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 Forever Takanashi, Forever a Vizard (Finished.)

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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Forever Takanashi, Forever a Vizard (Finished.)   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:25 pm

Vizard Template

Name: Ichijouji Takanashi
Nickname(s): Ichijouji
Age: 3174
Visual Age: 24

Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 8th
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 123 lbs.

Body Frame: His body is extremely lean because of his abnormally low weight, however what mass he does have is indefinitely compact muscle. Having always played soccer as a hobby, his legs are very toned. His abs are intricately shaped as well, however his 'pecks' as one would call them, are not anything special. They stick out a bit, but he is no body builder. His arms are very lean and because of this they are misleading. Ichijouji began concentrating on strengthening his arms after he died, in order to assure the victory of himself in any combat clash. His lower-body would be trained and maintained on a near daily basis because of his soccer hobby, thus his extra time was manipulated to morph his arms into powerhouses. Sometimes one's powers could fail because of a weakness or miscalculation, but your body would never fail you if provide proper conditioning. During the first few hundred years as an arrancar, Ichijouji was more intent on empowering himself, thus, he has become a lean, mean tower of power. The reason he is not some steroid-pumping body-builder who wears a spray-tan is because the exercise in which he conducted was intended increase one's physical strength and endurance, rather than exploitation the broad looks of muscular swelling.
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Ichijouji's voice is always at a solitary level of calmness. It isn't exactly monotone, but it doesn't go up or down with each and every changing syllable. It is very clear without the slightest hint of rasping or wheezing. It is neither too loud or too quiet, retaining the magnitude of sound that can be easily heard by those within a 20ft. radius of him. Placing it simply, his voice is powerful(per-say) , so that it isn't irritatingly loud although others can still understand what he's saying. When he does yell or raise his voice, the overwhelming potency of his voice is released with the addition of emotion. It isn't intimidating, but it is something that others would stop just to see what kind of man would profess himself amidst all the ruckus.
Introvert/Extrovert: Ichijouji has no proper distinction because his mind works in two different ways. When a situation pops up, he is very capable of thinking to himself about all of the possible repercussions. His process of thinking allows him to still interact amidst a group of people yet still maintain progress in his thinking progress. In this way he is an extrovert, however his thinking process is just as I said before; capable alone. His mind works more efficiently when his thoughts are uninterrupted. If he allows his plans to be twisted or disrupted by an accompany then it can completely destroy his train of thought. This is why he tends to multi-task, in order to appease those around him while also dealing with the situation at hand in a suitable manner. And in this way he is an introvert.
Hobbies: Soccer, Writing poetry, Experimenting
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Ice Cream, People, Sleeping, Wandering

Dislikes- Ignorance, unnecessary violence, Over-confidence, Boredom

Personality: Ichijouji is a rather diverse person really. From the eye of a random acquaintance, Ichijouji is a calm intellectual. Now, when I say intellectual, his knowledge leans more towards philosophy than book-smarts. He enjoys a good discussion and finds amusement in debating the anomalies of life. One can never do each and every thing correctly in their lifespan, however it is definitely a journey to discover what small changes in attitude can do to improve one's lifestyle. Ichijouji isn't particularly an openly friendly person at first, but he still is hospitable. To break it down, he wouldn't just take anyone into his home, but he'd act friendly and then decide on a course of action after he had gotten to know more about the person. He has a very keen eye for deception. No sixth sense can tell him when anyone is lying, but he is always mentally aware around those he is unfamiliar with; just in case there is some unannounced animosity between the two. He's a very mysterious person at first, never telling too much about himself to anyone. However he still does maintain a lively conversation, manipulating thousands of years of social skills to lead a conversation in the direction he would like it to take. Most of the time his motives aren't devious, but the world of the dead wasn't the safest place.

For those he has grown to know and cherish, like his vizard brethren, Ichijouji is much more explosive, so to speak, with his emotions. He'll often act like a goof and tell jokes for amusement. Not to mention he is a real pervert. All men are perverted with our fucked up fantasies and constant boners; Ichijouji has just accepted this and uses this attribute to provide comical relief. Bruises sometimes find a place on his skull, but it's all in good fun; his female friends know it's only a farce. He is also very lazy. Seeing as he has no duties- Hell, who am I kidding? Ichijouji was a lazy retard even back in Soul Society. He'd sneak out of his division quarters early in the morning with some breakfast, several blankets and a pillow to camp on some high-up rooftop where he'd sleep until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. As the captain, the squad members expected this by now... However his 3rd suit, Luna, would always kick him in the stomach to wake him up and then drag him forcibly back to the division. Now-a-days, you'll find him sleeping around Karakura town or wandering around some random area just out of boredom.

In terms of combat, Ichijouji has 3 "attitudes" that he switches between during combat. Of course, each personality will surface depending on the type of battle that is going on, the stakes, and his opponent(s). The first is his serious attitude. When something has become excessively dangerous and requires absolute attention, then he will straighten up in order to avoid any unfortunate losses. Most of the time his enemy will be a very impatient person; Ichijouji always did dawdle even in combat, so for him to straighten up means that this isn't a game anymore. The second is his playful attitude. This usually surfaces when the stakes aren't high or there are none. Ichijouji enjoys a workout every now and then so if he is assaulted for a reason that is unbenounced to him, he'll usually treat it as a game to amuse himself. He'll even act like a dope sometimes to add a little humor. Sometimes shit just happens and a fight starts up,; Ichijouji sees no reason to frustrate over it, so he has fun with it. His third attitude is probably the worst out of the three; this is when he usually goes all-out. When someone offends him deeply or morphs a matter into something personal, then Ichijouji will lose it. Now he can control himself, but when someone goes so far as to invade your personal standing, then there isn't a reason in the world to act proud. Everyone has a right to get angry and Ichijouji remembers this. This is the time when his hollow reishi will begin to leak and his mask may begin to manifest as well. It all depends on how emotional he gets.

Morality, right and wrong, good and evil; these are ideals that Ichijouji does not believe in. This is because these terms are so loose and vague. No one in the world can righteously announce what is right and what is wrong. For one, something may be right but in the eyes of another, the same action may be entirely wrong. Think of it like this: Someone killed your friend; that is wrong in your eyes. However, your friend had been beating that kid up since the 1st grade and he finally snapped, thus, it was right in his eyes. Every judgement depends on the perspective of whoever is there. What Ichijouji does believe in is personal justice. If something is right to you then do it, if it is wrong then stop it. If you can't do what's right or stop what's wrong, then at least you can say you tried. The morality of the world can only depend on each individuals' perspective because trying to understand everyone else will never work. We have to do what we have to do and, if we fail, then one still has their dignity.

Defining Characteristics: Ichijouji's most definitive characteristic would have to be his ability to assess a situation and then determine a solution, while also taking into consideration the perspective of others involved as well. In this manner, he is able to understand people more by deciphering them through their actions. Most people have some kind of rationality to support their actions and so he will never completely ignore someone before considering their standpoint. Of course there are some exceptions, although Ichijouji has always been interested in how human beings work.
Specialties: Ichijouji has trained his body to not only be easily maneuverable, but to be flexible as well. He has done this by becoming a gymnast, as well as learning the art of parkour. His most favored talent, though, is a dance called the Melbourne Shuffle.
Fighting type: Powerhouse.

Ichijouji was born in Tokyo Japan, but only lived in a two-bedroom flat for seven months before they moved into a larger apartment in a village that was outside of the city commotion. The town they had moved to was called Sakishi. Ichijouji lived as a normal child up until the age of four, when his mother was violently raped on a walk home from the market to pick up some milk and a box of pasta. Being rural and all, the night held almost nothing but darkness, leaving the attacker to do anything and everything that he wished with her before returning to wherever he slithered from. His mother, Sakura, was found unconscious, laying up against the side of a dumpster. It wasn't the normal type of unconsciousness either, it was different; much different.

Her clothes were tattered and dirty and twisted about. Her long skirt and undergarments were below her knees. Her legs were red, obviously from the struggle she had in an attempt to keep the man from deflouring her. Spots of white semen were still half-dried on her shirt, face, and vaginal areas. Her own bodily fluids soaked her lower body and they became chilling in the cool Spring breeze. This chilling of sweat and who knows what else made Sakura'a body shake steadily, even in the depths of sleep. Her legs were spread, arms limp, and hair messily drooped over her face. This wasn't a sleeping woman, it was the left-overs of an example; an example of how cruel men really can become. A younger high school student had founder her and phoned the police nearly immediately. The girl, Amasha, was crying and curling up for that day. She never did forget the horrors of that day. When the police arrived, the swiftly delivered Ichijouji's mother to the hospital and alerted his father, Shinjaku Takanashi. Shinjaku nearly veered off of the road when he ehard that Sakura was hospitalized; he didn't know about the rape yet. What made him re-stabilize his mind and the vehicle was the sight of his laughing son, Ichijouji, in the rear view mirror. When Ichijouji asked who it was on the phone, Shinjaku just turned to him and smiled:

"It was the bakery. They were so happy for our loyal business there that they are going to give us a free batch of cookies. I'll bring them home for you and we can eat them together. That good with you, champ?"

Ichijouji, as innocent as a four year old is, smiled widely and screamed in delight.

"Thanks, daddy! I wanna' save some for mommy too though! We can all eat them when you get home from work. You're the best dad ever!"

Shinjaku giggled a bit and then kept driving. He dropped Ichijouji off at daycare and then called into his boss, saying there was an accident with Sakura. His boss wasn't one to let his workers get off the job on such late notice, but since it was his wife, he let him take the next three days off with pay as long as that money went to help Sakura's recovery. Shinjaku went to the hospital and went to see Sakura. The nurses said 'No', but he pushed through. He was only able to see a glimpse of Sakura's unconscious body in the stretcher before the policemen pulled him back to the lobby. He was told to sit in the lobby and two or three hours later, a doctor, two policemen, and three medics came to speak with Shinjaku. The doctor spoke first, explaining what damages were done to Sakura and any other suspicious signs of attack upon her. At the whiff of the word "semen," Shinjaku started to anger. Next, the policemen told Shinjaku that, with the evidence thusfar, they heavily suspect rape, and will be accumulating a list of suspects within the enxt week. The medics went last, to say that Sakura would be okay physically within a few weeks, but the mental damage would take years to correct. Shinjaku was thrown into a fit of rage, agony, and pain. He knocked down a cart, punched through a wall, and continued on a mini-rampage before four police officers pinned him. He gave up and simply just started to bawl loudly. The officers let him go and stood up with their hats off, respectfully. No one new how it was for this to happen, but everyone knew everyone in this town.. They had respect for everyones' times of need. Shinjaku cried for nearly 45 minutes before he calmed down and got a hold of himself. Rage still fueled him but he had to pick up his son in an hour.

Shinjaku cleaned himself up, got into his car, and went to pick up his son. He was fourty minutes early, but he made sure the daycare attendants knew that the issue was important. Shinjaku took Ichijouji to the bakery on the way home and he picked out a plate of a dozen cookies. They went home and started to eat the cookies. Shinjaku sat Ichijouji on the couch and carefully explained to him that mommy was very sick. Ichijouji cried loudly and Shinjaku held him closely in am embrace, as he silently weeped too. Shinjaku let Ichijouji sleep in his bed that night and, actually, for the next year after that. Not only did it help Ichijouji, but having her son in the bed with her made Sakura feel more at ease so that she could rest. Sakura was elt out of the hospital and Shinjaku brought her home after 6 weeks of intensive recovery care. Ichijouji had been waiting outside and ran to his mother, crying, when she got out of the car. Shinjaku was helping her stand because she was still weak, but she stood by herslef when holding her baby boy. Ichijouji was all that she cherished and loved in the world; his smile would give her the strength to continue on. Six months after the incident, the rapist was found and convicted. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to lethal injection. None of the family went to court, only a representing lawyer. No one needed to deal with that anymore. Ichijouji and Shinjaku had Sakura back, and that's all that mattered; family. Sakura or Shinjaku never forgot what happened but the rapists' conviction, along with years of support from family and her psychiotrist helped her become the flower she once was.

At the age of 9, Ichijouji moved again because of his father's work. Shinjaku was going to be paid almost double what he had been making and it would be better for Sakura to get away from the place that haunted her nightmares. They moved to a small village called Shimiji. It was still civilized and modern, but much smaller than Sakishi. The kids there were different than Ichijouji, but none of them were mean to him. He made a few friends, which he hung out with a lot. This all changed though when another girl transferred into the school, into his third grade class; her name was Nishino Tsakuri. Nishino was a pretty young girl with flawless skin and long, straight brown hair. Ichijouji quickly became friends with her, because of their mutual interest in biology; they loved dinosaurs the best. They were best friends for the longest time, all until the 6th grade... Nishino's parents also moved around because of work and her father had to move closer to Tokyo which meant that Ichijouji and Nishino would be separated. Nishino called Ichijouji to tell him and he almost exploded into a depression. Tears cradled in his eyes and whimpers of sorrow clouded his room. He gripped the phone hard and they were both weeping silently. Later on, Nishino spoke; she spoke mostly because Ichijouji was so confused that he couldn't think. She told him her new address and town and zip code, and that he should write her every day. Ichijouji said that he would and, before the phone conversation ended, Nishino said this:

"I'm sorry."

After they hung up, Ichijouji sulked in his rooms for the next few days, only coming out for school and family meals. He cried very much and spent most of his time just thinking about her with the light off. After the fifth day, he sat down and wrote his first letter to Nishino. It was long, nearly three pages, but he couldn't remember what he wrote for the life of him. All he knew was that it was necessary and very important. He sent it that night and received her reply three days later. They continued this process for the enxt few months, and eventually planned to meet up. Ichijouji had gotten a route as a paper boy and saved up his money for a train ticket to her town. He would need to switch trains twice, but it was worth it. He went later in the winter on a cold, cloudy night. He boarded the first two trains easily, but on the third, he was the only one on it so late at night and it stopped because a blizzard set in.. The train started up much later and Ichijouji ended up being 3 hours late to meet her. He cried, because he didn't think she'd be there, but.... she was.

Sitting on a bench with only two lights on above her, her head was tilted down as she rested while she waited. Upon the echoing fottsteps that came, her head picked up. Ichijouji stopped and stared. Tears ran down his face as she grabbed his hand. They stood there for ten minutes before he helped her up and they began to walk in the nightly snow. the ground was covered and all was silent. Hands intertwined within one another, they walked towards an old tree. Nishino had wanted to show it to him because the moonlight shown through it just perfectly. They talked so much without much notice about old and new times they've had. At the tree, the moonlight caressed them. Ichijouji grew silent and Nishino slowly embraced him. She kissed him once and he kissed back. This continued in a beautiful combo of cautious kisses. It wasn't making out, it was too majestic. Each kiss held innumerable value and every connection created a friction that was warm and tingly. She began to fall in the ecstacy, but he caught her. He fell too and in the snow they lay. He sat in a crevace against the tree and she was on top of him. His over-sized jacket covered them, as a comforting blanket and the two lay there in harmonious contentment; kisses and words passed, but sleep eventually ruled them both.

In the mourn, they walked to the train station and Ichijouji was to be off. They ahd said their goodbyes and Ichijouji boarded.. Something wasn't right though. What if this was it, the last time they saw each other? No, he couldn't let it be. Ichijouji was in love with Nishino and he wouldn't let himself lose this. His parents would have to forgive him, but he needed this. Without it, his life meant nothing. Just as the door was closing, Ichijouji leaped out with all of his speed. He tumbled on the ground, but stood up and ran to Nishino. She turned around only just in time for him to embrace her. His tears flowed steadily and a tender kiss sparked her lips.

"I can't let you go Nishino... I.. I'm in love with you. I know my parents are waiting, but I need you. Without you... I don't wanna' live anymore!"

Nishino started to cry and embraced him tightly.

"I love you too... And I don't know what to say, but I need you here too. I thought that was going to be the last time I ever saw you. I'm glad you came back, because I don't care what happens as long as you are mine."

They walked slowly back to Nishino's home and she snuck him in because her parents had went out to work already. She was supposed to be in school, but they would not miss her for one day. Her and Ichijouji spent the day working out a secret mini-home for him in her closet. Luckily her closet was rather spacious and able to hold multiple people comfortably. He had a sleeping bag, a pillow, and many blankets for a bed, a stash of food, a radio, and some books to amuse him while Nishino went to school. he would shower and brush his teeth at night when ehr parents were asleep or while they were at work. This worked well for quite a while and Ichijouji was safe with his true love. They enjoyed each other's companies and often did Nishino sneak into the closet to sleep with Ichijouji. They became intimate many times, but only actually had intercourse a few times. They liked to keep it sacred and only actually went through intercourse after they had both turned 17. Their love lasted and only one incident changed that. Nishino's father had to move again for work, but Nishino and Ichijouji had already made a plan to bring him with her. The unexpected problem came about when potential buyers of the house came through a tour of the house with Nishino's parents to discover Ichijouji in her closet. He panicked and ran past them, downstairs, and out the door. He ran to the large tree because it was on the way to Nishino's school. After school, Ichijouji told her what had happened. She panicked, but went home to try and explain to her dad what was going on. He only angered and yelled. She cried and her mother just supported her dad. She ran out of the house in a rage and Ichijouji stopped her down the road. He held her close as tears fled fown her face.

Till morning, the two lovers sat and agonized. He consoled her in her time of need. Her pain slowly faded with his guidance and his smiles could make her laugh. Ichijouji told her that he would go with her and they could confront her dad together. The two of them could probably convince him to let them be and all could be peaceful again. They went that evening, but her father only angered once more and forced Ichijouji out of the house. Even so, he waited for Nishino. She tried to reasonw with him, but her father just yelled while her mother rubbed her forehead. Nishino ran out saying that she was running away with Ichijouji and that they would be fine on their own. Ichijouji had no problem with this because he knew that they would be fine with each other.. They held hands and ran together for about a mile and a half in the Summer evening. By the time they stopped running, the moon was out fully. Nishino's father called the police to search for her and the couple soon found themselves in a chase. They ran away from the officers and were able to lose them near the town resevoir. Nishino and Ichijouji hid behind some larg rocks on the top of the dam that maintained the resevoir. All of a sdden, Nishino turned to Ichijouji with a sadness in her eyes; it was time for their last decision..

"Ichi... I don't want to run anymore.. I won't give you up EVER, but I can't do this. My father can't accept you or me, and the police will separate us once we're found. I am in love with you with all that I am.. If we jump, do you think we can meet in the next life?"

Ichijouji stares at her for a moment and then speaks.

"I am in love with you too.. And I will give up my life it means to be with you. I won't ever stop searching for you and we WILL meet in the next life. I don't wanna' run either, I just want to be with you. Nishino, my love... let's go. You will never have to be alone."

And so the sacrifice was amde. The two embraced slowly and an unforgettable kiss tightly sealed their fate. The kiss never ended for, as they fell together, it continued. Their bodies held close and death engulfed them both on impact at the bottom of the dam. Last tears flew down their cheeks and bloodied bodies were found soon later. The death of their son eventually reached Shinjaku and Sakura.. For all these years they had been clueless, now they knew. Nishino's parents died on the inside. Her father never spoke again and her mother... she weeped near daily until her last day on Earth. Ichijouji's soul was devoured before he woke in the next life, but his will to survive broke through and he came back as an arrancar. He hadn't been with Nishino but his promise was true. He would never stop unti; he found her.. She was the only thing that he wanted and nothing would keep him from her. He joined forces with the Arrancar Army in order to broaden his search, and now serves under Shuei, but only so that he may find his beloved.

Hundreds of years passed as the male tried to find his beloved Nishino but nowhere did any trace of her show up. Upon learning more about his race, as well as others, he was a bit relieved that he hadn't found her right away. She didn;t deserve the fate of being consumed and transformed into such a monstrous demon. The arrancar did have rights, but their incesant killing was disgusting. Ichijouji had become the 5th Espada before leaving Las Noches to go to Soul Society. Within the first day of his abandonment, he was found in Sereitei. He didn't mean to intrude, but, he thought, if she wasn't in Hueco Mundo, then here was the next best place to check. Unfortunately, the shinigami did not take kind to him and he was captured; they would have killed him, but he openly stated a surrender. Because he was such a powerful Arrancar, two captains were assigned a post to guard him at all times. He did not try anything, but his fate was something other than death. Ichijouji was brought out after several days and told by the Captain Commander that he had two choices. He could either die, or undergo an experiment of purification. The shinigami would have tested this theory long before, but the procedure was still in its prototype stages and they knew that only a strong enough arrancar/hollow would be able to with-stand the purging. If he was successfully purged, then he would be allowed to join the Gotei under strict supervision of the Captain Commander and Head of the Research Bureau. Ichijouji needed to survive at all costs so he gratefully accepted the offer.

One week later, he was brought into a fairly new-looking facility. It was small, but it was specifically amde for the purification process so the space was more than enough. Ichijouji was given some anti-biotics and then put into an empty, cylinder tank. Several wires were hooked up to him, including an IV, and others to check for vitals and help him stabilize if something went wrong. A loud beeping began and one of the shinigami, probaby the captain, nodded to the tired arrancar as the tank slowly filled with an unfamiliar purple liquid.As the tank filled, the antibiotics kicked in and Ichijouji slowly faded into unconsciousness. The liquid in the tank was designed to drain the individual of all demonic auras and hollow-like reishi. This part was easy, as the water only acted as a vaccuum tom suck up the evil reiatsu. The hgard part came when you needed to keep the purged body in a purified form and prevent any more demonic reishi from regenerating. At this point, Ichijouji's body heat and heart rate rose quickly and his body began to vibrantly spasm. All of the was expected, so reinforcements on the glass had been placed previously. Smoke steamed and the glass cracked, but after a few hours of rushing about and determination, the process was done. At first, Ichijouji's heart rate and blood pressure were exceedingly low; they thought he would die. This only happened though because the strain on his body needed to eb dealt with and so more energy was being transfered from these regular functions in order to speed up his healing process. Ichijouji had been successfully been purged. The only bad part about the purification was that Ichijouji's power dramatically decreased. Because his hollow powers were gone, including resurrection, he only had the strength of a 3rd or 4th seated officer. By the time he recovered, a date to decide his zanpaktou was always placed.

He was dressed in the traditional black robes and brought into an awkward arena. It seemed to never end and a continuous fog creeped everywhere so sight and sound were mostly useless. Finally a sound came through and an odd being appeared. Its form was hazy and shadowy, but it was there. It erupted into a horrific screech of ground-breaking noise, which then triggered him to open his inner world. He couldn't tell what it looked like at this time because, for some reason, he was blinded. Everything was black, but his hearing felt enhanced. The same being was there though and it spoke.

"Ichijouji Takanashi.. You are no normal shinigami. First devoured after death and then purged frm the duties of an arrancar, you now stand before me. Others may think your hollow powers gone, but still they dwell in dormancy. They shall affect your power, as well as my own."
Ichijouji replied in a confused tone.

"Where are you..? I can't see."

The being replies.

"Your powers derive of sound, my young shinigami. Sight may be important, but sound is much more useful. Sound can give one vision as well as hearing, and may also give one strength at a high enough magnitude. Earth may tremble within its vibrations and many have derived pleasure from just the presence of sound itself. When you have discovered your true potential, only then will you be able to see this world, and myself. I am your zanpaktou, Sobou-youshiki Kokuou; let our journey be something that both of us will cherish."

No time is given for a response and only a white light flashes before Ichijouji awakens in the real world. A blade is by his hands and its shine is magnificant. Even though it looks so great, an odd feeling over comes him. The site of his blade brings about a nearly indetectable 'boomiing' in his ears. It's not annoying, rather soothing, and it's the last thing he hears before passing out once more. Ichijouji rests for two days in the hospital before being sent to the first division for his Squad intiation and first orders. He is still weak from the procedure and the attainment of his zanpaktou, but his strength has returned enough for him to function efficiently. He is named the fourth seat of the 1st division and, as his spirit said, he rose quickly. He became the Lieutenant of the 1st division even before learning Shikai. His strength and sword-handling skills were simply undoubted. Of course Ichijouji had extreme experience as a previous espada, but something was different. His powers had been severely decreased, so why was he prospering so fast? This was one of the thought that never occurred to him. His power mattered, but only because it gave him more freedom to search for his lost lover. Just before Ichijouji made it to Captain, he was sent to the 8th squad. By now, he was a heavily trusted member of the Gotei 13 and many admired his strength. The 8th squad needed a Captain so the Captain Commander stationed him there. Ichijouji was a decent leader and got along rather well with squad-mates. He truly loved his division. He knew all the members of Division 8 and was only two-three months from achieving Bankai.

Several months passed and Ichijouji settled in as the new Captain. He had gotten Bankai recently and knew how to use it proficiently. All was going well and dandy until a voice started to pop up inside his head. The first time it chimed in was when he was in the Real World on a patrol. There was a rumor of a major menos attack that was being led by some Adjuchas. This proved true, but the hollow quickly retreated. As they retreated, a voice blasted into his head from nowhere and threw him off guard. Luckily his fellow comrades were able to ver for him in his time of confusion.

'Don't let'em get away, BAKA!'

He was thrown off guard and some hollow noticed this and came back. Ichijouji disregarded the voice for a moment in order to destroy the hollow. Ichijouji tried to look into it, but the libraries of Soul Society held no references of these happenings so he let it go for now. Eventually though, the voice came back and even started to affect his combat ability. Each new visit from the voice put him in a momentary instance of weakness. One time, while lying in his bed, he thought he felt a mask on his face. He burst up, touched his face again and it was gone. Everytime he tried to sleep, a distant laugh echoed in the back of his mind. Ichijouji went to the Bureau of Technology and tried to ask if there was anything on the matter. There was... but the information was locked, encoded, and restricted. They tried to break the code(at least), and they did, but they did not have proper authorization to look at it. With no where else to turn to, he decided to try and ask his zanpaktou spirit if he knew anything about this. Ichijouji went to his quarters and began to meditate.

'Hey... are you here?'

The being appears in the world and lazily replies.

'Yeah. What do you need, Ichijouji?'

'I'm sure you must notice the disruptions in my spiritual pressure lately, along with that terrible voice that causes these things.'


'What is this voice?'

'Ichijouji... Do you remember when I first told you that your hollow powers had not been fully depleted?'

'That was the first time I ever saw you.'

'What I said back then was true, and still is. Although meager, the remnants of your hollow powers gathered in your soul and hid in a place not even I could entirely reach. They were dormant... But as you grew stronger, it acted as a parasite. It fed off of your power in order to strengthen itself. Eventually it emerged as a being. Still weak, I could control it and had no need to alarm you because it was under my jurisdiction.. Unfortunately, now, it has grown too strong. Its power is almost matching my own and may surpass me. If this happens, then it will be your dominant source of power. This being wants to take over you, Ichijouji. It wants to use your body as a medium so it can have freedom again, and it is willing to kill you and me to do it.'

Ichijouji ponders this.

'You wouldn't make this up, if it weren't true. If there truly is a darkness within me that has been growing and growing, then how do I stop it?'

'There is only one way that I can conjure. It will eventually overcome me and engulf me; that is a certainty. What you must do is prepare for this, and defeat the monster when it confronts you. If you can defeat it, then its powers might then abide to your will.'

'I will not let it take you. Do not worry, I will suppress it.'

What the two didn't know is that the monster within Ichijouji's soul had been listening and, before his zanpaktou could give any more advice, it was silenced byt the darkness and so Ichijouji left his inner world, thinking he had a plan. As the days went on though, everything became worse. The voice came back very often and even using Shikai would be too dangerous for his own comrades. Ichijouji was sent on a mission to Karakura Town to back-up some seated officers who were being attacked by an Espada. He told the officers to report to their divisions while he took care of the Espada. From the tattoo, he was only the seventh. Ichijouji attempted to fight and kept up, but, as it went on, the voice came and his vision blurred. He resisted the voice for as long as possible, but eventually his vision turned black and he was gone. At this point, his body was stabbed by the Espada. Of course, now the hollow began to take over outside and this stab wound was nothing. The espada pulled his blade out and, instantly, the wound healed and bleeding halted. Ichijouji was put into his inner world with a being that had white skin, white robes, and deadly yelow eyes. He held a zanpaktou that looked exactly like his own, except the colours were opposite. The hollow introduced himself as Kyodake and revealed that he was the darkness within Ichijouji's soul. It was obvious he wanted dominance over the body. The Espada soon fled on the outside world, when Ichijouji's body began to hollowfy. Destruction ruled the city and, inside his soul ,Ichijouji fought vigorously. He was losing, but in the end, he conquered. Right before the point of loss, the face of his beloved Nishino flashed in his mind and an unbelievable power exploded. Resonating spirit particles engulfed him and several monstrous attacks destroyed the hollow known as Kyodake. He lost humbly and only warned that he would be back if the chance was given.

Violence stopped in the town and the layers of hollow skin shed off. The mask fell and Ichijouji layed in his tattered divisions' uniform. Months passed and Ichijouji steadily learned about his newly gained powers. They did not shame him, but it was irritating to know that such a lowly being nearly stole his own body. His powers as a vizard progressed quickly and he had soon became known as a formidable foe to all those who challenged him. Though formidable, he was rather mysterious. He remained "underground," so to speak, making sure that his image or existence did not carry to the ears of a crowd. His powers were something to heed, however he wasn't out for blood. Wandering the world of spirits, Ichijouji lurked stealthily in search of anything to help his cause. Others like him would probably show up eventually, too. Hollowfication was rare for a shinigami, but this phenomenon was no a simple fluke; it was just covered up by the Gotei 13. Either way, Ichijouji was probably one of the oldest and most powerful of the vizard, if not the strongest. Little was known about what was going to happen now, but more vizard had appeared and the future was about to get rowdy.

Role-play Sample:

Sweltering heat terrorized the village people as usual. Complaints weren't too regular, for the native residents had grown used to this constant blazing. Adults did whatever they did in order to provide for their families, while the children scampered around, revealing intentions of shenanigans. Raised voices would exploit the irritation of other villagers, however not much was done about it. Kids would be kids so they deserved a little fun before they grew up; besides, the tricks they tended to play out weren't very hindering. If anything, these academy students planned their gags to be hilariously stupid and nothing more. Either way, adults of the village didn't care enough to ruin the childrens' fun; you're only young once. Unfortunately, youths weren't always the only troublemakers sneaking around the village. One shinobi in particular chose to dawdle around the Village of Sand, playing crude tricks and screwing around, whenever he had free time in between missions. I am unsure as to what is worse, that this "trickster" is 27 years old or that he is considered a Jounin; one of the strongest shinobi within the village.

"What the hell are you doing, Hack-san?! Get out!!"

And here we go. A local shopkeeper, Jade Mill, found Severus crouching down in her mart.. looking at pornography magazines. When she spotted him, she yelled as you have probably just read. As she did yell, he slowly turned his head; revealing that his eyes that had recently become as large as grape-fruits. A nervous shriek exerted from the male and he whipped his left arm forward, attempting to grab as many magazines as possible and make a run for it. Before he could even take a single step, Jade had already pounded her fist into his cranium. The man fell like a pile of bricks with a bump on his cranium and the facial expression of a sarcastic failure. Jade picked up the embarrassing individual and threw him outside, in front of the store. His cheek rubbed against the dusty ground as his body slid, ass sticking shamefully in the air. Sarcastic tears overwhelmed the Jounin's face; his failure had cost him a great pleasure and now a two-day interval must be implemented before it would be safe to try again. Eventually Severus picked his face up off of the ground and stood up, dusting off what little clothing he was wearing. Considering the climate of the village, Severus never wore a shirt and his pants were light and baggy. The rags around his waste were once light tank-tops that he enjoyed wearing. Unfortunately, they all became tattered and worn due to the violent situations such as the one just now. Of course he could simply stop being a hoodlum, but, then again, it was pretty exciting. Living the life of a goof was less difficult when you had the liability of being a highly-ranked shinobi.

Luckily Severus wa- OH MY GOD..! Those boobs are enormous. While walking, the Jounin spotted a very attractive woman with the most enticing breasts he had ever seen. Light enhanced their glory and her stroll made them plop up and down, and up and down... Completely forgetting that his legs were still moving, Severus drove himself directly into a stone wall. Most walls were unforgiving, this one being indifferent. Clumsy feet stumbled and a renewed mind could not yet register that he was falling backwards. Upon his ass pounding the ground, Severus looked down in disdain wishing that he had gotten a better look at that Goddess' breasts. From the corner of one's vision, a younger boy stood idol with what appeared to be a writing pad or book of some sort. Disappearing and reappearing, Severus went from his sit down spot to the right side of the boy. One swift grasp lifted the pad from his hands, while a keen eye quickly took notice of what was drawn. Not a minute after stealing the pad did it fall from Severus' hands as he flailed backwards with a nose-bleed. Severus had flailed back into a merchants' cart, full of hand-woven baskets. Sort of regaining what was left of his integrity, the shinobi stared at the boy with a curious, yet perverted stare.

"Where'd you learn to draw like that, you little miscreant?"

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PostSubject: Re: Forever Takanashi, Forever a Vizard (Finished.)   Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:00 pm

As a note, I am requesting to be the vizard leader. Once a vizard, always a vizard. Cool
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The fighting style should be chosen from the list, not a mixture. And the last part of your history cannot be possible.. Since my history ends with Hisoka JUST leaving SS, and he has not yet met anyone else. These bonds will be formed IC.
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I didn't exactly edit my history before posting, so that'll be edited.

And his fighting style IS powerhouse;I just wrote more than necessary out of boredom. I'll edit that to make it clear.
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Forever Takanashi, Forever a Vizard (Finished.)
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