never blamed him for their cold distance from him in fact that is what allowed him to hunt like he did. He was well known in the area as a hunter and this made some people fear him especially when they heard he could see the spirits of the animals he killed. At nine his powers to see the spirits of the departed started to manifest he would see creatures with white masks running through the woods, hearing blood curtailing cries echoing at night. He grew more and more use to it during his hunts for animals finding them slowly and slowly less terrifying.

When he was 14 he started hunting professionally doing competitions and being question and praised by many other hunters, not only because he was so young but also because he hunted bare handed and with a knife. He won competitions and gained prize money which he mostly used to pay his medical bills but for what he did he was happy with that. He didn’t need money he was happy just hunting and enjoying the thrill of the hunt. He visited the doctor so many times the joke was that they had an operating room reserved just for him. He enjoyed going to the doctor because of the nurses that he would always joke around with and tease, but they didn’t mind because everyone did it in humor and he was always happy to have their company.

When he graduated from high school he began using his winnings to travel the world entering more competitions and hunting more nimals. He continued always looking for the next great hunt and by the time he was twenty-one he was a world known hunter and was always welcomed to hunt where he pleased. He returned to his home and continued to hunt and train but he felt like he was running out of challenges and he started to pull out of professional hunting. On his twenty-third birthday his buddy entered him into a competition that was going to be big, he tried to get out but his friend finally convinced him to go after a night of wicked partying and drinking, for at least one more time so he prepared himself for a month for the competition.

The day of the competition came and Mordrid was ready he started to hunt and after a few minutes he picked up on the trail of a target. He followed the path till finally he saw a clearing with the creature he had been following dead on the ground being eaten by some creature he had never seen before. He was hidden still and just watched this creature devouring the other hunters who were now stumbling upon the clearing. This creature wearing a mask and seemed to be like a large cat with a hole in its chest, the sight of it confused Mordrid but it didn’t scare him, or at least not till it let out a scream, the scream of the creatures from when he was a child in the woods behind his house. When he heard that his instincts took over and is blood lust raged he launched at the creature catching it by surprise and landing a critical blow cutting its eye partially blinding it. He engaged it in battle, a battle like he had never felt before his knife digging into the creature’s head, Mordrid getting thrown like a rag doll being beaten to a pulp. Finally after a while he did it he sliced the mask of the creature in half and what seemed like he killed it removing one of its fangs in the process. The beast faded all except his fang, something Mordrid kept as a souvenir putting it on a gold necklace he wore around his neck.

A few years passed and after that hunt Mordrid was inspired to get back into hunting his spirit reinvigorated, pursuing new challenges he entered competitions repeatedly and hunted. He partied and relaxed many a days between the competitions training and relaxing. He went to a competition once again but this time he was the one ambushed by a target. He had killed a massive black bear and as he turned another one delivered a critical blow causing him massive blood loss before he killed it. He stumbled back out of the woods and was quickly rushed to the hospital but it was to no avail he was all but dead when he arrived all they could do was call time of death a few hours after he arrived. His spirit now wandering around the hospital nothing holding him but boredom and unsure of what to do next he waited for what seemed like forever, when it was in fact only a week. Finally a man in a black robe came and he took him to a new place, a place called the Soul Society.

The Afterlife: He arrived in the West Rukongai 3rd district, a place which was considered higher class and more proper. He only lasted there for a short while before he went and joined the Seireitei and became a soul reaper. He was no prodigy when it came to schooling but his physical skills were unmatched by anyone is his class. After three years of the six year program he was quickly pulled into the Onmitsukidō for his skills in stealth and his physical skill. With that he was also placed into the second division and even was given the 4th seat rank without even having to lift a finger which made some of the other members grow angry and feel resentment for him. He went about his normal days working and working and working on all his assignments and slowly over time he worked on his skills improving and growing stronger.

During his time he made friends and slowly the resentment from his fellow squad mates disappeared as he showed his skills and proved himself worthy of the position and more. He took on the 3rd seat after time and then finally after quite some time he was made the Lieutenant of squad two. He was working harder and harder to impress the captain and prove himself hearing stories of how his brother may have been a soul reaper though he never found him working there. Time marched on and his captain grew older and older he was already old enough and with that he feared he may have to step down sooner or later.

Without warning one day the captain called Mordrid into his office and without delay he rushed off to meet the captain for some unknown reason he was just told it was urgent. He said hello to squad members as he rushed by them still in a hurry, he was accepted now and was quite well liked by the members of his squad something that parties helped quite a bit with. He was known to be able to get the captain to throw parties and would sometimes take people out to just get drinks and have fun. He finally made it to the captain’s office opening the door but when he did to his surprise it was not only his captain but three others including the head captain himself. Mordrid was curious as to why they were there but he did not speak he just came in and took his seat and all was explained.

He sat there in shock at what he had been told by them all, he was there to take a test to become the new captain of the 2nd division and that he was recommended by his captain as the replacement for when he were to be removed just as a precaution. His captain told him how he knew of his bankai and that he felt that he was the only person who could replace him as the captain of the second squad. Mordrid accepted the test and it began, three hours later it was done and he was cleared to be the captain. Years passed and without remembering he forgot that he was to be the successor and it didn’t take effect till one day. The captain was sent on a mission by himself and this time he didn’t return he was eliminated by the target which was a vasto lordes hollow that had appeared in the human world. That was the end Mordrid was then appointed to the position of captain, the squad mourned but none objected to him taking the position they all believed he could do it so from that day on Mordrid took on the role of captain of the second division.

Role-play Sample:
The moments ticked and the seconds passed in Mordrid’s mind as the air grew stale from the eerie silence that filled the battle field. He stood there in a defensive stance after having his show katana blown from his sweaty palms by the force of his enemies blow. The blades being blown to each end of the battlefield from the force a comedy to things if you were to ask Mordrid. He quickly countered the loss by pulling out his knives, which were his true zanpaktou. He was a man who did not like being without a blade, though he was back to his comfort zone now that he was using his trust knives over the useless katana. He took a deep breath getting his grip on the knives, unlike the katana he wasn’t planning on losing theses ones.

He commenced his counter once he was prepared using them in a spin slash with enough force pushed behind it to knock back his opponent. He stared down the man as he breathed in slowly as a single drop of sweat trickled down his brow falling to the ground his breath growing lighter from his already heavy breathing as he calmed himself. His foot movement only slightly noticeable before the final motion forward only a minor distance of approximately two inches. Using it as a simple faking movement forcing his opponents eyes to follow the easier movement before kicking the dirt into the air as he pushed off using a single flash step to appear behind his opponent landing swiftly and moving to the actual attack in his motion.

He moved his leg and foot in a sweeping motion striking at the shin of his opponent with the full sweeping motion spinning kick. Launching the knives into the motion of the attack, hoping to catch the opponent while he tried to avoid the sweep kick with precise targeting hoping one of his attacks would land. One slashing at his lower back aiming for his spin, the other in the spin motion of his attack he launched with accuracy targeted to the back of the neck right at the base of the brain, launched from point blank. He smirked having finished with his attack and now down a knife he reluctantly pulled back, leaping into a defensive stance waiting for a moment. He knew one of the attacks from his little attack had to have caused some damage. He took a breath calming down and slowing his breath and heart to listen to the once again stilling air for the beating of the opponents heart the echo he could still hear in this quiet den of battle. He cracked the fingers in his right hand as he tossed he remaining knife from his left to his right hand making the defense more powerful since his right hand was the dominant and more skilled one. He listened and prepared for the counter attack of his prey, the worst part of the hunt and a hunter’s worst fear.

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PostSubject: Re: Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn   Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:33 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:08 pm

Edited! Now can someone approve me?
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn   Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:17 am

A couple problems.

1. 1000 years ago there weren't guns.

2. Or high schools.

3. Your sexual orientation should be "Homosexual"

4. Approved as 2nd division captain.
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PostSubject: Re: Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn   

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Mordrid Takanashi, the search engine reborn
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