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PostSubject: Rina ALMOST DONE!!!!! XD   Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:42 pm

Name: Zakuroichi Rina
Nickname(s): Kitten, Kitty Princess Angel
Age: 832
Visual Age: 19

Gender: Female
Division: 12
Rank:3rd Seat??
Family Type: (Go to this link: [Where link will be])
Sexual Orientation: straight
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 114

Body Frame: small
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: : Rinas voice is soft and sweet, her words seems to flow out of her mouth like water and as sweet a honey……Rina truly does have a voice of an angel.

Rina has a bit of a spunky out look to her, one could say it is quite fitting to her very rough and tragic life story. Thou having a hard face at times she has a bit of a cute side one could say, her eyes are clearly not of the normal, on a deep aqua color matching the sky on a warm summer day, the other as green as the grass that grows in the meadows.

Rinas hair is long, it flows down to her lower back when not pinned up of cores, her reason for having her hair so long is somewhat of a mystery, after all it can be a very ideal weakness…….she would most likely kill anyone who even dared to even attempt to cut it. Her bands go down to her shoulders at there longest point, but they tend to be angled so they fall over sections of her face from time to time covering one of her eyes.
Her frame is slender and looks fragile but in fact she is somewhat toned…but not to the point she looks like she lifts a lot every day. Her legs are long making her a very fast running, not to mention they are very strong, her arms are rather thin but, they help her get the job done.

As for her wardrobe it consist of dark colors such as black purple and red………on a normal day she likes to wear her black jeans and black flats, along with a top of her choice ranging anywhere from a little tank top to a jacket of some sort, but then again being female Rina never likes keep the way she dresses consistent….in fact one day she could be warring a dress and the next a pair of jeans and a tee but she only wares this kind of thing off duity

wile on she his her sould reaper uniform

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Rinas hobbies are always changing ranging anywhere from reading a good book to taking a walk in the park, but she has to be in the mood for those kinds of things…….she normally only likes to draw, its just one of those things that puts her soul at ease.

Likes and Dislikes: (What does your character like and dislike? At least 5 for each.)

Likes- Men- She still thinks like a woman
Flowers- nothings sweeter
Books- Reading leads to knowledge
Writing- no limitations .
Drawing- it eases her soul
Black- She likes it because she just does get over it

Blood- simply because of the smell
Death caused by hallows- she hates hallows
Hallows- because they cause death
People who talk to much
Her life

Personality: Rina is a very complex individual, her way of thinking is somewhat odd along with the fact she as one could say has two souls due to her personality. Normally she keeps to herself, not wanting any one to ever get close to her due to the fact she was brought up alone and she normally preferred to keep it that way. In a way one could say she was a loner…………a loner by choice

To those she is not close to Rina tends to gives them the cold shoulder, her eyes normally never meet there’s and if they do they become locked in a dark glare…she hates strangers. If Rina sees someone staring at her she tends to brush it off, but if they don’t stop after a moment or so she will make sure they stop……either using a stern word or two, a glare or even a slash across the face.

Yet there is a sweet, and longing in her heart…she wants nothing more than to be accepted by her fellow comrades, she longs for companionship…she longs for a family that truly loves her…one that does not toss her aside like she is nothing more than a piece of trash take up space and wasting oxygen that could be breathed by those who deserve it.

TO those that do except her and take the time be brake past her hard shell she is very sweet, she loves those people with all her heart….RIna will die to protect what she holds close……she lets the few people who care see her smile….when she smiles it’s like she never suffered…like she was normal…like she does not lust blood.

In truth she is just lonely and sad…

Defining Characteristics: Rina has two different colored eyes one a light blue the other a grassy green, she had a moon shaped scar on her forehead, and she is short and spunky
Specialties: Cooking foods of many clutters, Drawing different forms of art work, acting cute and innocent, Dancing,Singing, not to mention Rina is quite seductive .

Fighting type: well rounded

Rinas history is nothing but a bluer…….a bluer of occasional flash backs and memories……..there is a reason for this thou……at one point she had a very keen memory….at least that’s what she thinks… she does recall how she died……. Her death was the only thing that scared her……it filled her dreams with horror….to the point she tried not to sleep…….. And when she did Rina always woke up covered with sweat and tears ….

One cold Decembers night Rina walked down the snow covered streets of her town……she remembered how cold it was…………………she was on her way to a date with a very charming young man she planned on marrying…………He was the man of her dreams tall dark and mysteries’……..He had everything he was loaded with money and was quite charming, then Rina she was quite poor to say the least yet she always seemed to find a way to smile… Maybe that was the reason she attracted the young bachelor?

At that time Rina was around the age of 16 from what she recalled she was going to turn 17 in a few weeks, but she was not quite prepared for what gift her love had in store for her that cold evening, maybe if she just stayed home it would have never happened maybe she could have lived a happy life……maybe she would have just died of old age?....No that could not be it……maybe it was her destiny to die the way she did……. Maybe….
As RIna walked alone that night she came to the alleyway where she was to meet her love…. He was there already with others….the smell of whisky was quite strong but she went to him any way….. she was embraced by him roughly…….as word where exchanged…….words that would fallow her even threw death…”what do we do with her…” the words made her blood run cold… “We can’t see that lovly body under all those clothes sweetheart…..” She cried, but it was cut short……one of the men held a knife to her throat…………. Even a child would have known what that meant ……She was not to live much longer

….what happened then was unforgiveable……… it was unforgiveable……….But her suffering did not end there…….slowly she was cut up…..her fingers her hands…………………she bled slowly onto the white blanket of snow…..she could remember the stars that blazed above her head as she slowly feel into a never ending sleep a sleep that she would only awake from in another relme……..the world in which she became to know as the soul society…

From there she remembers nothing……… she does not remember training only that she was in fact part of devotion 12

Rp Samp:The sun shone on the snow covered land………soft snow was blown up by the genital breeze……it was a quite the cold and frozen landscape indeed, it was magical looking…..the houses and streets covered in soft white sheets……. Large flakes fell from the starry heavens falling onto the soft sheets allowing them to slowly become thicker and thicker, the once deep foot prints leading into the small house slowly being filled in……the wine of horses became muffled……….but somewhere in the distance a soft crunch of hooves in the snow drew closer to the unexpected house..

In side that little home there were 3 children and a mother….the father far away, everyone was ticked away sound asleep…….except for one mischievous young woman of the age 15……… her white night gown flowed to her ankles as she slowly crept down the hall and down the stairs….her long flowing hair falling out of the loss bun….her soft lips where not completely closed as she crept…..Her warm eyes blazing for adventure….. Lightly her feet hit the wooden stair cause….Each step was slow so to avoid hitting any creaky borders..

Once clearing the stairs the young women looked quite pleased with herself, her arms folded across her chest as she tiptoed across the cold floor, the fire must have died, only leavening small piles of ash to slowly alow there heat into the cold little home.

Finaly she made it to the door, slipping on a gray wool tunic far to large, a hat, pair of mittens, and her boots she slowly opened the heavy wood door before stepping out into the snow covered world. This young girl was named Rina young and full of life, by now one could tell she lacked the obedience of a normal female, she was not the run of the mill… far to rebellious for the liking of many..

Rina tugged threw the snow, it was up to her knees and her barrelages where growing very cold……at that moment she wanted to get to the barn as fast as she could, the reason being was she loved the barn more than anything, the sweet smell of hay, the soft pawing of horses at the stall doors, and the scrambling of little feet on the rafters. Slowly but surely she drew closer, the doors only meters away, but there was something strange. It looked as if the doors had been opened a few moments ago, the snow was pushed to the side…. Rina was staring to get worried.. What if someone stole her horse, her prized possession the only thing that was truly hers. Beginning to run rina sprinted towards the doors and with a mighty heave she pulled the heavy doors open a burst of warm air hitting her in the face.

Slowly walking in Rina let her eyes adjust to the dimness before she made her way over to the shelf and pulled out a lantern and lit it, her feet hit the barn floor quietly as she made her way from stall to stall. It seemed every one was accounted for, then she got to the normally empty one and in it a bay stood in her prim, her coat slick her mussels small…… she was clearly no farm horse, maybe a city horse, like the ones the rich ride. But why was she there in the barn..That was the question that puzzled her the most, slowly looking around she spotted tack hanging from her work bench, glancing around she saw no one.

Slowly Running her hand over the smooth polished leather she could tell whomever was in her barn was no commoner, far from it in fact the tack and the horse where worth more than Rinas family farm and business combined, it was almost sad. They where that poor. Consumed by thought she did not notice the footstep coming from behind her…and the hand that touched her shoulder sent her jumping anf falling onto the ground

“hello miss” The man began…his dress was quite formal indicating he was of a high class in society Oh ummm ehh pleas…”

RIna cut him off “ who are you, and what are you doing in MY barn?!” she spat her hands feeling around as if trying to find something to defend herself with if she were to attack her or something along the lines of that.

The man’s eyes softened slightly as he lent Rina his hand, he was very handsome short black hair and cold blue eyes creamy skin to mach “Let me explain.” He said his voice sweet as honey.
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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Rina ALMOST DONE!!!!! XD   Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:54 pm


Something to look out for:

Reread what you write, you have a fantastic style but look out for spelling errors and which words that should be used. Use spellcheck, it will surely help.
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