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 Kousoku Meishu

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Kousoku Meishu


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PostSubject: Kousoku Meishu   Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:05 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Kousoku Meishu
Nickname(s): Kou
Age: 530
Visual Age: 22

Gender: Male
Division: 2nd
Rank: Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 87 kg

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A-
Sound of Voice: Happy toned, not very deep voice.
Appearance: Kousoku has blond hair, which reaches his shoulders from the back and little past the eyes from the front. His hair isn't perfectly blond. A white strip in his front hair appears every time he uses his spiritual powers. Reason for this is unknown. His eyes are blue and like his whole face, they reflect his current emotions directly. His mouth goes to grin easily and he may look like a evil person sometimes. Kousoku has a muscular body, which has been developed by years of surviving on the streets.

He wears a bright red hooded jacket, which is open from the front (He also has a black one, for shinigami duties). Few of his tattoos may be seen because of this. Kousoku's body is full of tattoos, but they are mostly on his back. His arms have symmetric flame tattoos, which reach from elbow to wrist. Most of them aren't seen because of the bandages he has on his arms. He doesn't keep them because he's hurt or anything. Just because he likes them. Kousoku also wears blue pants with a grey, spiky belt on it. There are many name slates on the belt, where are the names of his friends and relatives (Only one name so far). Then there are his dark blue boots. They are slightly open from the top and have lots of shoe laces. Kousoku keeps his zanpakutou at the back of his belt, in a horizontal position.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert. Definitely.
Hobbies: Gardening (It's so calm)
Likes and Dislikes:


Rain: He likes to walk in the rain, sleep in the rain, meditate in the rain. Kousoku believes that when rain hit the ground, the earth and sky are connected.

Blood: This is one of his favorites. Kousoku loves the smell of blood, sound of blood hitting the ground, taste of blood etc.

Open people: People, who are honest and aren't afraid to show their emotions, are like Kousoku. And he likes people like him.

Fighting: Kousoku has encountered many battles during his life. During this time, he has started to enjoy them,

Tattoos: From Kousoku's opinion, tattoos tell a lot about person.


Liars: Kousoku is an honest person himself. That's why he can't stand liars.

Serious persons: Dull people are no fun. Enough said.

Instrumental music: Kousoku hates music, where is no singing. No particular reason for this one.

Weak persons: Kousoku thinks that if someone isn't strong, that person simply can't survive on life.

Bright lights: They make Kousoku to feel dizzy.

Regular shinigami outfits: They don't have hoods in them.

Personality: First thing to mention about Kousoku is his emotions. He can't hide them (Expect by concentrating really hard. And even then for a moment). Or, by his words, ''doesn't wear a mask''. This may sometimes make his lies harder to believe (If the face doesn’t match with words). Kousoku doesn't take almost anything seriously. Only life threatening situation can direct his thoughts towards heavy thinking. He is very spontaneous in his actions. Give him an idea and few seconds later he may be doing it. And no matter what he does, he is determined in doing it. Kousoku is friendly towards everyone. Even his enemies get taste from his social side before a fight.

Kousoku may seem rude sometimes, but he isn't. He just tells what he thinks, without adding or reducing his thoughts. Although this doesn't mean, that he never lies. Sometimes, when truth has to be hidden, he lies. Kousoku is greedy, but only for one thing. He is greedy for power. Power to achieve, power to protect, power to sustain. His goal is to be strongest. This, however, makes him slightly easier to manipulate. Kousoku can be very loyal, but isn't willing to die easily. He would do anything to avoid death before his goal is reached. He could even leave his friends behind for it. It would be hard, though. Kousoku may seem like a moron, but there's a reason for that. His intelligence is directed towards fighting, because it's the only situation where he thinks, that he needs it.

Defining Characteristics:

Licking his lips or something else (Sword, blood), when getting excited (In non-sexual way).

Kousoku is kleptomaniac. So he kinda steals random stuff. He doesn't notice the theft himself.

Kousoku has a habit of pointing obvious things out loudly.

Specialties: Like said before, Kousoku has his emotions always seen. However, this also makes him capable to see someone's fake emotions. He can't tell, if the person lies. Just if they have fake smile or something.
Fighting type: Close combatant

Kousoku was born 1480. He never met his family. He thinks, that he was abandoned as a child. He would have died, if he wouldn't have founded by one person shortly after his abandon. That person was14 years old girl, who had lived her entire life on the streets. She took care of Kousoku and, eventually, named him. Kousoku didn't see her as her mother, but as big sister. She taught him how to survive on his own. She wasn't very kind person and attempted to leave Kousoku, when he would be able to survive without her. She had only saved his life, because Kousoku had seemed too miserable to watch. However, every time she tried to leave, Kousoku found her. Kousoku wanted to thank her somehow, before she would leave him. However, she died before it. She died in a food poisoning, when Kousoku was 14 years old. Kousoku was depressed few days. He even tried to make himself to believe, that she was just asleep. After the third day from her death, Kousoku realized a way to thank her. He accepted her death and made a grave to her. It wasn't a nameless grave. Kousoku's final gift was a name to her big sister. That name was Hikari Itoshii.

Not long after Hikari died, Kousoku left the village where they had grown up. He wanted to see a world outside of that village. After visiting few villages, he realized, that things weren't much better there either. He started to look for the source of all that misery and found out, that the cause of it was their landlord, Daimyo. Kousoku wanted to help others, because he knew what it was like to be poor and live on the streets. But what he could do? He was only 14 years old boy. This thought settled his goal. He would have to get stronger, so that he could oppose the Daimyo. Kousoku started his training, which lasted two years. His food was provided by his kleptomania, which was awaken with his puberty. He just thought, that food magically appeared into his hands. It didn't bother him, as long as there was food. Kousoku even ''found'' once a wakizashi in his hand, while heading back to his training area. Finally, after two years of training, he was ready. Or so he thought.

When he started to make his leave towards Daimyo's castle, few of the villagers tried to stop him. ''One kid can't do anything to Daimyo or his army! You get yourself killed!'' they yelled to Kousoku. However, he was really stubborn and refused to listen them. Kousoku himself said them an advice before leaving. ''If you just dwell here in your own misery, nothing changes!'' Then he left. After a few days of traveling (and unknown stealing) he arrived to the castle. It was very high and made of wood, like they were made on that age. There were few guards at the entrance. When they asked what he wanted, Kousoku drew his wakizashi in a swift motion and sliced the throat of the other guard. The second guard tried to strike Kousoku with his own sword, but he parried it. The guard was so surprised about this, that he dropped his guard. This gave Kousoku chance to knock him out. As he walked trough the gates, he was very confident about his abilities.

Reality hit to him after couple of more guards. His muscles were getting strained, while new attackers kept coming and coming. Kousoku started to take hits and his strength started to vanish. His struggling was impressive though, as he made it to the second floor. He finally collapsed there and he was captured by two guards. As they hold him still, Daimyo came down to see, what was causing all that noise. He was impressed too, when the attacker was 16 years old boy. So impressed, in fact, that he even offered place at his personal army. Kousoku's response to this offer was a simple spit in the face. Seeing his offering refused, Daimyo executed him. However, before I continue to Kousoku's afterlife, let's see causes of Kousoku's act. Few of the villagers had followed Kousoku to see, if he was serious about his choice. As they saw him walking inside, with two guards on the ground, a small glimpse of hope formed inside those two villagers. Luckily it didn't disappear, when Kousoku's dead body was thrown out of the castle. Instead, they got angry. Those two took Kousoku's body back to village and explained, what had happened. Villagers got angry towards daimyo for slaughtering that boy. They started to rebel against him and his army and over the years, they defeated him and new, more righteous Daimyo was chosen. They didn't forget Kousoku's act and they even build a memorial for him and for the rest, who were killed to get their land back. It still stands in that village.

Kousoku was never a really religious person, so life after death became surprise to him. He also imagined, that it wouldn't possibly be more worse than his life at human's realm. However, he was wrong. Kousoku was sent to 79th district of the South Rukongai. His first sight from there was a group of men beating someone to get his food. This was just one of the first painful memories, which occurred him there. Kousoku had to fight to survive all day and sometimes nights too. This was very straining, so he started to leave this area. His determined nature made this possible. However, Rukongai was very large, so his journey was a long one. During this, he noticed something. Ever since he had died, he hadn't felt hunger a single time. But now, he started to feel it. Kousoku kept himself somewhat satisfied with berries and, sometimes, wild animals which crossed paths with him. He knew from the changing houses, that he was gong to right direction. Sometimes he asked directions from the locals towards the center. This was because of the very similar houses towards the end. Kousoku also asked about getting hungry. They were quite surprised about his unawareness, but they explained everything to him anyway.

This explanation happened somewhere around the 46th district. After it was finished, Kousoku had more determination to go to the center. It seems, that he had talent to use reiatsu. And that was his ticket to get stronger. He thanked from the information and continued his journey, now with more motivation. As there wasn't need to fight around those 40 last districts, Kousoku used his time to regain control over his spiritual power. It wasn't very easy, as he didn't quite get it. But Kousoku's determination was strong and he was able to manifest some of his powers into a form of ball. This was ten districts before the center. Reaching the center was easy and as soon he found his way there, he applied to the Shinigami academy. He passed and was invited to the opening ceremony as a student. Kousoku was placed into the 3rd grade, as he had spiritual powers but wasn't able to manipulate them well. When he received students formal outfit, Kousoku was somehow disappointed. He had expected something more simple and with hood. But he still wore it, as it was necessary.

After entering the academy, Kousoku found out more skills, which were used by shinigami. Most confusing one to him was Kido. It was hard to concentrate energy so well and so precisely. On the other hand, all skills which needed physical power were doing fine. He graduated in the regular time, which is six years. Kousoku was placed into the 2nd division, because he was one of the most talented hand-to-hand combatant. He was first unseated just an unseated officer, but he raised in ranks over the years. Finally, he was almost at his goal. Kousoku was promoted lieutenant of the 2nd division. That was just one step away from the most powerful role, the captain. And Kousoku is just getting started...

Role-play sample: Aeris wasn't quite sure, how to react to Scions comment about her voice. Was it a compliment to her singing voice or insult towards her normal voice. She wasn't able to decide fast enough, when the next question came. She was about to answer on her usual, short manner, but she noticed something. Scion had stopped smiling. Just because Aeris had said that it annoyed her.

Sure he could have done that just because Aeris was more powerful, but that didn't matter. It was still a good deed towards Aeris. ''My name is Aeris'', she said as her hand reached towards Scion, to shake hands. She still used to think, that it meant ''I'm disarmed''. A brief, small wind passed the spot, where the two were. ''Let's try to get along''. Her voice had a tiny tone of warmness in it. it may be tiny, but it's still warmness. Her face remained the same, though.
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Kousoku Meishu


Posts : 31
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PostSubject: Re: Kousoku Meishu   Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:32 pm

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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Kousoku Meishu   Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:20 pm

Approved as a Shinigami.

The 2nd Division Captain needs to approve of you being their lieutenant.
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PostSubject: Re: Kousoku Meishu   

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Kousoku Meishu
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