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 Communication [Private]

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Hao Aokami
Sexta Espada

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PostSubject: Communication [Private]   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:28 pm

Fields of sand stretching as far as the eye could see. A night sky mostly covered in black. Illuminated only by the silvery glow of the moon and the stars. Mysterious trees made of an unknown substance rising from the ground one by one. Only a faint breeze softly carrying grains of pearly white along with it. Such were the landscapes of Hueco Mundo. This particular area being a lonesome and a slightly cliffy area of the desert. The formations of the mystifying mineral forming cliffs here and there, tree-like formations sprouting around here and there. Without a single soul in sight. Such a place was a rarity in the desert, a lonesome sight indeed. Yet peaceful at the same time. The peace disturbed, if only a little bit, by the appearance of a portal. An obscure ripple of dark, appearing right in the middle of the otherwise dark scenery. Going unnoticed by any. A single form appeared from within, gently jumping down and tapping his feet softly upon the pearly fields of sand. The form belonged to a male wearing a black coat and fitting clothing, an elegant structure of bone decorating his otherwise handsome face.

Hao's hands were stretched out towards the darkness from which he came from, in an offer to help out his companion. What followed him was a beautiful lady, yet one with a tough disposition. While she was attractive, it was obvious that she wasn't your ordinary run of the mill female. The male taking a couple of steps around afterwards, bringing his right hand in front of his piercing yellow optics, trying to take a look around with care. Indeed, this was the spot he had in mind. Showing off the beautiful sands and mineral structures of Hueco Mundo, while providing the two with enough peace. It was one of the few spots were Hollows only rarely resided. He left out a brief smirk, almost cheerful, lifting his eyes up towards the skies. Briefly wandering towards the huge silvery moon. His right hand reaching out, almost as if to grasp at it. Before pulling that very same arm down and offering it towards the female besides of him.

"Welcome... To Hueco Mundo. It'll be mostly like the same no matter where we go. It's just unusual to have spots like these with cliffs and so very little activity. Guess that some places are stained in eternal conflict, while others enjoy long periods of silence and peace", he explained with his usual tone, showing her around little by little. She'd be able to enjoy the sights all she wanted. After all, that was all the desert had to offer. Fields of sand and trees made out of an obsidian-like mineral, for miles upon miles. Stretching for what seemed like an eternity. The temperature was simply neutral. It wasn't cold, nor was it hot. That was one of the characteristics of Hueco Mundo, the temperatures never seemed to change unless you went to some specific areas. For now, Hao let his female companion take a calm look around. Letting her get used to the sudden change of scenery. Perhaps then they could figure out how to continue their long first meeting.
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Communication [Private]
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