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 Akujin's Bow

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Akujin Amano


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PostSubject: Akujin's Bow   Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:42 pm

Medium:Akujin's Medium is a silver cross necklace that hangs down to the center of his abdomen, The cross is silver with a black outline.

Bow Appearance: Aku's bow is a black and silver glass looking material. It has a slight resemblance to Black Obsidian. The two sides of the bow are razor sharp, the grip for the bow is actually an entirely different piece seeing as Aku's bow is able to split into two small scimitars, each scimitar has a piece of the grip attatched to it, allowing a quick and easy reassemble. The two sides of the bow are held together by Aku's spiritual pressure, they split apart when he disperses the spiritual pressure and vise versa to re-attatch them. Aku's bow string is composed of spirit energy as well, allowing him to be able to shoot faster and stronger without the risk of a string breaking. Akujin's bow also acts as a large vial, allowing him to contain all of his poisons in different areas.

Description: Every type of Akujin's arrows are represented by a color or asset. Akujin is capable of shooting up to 5 arrows at once and 1000 arrows over 2 seconds, although, the more arrows he is using the weaker they'll be. For example, 1 arrow will be 100% of his power, 2 will be 95%, 3 will be 75%, 4 will be 50%, 5 will be 25%. His arrows are composed solely of energy and have the shape of a normal arrow, the specific size of the arrows can always vary against Akujin, due to his complete manipulation of them. Another rule with his arrows are is he can alter the speed, strength, and power of his arrows but only if he is firing one arrow at the time. Each normal arrow travels at about 2250ft per second, though remember...the speed is subject to change.

Now, Akujin has Toxin arrows and lightning arrows, preferabbly the color of toxin arrows will be a dark green and the lightning arrows will be a dark blue, instead of the traditional Maroon. Akujin has a few different types of arrows other than his normal arrows.

Sticky Arrows-These arrows are resembled by the color of the ability outline by the color of the original arrow. These stick to whatever they touch, for example, if an opponent were to block this arrow their sword, it would stick to the sword, trapping the opponent to endure whatever attack lies next. (These are removable and dodgeable)

Sentinel Arrows-These are arrows that flash slowly inbetween colors, they are used to standby and act as catalysts for other attacks. In other words, if it were used in cohesion with a lightning attack, the sentinel arrows would act lightning rods.

The poison for Akujin's arrows can range from any poison currently known to man, such as black mamba venom or can also be one of his ow creations.(I'll add template for own creations later.)
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Akujin's Bow
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