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PostSubject: Shinako   Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:19 am


Name: Shinako
Nickname(s): Shina
Age: 19
Visual Age: 19

Gender: Female
Rank: Ascended
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 167cms
Weight: 45kgs

Body Frame: Slender and petite
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Soft husky (girl)
Appearance: Shinako is an attractive young woman with shoulder-length Dark brown hair usually tied back in a bun with the bangs loose and framing her face, golden brown eyes, and a slender petite figure. Her skin is a pale white with pink rosy cheeks .Her usual attire are simple clothings. A dress shirt or sleeveless shirt accompanied together by a colorful sweater or black jacket. She has been rarely seen wearing high heels or anything with a heel as she usually walks around with flat shoes such as the popular brand Converse. She has a feint birthmark on her left shoulder that awefully resembles a grinning chibi fox.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert.
Hobbies: Archery, reading, eating.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Food, reading, cake, sweet things.

Dislikes- Bitter things, noise, irritating people, creepy people.

Shinako has a strange array of personalities. One could say she is an introverted character yet at the same time she has a side she hides away and does not show. Often at times she will be loud spoken though she can also be one the most shy people you ever met. She is easy to embarass as her pale cheeks turn a bright red. She has a temper that get's her to be angry quite often, especially amoung her class mates. She has a knack for artistic things and has a strange attraction for eastern culture and art.

Defining Characteristics: Birthmark
Specialties: Cooking, spotting the difference game.
Fighting type: Well-Rounded

Fox? no man. man? yes fox
Another extension of the crazy pervert shinigami captain the Jewbantai. His fascination over a human lady causing him to erm.
Izanagi: hey~
Lady: who the hell ar--
Izanagi: does this clothe smell like chloroform to you?
So then yes a few hours later he waves his hands and says. "dear me women! you raped me in your sleep! ahh well that fetus you have is my child now." With that he recieved a slap and he was gone. As time went on the chromozones split up and ended up to be a human being. Despite the irony of her mother being raped by a crazy man she was named Shinako 'virtuous child'.

Kinder Garden
A bubble of joy, friendly always smiling. Just like any other kid who can see ghosts becuase of her bastard father. Shinako naturally became a kind of outcast even at such an early and innocent age. She was the kid that would get picked last during games, the child that other kids would run past when playing tags. The child that never got invited to play blocks with.

Once again the anon kid. Not many people know her (including faculty).

Teacher: You.... you.. err.... YOU why are you late for class?!
Shinako: Because you told me to fetch the textbooks.....
Teacher: that was you?
Shinako: -__-
The shun created her to be an academic student. Bent on learning anything possible as she took 11 subjects instead the required minimum of 7. Literally her social life was Literature and art. She would go home open the textbook then study study study study study.... phonecall(wrong number) study study study study which in the end, gave her 9 A+ and 2 B's. Not a single guy approached her for her prom. Save for the various nerd and geeks who wanted her brains or her rumoured ability to see ghosts.

Nerd: Do you have super power?
Shinako: no
Nerd: do you like star wars?
Shinako: no
Nerd: will you be...
Shinako: no!!! -throws a book and runsa way-

mother mother MOTHER
Now where was her mother in all this? She got a note as she started high school. Which read. "off to travel the world~ Stay away from men with chlorofoam love mom" -_- Surely she was joking. From her start of highschool till now she has been living alone. Mind you her mother was a brilliant mother figure a strong women who raised a child without any finacial support from the Father. Father? yes Father father FATHER.... who the hell is he anyway? because he had the nerve to put a fox birthmark on her left shoulder.

I do believe in fairies... not
Highschool would have also been the pinnicale of her Spiritual Career. Understanding that she could indeed have powers like harry potter or Lord(what's his face with the black and rasping breathe?). Shinako eventually was able to repel hollows by herself. However she has never seen the reason or danger of facing off a shinigami or arrancar. She has a vague idea and general knowledge about both of the races but other than that nothing.

How was this power honed? A random perverted monk from the mountains. Yes, a perverted monk. A perverted monk who claimed to be quincy, The fruit?, said Shinako was able to see ghosts because she was gifted and should protect mankind from evil hollows. He showed her the concept of reishi gathering and their uses. Aha~ Her own short cut was to visualise this whole effect and draw the process in her head.

monk: no close your eyes... breath in and focus... hummm...
shinako: -does as she is told-
Monk: opens his eyes and stares at her infalted boobs
Shinako: -opens her eyes-
monk: -closes his eyes- focus young one
Shinako: -throws a book at him-

Here her powers were honed and mastered. At first she was required to write out the arithmatic forumla and this took her a good long deal. Taking at first 30 seconds. However with much practised scribble she managed to reduce her time to mere 2 seconds. Her range increased gradually allowing her to seal objects two meters away from her. The monk spole of enlightenment and this would be achieved if Shinako trained harder. The old pervert refering this to... Ascension. Shinako's ability increased as she became more adept at using it in battle. Allowing her to seal without the formula.

Upon graduation Shinako took up an art major contrary to the many scholarships she recieved by law firms or science labs. One would expect her to be brilliant at art.
Teacher: oh Shinako~ that's a lovely abstract picture of a snake giving birth to the universe.
Shinako: o-o It's a tree mam....
Teacher: o-o

So thus her current situation leaves her to be living alone in a university dorm majoring as art student. 1st year of course. What will her story unfold!! Tune in next time to bla bla bla.

Role-play Sample:

Shinako stared into her wooden locker her eyes sleepily blinking at its contents. Books upon books were piled into the small locker and literally it looked like they were going to burst open. From this messy pile she fished out a comb and slowly she brushed her hair into a smooth silken shine. She rubbed her eye once before placing two hair clips on her left to reveal her forehead. She seemed to be satisfied in her appearance through the small mirror. She moved her head back and closed the locker, turned the key and shouted in suprise.
A boy with thick glasses was a few inches away from her. With pustiles exploding from his pimples and the rasping noises from his nose plain creepy he was. She hugged her books to her chest as she walked down the hall way. Many students walked past her as they shouted a hello and a howzit but never once did anyone greet Shinako. Behind her crawled the creepy little kid who made it compulsory to stalk her.
"freak" she muttered.

She turned a corner and boom! She bumped into 80kgs of pure muscle. She dropped her books as she was trapped in a typical high school moment.
"hey there are you alright? ah you're shinako right?" smiled the schools 4ths batsman.
She blushed heavily as she rapidly picked up her books. She stood and dusted her skirt when suddenly. Rasping noises.
"so umm we're gonna go play baseball do you want to come an...."
"hold that thought" Shinako took picked up his baseball and turned around. Lifting it above her head she slammed it square into the boys face. FACE FACE FACE FACE... she rythmically and rapidly hit him multiple times as tomatoe sauce like blood spurted here and there with each hit. FACE.... FACE....... FACE.......... FACE!!! She seemed to be getting tired as the time between the intervals decreased. she leaned on the baseball bat as she gasped for breathe.
"so... gasp.... what... were you saying?"
but it was too late. The boy was already edging away with his back stuck to the wall, his head pulled back into his skull in fear of this aggressive and crazy child.


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PostSubject: Re: Shinako   Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:36 pm

1. Keh, Really?

2. I don't like it.

3. This Application is just too child like for my liking.

4. After much deliberation...You are..

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