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PostSubject: Rules    Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:51 am

Forum Rules:

  1. Respect: Respect and dignify everyone in the forum in the same way you would want to be treated. Failure to do so may force us to use force in forcing you to stop breaking the line of trust between all of us.

  2. Double posting: Make sure to not double post. If you have anything else to say, and no one else has posted yet, just edit your post instead. If you double post, the second will be deleted.

  3. Posting order: The posting order is created when people join a topic. If a third person joins between the posts of the first two people who were in the topic, then his post is now in between theirs. Posts can be skipped/switched around with the permission of the person who's post is being skipped or switched with.

  4. Deaths/Call-a-Hits: If you wish to call a hit and kill someone, the situation will have to be looked over. If the requirements in doing so are approved of, the person killed will die. Obviously.

  5. Bumping: Don't bump your topics unless they are far away from being seen. They will get looked into, just be patient and wait.

  6. Smilies: I do not want to see any of these when you are role-playing.

  7. Ignoring: If someone has joined your thread, don't just ignore them. Take notice in their entrance and involve them with your story-line.

  8. Third person: Always role-play in third person. No exception.

  9. Speech and Thought: Speech should be in bold and thought should be in italics. This is just to help your fellow role-players understand what you're doing.

  10. God-mode: Do not god-mode and auto-hit. The result in doing so will either be the deletion of your post or you quickly going to edit it before the consequences become more sincere.

  11. Dodging: You can't dodge forever. You'll have to get hit sometime around.

  12. txt-spk: Don't speak like you're texting when you role-play. It will not be tolerated.

  13. Cloning: You cannot be at two places at once unless you have the power to clone yourself. So, stay in one place.

  14. Logic: Even though this forum is based off something fictional, play as logically as possible. Doing the opposite would mean you're going against rule number 9.

  15. Posting: Each post must be at least 200 words when you're role-playing.

  16. Maturity: Don't argue with the Administrator's decisions and don't argue with everything if nothing goes your way. Be mature.

  17. Names: Your character's name is your username. Pick wisely so you don't get something stupid like... Bob The Builder Junior. Also, your name cannot be taken off from any anime or manga. Be original.

  18. Moderation DENIED: Moderations made by a Moderator can be rejected, or continued on, by an Administrator.

  19. Comparisons: To keep some kind of realism, keep in mind that unseated members do not have the ability to withstand a Captain-leveled member in terms of strength, and all those other little things such as their Zanpakuto, quincy bow, etc.

  20. Time/Space: No time/space techniques or abilities of any kind. These types of abilities are too easily abused and used to Godmode.

  21. Please avoid Meta-gaming as this could lead to your actions being voided.

  22. There is a 48 hour time limit, this goes for battle and non-battle related Topics. The Role player can choose the leave their current topic after this time. Or they could choose to call a hit, if they had attacked in their previous post.

  23. Posting a Private Topic in the enemy's territory will not be tolerated. In the same respects, if a topic says Private (invite only). Then you will require permission from the person that posted said topic, in order to join. For example, a Shinigami may create a private topic in Soul Society, but won't be able to do so in Hueco Mundo/ In the material world etc.

  24. Number of Accounts: You may have as many accounts as you want, but only two without having to rank up the hard way. The hard way?: You must fight the lowest rank of the particular race you want to be an elite of.

  25. Activity: If you're an elite, you must post at least once a week. If not, your rank can be taken away at your race leader's whim. The only excuse for this is an absence topic.

  26. Topics: Your character may only be in one topic at a time. If you wish to take part in another topic. You must first, leave your current topic, mark by the word [Exit]. Or in a similar style, this tells everyone that you've exited the topic. During an exit, especially in battle situations. Your opponent may intercept you and foil your attempt, at exiting said topic. This also works vice versa.

Chat-Box Rules:

  1. Respect. The same as rule number one up yonder. Treat those as you want to be treated.

  2. Continuation of Rule number 1: Please listen to and respect the chat-box Staff. If you go and make offences/insults to them, and everybody else, without a logical reason, you will be kicked. If you do not stop when you are told to stop, you will be banned.

  3. Spoilers: Use spoilers when posting large/moving pictures please.

  4. Complaints: If you have a complaint, make a formal one and pm a moderator or administrator. Or use the help desk. etc.

  5. I.C. and O.O.C.: You can discuss both, but remember that stuff you see on the chat-box cannot help you I.C. You can't see what they'll do and then automatically know it. That'd be God-moding.

  6. Spamming: This goes for both I.C. and O.O.C. Don't spam. Period. Result in doing so may end with consequences.

  7. Trolling: This goes for both I.C. and O.O.C. Don't troll. Period. Result in doing so may end with consequences.
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