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 Alex Travel Log

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Azulon Kasshu
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PostSubject: Alex Travel Log   Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:39 pm

As Alex walked into the dark place he noticed a hell butterfly.
He began to follow it and he made a game out of it.
Alex seen some menos grande so he pulled out one of his zanpatou.
He did not release it but he would pull it from its seeth.As he jumped 1 of the menos began to charge a cero.
Alex slashed the menos in half as he began to fade and his cero fired off hitting 3 other menos.

Alex smiled as he reached another white ending light.
He felt a breeze from the human world.
He had no time to be waiting for anything to happen.
The Mcqueen man began to place his zanpatou back in his seeth.
He walked out of the senkai gate and reached his destination.

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PostSubject: Re: Alex Travel Log   Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:46 pm

The presence of Alex prompted a presence of a Hell butterfly to appear in place to guide him back. But the hell butterfly didn't take into account of Hans's presence, which in reality, is an anomaly in existence to be put at best. His very existence is unnatural. Too bad most of Alex's equipment, including the hilt of his two swords, the Shinigami robe (not visibly so), are dyed by blood. Though the shape at most remains the same.

Following the butterfly, with Alex being dragged on the dusty floor, as Hans deduced that the butterfly is meant to lead somewhere, given their consistency with a Shinigami's appearance. Making it so to avoid the dangers associated with the Dangai realm. Traversing a path that avoided the Dangai soulsweeper 'train', and eventually making way towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

This basically symbolized the end of a journey which was relatively short and safe, but for the most part, rendered Alex disposable. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, with only three steps away into Seireitei, Hans lifts Alex up as he was grasping unto the Shinigami's arms, high enough that the two of them were face to face, as he gave off a grin.

"You vill serve now as a catalyst to mein power. Be honored, Shinigami, your essence vill be a fuel to a greater legacy in a number of events that vould change life on all dimensions as ve know it for the better. I bid you Auf Wiedersehn for your loyal service despite my... 'harsh' reception. This lesser evil vill be in the name of a greater good."

The spiritual vampire's teeth sharpens as his jaws opens asunder, saliva trailing down the German's hungry mouth. The predator's one eye betraying the monster's true nature, turning from an emerald iris to a glowing red orb. Breathing heavily, and slowly in giddy anticipation of his meal. Drawing his mouth closer to the dark skinned Shinigami's horizontally aligned throat, a single cold breath sends goose bumps upon the nigger's skin. Predatory incisors sink deep into the Shinigami's jugular, all the way to the esophagus pipe. Taking a good bite out of it, Hans snaps his head to the right, tearing off Alex's throat, with Alex bleeding heavily, finding himself once more close to death, and this time, nothing would save him from the impending doom that awaits in an existence of eternal torment within an existence of nothing but a collective essence.

It will be a reality where there is no such thing as individuality any longer, simply nothing but food amongst millions, whose very sense of individuality for Alex, would be blurred as he will be in this eternal Hell as long as the German lives on.

Upon swallowing the Shinigami's throat in the name of nourishment, once more does the spiritual vampire sink his teeth, and this time, unto Alex's large framed shoulder, streaming blood down the nigger's skin, the Bounto quenching his eternal hunger with the very essence of Alex, devouring all spiritual energy until the Shinigami was unable to maintain a form, and dissolves into nothing but ashes. Forever losing his existence to be condemned. Condemned to a life without free will. A life as a slave, to be treated as food, and to become a part of the fortress known as Hans, in the vast array of essences that flows within the Bounto.

Food. That's what Alex was. Simply food. Saved from death but to lose his consciousness and go into an eternity of torment that will never end.

Upon wiping the blood mixed with saliva produced out of hunger on his mouth upon the sleeves of his robe, Hans quickly looks towards a creak. It was a closing of a gate on the other side due to the sudden disappearance of Alex's essence but within Hans. He had no time to lose, otherwise he will be trapped in the Dangai realm, forced to wait for another life if that's the case, to come to the area and prey on it. He cannot wait that long, not after being this close to his goals.

Swiftly, Hans bent slightly before springing into a leap as he had made his way to the other side. Finding little complication in this travel due to his very nature. If anything... Seireitei felt revitalizing. He was finally in his destination, safe, and sound, and having wiped all evidences of blood on his mouth, of a devouring that occurred, red eyes once more fluxed back to emerald. The Hell butterfly having traveled back as it has fulfilled it's purpose of guiding Alex without knowledge of Hans's company. Ignoring the Bounto's presence as it found no purpose to dwell around a no-longer existing Shinigami within the present plane, completing it's role.

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PostSubject: Re: Alex Travel Log   Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:08 pm

Sai wondered into the senkaimon.
He looked around to what was inside.
He seen what looked as a body.
He walked over to the body and found out it was Blake.
Sai let out a tear and kept on movin.

Sai felt the heavy captain over his shoulder.
Sai kept on walking.
Sai neared the end of the travel and wanted to leave.
Sai seen a white light.
Sai began to exit through it.

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PostSubject: Re: Alex Travel Log   Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:58 pm

(Erm... Alex never really had a body for Sai to see to begin with, thusly you haven't seen it as he turned to dust.)

So Byron was going through the Senkai gateways and made his way through the dusty floor of the travel dimension. He kept following Sai as there was a hell butterfly for them to follow and etc. Byron learnt that following this butterfly was a good thing to do, and did so just like Sai did. Remembering this evil dimension that was dark and most uninviting. Blimy.

Byron kept walking behind the Captain-carrying Lieutenant. Byron also neared the light at the end of the tunnel, which was some Japanese style gateway that opened for Sai and him. Byron then stepped through it as he found himself falling down into a pond after going through the door's threshold, basically he was back in Karakura town after some traveling, all safe and sound, but not cozy as he was wet from stepping into the park's water which was just 5 feet below, and there were further tears in the monkey suit, but at least the water didn't really do anything to dampen the Kido gun's functions. So Byron took Sai and Tetsuya off to a secret hideaway, and from there on, no recon or intelligence can detect his trail as they did when they had the luxury in Seireitei. At least there was none of that evil train thingy to eradicate them. The hellbutterfly fluttered away like a stupid thing it was, and just left.

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PostSubject: Re: Alex Travel Log   

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Alex Travel Log
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