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 Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.

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Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:40 am


Name: No-Us Nocturne
Nickname(s): Nocturnus
Age: 2571
Visual Age:24

Gender: Male
Rank: Legendary Bounto, or whatever there is to be =D
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6’0
Weight: 67 kg

Body Frame:Medium I guess
Blood Type: 0
Sound of Voice: Deep, enchanting voice. It is rather intriguing that scaring.
The young man has white hair that reaches down to the bottom of his neck and it usually looks very well, as if the man would use up some time to take care of it properly. His right eye is covered by a patch that is black but has a frame of silver cloth and is adjusted to remain on his eye by thing straps. His other eye that is not covered shows signs of remoteness while also some signs of a trickster-like attitude could be interpreted into it. If someone doesn’t trust No-Us Nocturne it would usually be because of the look in that eye. His skin is a pale color, almost as if he had just risen from the grave or if he came straight out of some cave, but actually the man is just as much in the sun as he is covered in the darkness of the night.
His clothing is rather simple. He wears a plain white shirt with all it’s buttons buttoned up and the neck area being adjusted appropriately. He wears a black tie around his neck. Over the shirt he wears one of those vests that are worn underneath the jackets of a tux. Above that vest he actually once wore a proper tux-like jacket, but it must have been destroyed someday in the past with it’s arm-parts having been ripped off and thus No-Us Nocturne decided to just joint the arm-parts with the jacket’s main body with straps that could be unbuttoned. Despite the picture showing otherwise the main part of the jacket does not have a zipper, but it has buttons. The handkerchief that is showing in the chest area of the picture is of a white color, contrary to the black tux-like clothing of No-Us Nocturne. For pants he wears simple black trousers that have a certain degree of elasticity so that they would not rip immediately when he was to make a movement in a fight. His shoes are a very classical way. Most young people would call them “old man shoes” I guess.
Introvert/Extrovert:Rather Extroverted
Hobbies: Playing Piano, Hunting for Souls
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- The Moonlight, the morning fog, a chill breeze at sunset, devouring souls

Dislikes- bright sunlight, too happy people, heat, most modern music, people with ill behaviour

No-Us Nocturne being one of the calmest people around the world. He is someone who does not get upset about small things and even bigger problems usually leave him in a very calm state of mind. This is due to his long life in which he had so many outbreaks of anger which have destroyed his life more than once. But nowadays that is all past. He is now a calm and introverted person that enjoys a classical concert over an extravagant fight with some boring enemy.
Unlike that change of his mindset, he still enjoys the hunt of souls, the feeling of ripping a Hollow or some other being apart to get it’s soul and then gently feast on said soul. To preserver the taste as it slowly makes it’s way into his stomach where it’s power becomes one with his own. Those are the little joys of his life.
On another note he is also someone that enjoys the company of others. Despite his somewhat introverted personality, a little company is never to neglect. This is due to the incredibly small amount of Bountos there are in the world and so one would obviously appreciate the company of one’s own kind more than the company of some other stinking race.
Despite his calm nature No-Us Nocturne is a cynic and a racist, so to say. He thinks that the Bounto race is the elite, having been artificially created they do not possess something like natural predators or even natural weaknesses, but they only possess the weaknesses they burden upon himself. Due to these circumstances he despises the other races such as Shinigami, Hollows, etc. and enjoys it when they senselessly kill one another.
His long life has also granted him a certain amount of wisdom and common intellect. Not being the smartest person in the world, No-Us Nocturne still has a rather decent amount of intelligence at his disposal and he is not someone to just storm into an enemy’s lair without thinking for a moment at least.

Defining Characteristics:His clothing most likely
Specialties: No-Us Nocturne has incredibly dexterity, being able to easily measure with a professional pianist. This would be natural nonetheless since he enjoys playing the piano and listening to classical music that is mainly composed on pianos, or Harpsichords as Bach did.
Other than that does No-Us Nocturne have a highly developed musical ear. This means that he is able to figure out a note is an E, when the E is played. At this he is so good that he is able to figure out the octave of the note when hearing it. This is something he has learnt to enjoy a lot when listening to his favorite pieces he can just play along with a complete orchestra/string ensemble, for example.
Fighting type:
Once, a long as fucking time ago, there was a Shinigami scientist who had been around for the creation of the first round of Bountos. He was actually one of the leading parties in those experiments, but seemingly something had been lacking the researches of the scientists from that time since those Bountos were not quite what they had wished for. Sure they were strong and whatever else they were hoping for, but in the end the Shinigami failed to control them and they went bye bye. Now that scientist had come to the conclusion that now, some dozens of years later, he would be able to forge a proper Bounto, as they had imagined back in the day, on his own. That man was so focused on his on advantage though, that he wanted to add even more power to the already powerful beings. If that worked that well is a question left clouded, but that scientists ways of obtaining control of his artificial fighter, were just as gruesome as that man’s striving for accomplishments. Pain and suffering would be burnt deep into the soul of that Bounto and eventually one day the Bounto would have endured twenty-four years of experiments on his body, on the organs in his body and most of all, on his mind. Because of all those years, there would of course one day come the day when such a young being would become a monster, though that had happened years ago, the young man still had taken his time in order to strike back at the Scientist who had created him. The young man didn’t just want to kill his creator, he wanted to give him a sneak preview on what the Bounto had gone through. Thus the young man spent a few weeks on torturing the scientist, taking an eye after another, cutting the man up just to sew him back together and all those funny little things. Now then after a few weeks, the young man had decided that it was time to move on. To escape from the run down shag used as a laboratory by the Scientist, but before that the young man squeezed some information out of the mad creator of his. Where was he? What could he expect outside the laboratory? How could he flee from this world? Many questions and all were answered so easily by the Scientist who had hoped to maybe survive if he would provide all those answers. Due to the past years, the lastest few weeks were rather charming for the young Bounto and as all bad things, those weeks ended in a bad way for the Shinigami too as he was killed by his own creation and even had his soul devoured. That did grant the young man eternal youth after all and at that, the Bounto had then awoken his abilities.

Now obviously having escaped from the laboratory that was positioned just a little outside Rukongai, the young man was wondering where to go. Then he remembered that the Scientist had told him of the place called “Human World” and even how he could get there. Not caring whether that was a trick or not, the young man went down the dangerous road and somehow did manage to find a weak bunch of Shinigami under which he could hide himself thanks to a little disguise of a diseased man and luckily the trip even went to the Human world. Most likely some Shinigami did perceive the difference in the Reiatsu signature of themselves and of the Bounto, but were too low a level or had too few of the potion called courage to open their mouths and speak up. Once in the Human World the Bounto did take his leave while the other Shinigami stormed in for the fight against a horde of strong hollows. Unlucky for them, they were completely annihilated and so the young man just had to throw his disguise to those of the bunch of clothes left behind by the dead Shinigami in order to make it appear as if truly everyone of that squadron had been eliminated by the Hollows – That was a truly nice first glance at the human world that the Bounto had been given there. The nameless man then went on to travel this new world in which he found himself. He had landed on a big continent that would today be known as Europe. It was fun for him due to the fact that he was able to travel so freely. The humans that he sometimes found were living in tribes and due to the man’s gentle appearance, those beings weren’t even afraid. Quite the opposite actually, they were friendly and did welcome the nameless one into their community, even if it was only for a year or ten. During the first days at those tribes, the young man felt a certain hunger. The food presented to him by the humans wasn’t something that would actually satisfy that hunger – No. What the youngling needed he had only felt once so far and only seen another time. It was the need to devour souls. Due to that circumstance, the young man soon felt began to abuse the friendly attitude within the small tribe he found himself. He became a couple with a daughter of one of the higher authorities in the tribe thanks to the man’s strength, that is. Not soon after the nameless man and his wife ‘went out to hunt’ or more like, the man went out to hunt an animal while the female would search for herbs. The man came back alone and his hunger was satisfied too. He told the village people that his wife had been attacked in the forest they had gone and was killed, he failed to kill the beast in the end and returned with no food for the village – that was an amusing thing for him too.

With such a strategy the man continued to live for decades in the village, but after about fifteen years he was being targeted of being some form of demon due to him not aging while the other tribe members aged as they did. It was then that the young man decided to annihilate that tribe and move on once more. Like that he actually lived a very nice life with many females as his wives and with a lot of mature content. Friend, family, the tribe. It was one of those days that he actually felt at rest. His cruel first few years on the world were almost forgotten and he thought that he would actually allow his current tribe to live on and not become nutrition for the nameless Bounto, but an enemy tribe actually attacked his own tribe while the man was out to hunt, with two or three others. Returning to the tribe’s home then, they men broke out into pure anger and the nameless one even killed the last remnants of the tribe in his blind anger. The Bounto was only able to devour the souls of those two men though at that moment as the others were being collected by Shinigami. That was the first encounter of the nameless man with the Death Gods since he had entered the Human world. Lucky for the Bounto, the Shinigami were weak and were easily killed. The Souls of the tribe and of those Shinigami became the nameless man’s meal to prepare him and make him stronger in order for him to be well armed to attack the other tribe. It wasn’t long until the other tribe had felt the wrath of the ever-so young man. At Dawn Hollows actually came out to play too. It was the first time for the nameless one to fight one of those things, but more importantly it was the first time for him to feel the ecstasy of a proper fight.

The years kept on passing and the man stopped to make bonds with others. He had become a proper lone-wolf. Hunting and devouring. It was easy for him to kill a group of humans that were out on the hunt and every other day he waited for the Shinigami to arrive, wanting to help the Souls of the humans pass on, but in the end they get killed by the angry Bounto as well. It had soon been two or three hundred years that the nameless man had been passing on the Human world. He had seen the tribes slowly evolve in their armory and weaponry, in their skills. He saw the roman empire strike Europe and conquer it. There were many events that were going on and many years just passing on. Soon the humans were striving for a strong community and hoarding together in villages, cities. Those were great days, since it was so easy for the Bounto to fight a place to live in those cities. He just had to find work at a stable or such a job and then he would be able to hunt all night long. Enough people were around and enough other people to not care in the slightest. Though, the man got bored rather quickly with those villages since after only a few dozen of people were killed the people in the village began to speak of a demon’s work and what not and things just got too hectic. Those rumors spread throughout the Roman Empire rather quickly though and so the nameless man began to travel further and further. He had soon visited all of Europe and had tasted many hundreds of souls already and about five dozen of Shinigami souls as well. Obviously, the Humans would not be the only one’s who would be going around increasing their security standards, but the Shinigami began to do so as well. They seemingly began to train a lot harder, the squads grew bigger inappropriate to the amount of victims that fell to the Bounto and so it soon wasn’t unlikely for the Bounto to find four or five so-called Death Gods attending to three souls… or wanting to attend to the souls.

Christianity had been spreading through Europe the past few hundred years like a plague. A true epidemic that the nameless Bounto would never see again. Nothing ever faced the pestilence of those religious bastards that declared that one could only pass on to the other world if they worshipped something called god… God? Were they potentially talking about those … Death Gods? Those things that the Bounto had been devouring for hundreds of years? What a joke. When the nameless Bounto had become about twelve hundred years old there was a new ruler in the land that would later become Germany. The ruler was called Karl the great or Charlemagne. He had an incredible power of the people and within weeks the nameless man had worked his way up the ranks of the military of that ruler that would become roman Emperor at the year 800 after Christ – who that Christ was, the nameless Bounto did not know and still only knows a little. The nameless man was given a name by that Emperor himself – Franz-Josef vom Frankenreich was the way too long name given to him. The name might never go down in history, but in the end that was just because that general only had small parts of the military under his command and in the end only sent them out to later feast on the souls of the dead and on the Shinigami that would come out to kill the Hollows who would also want to feast on the souls. Truly it was always a great day for the General when he was allowed to stand on a corpses and blood drenched battlefield that had seen hundreds or more victims and then was allowed to feast on ten to fifteen Shinigamis too. Those days could have lasted forever, but the one thing that had most intrigued ‘Franz-Josef’ to join Karl the Great was the fact that the great emperor’s soul gave off such a sweet and tasty smell that it had already lured many dozens of Hollows to follow him ,but of course the greedy – I mean – the loyal General was there to protect the human who had the potential to become an ascended superhuman, that is if he was born a few centuries later. The General likes to remember the taste of that man’s soul after he had passed on and especially the taste of the Lieutenant’s soul who had come to lead the soul to the other side.

With the Bountos power growing throughout the years, his rage towards everything and everyone became more calm. The man had turned into a very calm and resolved person by the dark ages of 1000 to 1200 after Christ. The centuries just came flying while the world progressed and changed over and over again. Advancements in technology and knowledge. Some people even became as intelligent as to demand explanations from the Christian Church why they were taking money from the people. As knights moved out to the middle-east to spread Christianity and destroy the non-believers, to force the humans there to become conformists. Once again, the nameless Bounto was there at every single one of those marches with different names each time and with a full stomach each time as well. So many people who were killed there, the man could have exploded into thousand pieces just by thinking about it again. The people they were sent to force to become Christians who in turn fought against that, then being killed by the knights. The knights being killed by those people. Centuries later when the people were revolting against the monarchic governments of their countries. When hundreds were killed in France by fighting against the armies of the King. The days of the industrial revolution in England when people were dying left and right because of exhaustion and hunger that resulted from poverty. It were great days when a Bounto could just walk the streets in a chic suit, just absorbing the souls that were floating around and killing the Shinigami who were trying to lead them to the other world.

The most interesting things happened in the 20th century nonetheless. Though the world had made huge progress in matters of sociality, society, government and such things. The nameless Bounto would find the joy of entering the german military for World War I, 1914 to 1918. Having been at both the east and the western frontlines, the Bounto called Hans Mühlheim at those days, was overjoyed when he was actually around for the battle of Verdun. The ability to feast on about 250 000 souls for the duration of February 21st to December 18th 1916 was just incredibly awesome. Obviously, he was not close to feasting on that amount of souls, but at least a few ten thousand souls that would eventually stock up to about 110 000 would go to his banking account. In turn the nameless bounto with the name of Friedrich Strunzenberger was an SS-officier in Auschwitz during the third Reich, Nazi Germany. Such a position just meant that he would never have to worry about food. The many thousands and thousands of people killed and actually annihilated in such a camp, were as tasty as any other soul, though there was a slight spice to it since they were sparkled with the hope of surviving until the very end. After Nazi Germany had lost the war Friedrich Strunzenberger was assumed to have died in one of the rescue campaigns of the American troops while actually he had gone out to visit the country known as Japan that had lost the war as well.

It was an interesting country since there were many hollows and the Shinigami were very active in that country as well. Unlike the European countries to which the nameless man had been. In the end the man actually took on the identity of a common human called Severin Nostagik for a decade and lived his life as anyone in Japan would have. He learnt the history of the country, the mythology and common gestures, the language. It was all very interesting for the man who had been more focused on hunting than on using his brain. One day that nameless man was certain that he would have to find a place to stay, but to this day it’s only a run down house, at least from if one was to see it from the outside, that is located on the outer skirts of Karakura Town. This is the place in which the Bounto lives to this day, though he gave up his human identities and short-handedly named himself – No-Us Nocturne.

Role-play Sample:
The darker this day became, the colder it got. Slowly the stars would reveal themselves to the clouds, but because the rain carried onwards through the night the black clouds remained above all. The inability to see even a single star tagged along to that fact. It’s time… My chakra is now finally replenished enough to begin advancing in strength once more…”Alright…” Arashi stood up from the mattress that he laid onto the ground of the hut in which he had found shelter. His clothes had by now dried. The bandages that are floating around his body at all times had stiffened again. The reason for them to float around the S-ranked missing-nin in such a manner was to keep his bloodline under better control, but soon he would take them off again and being training in his quest for strength. He was now standing, his hand slowly reached out to the door lock. The nuke-nin took his time to walk outside into the rain and so he slowly opened the door as the full range of coolness entered the hut. The drops from the sky drenched Arashi again within instants, but now it didn’t matter. As soon as his shoes had touched the ground of the land of rain again he began to focus his chakra. The bandages began to levitate in an odd manner, almost as if a strong wind was beginning to blow throughout the region. Eventually this was the affinity to the element of wind though which this man had. Elemental chakra did not contribute to this training through and as such the seemingly wind-originated movements of the bandages were actually caused by Arashi’s pure chakra power. Despite the need to enhance my stamina I need to first begin with meditation… Allow my chakra to flow under my control and to not follow that mind of it’s own… that explorative mind…”Heh… I bet that it won’t be fun… but at least I don’t get too rusty like this.”, while talking the criminal sat down onto his butt, placing himself in the rain-soaked ground of this country, ”Well… it’s not the cleanest way, but what needs to be done has to be done…” He then began to slowly un-strap the long lines of cloth which were usually not used to restrain chakra, but actually to help wrap injuries. Knowing such simple facts it would be idiotic to assume that those bandages were just common ones which could be bought in any shop – No they were specially forged out of a gold alloy which was enhanced with fire-chakra for two reasons: 1. To counteract Arashi’s natural wind chakra which could no longer be separated from his pure chakra as the affinity is just too strong; and 2. To keep the gold stripes flexible as they would highly hinder Shinobi activities and duties if they were not of equal flexibility and with a similarly soundless attribute to it as a common cloth would have. Once his body was freed from the restraining feeling of those bandages the criminal seemed to feel relieved, ”Finally… I can feel my powers again… that extend… Soon enough this world will lay to me feet and all needless scum will be erased… Hehehe...”

The ground’s wetness had already completely soaked Arashi’s black pants, but it didn’t bother him in the least. It was now time to permit his chakra to run freely through his veins, to flow freely out of his chakra points, for it to freely expand itself around it’s owner and embrace him in the beautiful madness of power. As slowly and calm as the missing-nin’s thoughts were his life source was flowing out of his body. It expanded further and further around him until a radius of one metre around his was covered in the usually as blue marked energy. He began to meditate by closing his eyes and by pulling his stretched legs close to his body and angle them to form the known meditation pose. Up until now the chakra had been a calm and gentle entity, but as soon as the S-ranked outlaw began to chant the words ‘Power of the Soul arise’ backwards, which would then be ‘Esira Luos eht fo Rewop’. It was something which he had once read in a back, back in his childhood in Kumogakure and which he decided to use for meditation as it supposedly enhanced the maximum of a human’s concentration. With the spell, so to say, being spoke once the chakra of the criminal began to take on a furious character comparable to a fierce beast from an ancient myth, which could have possibly consisted of the monster tearing apart all those who fell in a fight against it. After two minutes of training Arashi had already abandoned the chanting, the mediation’s atmosphere remained within the chakra however to keep it’s full potential, as that was the actual reason for him to use the chant. What is it that attracts my bloodline to the earth… is it an elemental affinity. No that is impossible… My naturally attached element is wind… The missing-nin was now thinking about what it was which made his special, his unique ability that which it is – to cause earthquakes. Possibly it is a kekkei genkai… unique to a clan, but not as much as jutsus of a certain clan and sometimes bloodline limits are even special to a single individual inside a family… Only other possibility would be that I am more of a mutation… who carries a genetic mistake with him which allows me to use this ability… Damnit…! I can’t make out answers… So what is left to me but to train… I should start it now then… ”Most important now is the training…once finished I can go and see if I’m able to find something to eat… In the end a little squirrel would be enough to live through tomorrow. I can’t stay in that hut much longer anyway after the training is done… heh…”

Arashi… He got up and the sinister forms of his chakra remained intact. It was a beautifully shocking sight for someone with the ability to see chakra clearly, or even for someone who could only see or feel the presence of chakra output. The most likely outcome for an average villager to be exposed to this frequency of killing intent within life energy would be for them to be infected with the same primal instinct to eliminate or they would merely commit suicide as their own sub-consciousness doesn’t permit them to extinguish the lives of fellow race members. That man had by now closed his eyes and began to focus that evil-natured entity spreading from him. Naturally his bloodline’s curse would direct the chakra towards the earth, which began shaking at a devastating level in a five meter diameter around the criminal. The ground began to split as the very same chakra erupted from it once again, seen through the eyes of a Hyuuga. The exact reason for this absurd way of using one’s Shinobi energy is unknown even to it’s own user, but it is as it is and he has learnt to live with it and even figured out the way to use it for him in an advantageous way. Throughout the length of five minutes this destruction of overly hydrated earth continued until that which made it what it was, earth, was shaken to it’s foundations and even broken apart, leaving an unlimited amount of un-comparably small remains. It was then that something began to change. Not naturally, but far more willingly and forcedly. Arashi began to use what he wished for, a new level of power. Slowly, but as steadily as water flows downhill the chakra began to change it’s way of action. The reaction of the S-ranked ninja was unexpected – he just didn’t react and kept his focus.

Unlike before the chakra did not direct itself towards any outside influences. It actually changed it’s route and flung it’s full power into the user. He who forces his way into this new extent of possibilities did not know what he should expect. Even less he knew what had just happened. He was sure that the sinister chakra he was producing moments ago and which destroyed a lot around him had entered his very own body, but not in the manner of the Hyuuga’s gentle fist style, or even in the manner of him wishing for the chakra to enter, but actually it did enter because another part of his true bloodline had now awoken. He would now be able to use the ability of ‘Quakes’ in a very high-level Taijutsu style. Obviously he wouldn’t wait until the next battle to see what he was capable of now, but he would try it at this very moment. This being the only way of thinking for someone with Arashi’s personality in a moment as in which he found himself, he immediately began to focus his chakra towards his right leg. It was then that he began to feel the toll that only ranking up to this new stage took on him, but it didn’t matter. Now let’s see what we can do… He then felt the quake which he released, almost as if he had never trained anything else he took the possibility of internal damage and deflected it, just as naturally as he had focused his chakra into a specific body part of his. He thrust this leg downwards onto the meter-high rock formation which he created and on which he was standing at the moment and as only the tip of his big toe touched the ground underneath him it began to crack. As the action held the need to be completed the Shindoo released the kick with full force onto the ground – permitting it to burst into a similar amount of pieces as the previous stage created in the crushing work of ten minutes. ”Truly… This is a great power.. Harhar!” He landed in the crater he had created in the past training session and then jumped out of it to enjoy the rain in this area one last time before he took his leave. Departing into the next area in which he could possibly find the energy to train once again as he could feel the dormant remains of power, desperately waiting to be released, dwelling inside of him.
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Ichijouji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Re: Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.   Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:54 am

Speak to Lord Claus about being a Legendary Bounto, for he is the leader of the Bounto. Otherwise..

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Emiko Asahina
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PostSubject: Re: Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.   Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:09 am

I like the RP Sample; it seems you are good enough to be an Elite Bountou. I hope you're active, I don't want too many elites roaming around 'n shit.
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PostSubject: Re: Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.   Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:52 am

Altighty =D Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.   

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Nocturnus, Bounto dewd.
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