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 Acacia Encendido Estrella.

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PostSubject: Acacia Encendido Estrella.   Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:08 pm

Acacia • • Encendido • • Estrella

[ NAME: ]
• • Acacia Encendido Estrella.

• • “Blazing Star”. (More can be made.)

[ AGE: ]
• • 4527.

• • She appears to be at least 15.

• • Female.

[ RANK: ]
• • Souta Suzuki's Fraccion.

• • Pansexual.



Acacia is about 5'5, with long black hair that appears to have a blue sheen in the sun. Her skin is beautifully translucent and fragile looking. She prefers black, to the white that normal Arrancar wear ans has designed her clothes with stars. Her clothing itself is simply a black bikini top and shorts, with the occasional black jacket thrown on top. She wears knee high black boots, that sport a small heel at the bottoms. She has two scars, one on her lower stomach and one higher up, over her ribs.

(After edit: I forgot to mention her bone fragment. My bad.)

Her bone fragment isn't always visible, seeing as it is only visible when her shorts are off (XD). Her bone fragments consist of three small, circular like buds that follow her hip bone line. (They look like peircings.) About .5 mm in size.

Her Hollow hole is located on her left foot, and can't be seen unless she goes bare foot, which is rare.


• • Cold Demeanor, Black clothing, instead of the usual white, left eye has a blue glow to it when she is holding her sword.


• • Cleaning, Observation.


• • Almost always silent, standing away from the crowd. So full of hate, but her indifferent mask hold it in. Always watching, observing your every move. She stands alone, but the strings of time tie her to those around her. She always watches the same person, watching her, and watching out for her. A cheek rests against the girls hair, her arm thrown over her shoulder, watching those around her with cold, dangerous light blue eyes. Eyes that warn them away, warn them that she is hers, and if you hurt her, touch her in anyway, you’ll die.

Only for a few do her eyes grow soft, and only for two does she really smile, really laugh.
She’s not interested in politics, the pointless fighting amongst themselves. She doesn’t care for the numbers, the ranks, the respect she is supposed to have for those “above her”, for those who are “stronger” then her.

Time passes her by within the blink of an eye, and through it she treads though the waters of time, threatening to overturn her, and drown her until she loses her last breath. Always keeping a safe distance from those around her, always on guard.

She spills blood, and doesn’t even blink, doesn’t react. She’s cut, beaten, abused. She refuses to bend.

When the hate , the rage, the distain is too much for her to cover, too much for her to contain anymore by herself, she looks for the comforting arms of one close to her.. A calming effect really, like the touch of cold water on a burn.

She gets scared, like a child. She reaches out and grabs his hand, holding on as if it is her only life line. Where maybe it is. She tends to close her eyes when she is scared, to make it look like she’s ignoring someone. She hates to show her weakness, her vulnerability.


• • Well-Rounded: These fighters are okay in the use of their weapon, in hand-to-hand combat, kidou, cero, flash step/sonido/hirenkyaku, and any of other race abilities that are given to them. They're not great, they're not bad, they're just efficient in several areas.

Advantages: Fighters of this style can handle themselves in most areas of combat, although they're not specialist at any forms of combat. They are able to use Kido spells ranging from 1-90. Ceros and other spells will maintain their normal usage amount and cool down. These fighters can handle themselves, where Zanjutsu, Hakuda and speed based techniques are concerned. Although they're not considered masters of these forms of fighting and movements.

Disadvantages: Well rounded fighters, are considered to be average at everything based on their level. Their stamina, endurance and durability is pretty much average. This means, fighters of different types that specializes in other forms. Are expected to be more versed in the areas, that they are only average in.

• • 5’5”

• • 85 lbs.

• • O Negative.

• • She has the body of a small child really, thin without very many curves. She’s toned, as is normal. She would be considered petite, or rather tiny.

• • Her voice is soft, musically intoxicating and hypnotizing. Her words, always laced with an undertone of poison, they spill past her lips like silk, as addictive as heroine.

• • A mixture of both. She is quiet most of the time, preferring silent gazes then words. But she voices her opinion if the time calls for it.

• • Observation.
• • Walking.
• • Writing in blood.
• • Standing in high places.
• • Running around looking for him.
• • Hanging around her.

[ LIKES: ]
• • Her.
• • Him.
• • The Sun.
• • Roses.
• • Silence.
• • The sight of blood.
• • Being alone.
• • Running.
• • Heights.
• • Darkness.

• • Loud noises.
• • Cold nights.
• • Idiots.
• • Being pestered.
• • Harsh light.
• • Orders.
• • Being chilled.


• •The world around her was hot as fire, but the woman was cold as ice. The baby inside of her was slowly suffocating, she could feel it’s feeble struggles, it’s efforts to keep it’s life.

"GET IT OUT!" She screamed, thinking only of the child.

The shamans eyes were sad as she raised the sharp bone knife, and quickly brought it down on the woman’s extending stomach. Each cut felt cold to the dying woman, her body already numb. So close to her was Death’s upraised wings, she could practically feel them on her cheeks, caressing her gently.

Though the ringing in her ears, she heard the distant crying of a child and the words "It’s a girl.." made it through to her fading mind. She blinked slowly, her only thought was of a flower.

”…ci..a…" She whispered quietly, her heart finally stopping it’s frantic thumping.

She closed her eyes, and peacefully died.

The shaman sighed.

* * *

"Worthless whore!" her father raged, his hand slamming into her cheek, snapping her head to one side.

Acacia felt tears in her eyes, a reaction to the pain. But she didn’t move, didn’t fight back. Eventually her father would tire, and leave her alone.

She sensed, rather then saw him throw the punch, she felt it connect with her nose, splattering blood and sending her flying.

She hit the wall and slid down it, her vision covered with red dots.


A solid kick landed in her stomach and she gagged. She felt each blow land, hard and fast. But even as tears rolled down her thin cheeks she never uttered a word.

Soon enough, her father walked away panting. Acacia merely layed there, her body throbbing with pain.

One word came to her mind, one question.


* * *

Acacia absently smoothed the cool stark white cloth against herself, her hands slick with sweat. Her mind was racing back and forth, her hopes apparent on her face.

Arranged marriages, though rare, where not an unheard of part of life for her People, and now… it was Acacia’s turn.

Her father stared at her coldly, still, after all these years he hadn’t forgiven her for killing her mother with she came into the world.

It was obvious that the man felt nothing like love for his "daughter", only scorn.

He hadn’t told her who he had chosen for her, and Acacia had a crawling feeling in her stomach.


She was nervous.

She could only hope… no pray that the hate he felt for her wouldn’t reflect onto his choice.

Finally, a hard knock sounded on their door.

Acacia froze, staring at the floor in front of her.

She heard her father growl and he muscled his way past her to the door, opening it. "Thanks for talking her off my hands, the worthless whore is just standing there. Come and take her.”

"Now, now Signor." A gentle voice said soothingly, "Such language is unnecessary."

Acacia turned and laid her eyes on a tall, very attractive man. His hair was as dark as night, but his eyes like emeralds.

She heard herself gasp, and the man grinned. Acacia quickly averted her eyes, her face burning.

"Whatever." Her father yawned, suddenly his rough hand was on Acacia’s forearm, squeezing painfully.

Acacia whinced as he shoved her at the man, who caught her gently.

"Get out of my sight, girl." Her father spat, turning away.

Acacia turned to leave, but paused. She turned back to look at her father, and swallowed nervously. "… Thank you for caring for me for the past thirteen years… I… appreciate it. Goodbye… Father." She closed her eyes and turned away, walking out of her… home.

* * *

She entered her husbands…

…That was odd to think about…



She entered her husbands house, a four day journey from her own.

As they entered, the man suddenly became quiet, which Acacia found odd considering the entire trip he had talked non-stop.

She swallowed slightly, "…Is something wrong?"

He turned to her, studying her silently.

Acacia felt a chill run down her spine, then noticed why.

His eyes.

Once so warm, now regarded her emotionlessly.

Acacia’s eyes widened and she took a step back.

His hand whipped out and caught her wrist, yanking her to stand against him.

"Where do you think you’re going…?" he whispered, his smile cold has he held her against him, her back to him.


He bit her neck, hard enough to draw blood. Acacia cried out as she felt the wound throb.

He chuckled, "Stop? Why should I? You’re mine now, I own you and can do with you as I please."

Acacia struggled, but his hand was suddenly pinning hers behind her back. She whimpered and he chuckled again.

"What was your name again…? Oh, right. Acacia was it not?" He grinned as he whispered this into her ear, tilting her head back.

"Y-yes!" Acacia squeaked.

"Well, my little flower. I plan on ‘de’-flowering you now, and your father said I can do it however I like, as rough as I like, aha!" He crowed happily, "Just my luck~ To find such a pretty girl with a father who doesn’t care for her~ Lucky, lucky me~!" He let go of her hands and spun her around, grasping the collor of her dress. "From now on…" He suddenly yanked, ripping the material from her petite body, "You are not to wear clothing."

Acacia cried out and tried to cover herself with her hands.

The mans hand whipped out and slapped her across the face again.

"Don’t even try that." He growled, shoving her.

Acacia felt herself fall backwards, her back and head crashing into a wooden table behind her, and cried out as her vision blurred, the air knocked from her lungs.

The man stood over her as she gasped for oxygen. He slowly unclothes himself, tossing his tunic to the side.

Acacia panted, the oxygen slowly making its way back into her lungs. She pushed herself off the table and tried to run past him, He simply stuck out arms and grabbed her again, pulling her against him.

As he went to lift Acacia her eyes closed, her body throbbing as she started to cry.

Heaven help her.

* * *

After a long time, her pushed her away. She landed heavily, in a heap on the floor. She simply layed there and bled.

After a moment, she looked up to find him standing over her, and as she heard his grunt she closed her eyes.

Something hot as fire landed on her face and she laid still.

He walked away, whistling.

* * *

Many months passed her by, but they all felt the same. Ever so slowly the tears stopped coming, and a numbness settled over her. So heavy, that even the lights in her eyes died.

Acacia became a living corpse.

And her husband noticed.

During dinner one night, he simply stared at her as she mechanically ate her small portion of food.

Suddenly, a bone knife buried itself in her hand.

Acacia blinked, watching the crimson liquid spill around the white blade, staining it.

Her husband stood up and practically charged her. "YOU BITCH!" He yanked the knife out from her flesh, his eyes crazed. "You went and buried yourself away!" He shoved her then, chair and all.

Acacia fell, but still felt nothing. She laid there blood rushing from her hand as she stared at the ceiling, eyes blank and void of emotion.

He glared down at her, "You’re worthless to me now," He raised the knife above his head.

He stared down at her, and then sighed contently as he brought the blade down.

Acacia closed her eyes and felt the knife slice into her flesh. Over and over again as blood poured from her lips as it entered her lungs.

Soon, he stood and grasped her hair, the knife pressed against her throat.


One hard jerk and Acacia was finally free as the crimson liquid pours out of the gaping hole. He dropped her to the floor and she lay there, watching the blood spread around her.

She smiled as her eyes closed, and Death finally picked her up into his arms.

* * *

The girl was running.

From what, she didn’t know.

Dark shapes of all sizes chased her.

She cried out for help.

Suddenly, a hard pain flashed through her.

A white substance poured from her eyes, mouth, ears and nose, covering her completely as she screamed.

Hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry…
Always hungry.

One hard black hand whipped out into the hot sand beneath her, pulling out a snake-like creature.

She shrugged, it was good enough.

She ate it whole, and then paused.

Still hungry…

She moved on.

* * *

She could speak, but chose not to.

Others passed her by, and those who picked a fight she simply consumed.

It was all such a bother.

She slowly took note that having once towered over others, her form was progressively getting smaller.


* * *

”Wait!” Another creature yelled after her as she walked around him, having no desire to fight.
Against her better judgment she paused and turned her head.

The being caught up with her in a couple steps, and then studied her for a moment. ”Can you talk?”

”…I can speak…” She said softly.

”What’s your name?” He asked.

”I don’t have one.” She glared slightly; finding the questions this…creature was asking her odd.

He tilted his head at her, ”Almost all of us Hollows have some sort of name.. Oh, is it just that you never thought one up for yourself?”

She growled shortly, her long claws curling at him, ”Why do you insist on asking me these stupid questions?!”

He raised his hands, ”I don’t want to fight.”

She lowered her hands and opened her mouth to speak.

The sand behind her suddenly exploded and she was sent flying. She felt the air around her ripple as she flew through it, and then flipped her body to land on her feet, using her claws to dig traction into the sand so she slowly stopped.

Looking up, she came face to face with a centipede-like … Hollow?

”Puny Hollows.” It echoed. ”Dinner.”


* * *

She bit down swiftly into the Hollows meaty stomach, chewing quietly. All the while, the other stood behind her, simply watching.

She cleared her throat and turned her head to look at him, ”…Are you going to eat any?”
His eyes widened. ”I’m allowed?”

She growled, ”Well I can’t finish it all by myself!” She turned away, glaring at the gaping hole in the Hollows stomach that she had created with her teeth.

She heard a soft chuckle, soon followed by the sounds of eating.

She resumed.

* * *

They started to wander again, but this time they weren’t alone. Hardly the best company, Acacia kept silent. But to her pleasure, as did he.

”…Do you want a name?” He asked one night as they shared a small cave almost completely buried in the sand.

She looked at him, ”…Name..?” She whispered, curling her claws slightly.

”..Acai. That’s what I want to call you.” He murmured, making circles in the sand beneath him with one long white finger.

”..Acai..” She breathed. She felt a familiar tone in the name, but at the same time something was missing completely. ”..That sounds fine..” She closed her eyes as she turned away, ready to sleep.

She heard a chuckle.

”Nice to finally meet you then, Acai.”

* * *

One dark night, they were sleeping together as always, and another of their kind smelled them.

Suddenly the night turned red.

* * *

Acai dragged herself over to the unmoving figure of her friend, lying motionless in the white sand. She hovered over him, eying the missing portions of his lower abdomen… The absence of his legs. She raised her hand slightly, and shook his cold shoulder.

”Please open your eyes! PLEASE!” She cried softly, an odd itching behind her eyes.

His eyes opened slowly and he smiled at her. ”Acai…”

”Y-you’re going to be fine!” She swore, though she could tell it was an empty promise. No one could survive these wounds.

”Don’t lie to me Acai, I know.” His voice had finality to it and Acai was shocked to find liquid pouring from her eyes, over her hard white mask.

She raised her hands and touched it, and stared at the clear substance, ”W-wha..?”

He smiled, ”You’re crying for me. Acai… are you sad?”

She blinked at him, not getting it. ”W-what?”

He sighed, smiling slightly. ”Acai… if you are so sad…can you do me a favor?”

Acai nodded.

”Eat me. Take my power.” He smiled at her shocked expression, ”It’s what I want Acai, don’t fret over it.”

Acai stared at him, then lowered her gaze. ”I want one thing.”


”…What is your name?”

He grinned, ”Lithanthus.” He closed his eyes.

She bared her teeth.

* * *

She was alone again.

Acai tilted her head, then giggled.

Well, maybe not so alone.

* * *

Her fingers clawed at the hard mask covering her face. It itched, yet burned at the same time.

Finally, her razored nails found purchase and caught an upraised edge.

A tearing sound.

Harsh pain.

Acai screamed.

* * *

She woke up, confused.

Long black hair fanned out around her, trailing on the ground and covering her body.

Her white skin was hard, yet impossibly soft.

She stared at her hands in wonder.

”We thought we felt something.” A voice suddenly spoke from behind her, causing her to jump and whip around. ”What is your name young one?”

She tilted her head at the group of four, all dressed in white, sporting katana’s on their bodies.

One, a male, tossed her a soft white sheet. She grabbed it out of the air gracefully, wrapping it around her naked form.

”I said, what is your name?

”Aca..cia. Acacia Encendido Estrella.” She whispered, then blinked.

Where did that name come from?

A female from the group came forward, holding her hand out in front of her.

”Come, Acacia.”

Acacia took the woman’s hand, who helped her stand. She blinked at a soft “thunk” sound from behind her and looked back.

In the sand, lay a katana. The hilt wrapped in bright blur cloth, a star guard designed onto it.

”You’ll want that.” The woman whispered in Acacia’s ear. Acacia turned her head to look at her, blinking.

”What a distant child…” Someone whispered.

Acacia reached down and grasped the hilt of the sword, and suddenly half the world glowed blue.


* * *

Searing pain in her side, she gasped.

”You’re good with a sword Acacia, but something is missing…”

A clang of metal, the whistling of air.

Pain again, this time over her ribs.

Ahhh…I get it. It’s motivation.”

”Again!” Acacia hissed, lifting her sword.

”Very well.”


Pain, gasp.


* * *

Acacia stood to the side, watching passersby.

She yawned.

She saw him notice her, and he frowned.

"C'mon bitch, we have shit to do."

"Yes, Souta-sama."

She frowned, and followed behind him.


• •


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PostSubject: Re: Acacia Encendido Estrella.   Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Acacia Encendido Estrella.   

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Acacia Encendido Estrella.
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