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 Sonia Rhodes

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PostSubject: Sonia Rhodes   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:29 pm

Name: Sonia Rhodes
Nickname(s): Sonica, Sonikans, Soni

Gender: Female
Rank: Ascended
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5'6
Weight: 112

Body Frame: Small
Blood Type: AB Negative
Sound of Voice: She has a melodious voice that gives the illusion that she is singing even when she's speaking.
Appearance: Sonia was born with two blue eyes, a fair skin tone an long black hair. Upon her chance encounter with the Unnamed Shinigami, her features seemed to invert, her hair is now a long silky white, that matches her glowing white eyes. Her skin has taken a turn towards the darker side of the spectrum, giving her a honey like brown. She usually wears black clothes, as a homage to the Unnamed Soul Reaper, and using her abilities she usually forms Cat ears on top of her head. They're only aesthetic as she can't hear out of them. She is of average height for a woman her age, and her closet consists of Converses, Vans and Flats only. Everything besides the dress shoes (which she keeps under her bed) Get thrown away, like dust in the wind.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Dj'ing at parties, singing, eating cinnamon-related paraphernalia.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-The Sky, Cinnabuns, Music, Singing, THC.

Dislikes- Silence, the color Magenta, Country Music, Salt, Frozen Pizza

Personality: Sonia's personality is very determined, concentrated, independent, and cunning. She has a straightforward persona with a lone wolf attitude. She is also easily annoyed, as whenever anyone speaks down to her due to her size or age, usually resulting in a burst of physical violence. Despite this, Sonia is not heartless, as she cares deeply for her sister's safety, but often fails to see how much her sister cares about her the same way. After their parents died, Sonia looked out for her sister as though she was her daughter, although she tends to be overprotective of her. She also shows her motherly side to her friends as she comforts them about their own problems, usually taking them in if they have nowhere else to turn. She slowly opens up to them and becomes willing to confide them with things about herself that she normally would not tell others; Interestingly, Sonia seems slightly shy towards physical proximity outside of a combat situation, as she is one to shy away from hugs or even physical embraces that people have bestowed on her, only shown touching someone when she hugs her sister.
People have commented on Sonia having a "wild fearlessness to her." This is supported by Sonia never wanting to back down from a fight no matter who or what the opponent. She appears to have a strong belief in Lady Luck, as she makes many references to it.

Defining Characteristics: Bright white eyes, Silvery White hair and dark skin.
Specialties: Good Musical Sense, great cook, not so good dancer.
Fighting type: Close Combatant.
History/Background: From the first day that light reached Sonia’s eyes, it was known that she was destined for something extraordinary. From a very early age she was doing things that other babies weren’t. She began walking at around 11 months, speaking at Age 2 she was speaking and age 3 she was on the go. Always moving from place to place, whether it was her room to the yard or from the bathroom to the roof, she found a way to move and a way to exist. When she had turned 7, things became much more defined to her. The world was just one giant playground and she played in it every day, running from here to there, from this house to the next. It was with these skills later to be referred to as free-running that she obtained her first job and opened the gateway to her destiny. She worked as a Courier for a company reporting directly to the government, which was a very coveted position, making money and gaining status in the world. Unfortunately, none of that could stop the wheels from turning. On April 20th 2009, she returned home from work, carrying her latest pay and a smile on her face, when she heard a voice shout from the distance. Turning around she saw a man in a long black fastened with adornments and armaments limping towards her with a deep gash in his right hip, rising up to his chest. She stepped towards him dropping her money and helping him inside. Calling for help from her Sister. She laid the man down on the dining room table and checked his pulse.

The man had long black hair with bright blue eyes, but his features were covered with blood splashed on his face and a large wound in his body as if he had been struck by a large axe. She ran upstairs to see what was keeping her parents, but they were no where to be found. Grabbing the first aid kit off of the wall she ran back downstairs and tried to tend to the man’s wounds. As she tried to heal his wounds, he jumped from his sleep and grabbed the sword that rested next to him. He looked to the right to see a scared Sonia standing before him, she wanted to ask him what was going on but she was drowned out by the sudden increasing sound of Screaming in the distance. The Man moved to get off the table to approach the yelling when he was forced back down with a mixture of his own pain and Sonia’s firm hand. She told him that in his condition he could go out there. The man spoke quietly to her, as he handed her his sword. She picked it up hesitantly, but realized she had to put her fear aside, to save her house. Sonia stood up and followed her senses still a bit too scared to ask about the situation. Looking out the door she saw a large creature with a mask as white as snow, lumbering towards the house, screaming at the top of it’s lungs. Twirling the rapier in her hand she moved on the beast with such speed and intensity that she had time to blink as her body lifted into the air, and put 3 deep slashes into the creatures mask, shattering and destroying the head. Falling back down she landed on her ass as the creature, dissolved into a black dust. The man made his way outside to see Sonia standing there, with the sword in her hand.

The man sat her down on her porch and explained to her everything that had happened, involving him, the creature and her ability to slay it. As he spoke his sword began glowing brighter and brighter in Sonia’s hands. At the end of the tale, he stood up and tapped Sonia on the arm. She looked up to see him fading into the wind, like the hollow had, although he had a smile on his face. He told her to take care of his sword, and with that he vanished into the wind. The sword exploded into dust in her hands, but the dust swirled around before reforming into two birds. The birds looked at her, as she looked back. After a few moments of the birds explanation, she stood up absorbing the birds into her body, as both of her eyes began to glow. A shiver ran through her as she felt a power that was almost intoxicating. As she stood there, her sister arrived out of the darkness, inquiring about Sonia’s day. With a smile, she led her sister inside, and told her the grand story.

Role-play Sample: She fell to her knees looking at her hands. They were burnt beyond recognition, and were threatening to catch fire at the simplest spark. Cupping her hands together, she cried out into the night sky, as the pain raced through her body. It raced through her, and brought her body's nerve endings back to life. She was rejuvenated, ready for war and going in for the kill. She stood up from her resting point atop a cliff and glanced down at the burning fire on the horizon. The cloud was on fire, she had to get down there... her daughter she was down there. Taking a step forward, she fell off the cliff face, falling straight towards the ground beneath her. Her eyes began to water as the wind blasted through and around her. Throwing her hands together, she began performing hand signs, to create herself a cushion in her fall. After falling for most of the cliff, she gathered her rage controlling it into her throat and than into her voice. Exhaling the blast from her mouth, she seemed to fall at a slower pace for a moment, but that wasn’t her objective. The blast crashed against the ground beneath her turning the rocky ground beneath her into an explosion of rocks, flying towards the air. Flipping she landed on the piece that flew closest to her. Her legs seemed to swivel on the rock, as her impact across it shattered the rock. She fell through the rising gravel and landed on the next rock.

Flipping off of this rock she jumped forward, reaching an altitude, nearing the trees before the village. She fell a few feet and landed on her legs, the right one stuck to the side, as the left one was in a crouching position. Standing up slowly, she shivered as the gravel behind her, crashed into the ground behind her. Shaking her head to the side, she brushed the gravel from her locks and ran forward. She moved swiftly through the trees leading to this village. On sides all around her, she could smell battles breaking out. People were dying, being shot… stabbed… clubbed… drowned… castrated.. it was a page right out of history. Looking to the right she ducked under a large chakram aimed at her neck. Reaching her hand towards the chakram, her hands fit into the hole in the middle. Using the momentum of the throw, her body was flung towards a nearby tree. Catching her balance she landed on the tree, and held the chakram in her hands. The man who threw it seemed to have a disturbed look on his face, almost a confused face as if he had expected an easy kill. Her heart was beating to the sound of a machine gun as she worried of her daughters fate in the village. Flipping off of the tree, her body contorted into the shape of a pinball, before extending, as she released the blade at the man. He drew a knife to block the chakram, but it was too late. The blade cleaved into his neck, as the knife arm rested in the hole. She ran forward and kicked the blade of the chakram, causing the rest of it to rip through his neck. Falling to the ground, she grabbed the chakram from his neck and began breathing faster and faster. Raising the blade above her head, she screamed at the top of her lungs as she brought it down faster and faster, into the corpse’s head. She pierced through his skull, and than his brain and than soon his jaw. The blood from his neck injury sprayed all over the place, as she jerked his head about with each subsequent hit. The blood splashed about her face, as her smile grew and grew. Eventually there was nothing recognizable about this man’s face.

Throwing the weapon to the ground she turned towards her village once more. Breaking into a reinvigorated sprint, she cleared the battle field in no time, and made it to the gates of the village, which were burned to the ground. Noticing a battle taking place at the gates, she detoured to the left and focused rage into her feet. She ran up the side of the protective wall and alighted atop the wall. Focusing on the quadrant of the village that her home was in, she jumped from the wall, landing on the roof of a bakery before her. Rushing forward, she drew a small folded fan inside her dress. Extending the fan, she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding the stares of the soldiers beneath her, screaming for her help and what not. With a stone face, she moved towards her home, one of the only houses that seemed to not be on fire. It was with a dark smile that she saw bodies piled up by the front door. Jumping from the roof she was on she landed atop the body highest on the pile. With a sickening crunch, blood seemed to exude from the body’s mouth and the tear in his belly, exuded stomach matter. Stepping forward, towards the open door she called out in a soft voice. Christie… My baby… are you here? She heard a soft sound of rushing wind, and instinctively ducked. 12 knives rushed over her head, and out the door towards the building behind her. Rolling forward, she stood up and drew a knife of her own. A voice in the darkness called out, to her Mother… the dog died. Talon spun her knife so that the blade was resting in her burnt hand. She squeezed it slowly, allowing blood to be drawn from her hand. It’s okay darling… I'll take you to the shop tomorrow... you can have any dog you want. Her daughter ran forward from the darkness and hugged her. The Call and Countersign were both recognized by both women as they smiled. It’s okay Christie look… the village has fallen... I hate to admit it but we must get out of here… we’re going to go to the office and leave through the tunnel way in the basement. Her daughter nodded slowly and drew a kunai from a body on the floor.

Both women turned towards the door and slowly peeked around the corners, to see that the way was fine. Christie nodded and turned to the right, running silently towards the mansion. Talon followed after her daughter, covering her back. She threw her knife forward at her daughter’s neck, silently as her daughter turned around with a shocked expression. Talon’s knife clashed with a bullet shot by a previously unseen assailant from the rooftop. Jumping from her position, she threw her hands to her sword and focused on the man, who was charging at her daughter. A few invisible sword strokes cut through the air, and ripped through the body of the assailant. Christie jumped upwards and axe kicked the man’s head, slamming him down to the ground. Taking her knife, she plunged it through his gut, nicking the carotid artery, and sending a spray of blood into the night sky. Talon jumped through the blood fountain, grabbing her daughter and running as quick as she could. [i]They were coming, she could feel it.[/] She was too sloppy with her killing, they were closing in on her trail and she needed to escape. Throwing her daughter from her grip, Christie balanced out in the air, and landed on a rooftop. Get out of here, Christie… get to the office and don’t let anything stop you. Talon jumped upwards from building to building getting to a vantage point. She drew two black and silver fans from behind her sari. Unfolding them both she held at her sides, focusing her unseen rage into her arms and than through the fans, she sighed softly as she heard them coming. They were soft padded footsteps, that grew into lumbering charges.

With one last look, to her daughters back as she ran through the front gate of the office she smiled, causing tears to crawl down her face. Turning back to those coming towards her, her smile faded, the bloodlust in her eyes grew. She saw 9 large pillars of smoke rise from the ground, as 9 outrageously tall beasts appeared. One of a Lion, a snake, a fox, a wolf, A Honey Badger, a hawk, an oni, and 2 others that were obscured by those in the front. The 9 beasts seemed to charge at the office. Talon jumped into the air and spun slowly, gathering her rage into her fans. In one slash of her fans, a massive wave of rage exploded from her blades, catching the 9 beasts, in a wave of massive light. All was quiet with the world as the dust settled from the massive attack. Too many corpses were left lying in the rubble of the village, as the survivors ran through a tunnel leading towards the ocean. One body could be seen lying in the rubble, with a smile on it's skeletal corpse. The wind blew softly through the area as the survivors made it to the exit on the beachfront, and with a great sigh the corpse shot upwards, raising a skeletal hand to it's face as strands of muscle began working their way up towards it's brain. (BOOYAH! Right in front of your moms)

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PostSubject: Re: Sonia Rhodes   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:01 pm

Written Appearance

And I loved that show... The cat girl was flipping funny... good story Kamen or something K related
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PostSubject: Re: Sonia Rhodes   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sonia Rhodes   Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:10 am

I say Approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Sonia Rhodes   

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Sonia Rhodes
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