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 Special Arrancar Rules

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Father Anderson
Cero Espada

Posts : 201
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Join date : 2010-09-03
Age : 27
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PostSubject: Special Arrancar Rules    Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:04 am

Arrancar Special Rules

Let's see, I have noticed how more and more people are applying for Arrancar, and that some wish to Rank up IC. Due to that, there need to be some rules for IC ranking up, and for Rank fights.

Ranking Up for Numero/Exequias/Ordinary Arrancar:

- Those who have applied for Numeros are given a certain number which shows the order of their birth. But, on this site it also determines their abilities.
- Numeros can ether become Fraccion, Exequias, or Espada.
- For them to become a Fraccion of a certain Espada, the Espada must give a yes or no, if they want you as their Fraccion or not.
- For becoming an member of the Exequias, you need the permission of the Exequias Leader.
- Regular Exequias are on Numero 11 level, while the Exequias leader is on Fraccion level.
- For regular Arrancar to gain Numero rank, they just have to apply for it and they will be given the highest open spot. Then, they can rank up the same way as Numeros.

Getting the Espada Position:
- There are two ways for them to Rank up to Espada.
- IF all of the Espada spots have not been taken, then, in order to Rank up they have to go into the Human Realm and complete a certain task. The task can be one of this things: Killing an Elite Character* or Semi-Elite** or by Fighting an actual Espada in a simple practice fight to show their worth. Depending on the results of those test they are given an Espada spot which is open.
Killing an Elite - Min Rank would be Quinta
Killing an Semi-Elite - Max Rank will be Sexta, Min Novena
Elite: Legendary Bounto, Legendary Quincy, Captain, Vizard, Ascended Human, Zanpaktou Spirit with Bankai
Semi-Elite: Bounto, Lieutenant, Regular Zanpaktou Spirit
- The second way to Rank up would be by challenging an Espada to a Rank fight. Numeros/Exequias/Regular Arrancar can only challenge the Decima to an rank fight.

Ranking Up for Privaron Espada:
- Privaron Espada are former Espada members who lost in a Rank battle, and somehow survived. Depending on their rank which they had before this happened, they have been given a new number.
- In order to Rank up they can challenge the Espada who holds their former Rank, or the lowest leveled Espada, if they wish to start from bottom.
- If not all of the Espada Ranks have been filled, you can do the exact same test which Numeros and others have been given.

Ranking Up for Fraccion:
- Ranking up for Fraccion is different. When their Espada dies, except in a Rank battle, they can take the position of their Master. But, only if their master gives them permission.
- The second way would be using the same methods as Numeros and others. Just like Numeros, Fraccion also have to start with the Novena when it comes to Rank battles.

Additional Information
- Rank fights must be monitored by a higher ranking Espada or by the Race Leader.
- In a fight for the Race Leader, the fight is monitored by the Segunda Espada.
- You can only challenge someone who is 1 Rank above you.
- When asking someone to a Rank fight, the challenger must make the topic, PM the one who will be challenged, and post in the Arrancar Ranks topic that he is Challenging that person.
- A person can have only 1 Rank fight, after which he has to wait a week before he can challenge someone again.
- While he waits this week to pass, he can be challenged by others.
- There will be no declining, if someone challenges you, you need to accept it. But, the only exception will be if you have an Absence.
- When an Espada is inactive for some time, he will be removed from their position and given the appropriate Privaron Espada Rank.

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Father Anderson
Cero Espada

Posts : 201
Points : 135
Join date : 2010-09-03
Age : 27
Location : o.o

PostSubject: Re: Special Arrancar Rules    Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:49 am

Rules updated, Novena is no longer the weakest.
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Special Arrancar Rules
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