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 Staff Application Filled

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Shuei Setsuna


Posts : 40
Points : 8
Join date : 2010-08-27
Age : 25

PostSubject: Staff Application Filled   Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:59 pm

Name of Applicant: Frank Vargas.
User: Shuei Setsuna

Position Being Applied For: Administrator / Global Moderation.
Preferable Position: Administrator.

Reasons For Applying: Consulted and interest of investing into the site to assist the members and creator based on ideas, guidance, and support.
What Can You Bring To The Table?: I am able to decipher the structure of applications and go into depth and question any possible concerns to seek an answer. I am also capable of managing the Administrator Panel easily and of course I am a photoshop user. I have done so for about over five years and a given of breaks. I am also able to bring any other ideas to the creator and his Administrators based on observation from members what is troubling or could be better and assist with that. I do not like to change any ideas based given from the higher ups, I preferably am much more of an add-on or reverser of the idea, keeping the main point. I am also capable of moderating battles and and using correct grammar to see any problems given in a post that meant something else and to be proven right or wrong of usage. I am also a very good researcher as well if given a lead or beginning from nothingness. I also have an oddity of using words differently and if may be, to tone it down to simpler use of understanding.

What Would Be Your Reasons For Banning A Fellow Member?: I would not ban a member unless given permission and bringing evidence of the actions brought against him. This only applies to the forums. According to the chatbox rules, that is another story. If I am to be given free permission, I would ban him or her for the right reasons that goes against the site's own regulations and only for that cause and not for other silly causes that involves personal issues against my own or having to happen to find something acceptable due to vagueness of the rules. If such is found it will be reported immediately to be taken care of the one in charge of the site or meanwhile of the site.

On A Scale Of 1-10, 10 Being The Highest, How Would You Rate Your Temperament?: I would say one, I have no anger issues and never had one during my staff courses. According to past members, I have been hated and favored, but I've never given a fist about whatever the cause was. I simply move on to resolve to a better solutions of the site that are more important to me. I do not place emotions in my works.

How Tolerable Are You?: I am very much tolerable, even to someone using text grammar, but of course if need be, I'd correct him, and if not a report due to insubordination to the site. Otherwise I have no problems with the users being rude to my role or judgements. I will always act nice in text and again, I do not implement my emotions into my works. My job is to assist the user in getting his duties done and or come to an understanding if they may or may not do this or that. I of course won't talk back to whatever they type or regard as my own as a staff member.

How Actively Will You Be Able To Carry Out Your Duties?: I will be able to be active more than what I used to be on my own sites. Due to better circumstances. I am now out of High School and entering College for only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9AM - 9PM, and aside sleep. I will be most liekly available more often on Saturdays thru Mondays. On Wednesdays I also have a very high possibility of getting on, if I do not have to do College HW that requires my school programs. So here is a schedule as of now to my hours. My time zone is -8 GMT. Which is Pacific Time.
  • Saturdays 10:30AM - 6:30PM.
  • Sundays Possibly over 4 hours from 9:30AM.
  • Mondays 10:30AM - 4:30PM.
  • Wednesdays 75% chance of : 11:30AM - 7:00PM

Experience: I have gain my experience by becoming a GFX Moderator with the specialties of checking over applications from Bleach Unity. Which was my first job as my Staff profession with the webmaster Nara. From then on I had gain normal staff permission from another site known as Bleach Online afterwards under the same webmaster. After which I then decided after half a year or more so, I made my own website. During which I was also a staff member for Arrancar Dynasty, but I left them for my own and I had apologized and left a notice to the webmaster. They still have my banner I believe. Anyways, as I made my first Bleach website I named it New Divide. It became Number #1 of top sites under the category of Bleach when only 3 months old. It continued to remain that way until someone hacked into it and deleted my forum. It did fairly well and from there I made Bleach-Retribution. B-R, became top #1 as well as ND and became a huge success, the only problems with it was my activity. Back then I was frustrated with my school and own personal issues. I had to delete due to no one wanting to look after it only to later find out there was some willing to. The site is back up, but will not be running until next year with a new address. This will most likely be postponed until Bleachlife becomes less active by 50%. Otherwise, as a former webmaster I have always been dead on my calls, I have experience in helping my members nerf, revamp, and balance their characters along powers. The rest is up for you to decide.
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Web Master

Posts : 146
Points : 176
Join date : 2010-08-14

PostSubject: Re: Staff Application Filled   Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:57 pm

Approved, Mr. Vargas.
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Shuei Setsuna


Posts : 40
Points : 8
Join date : 2010-08-27
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Staff Application Filled   Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:42 pm

Thank you very much mister Tommy good sir.
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Application Filled   

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Staff Application Filled
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