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 Fighting Styles

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PostSubject: Fighting Styles   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:26 pm

Close Combatant: Close combat is the common term for combat within close range. It may include lethal and nonlethal methods across a "spectrum of violence" or within a "continuum of force" as established by rules of engagement. Basically, those who use this fighting style are good with hand-to-hand combat, and other techniques of the sort. While they are incredible with that, they may be worse in the areas of kidou, cero, their zanpakuto, etc. It mostly depends on what techniques they use. For example, they'd be skilled in types of attacks that have to do with close range attacks, while they wouldn't be very good at ranged abilities.

Advantages: The advantages of being a close combatant as stated above is that your most exceptional at close range combat. Which means, those that falls under this category, are quite good at Hakuda and Zanjutsu based skills. They're also well versed at using speed based techniques such a Shyunpo/Sonido and other similar skills. Their endurance/stamina levels are also quite impressive. Able to cast Kido spells ranging from level 1-89

Drawbacks: Close combatants are expected to be less versed at long range combat, as oppose to their excellent abilities in close combat. This means that your ability to use skills such as Cero, Kido and other similar techniques, will be average at best. Those of the hollow race that chose this fighting style. Will suffer similar to the other races. Techniques such as Cero, will be less effective the further they travel to get to their target.Also if an Espada chose this fighting style, their Cero usage will be reduced from 2 posts to 1, with a 1 post cool down. Shinigami that chose this fighting style, will suffer in their uses of Kido spells. The highest level of Kido spells that they will be able to cast. Are those ranging from level 1-89 Other races will follow the same principles as the Hollow race.

Ranged Combatant: These types of fighters mostly occur among Quincy and Kidou corps for their ability to fight ranged. This fighting style includes cero, kidou that involved throwing or beams that go a long way, arrows, guns, etc.


The advantages of this style, are that long range fighters are well versed when it comes to using long range techniques. Compared to close combat fighters, their long range abilities has more power behind it. Not to mention their ability to employ various attacks and tactics over multiple ranges. Warriors of this style are able to use Kido spells from level 1-100. Ceros will be more effective over long range too, and other similar techniques. They're expected to have great endurance, however their durability and Speed based techniques are at the average level. What this means is that if your a Fraccion, your Sonido speed, may not be as quick as a close range fighter.

Drawbacks: Those that chose this fighting style, tends to be at a disadvantage at close range. As they are not able to maximize their abilities to the fullest. It will however be a mistake to think, that they are totally defenseless at close range. Stamina, durability are average at best for their rank.

Kidou Killer: This type of fighter mainly associates with kidou-based attacks. They'll generally have a kidou-based zanpakuto, and they'll usually always use kidou in their battles. These fighters should be in the Kido Corps division, but don't necessarily have to be.

Advantages: Fighters of this type has great endurance, stamina, and are able to cast higher level spells compared to most. They have the potential of learning and using all kido related abilities. They are able to cast Kido spells ranging from level 1-100.

Drawbacks: Fighters belonging to this style, are expected to be average at best in other categories. Their speed is average at best for their rank. For example a close combat lieutenant, may be faster than a Kido killer lieutenant. Although the Kidou killer lieutenant is no slouch either just to be clear. Kido killer are not quite as adept with their swords or hand to hand combat.

Power House: These types of fighters are pure strength, much like Zaraki Kenpachi. They focus more on their sword fighting and hand-to-hand fighting rather than kidou and the other special techniques that may come with their race.

Advantages: Fighters of this style has exceptional Zanjutsu and Hakuda skills. Quite similar to a close combat fighter, though they may focus on brute strength too, in order to overwhelm their opponents. They have great agility, endurance and stamina. They focus less on Kido spells and other similar techniques too.

Drawbacks: This class of fighters will suffer in cases, where Kido spells are used and other similar abilities. This fighting style will allow the usage of Kido spells, ranging from level 1- 68. Their Speed based techniques are avergae at best. Ceros may be fired once before a 2 posts cool down.

Samurai: Those who truly take in the skill of a sword fighter and practice all its techniques, bells, and whistles are fighters called true Samurai. Samurai, for short. They are most skilled in the use of their zanpakuto, or sword in general, while they are weaker in the art of hand-to-hand combat. They are okay with the use of the techniques that their race gives them, but they aren't very strong with them.

Advantages: Fighters of this style are masters of the sword, and are able to wield them with great skill and grace. They are above exceptional with their Zanjutsu, Kendo, and any other techniques that revolve around the use of a sword. They have great endurance and stamina, while also having acceptable agility.

Drawbacks: Because these types of fighters focus more on their ability to fight with a sword, they have less power in techniques in the other area such as kidou, cero, and similar abilities. They can only use kido spells ranging from levels 1 through 77, and can only fire a cero once before a 2 posts cool down.

Well-Rounded: These fighters are okay in the use of their weapon, in hand-to-hand combat, kidou, cero, flash step/sonido/hirenkyaku, and any of other race abilities that are given to them. They're not great, they're not bad, they're just efficient in several areas.

Advantages: Fighters of this style can handle themselves in most areas of combat, although they're not specialist at any forms of combat. They are able to use Kido spells ranging from 1-90. Ceros and other spells will maintain their normal usage amount and cool down. These fighters can handle themselves, where Zanjutsu, Hakuda and speed based techniques are concerned. Although they're not considered masters of these forms of fighting and movements.

Disadvantages: Well rounded fighters, are considered to be average at everything based on their level. Their stamina, endurance and durability is pretty much average. This means, fighters of different types that specializes in other forms. Are expected to be more versed in the areas, that they are only average in.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Styles   Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:47 pm


New rules for Kidou.

Close Combatant-
Captain - 1-85
Lieutenant - 1-70
Seated Officer 1-62
Unseated Officer 1-33

Ranged Combatant -
Captain - 1-99
Lieutenant - 1-80
Seated Officer - 1-70
Unseated Officer - 1-33

Kidou Killer -
Captain - 1-100
Lieutenant - 1-90
Seated officer - 1-80
Unseated officer 1-33

Samurai -
Captain - 1-77
Lieutenat - 1-61
Seated officer 1-50
Unseated officer 1-33

Power House -
Captain - 1-68
Lieutenant - 1-40
Seated Officer - 1-33
Unseated Officer - 1-33

Well Rounded-
Captain - 1-94
Lieutenant - 1-80
Seated Officer - 1-70
Unseated Officer - 1-33

Have fun with them.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Styles   Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:56 pm


Kido Rules has once again changed slightly for the different class of fighters.
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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Styles   

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Fighting Styles
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