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 Syuora Sattoutaki

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Syuora Sattoutaki


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PostSubject: Syuora Sattoutaki   Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:23 am


Name:Syuora Sattoutaki
Nickname(s):Syu, Reaper
Age: 800
Visual Age:19

Rank:Seated Officer
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame:medium
Blood Type:AB
Sound of Voice:Calm and mellow;deep
Appearance:Syuora has a rather weird appearance, having black and white hair, black on the left side, white on the right side. He also sports heterochromatic eyes, his right being green, and his left a crimson color. He wears his plain shihakusho over his 'battle attire, consisting of a tight fighting longsleeved vest, also black and white, with brown leather straps over his shoulder to hold his zanpakuto. He also wears a rather long crimson tattered scarf. The vest mentioned before also has pieces of cloth, also black and white comging off the vest, fastened by a belt. His pants are just plain black, with one pants leg longer than the other, givingh im a rather odd appearance.

Introvert/Extrovert:mostly introvert
Hobbies:Playing electric guitar, lounging around, women,drinking,watching human world movies, heavy metal.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Guitar, Women, drinking, most forms of heavy metal, movies, Fair and honorable battle

Dislikes-Large amounts of work, cheaters, spicy food, country and rap, and traveling

Personality:Syuora is usually a womanizer and likes to have a good time, but it is very contrasted by the fact he tends to be a loner, and tends to do things on his own. He always looks to have a good time though, despite this fact. He usually doesn't like to work, unless it benefits him or is fun. Other than that, his laziness interferes with work. On the other hand, he always looks forward to combat, and always looking to better himself in any way possible. He is also usually flirtatious with sometimes bad consequences. He also believes that one must do what is right, even if it goes against protocol, and this usually doesn't fit well with superiors.Overall he is rather lazy, flirtatious, and combat loving.

Defining Characteristics:Definitely his hair, eyes, and outfit.
Specialties:Guitar and being lazy in general
Fighting type:Samurai
History/Background:Syuora was born about 800 years ago in the Rukongai to a poor but very loving family to his mother and father. Syuora grew up like any other naive, young child would, learning the ropes and what not like any child would. Being born into his family, which so happened to be a shop that produced and maintained musical instruments, which gave him his exceptional talent with all musical instruments, particularly the guitar. working day in and day out at the shop with his parents, not really making many friends as it is, but having a special taste in girls. He learned all of his moral values and views from him. He would continue to work for his mother and father for 300 more years, until his rukongai district was attacked by a stray hollow that was too damn stupid to find his way back to Hueco Mundo, but would so happen to change his life. As his parents were both killed in the family workshop, he witnessed it all, soon to be next until a couple of shinigami arrived to slay the hollow. Witnessing the whole scenario, he knew what he needed to do. The next day he had shut down his home/shop and had taken his favorite guitar with him. He had then made his way to the Seiretei, going to become a shinigami.

After being accepted into the academy, he would be one of the top fighters in his class, but would usually be interfered by his laziness. He would have to go through the academy a second time, despite his combat effectiveness. He would later graduate, now looking like a sixteen year old, having gone a long way to follow a sudden dream. He would later go into reclusive training after being put in the 12th division, not really getting along with the other people, usually focusing on playing music and training.He could also tell he wasn't like much either, which made him fall into seclusion.Even though he wasn't close to being a fan of science as the rest of the people of his division were, he still did his job, usually gathering specimens for research as he found researching and gathering information to not be his style.He made many trips to the living world to gather specimens like quincy or hollows for study. Even though he hated travel, he would later acquire his love for heavy metal after being stationed in the human world for a while, making it another hobby of his. After hard work and everything that goes with it, he would rise to the spot of a seated officer, to where he would stay for a while, wanting to rise higher.Even though he was a seated officer, he continously train to become a lieutenant, or even captain, usually training for his bankai on a daily basis out in the nearby forest, although he tries to keep it secretive, hoping that he doesn't get many assignment unless it involves something big and exciting, knowing that his training would interfere with the 12th Division's work. Being good at collecting specimens, He hopes that if he collects something big, he'll get a good recomdendation and be able to rise in rank, but sadly he still waits..

Role-play Sample: Syuora was just doing his daily routine as usual in the seiretei, being lazy and what not out on a nearby grassy hill out in the middle of the day. It was rather sunny out, and it was a nice day to do just nothing. As he would listen to the outside world around him he would notice another reiatsu signature nearby. It was another shinigami, and was coming closer. Just what he needed, another job to do.

"Syuora, What are you doing? You're supposed to be working today. Jushiro won't be happy if he finds out about this.."

"Don't blame me. It's not like anyone told me." Syuora yawned, sitting up as he grabbed his zanpakuto that was laying in the grass next to him as he looked up at the other shinigami with a dull expression.Not to mention it was supposed to be my day off.."Syuora got up as he placed his zanpakuto on his back as he looked at the other shinigami."So what is my assignment this time?" The shinigami gave Syuora a piece of paper.

"This is your assignment. You're going to have to go to the world of the living and investigate some arrancar in the area."Syuora read the paper, showing some interest in this particualr assignment. He folded the paper as he placed it in his pocket as he took off. He would proceed to open a Senkaimon Gate, as he went on to the world of the living.

He arrived in Karakura town as the moon was shining. It seemed to be midnight for the town. He decided to get to work as he strolled around, feeling some reiatsu in the area, and wasn't a familiar kind either. Syuora knew the supposed arrancar was nearby. Syuora kept walking as he felt the reiatsu close by, looking back to see a humanoid creature with half a mask. The arrancar didn't speak at all as Syuora turned around, slowly taking out his zanpakuto.

"Well you sure are quiet and reserved for an arrancar. I guess that makes two of us.." Syuora released his zanpakuto, as it took the form of an elegant scythe, about seven feet long. The arrancar made no sound, yet Syuora could tell he was about to attack. The arrancar disappeared in front of his very own eyes. Syuora held his scythe down by his side, waiting for what was to come. The arrancar had appeared behind him ready to strike, but had stopped midway for some odd reason. The arrancar looked down to see that it had been impaled through the heart, as the pole of the scythe had turned into a crimson liquid and had extended faster than the arrancar could move. As blood dripped off the scythe, the arrancar had fell over and stopped moving. Standing over the body, he put his zanpakuto away and he placed the body on his shoulder, sighing."Well for an arrancar, that was disappointing. Let's just hope Jushiro will like this specimen.."Syuora opened up the senkaimon gate as he went through, ready to get back to his leisure.

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki   Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:34 pm

1. I want more on yer history, the current length isn't satisfactory for me at all.

2. Add at least 2 more dislikes.
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Syuora Sattoutaki


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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki   Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:46 am

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The Russian
Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki   Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki   

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Syuora Sattoutaki
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