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 The second has come...Kenshin

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PostSubject: The second has come...Kenshin   Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:33 pm


Name: Kenshin kanegawa
Nickname(s): Ken the breeze
Age: 600
Visual Age: 18

Gender: male
Rank Espada/ Highest available
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Height: 6'6
Weight: 175lbs

Body Frame: Muscular
Blood Type: 0
Sound of Voice: his voice is very deep and soothing while at the same time so very seductive
Appearance: Kenshin looks like an average eighteen year old male whitch shoulder length blue hair and ocean blue eyes. His face has the shape of a male model and his handsome good looks are, for some reason, not stained by a fragmented hollow's mask. His teeth are perfect in every way and sharp enough to bite through steel and his percision fangs are those of the old timey vampires that scared children.

he wears a black zip up hoodie designs on it that weighs about twenty thousand pounds and always has it unzipped revealing his muscular torso and constantly wears his arrancar hakumo bottoms. his tattoo is on the palm of his hands and are covered by his whit fingerless gloves. He wears the traditional arrancar foot wear on his feet and has a hollow hole in a place that no one will ever see making him perfect at covert missions since he can completely conceal his spiritual pressure from only one of CC level.
Introvert/Extrovert: Outgoing
Hobbies: Playing guitar training and woman chasing
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Fucking with Shiiro, chasing women, training

Dislikes- Dumbasses, woman abusers, pointless fights

Personality: Kenshin is a very calm and collected man although he is very perverted and always looking to score. he is extremely kind and intelligent always calculating what is happening when where how and why, to best tell what to do. on an average day he is either perfecting his guitar playing or reading to improve his intellect. He has memorized, in his 600 years, nearly everything that has ever happened in known history and can talk your ear off about it. He is well known to speak his mind on any and everything never holding back, which constantly pisses Shiiro off. He loves her, but always has fun making her angry. His love for Kanegawa is the same in teh fact of amount and type, but he knows that in all honesty Kanegawa respects him as an equal and due to his respect for the man it makes him constantly better himself.

Defining Characteristics:
Specialties: playing instruments playing sports
Fighting type: Close combat is his thizang
History/Background: The earliest and most normal memory that Ken has is of his birth or rather his seperation from Mr. kanegawa. He came along years before Shiiro and the pain in which he expirienced in splitting from Kane was so much more immense than anything that the girl had ever felt. It was their souls splitting form the lonliness that was there that would have honestly killed them had they not seperated.

600 years ago to the day this happened and on that day Kenshin and Kanegawa were born. It was odd at first for Kenshin to adjust to being something more than anything, like a babe in a giant's body. It took maybe a year for him to attain the knowledge of a normal teenager, which he did in fact look like. He had made up his mind to make Kane proud of him and not just his caretaker and so he went to the world of the living with nothing, but his zanpakuto and something called yen that Kane gave him.

This was an era in japan where there was an order, a Daiymo and the Samurai era was in full force and this is where his quest in the human world began. He honestly knew nothing about anything and was lost just learning all he could going around the world, fighting other spiritual beings for sustinance and for knowledge. His greatest challenge was in Puerto Rico, where he was for a full year before he had met her...

It was a dark night, the night of his birth marking his ninety nineth year as of being alive. Kenshin walked the streets slowly the night sky shining a small ray upon his pale skin making him seem to glow. His deep light blue eyes danced along the lights of Puerto Rico that seemed to amaze him every night. It was beautiful here and well nothing would stop him from leaving, but he wished he could come back.

A smile touched his lips as he felt a spiritual pressure rushing at him at speeds which he had not expected from a hollow in this under developed place. he spun catching the attack with his zanpakuto and his eyes widened as he saw the woman before him. She was beautiful beyond anything he had every seen. She was nearly as powerful as him and damn sexy at the very same time.

They spent the night fighting and well making love until the morning's first light shone about the mountain range and his ride had arrived in mr. kanegawa. This was the day that he ahd to begin his very long, strenuous training for his seat among the Espada and his training would last for a bit over three hundred years until Shiiro was split from him and Kanegawa showing him that he was ready to take his spot among the greats. The next two hundred years were simply used to grow stronger. He had used them to grow stronger in terms of power and with the two people who he would do anything to protect.

Rp Sample: Reiko looked at the man before him. He was a tad shorter than Reiko. It was only by a few inches. The man wore a black leather coat and a custom headband. It was wrapped around his thigh. Reiko looked at the markings wrote in a language he had not understood. It was evident that the man was going for Sakuya, but Reiko was in the way now. He was not sure who or what he was doing it for. It may have been the woman whom just moments ago crushed him. It seemed more like years, but Reiko also had something else that he had to protect. It may have been his unborn child that drove him to do this.

The wind once again blew into Reiko's face. This time it was full of power. His completely drowned out the man's before him. Reiko looked into his face. Into his eyes and saw nothing. The air around them both began to swirl. the man's chakra began to show as well. It was as white as snow and the ground below him was starting to burn over. He had made a few hand sign's but Rei did not notice. He was lost in thought but returned to the battle. Clouds formed over them blotching out the sun completely. Reiko leered at the man trying to show dominance. His fire was starting to spread in an even circle around where he stood. It was not average ice though. It burned and destroyed. It killed all life it touched. The blades of grass that were taken over withered and then broke under the fire. It was not a regular fire though. It was like it was not a burning flame, but a crusshing one

Reiko looked at the man destroying what he was sworn to protect. In one swift motion Reiko made several hand signs and put his hand to his mouth. Several Fireballs protruded and burned the fake flame reducing his deathly radius. Reiko then disappeared from sight leaving a rippling piece of air behind him. He unsheathed both of his Katana and threw them in the hole in the building that Sakuya was in. Lightning struck them both and a barrier was formed around that building. Reiko then returned to his exact spot. The mystery man was still there. Waiting. Looking. Gathering power.

The man sucked back all the fire around him and formed a claymore made of solidified fire in his hands. It was a damn weird weapon. Reiko looked at each and every curve and line of the blade and how it was made. It was made to stab and then rip the flesh inside to pieces. Reiko made a mental note to avoid being stabbed. Reiko now had a choice. He could protect himself or a woman who did not love him. If he decided to protect himself and use his katana he would leave the building open to the ice that was once again traveling. If he chose to protect her and his child he would have to fight bare handed. He did not have much chakra at the moment so it would be sword against hand. Reiko knew what he had to do. He knew what had to happen. He knew what type of man he was and that he was going to choose the right thing.

Kekai stood there laughing at the man on one knee. He was thinking incredibly hard. the fool had even thrown both of his weapons away to protect a woman whom he hadn't had anything to do with. Kekai then remembered something. He sad that the woman was pregnant. Kekai laughed aloud and had to speak upon this fuckery. " You impregnate the hokage and are not around for her and your child. Some type of man you are you gutless bastard, but that is fine i will kill you and then kill her and your child." Kekai laughed maniacally and lunged at teh man on one knee. he was going to do what his apprentice could not. He was going to end the man with the red eyes and the bitch with the baby.

Reiko lost all of his sense at the words he heard. The insults were one thing, but to threaten the woman he loved and his child was more than Reiko could take. His eyes shifted into his sharingan and then mongekyo. they were now an eight pointed star with the indentions into the star being red along with the insides. There was no pupil, but just the sharingan. Reiko was now in a mode of rage where he felt no pain. He was truly going berserk. He ran right for the man with the claymore. the lung caught him in the stomach as the last one did but with his blade ice was spreading internally. Reiko stabbed the man in the stomach with his hand. Blood splattered across the white ground and a part of the man's intestine fell with it.

Reiko now was aiming for the man's neck. He pulled back and retraced his sword in enough time to avoid it. Reiko was not letting up though. he was sending a flurry of punches that were constantly being barely blocked. Each attack added another small crack into the swords form. Reiko's chakra still surrounded his person. The silver torrent had not yet stopped flowing until Reiko did it. He focused all of his chakra into one hand. It looked as if a silver flame had taken over it. Reiko spit at the man and struck one last time with his hand.

This time the man tried to block once again. the chakra surrounding Reiko's hand actually connected before the actual hand did and cracked the blade in two. Reiko looked into the man's eyes. They pleaded for mercy, for redemption, but Reiko had none for him. He had none for the man that tried to destroy two of the four things he valued and would protect with his life. Reiko continued with the attack landing his hand right in between the man's eyes. His hand pierced the skull and went through the back. He pulled his hand half way out and sliced it down the man's head until he got to the mouth and pulled it out. The top half of his head was now split in two leaving blood slime and bits of the human skull and brain all over the ground.

Rain began to fall instead of the white snow. All of the fire began to melt and wash away. All of the blood on Reiko began to was off as well. He was now clean and standing in the light shower. Reiko jumped back into the building grabbing and sheathing both katana. He looked at Sakuya standing there and waited for her to say anything. He was prepared to get screamed at and told to leave again, but he had to make sure she and his child were okay. The sun began to shine through the clouds and eventually was there in a clear sky. it began drying Reiko, but he was still a bit wet. He then remembered the two stab wounds that were in his stomach. He would tend to those when the time came, but for now he had something he had to do.

Last edited by Kenshin on Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:57 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: The second has come...Kenshin   Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:46 pm

1. Remove the ability to not be detected by anyone of CC level from your appearance. Although your hollow hole is in a peculiar place, its best to state where it actually is. Which shouldn't matter much, considering it will be covered up.

2. Your Specialty seems to have battle related elements. Please remove these aspects.

3. Just by glancing at your history, it needs a bit of work. There is nothing about you becoming a hollow, or even a human life. Though the human part is not as important. In essence you should expand on your history a little, if you wanna be an Espada that is.
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PostSubject: Re: The second has come...Kenshin   Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:33 pm

Edited and there isnt much I can add to my history cause i split from someone else.
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Mr. Kanegawa

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PostSubject: Re: The second has come...Kenshin   Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:36 pm

Kenshin-san. Your the second one to split, not first. You should fix that before Shiiro sees. Or you will never hear the end of it from her no doubt. >.>;;
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PostSubject: Re: The second has come...Kenshin   

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The second has come...Kenshin
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