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 Night isn't empty after all (Open)

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Shiro Hirameki


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PostSubject: Night isn't empty after all (Open)   Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:02 am

It was dark, even for a night. Lights of the park weren't working and it was new moon. Only few sources of light were found. Three, to be precise. First one belonged to a fire one homeless man had made to keep himself warm. It wasn't bright enough to be seen from the park, but enough to gather more of them around it. Second one belonged to a lighter. It emitted blue flame, which some people thought to be very strange. It was being held by a statue. A sleepless artist had put it on it's hand to visualize one of his memories. And the third one belonged to a electric dome around the said artist. Shiro didn't need a lot of sleeping, which made him able to use more time on a projects like this.

Indeed it would have been easier to just ask someone to hold it, but that method wasn't available for him. Many people didn't even see him and those who did tried to ignore him. Because if they would just receive a lighter out of nowhere and stand still for half an hour, people would get suspicious. Besides, Shiro's dome had more uses than just being a replacement for a lamp. There had been many events around the park recently. His dome would help againts unsuspected encounters with hostile persons. ''It's a shame I only was able to find crayons''. But to his defense, Shiro was a excellent artist who could have drawn a painting even with plain air. He was drawing fast, because his shikai would attract someone eventually.
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Night isn't empty after all (Open)
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