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 This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa

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Mr. Kanegawa

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PostSubject: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:11 pm

Arrancar Template

Kanegawa, Tenji, Okita (last, First, middle)
Mr. Kanegawa
Visual Age:

Espada, cero/Primera.
Sexual Orientation:
Five foot five
One hundred pounds

Body Frame:
Blood Type:
Sound of Voice:
He sounds kind, yet at the same time he sounds like a shady person at times.

At first Mr. Kanegawa looks odd and sort of distant from how the world should make him look. He stands at a good five foot five. His chest is comprised of a skinny body that is almost as if he doesn't hold a real body at all, but more of a shell that houses his organs. He may be normal looking but he is more than able and willing to make known how wrong one would be to assume his weak look be true of himself. From head to toe he is dressed in the finest uniform of all the Espada.

His top, made from the finest silk in all the realms which also adorns his other clothes. The inside, soft and pleasant to the touch yet, outside, slightly course to show his ever so stereo typical hollow attitude. The collar of said top reaches to his nose and just above. It is tightly secure and has to be opened in order to see his chest as the collar is just perfect to keep his nose and under, shrouded in mystery and a shadow.

His legs are fitted with a somewhat tight, yet comfortable lose silken pants. The bottoms, like all uniforms, are slightly bulging out in a bell like fashion. His feet are dressed in an odder than usual way as well. He wears white, instead of gray, socks that are, like his other clothing, more set to comfort that the standard uniform. Inside is silken smooth yet, the outside slightly course.

He, however, does not stray from the standard straw sandal foot ware that one would assume be gotten rid of to make for the new style. Yet, somehow, his feet remain secure and comfortable with the socks. For his actual body however, he has a soft almost pale complexion. His eyes are a soft and almost angelic cyan. Under his eyes are small lines that reach just below his nose.

These lines are light cyan in color and also show a design. They spawn from both sides of his eyes and combine just below his eyes. His tongue is normal in color, however, twice as long as a normal person. The tongue also comes to a small point just at the end of it, making it odd and gross to some. Also, in his mouth, replacing his canine teeth are fangs. Four fangs that are designed by his body. When not being used they are stored under small flaps of skin that shield then from being bombarded by bacteria. They can be lethal and are shown to be like syringes in a away.

Likes and Dislikes:

Spending time with Shiiro
Being in a place and being in a pack like structure of comrades
training randomly to get better at what he is and does.
Living and being around Shiiro

Arrogant people
People who don't know better about the world
People who are superficial
People who only THINK they have suffered worse than Mr. Kanegawa

At first, Mr. Kanegawa seems like a man who is lazy and utterly boring to the naked eye. He shows a special exterior that leads people to believe that he is boring, lazy, and not interested in anything. Deep down inside however, he is caring and concerned. He only shows this with Shiiro though. Because of his time as a hollow and being alone, never knowing the love of another, he always sought the love of companions but never found one. All of his love is shone to one person and it is doubtful to ever shine to another than her. Shiiro, was created by their want and need for a companion. He doesn't love loneliness, however, it's the only thing he has known for a long time. He holds himself with a somewhat regal air about him, this is because of his nature to be commanding to his subordinates. Even though he displays the qualities of a commander, he does, however, show that he is to himself in the respect of social outgoings. The only person he finds he WANTS to talk to is Shiiro. Mr. Kanegawa has, and almost always will be the one to be honest, essentially, brutally honest. He would tell you in seconds if you failed at all. He also has an inner self. This inner self is the complete opposite almost. Well, in the respect that it loves fighting and killing more than anything. It's so devilish, that it not only licks blades, but also, tends to sing disturbing songs as it kills and maim. Not only that, but, it loves to play with the opponent by laughing when a strike hits them. Even if it hurts or not, he will still laugh.

Defining Characteristics:
Mr. Kanegawa is more of the type to tell the truth, cold and hard than any other person. He would tell you flat out whether or not you would live or die in a situation. He would also be the first one to tell you, you did something wrong.
His special ability is that he is logical a lot, and sees only "that which is real and viable in the world."
Fighting type:

Human >
Mr. Kanegawa started off as a nice young boy that was oh so sweet. He played with the children and grew up in a happy home. They were not big on anything other than happiness. The parents emphasized the need for a happy home and strived to teach their child, Tenji, this. He happily agreed and loved every moment of his life until the day that his parents died. At the age of twenty five, Tenji was thrown into a fit and committed suicide. Being as he died before his time and from the very thought of having the need to want to protect and see his parents again, he wandered the earth searching for them. It wasn't long before he was seen, and gobbled up by a roaming hollow.

Hollow > Gillian:
As he stayed in the body of the hollow he began to realize how clouded his judgment was of the world and his life. He then turned to logic and pure fact. This brought him to the conclusion that he must make the best of his predicament. This dictated that he forcibly take control of the hollow at hand. And so, he did. With Tenji now at the wheel of his hollow, and the rest of the souls as the body of it, he wandered around the world looking for fresh meat to eat and gobble. Finally he found his last meal as a regular hollow. A human not yet awakened. just after he devoured the man, he started to change and shift. From there, he was formed into the monster that is known as a Gillian. As he fought and stayed in control of this body as it was now, he saw new potential in his brethren. Gillian wandering around aimlessly. It was almost a god send to him for food and nourishment. Gillian as far as the eye could see, yes, this was...the Menos forest. Finally, after devouring a massive amount of hollow, he threw the body of souls into their next transformation.

Gillian > Adjuchas:
At this stage he looked like a six foot tall version of his ressurection. A hardy body and a strong apatite, he wandered and searched for more food to devour. Seeing opportunities only in the Gillian, he continued to devour them, and any Adjuchas he could find. It was at this time he acquired his alias, Demon Dragon Kanegawa. He was ruthless and always prayed on both weaker and stronger alike. He never stopped until he felt satisfied for the hunger, which he never was able to be at this stage. Finally after an Adjuchas was devoured he found himself being plunged into yet another transformation. The final and rare transformation known as Vasto Lorde.

Adjuchas > Vasto Lorde/Arrancar:
The devouring finally stopped and the hunger, or blood thirst as some call it, was gone. This was a great achivement however, unlike most hollow, Mr. Kanegawa gained in size and proportion to his ressurrection size. This was an odd and hard to stomach problem that needed to be fixed. He wandered around the whole of Hueco Mundo searching for anyone who could either rival his power or, at least guide him on the path to become a true powerful being. He was found by a man. This man was odd looking and always joked, or so Mr. Kanegawa assumed, of becoming a humon like creature that could walk and even have weapons. Mr. Kanegawa challanged this man's words and was brought to another, more shady man. This man told Mr. Kanegawa to show him his face. In doing so, the shady man grabbed hold of his face. Ripping it almost clean off. From the mouth up was torn and taken off. Then, his body shifted and transformed into the one it is now. The Arrancar of, Mr. Kanegawa. When he turned into Arrancar, his body was split into three. Two bodies and a set of weapons. Tenji, Okita Kanegawa, and Shiiro. At this time, a third part of them split off to make a male by the name of Kenshin.

Arrancar > Espada: The Espada was a fairy tail, or so thought Mr. Kanegawa. For if he didn't see it, he never believed it. It was said that the Espada were often ruthless and even more battle thirsty than battle its self. He thought that, if they were real, shurly they would have the power to match his wits and ability. Showing a true dedication to finding and destroying the highest Espada there was, he fought hard to kill and maim them. Finally he was able to kill the highest he could get his hands on, and then, he became that which he wanted most, powerful.

Role-play Sample:

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Mr. Kanegawa

Posts : 12
Points : 17
Join date : 2010-08-28

PostSubject: Re: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:49 am

If you wouldn't mind, Good sirs or mad'ams please look of yander to this app and look over it when possible, I am simply stating I am finished and await an eager mod or admin, Preferably admin (no offense mods) to give feed back on my work. The sample, is..well just that. A sample. It was meant to be unfinished and therefore won't be...unless you really want it to be, but I don't have an idea for it at all >.>;;; anyway, so, please tell me what you want fixed or what not...I want this app to fit your thoughts for Cero/Primer Espada...which ever you guys prefer to have.

Thank you,
Mr. Kanegawa
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:45 pm

....You forgot appearence. ._.
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Mr. Kanegawa

Posts : 12
Points : 17
Join date : 2010-08-28

PostSubject: Re: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:17 pm

Sooo sorry for that T.T;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Mr. Kanegawa

Posts : 12
Points : 17
Join date : 2010-08-28

PostSubject: Re: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:28 pm

And fixed, sorry.
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Mr. Kanegawa

Posts : 12
Points : 17
Join date : 2010-08-28

PostSubject: Re: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:55 am

o.o I fixed the things. please look at my app. >.> It seems people that applied AFTER me have been approved BEFORE me. This is something that would put most people off for rping here you know. >.> But I stay true to BL because, well, idk I just do.
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PostSubject: Re: This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa   

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This third is done...Mr. Kanegawa
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