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Quinta Espada

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PostSubject: Aeris   Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:58 am

Arrancar Template

Name: Veronica Bernkastell
Nickname(s): Aeris
Age: 892
Visual Age: 18

Gender: Female
Rank: 5th
Sexual Orientation: Possibly straight
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 45 Kg

Body Frame: Small
Blood Type: A+
Sound of Voice: Aeris has a uncaring tone of voice almost all the time. It's slightly high voice, which is an average voice of a woman. Even when her tone changes to tender (Which is almost never) or angry, it still keeps it's seriousness.
Appearance: Veronica looks like a 18 years old girl. Her hair is pink and long enough to reach her lower back. She has two cat-ears on her head, which are her remains of her hollow mask. She has red and cold eyes, which can look scary sometimes. Her face has shown only three emotions during her hollow life; Sadness, anger and neutral. Her regular face is a mix of sadness and neutral emotions. Her skin is almost pale as the moonlight and smooth, expect from her back. Somehow, all serious battle damages had hit her in the back. Because of this, her back is full of scars and less paler than rest of her body. This was the reason, why her tattoo is on her back.

Her hollow hole is a small hole located in middle of her neck. Veronica wears a black long sleeved t-shirt and white pinafore dress, which has a black sash on her waist. On her feet there are traditional white arrancar boots. Also, she wears a silver ring at her index finger. It has words ''Dem vita est, spes est'' carved at the inner side of the ring. It means ''While there is life, there is hope''. This ring is actually her resurrección, but more about that in resurrección topic.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert.
Hobbies: Singing (while being alone), taking care of plants
Likes and Dislikes:


Arrancars: Only race, which is similar to her and needs her

People who care about her: Veronica has never met a person like that

flowers: They are beautiful and they don't try to hurt her

Torturing: It eases her pain

Humans (as food): Simply, they taste great

Singing: It eases her generally


Shinigamis: They try to kill her

Quincys: They try to kill her

Humans (Especially humans): They treated her terribly and they try to kill her

Bounts: Try to eat her

Almost everything else: Because of her bad experiences

Personality: Veronica is very cold person to the outside, trying to keep everyone away from her. She doesn't want to get attached with anyone, fearing that they would betray her somehow. Because of having felt mostly only two emotions, rage and sadness, she doesn't have empathy towards others. This doesn't mean just her life as a hollow, because even when she was a human, she didn't nearly felt any other emotions. They got stronger, when Veronica turned into a hollow. Having a pain from being a hollow (Emotionally hollow), she had noticed, that hurting others eased it. This develops her sadistic side, torturing her opponents before leaving them to bleed to death.

However, she isn't so sadistic, that she would search someone to torture. Veronica has some respect against her leaders, doing mostly what they say. She doesn't complain about the orders, even when finding them unwanted. There is only one thing, what she refuses to do and that is killing an arrancar. That's because she thinks only arrancar as people. Other races... Well, she just doesn't care about them. Unless they attack her, she isn't hostile. Veronica likes flowers. They are pretty looking and they don't hurt her. They are perhaps the only thing, which she likes in the realm of humans and only thing, what she misses.

Defining Characteristics:

Singing almost every time she's alone. This is because her mother always sang to her and it eased her back then. It has the same effect now.

Specialties: Veronica has unbelievably beautiful singing voice. It isn't commonly heard by anyone, because when she sings, she is alone. She only knows few songs for now.
Fighting type: Ranged combatant

Childhood of misery

Veronica was born in a medieval age at the current German. Her father wasn't the best one, always hurting her if she disobeyed. Her mother, instead, cared about her. She usually sang to Veronica to make her to stop crying. Her mother died, when Veronica was four years old. Having her only ray of light disappeared from her life, she fell under a deep depression. She couldn't take it anymore, when she turned to a ten years old and ran away from her home. She took only one thing with her, which was her mother's silver ring. With it's message, she was able to go on. She lived with a food she could find. Mostly berries and plants. She seldom tried to beg for food, but wasn't successful. Once, however, really kind person gave her a gold coin. Veronica planned to buy food with it, but when she got to the nearest village, a couple of other kids noticed shiny thing in her hands. So they beat her up and took the coin. This made her even more angry towards others, but she couldn't do anything. Veronica started to see ghosts, when she was twelve years old. First as a blurry outlines, but then more clearly and more clearly, until they seemed like an ordinary human. She never talked to them, thinking that they would hurt her too. They never did, until she met a hollow.

It had sensed her growing spiritual energy and tried to eat her. Veronica tried to run away, but the hollow was too fast. She fell againts a tree and screamed for help. Suddenly, a powerful surge of energy left her body and hit the hollow. Hollow took few steps backwards, being confused and hurt by a mysterious power. Before it got time to settle down, a shinigami arrived and stroked it down. Seeing, that Veronica had seen him, he made her to forget the attack. After she woke up, she just had a bizarre memory about the attack. Veronica ignored it and continued living. Six months later, she discovered a new village. She tried to beg for a food again. Like before, it wasn't successful. She got angry to that person and then, something happened. Veronica's powers activated, throwing the person against a wall. She got scared, but another feeling went trough her with it. It felt good to hurt someone. She gazed at her hands as she grinned. Now she could fight back.

The beast within

Veronica started her revenge journey from that village. She started to kill people in that village or at least severely injuring them. After she had left that village, people started to treat her like a witch. Many tried to come after her, but all of them ended up to die in some way. Veronica continued doing this, from village to village, over a sixth months. Then, on a rainy day, she died. Cause of her death was a great fall from the cliff, when she tripped on her way to another village. Her balance wasn't the best one, so the root was enough to made Veronica fall to her dead. She didn't die instantly, so she had time to think about her life, among the pain. Nothing positive came into her head. And so, Veronica died, at the age of 17. She was more than surprised when she found out, that her journey wasn't in the end. Her grudge againts people made her to stay as a ghost. Unfortunately, she couldn't get out of the gorge. She then decided to guard her corpse, so that no one could do anything to her after she had died. No one really find the corpse and Veronica got more depressed every day. After one year, her chain of fate had corroded completely. And that was the moment she turned into a hollow.

Veronica was first little confused about her transformation. That feeling didn't last long, as her personality was completely hollow. Her last bits of kindness and compassion were forgotten and all there were was sadness and hate. Hate towards those, who had treated her like air. She took a new name to forget all of her humanity. That name was Aeris. She jumped out of the gorge and headed towards nearest village, to continue her endless mission to cause pain to everyone else. At this moment, she didn't know that other hollows even exist. Aeris never visited at Hueco Mundo. Instead, she ate more and more souls, becoming stronger one by one. After a couple of years, human souls weren't enough to fill her hunger, which she had thought to be will to revenge. At this point, she discovered a new ability, Garganta. Using this black void, Aeris discovered a new world. An endless desert called Hueco Mundo. Her state of mind was a wild animal, who was hungry. Next thing she saw was a group of hollows. You can imagine, what happened. Despite of their amount, Aeris devoured them easily. More and even more hollows appeared and attacked Aeris. For her surprise, they didn't even try to eat her. She looked surprised, when hollows started to merge into each other. This disgusted Aeris a bit, but then realized, that this was part of their evolution. Those hollows formed a gillian. However, Aeris gained control of this entity. As a result, she received an unique mask. She doesn't remember a lot about this time, because her intelligent was literally on a level of a beast. She can only suppose that she devoured more hollows, because her next clear memory was looking at her own hands. Aeris had become an adjuchas.

Finding her place

This transformation felt more natural. Adjuchas-form resembled a human, which she originally had been. However, this also brought a need to devour more hollows to sustain this form. As her intelligence returned, she felt disgusted while doing it. But she kept devouring others. As the years went by, different urge started to represent itself. A sudden urge to rip off her own mask. Aeris followed the urge and transformed again. This time, into a even more human looking form. Form, where she felt most comfortable, despite the fact that humans had treated her like air. She didn't have a weapon with her. Instead, Aeris sealed her true powers into an item, which she had been carrying around for her entire life as a human and hollow, without even noticing it. Her mother's ring. She looked around to see something. Her nudity didn't bother her, consider that she hadn't wore clothes for over 500 years. Aeris saw a building in the distance. It was the only building she could see, so she decided to travel towards it.

During her walk towards the building, she noticed, that her hunger was gone. But the emptiness wasn't. After a couple of days, she reached this white building. Someone was waiting at the entrance. A person, who gave clothes to Aeris. That person was a Primera at the moment. He explained the whole thing about the arrancars to her and asked her to join them. Aeris accepted the offering. They were like her, alone and empty. Eventually Aeris grew stronger and was chosen to be one of the first Espada's. Her rank was the 5th. She didn't mind it for being too high or too low. Only thing that mattered to her was, that her home was safe. And she would do anything to protect it. Aeris hasn't considered taking an fracción yet, but who knows what future throws in front of you. At the same time, her warm, tender feelings are still being suppressed. But there might be something, which can bring them up.

Role-play Sample: (from one other site) Aeris was at the desert, looking towards the black sky of Hueco Mundo. She was alone. Personally, she preferred to be alone. It was more peaceful and she was used to it. Full moon was on the sky and it created light on the isolated desert. ''~Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam, et lingua eius loquetur indicium~''. These whispers went with the wind. Singing made her to calm down a little. Her master was torturing one person at the chamber. Usually Aeris would be usually watching the process, but this time Alastair had an arrancar to torture. This made her little angry towards him, so she left to somewhere peaceful. And here she was. She didn't want to be angry towards other arrancars. Not anymore. If she would hate people, she would have to leave her home. Aeris didn't want that.

''Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem, Quoniqm cum probates fuerit accipient coronam vitae'', Aeris sang when she continued her sad song. It was one of the songs, which her mother had sang to her, when she was little. Even if she didn't remember anything about her mother, she remembered her songs. They were beautiful and sounded very sad. That's why the songs suited to Aeris. They reflected her feelings. The sadness caused from loneliness, from pain, from hatred. She felt something on her cheek and raised her hand to take it off. Aeris looked quite surprised when she saw, what it was. It was a warm tear. She closed her hand. ''And I promised, that I won't cry anymore''.

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Aeris   Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:52 am

1. Your history is a bit off, at least your transformation process and your progression. In order to go from being a regular hollow, to a Menos Grande. You would have needed to group with other hollows and feast on them too. In which, other hollows will be attracted to this cannibalism, which normally results in an evolution. This means consumption of human souls would not have been enough for your evolution. Also it may be wise, if you stated in your history going to Hueco Mundo to evolve. Since I'm pretty certain the Shinigami, wouldn't have allowed you to reside on earth doing what you did.
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Quinta Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Aeris   Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:36 am

Thanks for noting that out.

Edited. (I think)
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Aeris   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:56 am

Hrm. Your writing is a bit clumsy, not to be mean or anything, I'm just stating.

Since you completed what Jushiro asked, you are now


Unless somebody else barges in here all demanding like.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Aeris   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:57 am

1. I don't like it.

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PostSubject: Re: Aeris   

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