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 Byakko Kuzuryu

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Byakko Kuzuryu
Unseated Shinigami

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PostSubject: Byakko Kuzuryu   Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:57 pm

--- Please bear in mind that there are -alot- of gramatical errors and what not; I had done this application with less than 2 hours sleep, so please forgive the retardness. Thank you ---


Name: Byakko Kuzuryu
Nickname(s): Flow
Age: 78
Visual Age: 21+

Gender: Male
Division: 12th Division
Rank: Unseated
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6 ft 2 inches
Weight: 63kg

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A-
Sound of Voice: Calm, quiet (loud if needed) and
Byakko stands about 6'2”, with a tall lean built physique that makes him stand out more often than not. His body build is that of a lean fighter where his muscles don't bulge, but rather stretch and and elongate to fit his form making his muscles stand out even more as though they are always taut and ready for action.

His hair is a jet black that is usually worn loose just off his lower neck setting off his eyes which are a light hazel with more green than brown in them giving him a focused look that distracts from his physical features and draws the eyes to his own. His face is identifiable through most of the crowds as he will always have a slight smile on his lips following with a well built defined eye definition and nose.

His skin tone is a toned tan complexion complimenting the rest of his physique. While his other features are noteable as "Asian"; the referance is to the nose shape and what not. His teeth are crystal white, forming a perfect array of cementum creations, one that many would pay a handsome amount of money for.

His gigai is generally wearing cargo shorts or pants with a snap on belt of varying lengths and colors, the typical colors are darker hues of red, blue, grey and black; though he has been known to have white shorts from time to time. His sleeveless shirts typically compliment the shorts and have a dragon somewhere on it usually on his right shoulder roaring out of the shirt with the body and tail being finished on the back of the shirt, on his hands he usually wears fingerless gloves that match the shirt color or match his shorts. There are few changes to the regular Shinigami attire that he makes himself, however when he has gotten into fights he has been known to rip off or cut off the sleeves of his shirts as a sign that he is fighting at full potential with nothing holding him back.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Lounging around, trying to think of some creation to build.
Likes and Dislikes:

Working in the labatory
Drinking coke
Twlight and Dawn of the day
Sleeping in
Looking for something to do
Women; especially hot women

Avoiding those whom will ask him for favours
The dark
The big wide sea
The idea of dieing again
People who act all big aka Bullies
Women who act all bitchy for no reason
Women who are hard to hit on and just piss him off on purpose

He is better known as a ladies’ man, treating them with respect and courtesy all the same, never letting his manners fall before any of them as the age of chivalry died long ago. He tends to be a bit rough around the edges with people, using directness and sarcasm to get his point across, almost to the point of being rude. He attracts the eye as well as attention while he appears to be comfortable with it prefers seclusion and silence whenever he can get it for reading a book or simply enjoying the peace of the moment. He has a calm temperament around his friends simply enjoying being there with them, however his mood changes quickly should something arise, his eyes harden and his smile falters filling the air around him with a deadly charge on all those around him usually causing them to cut off whatever they were saying or doing.

He handles himself with ease and confidence showing great leadership quality and potential as well as a great model. Others have looked up at him with great respect and admiration as he treats everyone he meets with respect and honesty while guiding them should they ask for it or they need it. He does this with surprising ease considering the squad he was in and their reputation towards any help whatsoever. His view towards life is that you make it what you want it to be. He believes in a future or world that is uncertain and can be changed should you want it to as long as you apply the effort to change it. This has effected many of the members in the squad to grow stronger both physically and mentally as they take his version of the world into account and apply it to themselves.

After becoming a Shinigami much of his attitude has changed. For the better and for the worse. As above he prefers directness and tends to lean much on sarcasm flavored with being blunt, his eyes never waver when meeting anothers' now. The old chivalry has been replaced with a new age one. This means that instead of doing what should be expected of him he simply does it without looking back whereas the old him would do it and wait for the appropriate response. While keeping himself apart from others he keeps in tune with them through a distance and prefers to only interfere if needed in order to preserve his life.

Defining Characteristics: His bright smile

Specialties: Natural born physicist; he is able to apply real time physics into the world and even equate the anomlie "reatsu" into the problem to dilute a reasonable solution and able to act upon it.
Fighting type: Well Rounded.
History/Background: ***Tokyo 2006 2:04 AM***

Stepping out of the club laughing he waved at his friends as they left to find their respective cars and rides. Still grinning he saw another group emerge after them. Still staring at us huh...? Watching his breath mist in front of him he put his arm around his girlfriend. She stood around 5'6 half a foot short than he was, long blond hair, and a lean body from being a track runner.

"That was pretty fun huh?" He asked her turning to stare into her clear blue eyes as she snuggled closer to him. "Mhm..." She mumbled clearly tired and a little cold. Chuckling to himself he dug out his car keys heading towards the lot where they had parked his car. The gravel under his feet crunching as they moved his ears picked up another group behind them. Why....? He thought to himself searching his pockets. "Hey, babe, I forgot my wallet inside gonna head back for it. Here, warm up the car, I'll be right back." Nodding sleepily she shuffled off, "Oh hey!" He yelled turning she looked up in time to catch his jacket as it was thrown at her. "You look a little cold!" He said smiling, sticking her tongue out at him she smiled back putting it on. Well there's that.... Now to see if they're following me or her.... As he headed back to the club the gravel making footing a little uncertain, he heard it start up again, following his girlfriend. NO! Was his first thought as his head snapped around. His body soon followed sending pieces of gravel skittering everywhere. *Thump thump* *Thump thump* Was all he could hear in his head as he headed back towards his car running into one of the thugs on accident.

"Sorry!" He apologized as he was shoved back. "Just what are you thinkin'?" He asked giving him another shove which he allowed to push him. "Was just going back to my car and girl, relax." Putting his hands up in a mock innocent manner trying to appear harmless the thugs started grinning. I count... Five of them... Maybe six potentially armed with a knife or sidearm... This went through his head as he asked, "What's with the smiles?" Quietly serious, one of the thugs said "She's pretty good lookin', that's what the smiles are for." They grinned even more at this chuckling amongst themselves. *Thump Thump* "Really now... And just what were you going to do about that?" He asked quietly his voice seeming to freeze the air sucking out any mirth that they had been sharing. Hardly even noticing the air anymore or how cold it seemed to have gotten the thugs started chuckling again. "We were just gonna have some fun, you know how it is." His breathing calmed suddenly as he said, "Why don't you just go back to the club and pick up your own dates eh? Make things a lot easier on all of us." The thug didn't like this at all his frown under the street light said as much as he leaned against a nearby fence saying "Ah, but we've been scoping out this girl all night, we think that this is the one for tonight." They all started chuckling again For tonight...? Why hasn't anyone stopped these guys!

Putting his hand into his pocket he found his phone turning it away from the outside of his pocket he fumbled around until he was certain he had found the right buttons before dialing. Keeping his hand there he stated "You guys should just leave, I don't want any trouble and I don't think you want to lose your jobs at the club there." The man behind him didn't like what he said one bit, apparently tired of listening he stepped up behind him gravel crunching. Big mistake... The blood had stopped pounding in his ears and all that was left was an eerie silence broken only by his quick breathing and the crunching of gravel. Sweeping underneath his grip he stepped towards the man who stood a couple inches shorter than him and brought his knee into his chest as hard as he could dropping him with an elbow to his back. The other five stood there stunned to watch one of their own go down so fast.

Slowing his breathing again he said. "You guys really should leave." His eyes had gone cold and calculating as he stared at them. "Get him!" Was all he head before five sets of shoes started moving towards him. Remember your training... Multiple enemies attacking you, draw them back fight them one to one and defeat them as such do not allow yourself to be surrounded or cornered for that shall be your undoing... Saying a brief prayer to any god that was listening Matrium shifted his weight to the balls of his feet ready to move in any direction in an explosion of force and speed. The first one to come to him was a burly guy whose breath smelled of alcohol and again was just under his height. Reaching out towards him it was sidestepped easily before he got a face full of gravel as he was pushed over his equilibrium point. Turning he ran between a few cars before he saw two heading for his girlfriend in his car. No no no no! He thought mentally sprinting towards her getting close-lined in the process. His vision went bright for a second as his head hit the gravel before he saw spots and a fist leveled at his stomach hit him full on forcing him to double over gasping for air.

Not LIKE THIS![/color] He raged fighting through the pain grabbing the thugs head and cutting off his blood circulation. Mentally counting to eight he held of for an extra second to ensure he had blacked out before releasing. That was three, two are going for my girl wheres th-- He cut off in mid thought as he was slammed into a car face first. Panting for air he struggled for any kind of foot or hand hold against the guy. He was pinned tight though and felt himself starting to black out as the man followed his example of what he had just done. I'll play along.... He thought going limp the man held on for another second before releasing him clearly not knowing the amount of time to hold onto a person. Calling out to the others he said "I got him! He knocked out the others though! More time for us!" He said jubilantly waving at them, after hearing them acknowledge this there was a shrill scream that snapped him out of waiting. Springing off the ground the man stared down at him in shock as his fist connected to his face in a quick succession dropping him to the gravel. Rubbing his fist he groaned "That really hurts... Why do people enjoy doing this...." Cracking his knuckles he remembered suddenly why he had gotten up and sprinted towards his girlfriend mist clinging to his arms and legs dewing up giving him a ghostly appearance. "Erika!" He yelled as he turned a corner where he had parked in the last lot before he heard a crack. What the....? He thought before he felt a searing pain in his chest. He shot me...?!? He thought falling to his knees as he heard sirens in the background. Now they show up... Late as usual... Footsteps were heard pounding forward followed quickly by a dropped gun and a released girl. Feeling hands on his face he focused up at her. Smiling he said "Hey you..." Weakly coughing a little.

"Shhhh, don't talk don't talk..." She said her eyes tearing up. "Hey, how bad is it...?" He asked coughing again as she looked at his bloodstained shirt as a paramedic came by his face grim and telling. "That good eh...? I'm sorry then... I didn't get there soon enough..." Seeing her state of physical being he realized he had gotten there just in time for her, just not him though. She reached over and took his hand as they lifted him onto a stretcher her following the entire way. With his other hand he reached in and grabbed his cell phone giving it to her to show the number he had called. "You didn't lose your wallet inside did you...?" She asked her eyes already starting to cry. Shaking his head no the medics giving him sedatives and saying he was gonna be alright. That's not gonna happen is it....? Giving her hand a squeeze he sighed contentedly having felt he had done all he could. Glancing at his chest he saw the bullet had probably grazed his heart, already he could sense it struggling just to keep him conscious. "Thanks... I love you babe..." He whispered as he relaxed and drifted off to a keening mourn that was like a torrent of icy air in his ears whipping around his face.

**** End of Memory ****

That was the last known fragment of his Human memory. He had more, at one point, though; through time, new memories etched their way over the previous. It was interesting, in some respect, as, the last (remaining) memory of his, derived whom he was. A man of bravery, logic, courage and, somewhat, capable of love. A knight in true intention and nature, it was odd to see a man, whom had died, to be able to produce such humane emotions or retain his chivilary, even through death.

Well. Upon death, he entered the Rukongia district 89; there he lived in peace within minimal spiritual awareness and his kindered "reatsu", it wasn't much but it was enough to drive him into hunger. It was an unusal feat to find among the residents but reveared all the same. It wasn't long before he discovered that his soul was, somewhat, "special", meaning to say he always saw himself greater than what he had now become. Life as a poverty-driven man? No sir, this was never his intention nor did he want to accept such a fate. Perhaps, this very thinking and determination was what drew his soul into a higher state of awareness and purpose. From there, he enrolled within the Shinigami Academy. It was a respected stature, which provided a lifestyle far greather than the one he lived, now.

It wasn't long before he accomplished his "schooling", learning the supple basics of any shinigami; though he exceeded in two various aspects, Kido and Ho-ho; the unusal sensations of controlling and providing his body with the new energy source (reatsu) intrigued him; his body naturally lusted for it, it knew how to rationise the fuel to provide maximum effeciency. Furthermore, he was actually perpelexed by his taking for experimentation and understaning of this whole new world; he dived right into it, loving the discoveries, medical break throughs and technologie that the human world was deprived from. This sparked a deep reasoning within him, it would perhaps explain his past life; a man of physics or chemistry? A Proffessor at a University or perhaps a Scientist... either way, he felt comfortable in partaking in the shinigami science. As a result he applied for a position within the 12th Division, hoping to qwell his thirst for further knowledge...

In short, this story brings us here; the preasent.

Role-play Sample: Not applying for Elite Status.

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The Russian
Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Re: Byakko Kuzuryu   Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:56 pm

1. I don't like this.

2. Why did you decide to come up with an history that is more or less an RP sample?

3. Could you possibly try something a little different? Such as a more conventional style. Life, death, and Shinigamihood. You may add conversations in there, such as a memory. However, don't lean too much on it.
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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Byakko Kuzuryu   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:39 am

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PostSubject: Re: Byakko Kuzuryu   

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Byakko Kuzuryu
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