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 Soul Suckers

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PostSubject: Soul Suckers   Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:28 pm

I took note of some of the things listed that a bountou can obtain after sucking souls, to be honest the system is well known and used although I do find it a bit odd at how many souls are required to be eaten regardless of the soul in question. This is like saying that the power obtained after eating a captain is the same as eating an unseated officer, and this seems a bit off to me. I shall include a table like item in this post with what I think would be an appropriate system for how powers are obtained and I hope it is taken seriously by our trusted staffers.

Eat an Elite's Soul (ex. captain, espada, ascended super human...) = obtain one available power for that race

Eat two Semi elite (ex. Lt, fraccion...) = Obtain one available power

this would continue on for the differing ranks of characters. Also I know what Bitto do in the canon but if you could be more specific for the empowerment it gives on this site it would be appreciated.

~thank you all for reading my suggestion
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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: Soul Suckers   Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:32 pm

Thanks for not being a douche, it's appreciated.

But there's not really much to say here, I like the suggestion and it makes sense, so why not? I've no input on the bitto though, not familiar with it.

Yeah that's it rly,
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Suckers   Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:21 pm

I shall revise what the Bounto race gains after absorbing other creatures. So give me some time, but I sort of agree with ya.
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PostSubject: Re: Soul Suckers   

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Soul Suckers
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