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 Yokkyu Fuman

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Kenpachi Fuman

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PostSubject: Yokkyu Fuman   Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:43 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Yokkyu Fuman
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 890
Visual Age: 27

Gender: Male
Division:: 11
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 127lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Yokkyu's voice is deep and very authoritative in a sense that he always has the tone of serious-ness in his voice, and will rarely stray away from his deep and serious voice.
Appearance: Human

As a Human, Yokkyu was a simple looking young male, with hair that covered his eyes, with purple highlights and shoulder length hair. His skin was a creamly pale color, and his face had absolutely no facial hair whatsoever. His eyes were slightly slanted, and his eyebrows were naturally thin, with oddly-colored purple eyes. His ears were of normal size, being about two inches long, and about 3/4 of an inch wide. Slightly ahead of his ears, where side burns should of grown, there were nothing of the such, as his chops always stayed clean, due to him constantly shaving. His nose was slightly large, and had many freckles on it, which were not only on his nose, but spread slightly to his cheek. His cheeks were slightly chubby, filling out his face in an odd shape, making his head almost round, with the acception of his chin being a little on the pointy side.

He wore a black overcoat, with an oddly shapen hod that he never wore, as well as a white undershirt and dark cloth pants. His odd attire is due to the fact that he was a human many centuries ago, meaning he didn't dress like the modern day human. Under his clothes rested tiny muscles, which were the typical muscles of a teenage boy, having slightly define biceps, triceps, abs and pecks, though not from work out - just natural. On his body, was completely free from hair, none on his stomach, chest, legs, arms, or arm pits. His arms could be compared with a monkey, seeing as they were a little over 3 feet in length each arm, with abnormally long fingers, which were about 4 inches on average each. He was relatively tall, reaching a height of about 6"1'.


Normal Hollow: When Yokkyu was a normal hollow, he was a giant beast, though weak like a normal hollow usually is. His skin has a blueish-purple tiny to it,and his hollow hole rested directly in the center of his chest. His mask was a giant thunderbolt, which covered his entire face, and his arms were massive, reaching a 5 foot circumfrence. His legs were completely out of proportion with his hollow appearance,as they were but a mere 3.5 feet long, and were lacking claws, unlike his giant arms. Near his rear end rested a giant tail.

Menos-Gillian: Like the normal Gillian, Yokkyu was a giant, massive black hollow with a giant black coat, exposing only his odd-mask, signifying his individuality, which his mask remained a giant thunderbolt. Unlike a normal Menos class Gillian, he lacked the abnormally large nose, but remained as tall as the others. Also, unlike the others, he also had giant arms, which were about half the length of his legs which proved to be extremely useful when devouring other hollows.

Adjuchas: When Yokkyu reached Adjuchas-Class, his body went through an odd change, giving him the appearance of a odd type of lion, which, as usual, kept his lightningbolt mask, though had pure white hollow armor, much like the normal Adjuchas. His tail was also a giant lightning bolt, and Yokkyu in his Adjuchas form remained on all fours. Being the shape of a lion, Yokkyu's mane was the shape of a circular lughtning blast, and his teeth were as sharp as razors. He had little puffs of fur on the end of each paw, which hid his giant claws from the sigh of other Ajuchas, helping him in his evolution.

Vasto Lorde: When Yokkyu reached his Vasto Lorde form, after consuming hollows for many years on end, he gained the skin of his human back, as well as the emo hair. He gained much of his human appearance, though kept some of his Adjuchas appearance as well. For example, Yokkyu still had the lightning bolt mask, though in this form only covered half of his face. He retained the Adjuchas white armor covering his body, as well as the claws, though he lost the tail. Along with the things he kept he also kept his teeth, which grew further, becoming even more jagged. Though, unlike the things he kept, he gained human appearances as well. His eyes reverted to their purple color, and the skin where his armor didn't cover reverted back to his creamy pale skin, as well as his back being exposed.


As an Arrancar, Yokkyu lost most of his mask,prying nearly all of it off when he attempted as a Vasto Lorde naturally. The only fragment of his mask rested around his nose, vaguly outlining the form of a jagged lightningbolt. Now that he was an Arrancar, he looked more human than he had in countless years. He regained his human height of 6"1', and the armor of his hollow years disappeared to reveal pure white Arrancar Cloathing, which Yokkyu's appeared to be a giant white trench coat with white baggy pants, with his Zanpakutou on his right hip. His eyes, this time were abright blue color for some odd reason, which didn;t make sense as this was a trait that Yokkyu somehow inherited by cunsuming the souls of other hollows.
His face, now back to being a creamy white, is once again free of all facial hair, and his eyes reverted to their slightly slanted form, as well as his thin eyebrows showing once more. His nose shrunk, as the pressure from the mask that he wore completely for many years pressed down on his face, pushing the cartiledge in his nose back throughout the years. His lips were a beautiful pinkish color, that for some odd reason remained chapped for most of his time as an Arrancar. His chin for some reason began to jutt out, which forced Yokkyu to look at himself in slight disgust.

His arms were reverted back to their monkey-length, though this time they had hair spread across his arms, chest and legs, which was an obvious disgust to Yokkyu. As well as his arms revereting to their length, Yokkyu also gained his previous boyish muscles back from his time as a human. With slightly defined beceps, triceps, abs and pecks, which, without the hair, would more than likely make a female droll, but one would be unable to say for sure. Yokkyu's elbows were slightly pointed outwards, making them sharp and somewhat deadly. Yokkyu's knees were also oddly buldging out from his legs, even if his legs weren't the least bit skinny. In the center of Yokkyu's throat rested his hollow hole, and diretly below sat the "2" tattoo.

Resurreccion: While in Resurreccion, Yokkyu retained most of his sealed appearance, however his teeth grew into that of a sharks, and he grew large claws, both teeth and claws both being a darkpurple color, which gave Yokkyu a slightly animalistic appearance. The teeth and claws that Yokkyu gained swirled with pure black electricity, and his Zanpakutou disappeared, and instead of having a sword, Yokkyu has a giant spear made of condensed electricity.


After Yokkyu's death as an Arrancar, his souls, as well as the souls he devoured were returned to Seireitei instead of being reborn in the World of the Living. Having no memory of who or what he use to be, Yokkyu set out to become a famed Shinigami.

Academy Student: As an academy student, Yokkyu had his normal appearance as a human, aside from his clothing. He wore the white clothes of the academy, with blue variations on the outfit itself. On his right hip he held his Zanpakutou.

Seated Officer: As a seated officer, Yokkyu retained his human appearance, though got rid of the Academy clothes, trading them in for the black and white attire of the Shinigami.

Lieutenant: When Yokkyu became a Lieutenant, he gained the Lieutenant badge and tied it onto his left arm.

Captain: Removing the Lieutenant Seal, he then gained a magnificent Haori, which was white and black, with the custom picture of a black lightning bolt on the back of it. The sleeves of this haori werelong and white, and the haori was opened in the front, exposing his black shinigami robes under the haori.

Squad 8 Captain: After becoming Taicho of Squad 8, Yokkyu exchanged his haori for a custum haori, which was exactly the same, aside from every part that was once white, was now black, and every part that was once black is now red.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Yokkyu is a really odd and serious man, who doesn't enjoy doing very much aside from paper work and releasing the countless souls from hollows. He is truly an odd case, as he does not like doing what most do enjoy doing - he believes with hard work comes great success, so whenever there is paper work to be done, he gets right on it and ensures the job is done completely and properly. Battling hollows is something, as despite being a Vizard, nothing can take the feeling of justice away from him as his blade passes through a hollow, and the souls of countless innocent people are released after their long term of torture inside one single body.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- (My likes are in my personality, I really would be better off if i didnt have to transfer, if that's alright?)

Dislikes- (Refer back to "Likes")

Personality: Yokkyu is and always has been a very hard person to please and to satisfy. It has always either been his way, or no way at all, or he'd end up getting either frustrated and/or pissed. It was difficult for him to get his way, so he often shown himself as a rude, arrogent and easily-frustrated male, though always showing expertise when it came to being a leader. Being a Leader, he was always stern and believed all those under him should and would obey him, or they'll suffer the appropriate consequences to learn right from wrong, and to spot a mistake before it could happen. He was generally a jerk to everyone, even the other Captains, but knew when and how to show respect when he absolutely needed to, and didn't show it unless he knew he needed to do so. It was just his way of life, it was his way of living. He has many likes, and many dislikes, and he is normal like everyone else and has habits like everyone else, sharing common beliefs, though his attitude was a bit different from everyone elses.

To start, he liked things to go his way, this meant his subordinates listening ATTENTIVELY, paying attention to each and every word he would say, and if they didn't, they'd sudder the consequences. He also liked when he had the ability to help the unintelligent, always lending a sharp tongue to whip them into shape, and if they didn't listen for whatever reason, he would be done with trying and simply give up. Unlike most Captains, he thoroughly enjoyed doing paper work, as it gave him time off to focus on the important things, and less time to chit chat about pointless things. He, like most Captains enjoied his privacy and time alone especially, as when he was alone he had time to think and concentrate about infortant decisions. Now this doesnt mean he didn't like being around people, he just enjoied some time alone every now and then - a bit of focus time. He also liked to train, whether he trained himself, or a subordinate, which either one he'd train as vigorous as shinigamily-possible, pushing himself and his subordinates to their upmost extreme limit, to ensure that the both of them acheived the best result as possible. Though, oddly for a man like Yokkyu, he liked spending time in the World of the Living, as he felt a strange connection with the realm... a connection he could not explain.

With many likes, a man like Yokkyu is bound to have dislikes as well, and he strongly... "disliked" these things, in fact, he had a pure hatred for these things, and they could easily set him off into a giant fit. For starters, he absolutely looked down upon and utterly despised cocky people, as he thought that they believed they were superior, while in the end them being cocky proved that they were in fact inferior beings who simply believed something they couldn't achieve. He also despised being interrupted, and when interrupted, Yukkou will quit what he is saying and simply glare at his peer with a look of disgust and disregard for manners as he could possibly muster. He also strongly disliked when people spoke too much, as he believed it as a weakness, as the person who spoke too much did not realism it, but if it were a battle, while they spoke their giant forever-long book, they could of had their neck slashed, and have their blood spilled all over the floor. He also hates it when inferiors are disrespectful to superiors, especially when it came to a Shinigami <-> Captain relationship, as he thought each Shinigami should show the utmost respect to a Captain, whether they are or are not the Captain that they serve under.

Even though Yukkyu is a bit different from the others in terms of likes and dislikes, he is somewhat similar to others when it comes to having the typical habits, such as - he tends to think much about his existence, he doesn't know who he is, or why he is where he currently is. He does not know why he chose to become a Shinigami to slay hollows, nor does he know why he even kills hollows, as they react to pure instinct. He also has a habit of tending to look down upon others, even though he dislikes it when others look down upon anyone else, he think's it or more correctly, he does not notice it yet, but he thinks it is okay for him to look down upon others, as he secretly believes he is superior to most, if not all in some way or another. He also has a habit of walking fast, which is irritating to his peers, as he will be walking at his normal fast pace, and they will not yet be use to it and struggle to keep up with his odd form of stroll. He also tends to jump to conclusions too often, usually not waiting to hear the whole story before he begins to accuse others of things he is not yet 100% sure of, though he is only... part human, it is as expected. He also has an odd habit of laughing at his own jokes, which due to his personality makes it awkward for his dry sense of humor-self to laugh at his own joke, which others tend to make fun of him about.

Like most Shinigami and Vizard, Yukkyu belives in proper justice, though for which side is unknown as of yet. Him, being an understanding person in the eyes of justice, he can see it from both perspectives with equality and fairness to both. Having hollow powers, he understands partially what it is like to be hunted by the Shinigami by something you cannot control, and his hollow part makes him despise the Shinigami for doing so. Likewise, Shinigami side sees it the opposite way, that the hollows must be slain and murdered simply for them following their instinct and eating the souls of others, as it is what they naturally do. He believes in justice,though in this case, it couldn't be considered justice, more like twisted justice,which is greatly confusing. Being a man who believes in justice, when if he is straight, he believes a man and a man, or a woman and a woman have the right to be together if that is what they wish to do, as there is nobody who wrote a life-binding rule that it must be the other way around, and Yukkyu believes that all those who oppose the idea are just in denial of being gay or bisexual themselves.

Though Yukkyu as a person is hard to get along with, as he is easily frustrated simply by doing some of the things he does not like, such as being disrespectful. He is frustrated easily by going against his beliefs, and will be quick to raise his voice or shout if he does not get his way. Along with being easily frustrated, he is also quite ignorant, not usually paying full attention to a situation before he acts upon it, even though that is not proper justice, he is just somewhat confused. Along with being ignorant, he is also very arrogant and overconfident in his abilities, which is a major flaw on his behalf and can cost him greatly if the time calls for a serious battle. Like most of his seemingly mean personality, he is also a jerk, being the first one to use bad language, and the first to insult for simple prejudices, which is unjust and unfair, which inevitably makes him a hypocrite, as he goes against his own beliefs and dislikes, which as said above, he does not yet notice.

Defining Characteristics: A defining characteristic about Yokkyu would be easily chosen to be his serious attitude. Most around him are not as serious as him - they don't take their work as personal as he does, and he will snap if he sees somebody who is a slacker verbatim, as his serious personality will cause him great anger in seeing somebody who doesn't take their work serious enough, as he does.
Specialties: Yokkyu is a very intelligent man, as he can spot a lie from a mile away. He might have lived shorter than most people, but his serious attitude has helped him adept to seeing truth for what it is, and lies as if they were a sore thumb. He always knows what he is talking about, and rarely does he make a fool of himself because he simply knows when to quit, and when to continue.
Fighting type:
History/Background: Human Life

Poverty. The realm - the existance, the horror of living in poverty is quite a downer, as nothing ever goes your way, and getting things is harder than it would be for anybody else. You have bills that you are unable to pay ... you have lifestyles that you must adjust to, and Yukkyu will be the first to tell you that doing such is a nightmare, and it is painful to live by. Getting food is hard - a substance - a nutrition that one needs to live - to grow, to bloom into the blossom that they are capable of. You're unable to do that when you live in poverty - it's like a disease... it strikes quick, though it will slowly, little by little spread throughout your entire being and eat away at you, rotting you to the very core. Turning the sweetest of the sweet into the bitterest of the bitter, corrupting the pure, turning good into evil, simply because one will do all that there is to survive... They will do what they must, they will rely on their instinct to get them by, regardless of the rules - of the laws. In poverty, you don't look at the big picture, you look at what is in front of you, and do what you can to get by, do what you can do stay alive.

That is how things would play out for Yukkyu Fuman, a teenage boy who is trying his hardest to survive in a world that he is not built to survive in. He's fighting an army, walking against the flow - resisting the tides of fate. He was destined to be a poor, parentless child, stricken with poverty as if it was a plaque. He tried his hardest to work, he tried his hardest to live, and no matter how hard he tried, he just could not do it. He couldn't, he was unable, he wasn't fit right. He wasn't given the tools for success, and he was suffering for it. He would never do something thatis against the law to help him in poverty, as being a teenager without parents, he was the only guide in his life, and he must set an example for himself, he needed to stay strong to encourage himself to keep going even though all seems impossible. And that is what he did, encouraged himself, fought to survive, did odd jobs as often as they came up, earned as much cash as he could, only to survive off of moldy bread and warm water, which was not good for a boy his age, he needed proper nutrition, which he was not getting.

Though things change when you're under stress, you do things that you would normally be completely against. You go against your own beliefs and do what you must to get by, and that is exactly what Yokkyu would do, he would do what he needed to live, to proper, and to survive. Regardless if it wa wrong or not,he had to or he would surely die, though he was sure his plan would work, he had it completely thought out, and just had to go through with the plan. The Oda Clan, the most prosperous clan in the entire clan was hiring - they needed a young able-bodied person to do work around their house, and when Yokkyu heard the news, he ran to the Oda Clan Household as fast as he could, leaving a trial of kicked-up dirt in his wake. Though not in time he was, and sad he was destined to become - poor he would be forced back in to. Though this was completely unacceptable, he would prove to the Oda Clan he was worthy of being their house-boy, and he would do it in any way possible - even if it meant going against his beliefs.

He had devised a malicious plan to await the worker boy for the Oda Clan at nightfall when he left, when the town began to quiet down. He sat outside the wooden gates of the Oda Clan Household, hidden among the bushes, a small dagger hidden in his coat's sleeve - awaiting the young male to walk out, and into his trap. He closed his eyes tightly as he heard footsteps coming, which seemed a bit light and frequent to be a male, but he didn't think too much of it, and sat there, awaiting. Four seconds passed before the figure was right where he wanted them, and within an instant, Yokkyu jumped out of the bush, and aimed the small iron dagger, shoving it into the throat of the Oda Family House-girl! When Yokkyu saw what he had done, his eyes grew wide and he collapsed, as he had just shoved the dagger into the throat of a female of all things, something he did not expect, and it caught him by surprise. He sat there, wide-eyed watching the girl twitch slightly as her breathing slowed, as her eyes were shut. She was making horrible crying noises as she lay there, dying by the hands of Yokkyu. He could do nothing but sit and watch... sit and watch... sit and listen... sit and witness... sit and bare the pain of his actions...

All the sudden, a loud scream was heard, and a woman behind Yokkyu ran away, back to a nearby gaurd station, yelling frantically. Knowing the woman knew what happened, he quickly ran from the scene as fast as he could, avoiding each gaurd he passed, even though they were likely not to of heard about the incident yet,but would soon figure out. Though the gaurds were one step ahead, and as Yokkyu tried to escape the town, gaurds werelined up at the walls, bow and arrows drawn. And with no remorse, they released the bow string, launching a steady stream of arrows heading straight for Youkka. He quickly turned around and ran as fast as he could, but was not fast enough, as two arrows struck him in the right leg, three in the left, and 4 in the back, causing horrifying pain, and immense bleeding. He sat there, screaming in agony, unable to move from the pain and the shock of what has happened, as the gaurds walked towards him, cursing at him as he lay there in pain. And one gaurd came, and spat on him, prying an arrow from his back, and shoving it into the skull of Yokkyu, piercing his brain, killing him.

And everything went black...

Yokkyu's eyes flashed open, as he laid where he was dead, and without a seconds thought, he jumped up, feeling his legs, back and head, noticing he had no arrows anymore, and was somehow alive. With a confused expression, his gaze turned down to his chest, where he noticed a giant chain, which had two chain circles on it, before it was at his chest. It didn't hurt him, but it was there, and he couldn't remove the chain, as he tried to force it off from his chest. Confused, he thought he was in a dream, he began to wander around, noticing his hunger and fatigue were long gone - this couldn't be a dream, it just couldn't be. Things were too great to be a dream, he FELT this, you didn't FEEL dreams, you SAW dreams, but you never felt a dream, and this was sure as shit no dream at all.

With a smile, he wondered around for two days, paying no attention to the chain, which within those two days lost two links to the chain, leaving just the metal pentagon in his chest, which was slowly disappearing. He walked through town, but was quick to notice either everyone ignored him or they couldnt hear him, nor did they acknowledge him, which deeply depressed Yokkyu, though he had no idea. Could i be dead...? he thought, scratching his head as he looked down, only to finally notice the missing links. He then began to panic as he didn't remember them leaving, and in the midst of his panic, these giant gray monsters came from the pentagon in his chest, and began to make loud snarling noises as they began to eat the metal. With a scream of pain and confusion, he fell to the ground as they ate away at the metal, creating a large hole in his chest. He yelled and he yelled and he yelled, waiting, hoping for help, but he was slowly loosing conscienceness, and he was loosing control over his body...

But as soon as it begun...

It was over.

Hollow Life

A mindless beast is exactly what Yokkyu was, and is what he was destined to become, a mindless beast that fed on the souls of the innocent. There he was, in the town he was once living in, having no control or recollection of what or who he was, all he knew was that he was hungry, so with a giant, horrifying sickening and saddening cry, he ran at the village, on all fours as he started to literally eat the humans whole, picking them up, swopping them into his mouth, devouring them completely. With each person he ate, he felt closer to being complete, but the hunger never stopped - he continued and he continued, with complete and total disregard for everything in his way. With loud cries, he busted down houses, grabbing humans and swallowing them. He ate those he once knew, he ate children, he ate mothers, he ate fathers and he ate gaurds. Nothing would stop him, there was nobody anywhere to oppose him.

This continued for a few years, as he continued to devour souls from village to village, gaining more power, becoming better, stronger, faster and smarter. Though one day as he continued to eat humans, gaining new power, he felt a tingling in his stomach, and felt as if a hole was nearly filled within his being, but his feeling was quickly disregarded as a sword slashed down his back, causing a giant fissure to appear,cutting him deeply. With a great cry, he turned around, and without a seconds thought, out of pure instinct, he ran at the person that had slashed him, who was in black and white robes, holding a rather large sword. With an out stretched hand, he reached for the Shinigami, and attempted to grab him, only to get his last two fingers chopped off, which obviously brought pain to the hollow, and he ran at the Shinigami, using his full power, and swiped the Shinigami up in his mouth, swallowing it. It was by far the best tasting thing he has ever had... though as soon as he swallowed, he felt a hole fill inside of him, and he watched as many others hollows gathered together, and began to forn a giant beast, who merged into one being.

He was transformed... He was now the menos... He was the gillian...

And using his new found abilities, he quickly discovered that he can rip holes in reality, and use them to travel to a giant dark forest. And in that forest were many many more hollows which he began to strongly crave, and attack. He attacked the hollows that looked like him, as well as the tiny hollows that got in his way. He consumed each of the hollows that he came across, constantly gaining power, not caring a single bit for those that he consumed. He continued, using his new ability that he found he could use, which by instinct he knew was called a Cero, which shot a giant beam of reiatsu from his mouth, partially killing each hollow. With them downed because of the Cero, Yokkyu would quickly swoop down and eat the souls of each hollow that it hit, devouring them completely, gaining immense power, power he never thought was possible. He continued to do this for years on end, feeling what he felt before his last transformation...until one day...

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

And he opened his eyes once more, in the dark forest, much lower than he was before, but he knew he was much more powerful. He knew it with all his heart, that even if he were smaller, he was much more powerful. Instinct... Adjuchas... Yokkyu knew what he was, and knew what he had to do to continue. And he ran through the forest, fighting, eating and killing every hollow that he could, gaining scars that left marks on his armor, breaking pieces of his being off but never loosing, and he continued to feed, until he was ready to go above this dark forest. He fed, and fed, and he fed, killing, eating, consuming, devouring each soul he came into contact with. And one day, he closed his eyes and ran up a tree, and continued to run until he reached the top, which he then blasted a cero at, breaking a cieling, and jumping through it, appearing in a desert where there was no light aside from moonlight. He sensed around him countlessgroups of other Adjuchas, to which he only smiled and ran towards.

He slaughtered them, for the hell of it,tearing them to pieces, ripping them to shreads, consuming the aftermath as if it were nothing but mere childs play.He gained power much quicker now that he was killing other adjuchas, and he continued this process for countless years, possibly 200 years. Until one day, he finally reached the next and final stage... Which was much different than his current form...

The lion stood... and pieces fell...

He stood in his new form, which was slightly more humanoid, and looked around him. His power was now immense, but i could be more, and he wouldnt stop. He heard rumors about removing your mask could result in a new transformation, and not wanting to chance it, he began to train, devouring adjuchas, and even vasto lorde, gaining unimaginable power for a mere hollow. He continued this process for not nearly as long, possibly about a month before he would attempt to undergo this new transformation. And using his new found ability named a sonido, he appeared many hundred feet away from his current location, to a secluded area where he reached his giant hands to his mask, and began to pull with all his strength. He began to make a loud hollow cry as he made grunting noises as he pulled and he pulled, for minute after minute untl a loud boom occured and his mask plopped off.

He watched it fall to the ground, and watched as other parts of his hollow-self fell to the ground, which shortly after dispersed into blue particles, which then formed a sword for the new... the improved... Arrancar! With his new found abilities, he quickly tore open a Garganta and headed to the World of the Living, appearing in a large city. He walked through the city, slashing down humans, and using a new move called a Gonzui to devour hundreds of human souls in one inhale, but was quickly caught by a Shinigami Captain, who didn't even introduce himself and went straight for a surprise attack, slashing Yokkyu's back, making a large gash, spilling blood many places. Yokkyu quickly turned, but a thick finger was already pointed at his head, and without a seconds thought, the word"Byakurai" was heard, and Yokkyu fell to the ground, and a bladeimpaled in his stomach.

His body dispersed into his old human spirit, and he was led to Soul Society be a Black Butterfly.

The tables have turned...

Yokkyu appeared in an unknown land, confused as of who he was, or what he was. He asked around only to get made fun of, but one person, a person called a Shinigami told him he was in a place called Rukongai, and they felt him exerting immense amounts of reiatsu and led him to the shinigami academy. He had no idea what that was, but it was interesting to him, so he joined, getting his certifications in Kido, Hoho, Zanjustsu and Hakuda. After which, he was assigned to Squad 11 as the 7th seat, where he sat doing his duties slaying hollows and fighting vigorously, every day his power increasing. In a fight with a Menos Class Gillian, he spoke some odd sentence and his blade transformed, helping him kill the hollow with ease, and he later found out what he had was called shikai, and simply for acheiving shikai, his reiatsu shot up greatly and he was promoted to the 3rd seat of his squad.

Training training training

Yokkyu trained for countless years, for over 500 years, gaining new power, surpassing his Lieutenant and even his Captain. He still, unfortunatly did not have Bankai, and was currently the only Captain without Bankai, which forced him to speak with his Zanpakutou every day for about 20 years, when finally he and his zanpakutou cameto an agreement that he will be allowed to use the Bankai since he has proven himself more than worthy. And after acheiving Bankai, his name was recorded in Seireitei history, and he still began to train, his attitude changing,and him becoming more strict and jerkish. He learned the value of Leadership and thought nothing of all the pointless and meaningless chit chat that happened quite frequently. For an additional 200 years he trained, only to be offered to become a part of Squad 8 for his skills being superb compared to the other Captains. Knowing that he would help the superior by doing so, he accepted, trading in his haori for a black and red haori, and offically joining the 8th Division

Present day

Yokkyu still to this day spends his time serving as Squad 11's Captain.

RolePlay Sample: Yokkyu had recently been to Soul Society, on terms of an unknown reason, though he was no threat. He did not want to start a feud with Soul Society, his intentions were absolutely pure. He was currently in the World of the Living, soaking up the sun, walking through the park at about mid-afternoon when he realized something wasn't exactly right. Like the last time he spent much time outside, he realised there were no hollows out, and there haven't been... for days. The last time this happened, there was a full-scale war with the Soul Society, so, with Yokkyu's sense of justice, his eyes widened as he ran through the park with growing fear and concern.

It'd better not be what i think it is. I swear it... I will slaughter them all! Yokkyu thought as he ran with growing concern as his mind kept repeating images from the last war he heard oh-so-much about. As he ran, his short black hair flowed in the wind, and his zanpakutou made clanking noises as it bounced on his hip, and his black and red haori made a sort of swishing sound as he ran lightning quick through the park, looking for a safe place to open a senkaimon. I don't want any humans around when i open it! Too dangerous! he thought as he ran through the park, but saw countless humans scattered about. Ugh! I do not have time for this! he shouted, the humans being unable to hear him for the simple fact that he was in spirit form.

After about 15 minutes of running, Yokkyu deemed the act senseless, and he'd be better off opening a garganta, no matter how much he hated the idea. Though he'd have to do it somewhere elevated, just to ensure that if any hollows come out, he can deal with them before the reach any humans. So, from the park, he ran into the city, looking for a tall building, and when he found one of good-enough size, he began to jump, and scaled the wall, running on the windows as if gravity were somehow reversed. Using a few jumps here and there to make his ascent shorter, daring not to use a shunpo as he worried about using too much energy, he reached the top in about half a minute. With a look of utter worry on his face, he sat on top of the building and closed his eyes, and began to concentrate on his zanpakutou.

Good luck child... his zanpakutou whispered, which was exactly what Yokkyu had wanted. Thank you, dearest friend. May we work together perfectly if this growing worry of mine is confirmed... That is all... Yokkyu said, opening his eyes once more, and standing up as quick as he could, with his left arm outstretched. My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis. he spoke as a large, squeeling garganta tore open, revealing a swirling mass of energy. With a look of disgust upon his face, he stepped through running as fast as he could, trying to remember the makeup of a garganta, and where soul society would be located.

After a few minutes of searching around, he came to the right spot, which pictured Soul Society in a transparent covering, which was different from most garganta. With a look of worry on his face, his fears came true, as before even stepping into Soul Society, he could not only see, but he could feel the pressence of evil... the pressure of the corrupted. Those who must be slain, those who are enemies to the Society of Souls, those who Yokkyu would slaughter!! Before entering Soul Society, Yokkyu quickly sat down and began to think of a strategy literally immediately. Let's see, I could go and release bankai... NOO, that wont work. I could rally up some shinigami as a relief force??... NO, that won't work. Damnit! What kido can i use...? How about... KYOKKO! Yes, Kyokko will prove useful, and then while using Kyokko, i'll use a surprise Kurohitsugi! They wont see it coming!!!!!! Yokkyu thought, raising to his feet as quickly as he could manage.

Bakudo 26, Kyokko!!! Yokkyu shouted, as his body was instantly ceased from the feeling of others, as well as the sight. Kyokko was a beautifully crafted Kido, allowing both invisibility, as well as detection. As quickly as he could, he used a shunpo to appear through the garganta, only slightly opening it to make it as sneaky as possible. After he was in, he saw two people he knew, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Kurokon Genshuku... Ichigo was good... Kurokon was not... He was evil, bitter and twisted with power. He was corrupt. He was unimaginably powerful. Though with Yokkyu knowing the incantation to Black Coffin, Yokkyu could at least land a seriously damaging attack on him, that, he knew for sure.

As he shunpod through the Garganta, he quickly used a variety of shunpos to appear in different directions, still invisible and undetectable to everybody there. He then stopped, several 10s of feet away from Kurokon. He cared not for how this kido would effect anybody else, but he did what he had to do, and he knelt on the floor and placed his hand on the ground, whispering completely inaudibly, The crest of turbidity, seeping out. An insolent vessel of madness. Boiling up, denying, numbness, blinking, obstructing slumber. The steel princess who creeps. The mud doll every disintegrating. Unite, OpposeFill the earth, know your own impotence. Hado 90, Kurohitsugi... Yokkyu whispered, unleashing a FULL power Hado 90, Black Coffin.

A torrent of gravity capable of distorting space-time itself! Such a thing is near inescapeable! If it does not kill him... if i succeed in my surprise attack, i will of at least brought him close to death... Yokkyu thought at the hado escaped his hands, the kido's reiatsu also staying hidden because it was used from Yokkyu. If Yokkyu was lucky, if things would go how they should... this attack will be critical, and hit dead-on, as it should... Please... Kido, i'm counting on you!! Yokkyu thought desperately.

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