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 Tetsuya Shirogane

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Tetsuya Shirogane

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PostSubject: Tetsuya Shirogane   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:24 pm

Shinigami Template

"They call me the white swordsmith
the one who keeps forming sword after sword
he who rightfully wields the blades of infinity
he who has already forged countless swords
and he who has suffered even from his own blades
long since then have all of my tears dried up
my life now remaining without any purpose
indeed, this life is like the field of blades you see
empty and riddled by the pains of eternal conflict
yet I still foolishly search on for the meaning I once lost
always believing in this undying blaze of life
never giving up the faint hope I still have
barely standing up once more with the prayer
give my life purpose once again, Mugen no Kensei"

Name: Shirogane, Tetsuya
Nickname(s): Tetsu-kun, Tsu-kun (The White Blacksmith, The Creator of Swords, The Infinity Blade, He Who Has Forged Countless Swords, The Guy With An Endless Supply Of Swords.) Obviously he is a man of many names. The only nickname he has given himself and truly accepts, is "the one who has forged countless swords".
Age: 510
Visual Age: Somewhere in his twenties.

Gender: Male
Division: 9th Division
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 180 lbs

Body Frame: Medium frame, though he is tall and muscular.
Blood Type: B
Sound of Voice: Deep, tough, masculine, yet surprisingly soft. Tetsuya very often speaks with a faint hint of sarcasm and uncaring cynicism in his voice even if he isn't feeling that way. Rather, the male sounds quite bothered most of the time due to his moods, even sounding grumpy when things aren't just going his way. His tongue can also be coarse especially when he is angry or upset despite the usual manners he tries showing due to the kendo mannerisms he has been taught. Whenever he is pissed, his voice tends to boom over others and actually sound very threatening. Then again. When he is pissed off for real, his voice begins sounding unnaturally cold and uncaring. Meaning that his true fury is that of the tranquil kind. When he is actually in a completely calm and relaxed state of mind without being bothered by the usual things, he starts sounding surprisingly soft. Showing a different side to him. He also speaks this way to certain people he really cares about. His voice has been called pretty hardcore from time to time by some humorous people. Compare the real world seiyū Tomokazu Sugita.

Tetsuya is a fully grown young man with a fairly large frame. He is a tall person by nature, and the many years of conflict have shaped his body out to be very muscular. You could say that his muscles are just a bit bulgy, though they really aren't that huge. They are in perfect balance with the rest of his body, not affecting his maneuverability or flexibility in a negative way. The tone of his skin is a tad bit lighter than that of the common Japanese person, but he isn't that pale either. Tetsuya sports silvery white hair that's always quite spiky and usually reaches down to his elbows. His hair used to be of a different color, but past trauma caused his hair to lose its color very early on. His have always been of a steely blue hue. He does grow some facial hair, but keeps himself well-shaved most of the time.

Tetsuya doesn't like the dressing code of the Shinigami, thinking that the Shihakushō can be quite inconvenient while performing his duties both on the battlefield and at his Division. He still does wear a variation of the traditional uniform while adding his own small additions to it. For example, the Hakama is just a tad bit shorter and stretchier than the usual, allowing for easier footwork. The kosode has slightly shortened sleeves, reaching up to his elbows. All in all his uniform is not worn as loose as it commonly is, fitting his form quite well while giving him the maneuverability he desires. He also wears a stretchy undershirt underneath his uniform just in case he ever ended up in a sudden fight. Around his wrists, he also wears black braces that give his hands a bit more support while also looking good to the fashionable eye. He also wears a sort of leather strap around his uniform at all times in one form or another, holding most of his equipment with it. Sometimes he wears his haori over his uniform, sometimes he merely hangs it over his shoulder. This collared variation of the traditional haori also has sleeves that reach slightly over his elbows.

Whenever he has the chance, Tetsuya prefers switching over to a more comfortable form of clothing. He'd usually wear dark well-fitting trousers that match well with the usual color scheme of his rather dully colored clothing. His most used colors being black and white, white usually serving as an outliner or a detailer. The same applies to his shirt of choice, it all needs to be fit his form correctly. He personally prefers wearing thin fleece shirts, often closed with a zipper. His absolute favorite piece of clothing is the large jacket that extends all the way to his hips with sleeves that reach slightly over his elbows. Despite appearances this jacket has properties similar to a bullet-proof west. It offers him minor protection, yet not enough to blocks strikes from bladed weapons. Of course, he always has his strap with him to hold his swords. He prefers wearing either sneakers or combat boots depending on the situation. Check the picture to get a visual idea of how he looks.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Kendo, grooming the plants of the 9th Division garden with his Zanpakutou, reading the weekly Jump, making sushi for dinner and taking naps under a tree while the Lieutenant has to finish publishing the Seireitei news magazine

Likes and Dislikes:
*Clear weather
*Staying up late
*Bettering himself
*Interesting books
*The Weekly Jump
*Taking occasional naps
*Spicy foods and cooking them
*Living according to his own will
*People who are honest to themselves
*Being alone and relaxing on clear days

*Waking up early
*Badly cooked food
*Depressing weather
*Overly annoying and noisy people

Personality: Put simply, Tetsuya is a man with a rough exterior. Since he's always got too much stuff in his mind, he tends to be quite irritable and even impulsive. This is further enforced by the rather coarse language he used from time to time. It's very common to hear him speak in an annoyed, bothered or a sarcastic tone due to this. He usually tries showing some manners according to what kendo has taught him, but sometimes just ends up overdoing it. Since he is direct in his irritated state of mind, it's easy provoking some sort of an answer out of him. But he isn't really the kind of person who would lose his cool for real that easily.

In reality his personality is much more deeper than the harsh exterior he normally shows to others. Whenever alone and calm, without too much to think of, he changes almost completely. Speaking in a calmer way, with a voice that almost sounds soft. He also tends to keep things to himself, being an introvert. Any secrets others trust with him will always be safe, the same going for the stuff he doesn't want to reveal about himself. A person who keeps contradicting himself. Showing others a side that's almost an opposite to how he really is. Sometimes really caring about the people he might have belittled just moments ago. Despite showing irritation so very often, it takes a lot to anger him. But when angry, he can be very threatening and menacing. The way he acts is still very far from the truth. When pissed off for real, he turns cold and uncaring. Showing a form of tranquil fury that can be a lot more scarier when he's just showing his anger as rage.

Even while he seems so rough, he doesn't consider violence as the right way to get his will through. Most often preferring to go for a more peaceful solution unless he is fulfilling a mission or a purpose that needs for him to get violent. Rather than a peaceful person, he's lazy like that. His blades were never meant for killing others and waging war, but rather for the sake of keeping others safe while fighting for the sake of his personal ideals. Oh. Despite these respectable views, he has no problems with getting violent every now and then. In fact, he enjoys teaching noisy brats some very physical lessons in humility. All in all, he is still much like he used to be, confident in himself and always determined to fulfill whatever goals and ideals he has. Just that much more cynical and experienced. Yet the blaze of life within him never seems to shut down. Even while he has lost almost everything. During the time he has spent with his squad, he has started to figure the answer out little by little. What he should keep on doing, and what his purpose is supposed to be. Oh yes. Many call him very hardcore. Another thing one might want to add, he tends to be a little tactless. He just doesn't have experience with people, nor how he should react in some situations.

Defining Characteristics: Frequent facepalming, lots of cursing, silvery hair, being a blacksmith and an all around badass.
Specialties: Smithing anything from horseshoes to different weapons, cooking, taking care of a lot of shit at the same time *multitasking* and playing certain instruments
Fighting type: Close Combat

History/Background: Tetsuya's human life began in the year 1500 somewhere in the Kanto region of Japan during the Sengoku period. Families of that time tended to be rather large due to obvious reasons. Yet his family was surprisingly small. The boy's grandparents and other older close relatives had already passed on, so he only lived with both of his parents and later with a sister that was four years younger than him. His father was local blacksmith, well respected by many who had bought tools and weapons forged by him. Because of the unstable times they lived in, the old man of course specialized in making a variety of commonly used Japanese weapons. As was the way of the time, his mother was always there taking care of the house and handling the more menial chores that have been pushed on women for such a long time. A professional housewife. You could say that the family was of a higher class due to the status of his father. They weren't anywhere close to being nobility though, as they didn't have the correct roots.

One could say that their life went on in a way befitting the times they lived in. As was the tradition, the first son was supposed to become the heir of the family, and succeed the job that had always been passed on from father to son. That is why Tetsuya's father, Kotetsu Shirogane, began training his son as the successor of his legacy from a young age. At first it began as simple tutoring. Teaching the kid whatever they could about life and the simpler tools of forgery as soon as possible. They were in no rush to do so though, as the fighting of the Sengoku period didn't directly influence their lives. Rather, the fighting was indirectly supporting their lives as the officers of the local Daimyō came to search for Kotetsu's assistance. Due to how unstable the situation was at times, they needed more weapons for their troops in order to better protect their domain and maybe even go invade some new territories for themselves. Their situation would remain like this for years, constantly providing them with good income.

Somewhere along the line his parents had another child. A contrast to the boy they already had, the baby ended up being a daughter. This wasn't a bad thing at all since his father had made plans for the eldest of his childs to inherit his fortune after all. This way he could have a larger family without having to worry about any of the inheritance later on. Not to mention that having a sibling could teach the somewhat anti-social boy some love for people his age. And it really did work. Over the years Tetsuya built a strong sibling bond with his sister. Rather than the modern kids who seem to show their affection through teasing or bullying, kids of that time were more honest about it. So he always tried looking out for her. Learning a bit more compassion for others. Since he really hadn't met many other people even moderately close to his age until then. He ended up growing up to be a confident, determined and a considerate person.

Let's take a view at Tetsuya's personal life now. At the age of seven his training and education started out for real. His father began telling him more minor details about the work of smiths and why he forged so many swords these days. Somewhere along the line they even began training in the art of kendo. To become a respected smith, the boy would have to know a lot about the structure and the purpose behind the things he would have to forge. That is why he received some training in the art of using the sword, alongside the proper mannerisms associated with it. It was the way his father had been trained, and it was the way he would be trained as well. Besides, living in this period of many conflicts meant that older males sometimes had to prepare to fight for their Daimyo. Though he went along with everything he was taught, Tetsuya never showed that much interest in the occupation he was destined to take upon himself. It was always like that, the children would just have to go with whatever their parents wanted them to do. His training in the art of smithing first began for when he turned eleven. Working as an assistant and an apprentice for his father while gradually learning the art of making anything from horseshoes to weapons. The process of learning such a trade would take many years. Of course, he also had some basic education at the local Buddhist monastery, while his sister learned more about taking care of the chores of the house.

And so, years passed on leisurely without the conflicts ever reaching their home. Orders were coming in from various sources, giving them plenty of work though. Tetsuya grew up to become a strong young man and his sister became a pretty young lady. Even though he was still working under his father as an apprentice, word began spreading in his local area. His old man was constantly bragging about his development to others you see. Whether it was about how the male knew to mind his manners or about how he was learning the secrets of smithing so quickly. Of course some of it was exaggeration. But one couldn't deny the fact that the young male had a lot of innate talent for this job. Quite ironic considering how he didn't think much of the occupation at first. So a lot of people wanted him to work on their requested tools and weapons as well. Even if he didn't like his job that much, he still placed his full effort to it. The end results always being of a worthy quality, even if there were some small blunders at first. That's how he grew up, enjoying the care of his mother, learning a lot from his father through the arts of kendo and smithing, also taking care of his younger sister. Now being about twenty years of age, prepared to soon start a life completely on his own, without his father there to guide the way he worked.

Hah. One would be a fool to think that his life would go on as smoothly as that. This is supposed to be an epic story of character development after all. So get ready for the turning point you all expected. A bad rumor was going around town. Some people began saying that the forces of a neighboring province were planning to stage an attack throughout the local towns to try and give their Daimyo more influence. As fate would have it, their town was one of the intended targets. Many people took these warnings seriously, even Tetsuya's own father. He himself didn't care much about it. Having not seen that much war yet, he didn't expect that the enemies would come after a family such as theirs who wasn't involved in the conflict that much. Apart from being known for making weapons for those who needed and deserved them. His father knew better than that, and began preparing just in case some of the troops came knocking at their door. Fetching his own sword and telling his family to go hide somewhere. And alas, that day, the frequent attacks began. Not aimed at the general populace, but at the troops of the local Daimyo.

Heeding to the warning of his dad, Tetsuya stayed with his family for a bit longer, keeping the sword he made with his father for situations like these. The Touken Shirogane. That katana had a rather basic design, yet it was still an effective weapon crafted for the purpose of fighting against others. The day it all happened, he was in the middle of carrying water to his house with the sword strapped on his back. Hearing all the commotion from his house, dropping the bucket and running there to see what was going on. He was greeted with more yelling, his father telling him to take the family with him and get the hell out of there. Rather than going with them all the way, he brought them to a secret hiding place, before going to check if his father was okay. Two warriors lying dead on the tatami. Old Kotetsu also having suffered some very painful wounds. He hated just leaving the old man there, but at first he needed to guarantee the safety of others. Rushing back towards their hiding place. Never finding anyone. Soon ambushed by a small group of enemies. Amongst them a trusted Samurai of the greedy Daimyo who wanted to invade their town. The group noticed the swords Tetsuya was holding, immediately judging him to be an enemy. Their fight went on for little less than an hour, the minor underlings all dead and the Samurai also suffering some wounds. The young man put up quite a fight. But his skills weren't strong enough to face off against such an overwhelming enemy. That day, the small clan of Shirogane came to an end.

When Tetsuya came to, he noticed that he was in a place unlike anything he had seen ever before. Well, being dead now, he didn't even have a clear memory of his past life anyways. He still had all the knowledge and skills he got in the little more than twenty years of his life. But he lacked all the memories from the defining moments of his life. A common phenomenon witnessed within spirits who had passed on to the Soul Society. In fact, it was rarer seeing a spirit that actually had clear memories of the past. But all of that is besides the point. Somewhat confused over his surroundings, the young man began wandering about. In search for some civilization. Where he had been sent to, was a certain area of The North Alley of Wandering Spirits in the Rukongai. Unaware of having actually made it to the after aftelife, it took quite some time before he made his way to a more civilized part of the district. At first seeing nothing more than wastelands. But he eventually made it, finally realizing that he was already dead, and beginning his search for more information. After learning more of this new strange world, he decided to leave these restless districts and wander around, searching for a more suitable place to live in while also expanding his horizons even further. Despite this large surprise, he was still his old optimistic self.

That's how he spent the first hundred of his years as a soul. Gaining experience on survival and how the world really worked. The kind of wisdom school books can't ever provide. He was open for all new things, at times seeing the poor conditions of the unfortunate, and the happiness of some others who were luckier. It was all a new and even exciting experience for him. The conflict he sometimes saw didn't manage to bring him down one bit. Still confident and happy with himself, despite not even knowing what he should really do there. Just traveling the world and seeing new things was enough for him. Even if he had to face off against a couple of bandits every now and then. In fact, during his long travels, Tetsuya also built up his own style to fighting. Picking up six swords and making them his own. Two nodachis that were only a tad bit longer than a long katana strapped on his back, two katanas of the usual length strapped to his side, alongside two decent-sized wakizashis. With these swords and his own determination, he always managed to find a way to survive in the wilderness that sometimes proved to be quite harsh and completely unforgiving. Yet having to travel for so long was enough. A change was right behind the corner.

See, even when the man moved about all over the map, he did try and stop at some more populated districts of the Rukongai from time to time. Once making it to the better districts of the vast Soul Society. This time he got to know a lot of interesting people. Having a couple of good laughs with them as he took his time to rest and heal his bruises. It was a beautiful place. Alongside the grassy plains surrounded by a couple of tall trees were houses built by the people who had lived there before. Tetsuya once rested under the tall tree, feeling strangely nostalgic. A younger looking girl approaching him and smiling at him. The two talked, obviously enjoying the company of one another. It was sad, because in reality, he had just reunited with his former sister. Yet the two could not know of this past bond anymore. In any case, he made the decision to settle down with the people who lived there and provide them with help and protection, since there weren't that many tough looking men around there. It was the beginning of the simpler days of his life. The days that he would always remember.

It is unclear exactly how many years he spent with these nice people he met. No one was counting, all that mattered was that everyone there could live at least somewhat happily. During this time he focused on bettering the skills he already had. Namely forging them tools with whatever usable metal he could get his hands on. Back then, helping others was no bother to him. In fact, it made him enjoy this skill of his more than before. It was because the people appreciated what he did for them. There were some dull moments, but not even that mattered anymore. Because this life was more peaceful and happier than the one he had before, while wandering around completely alone out there somewhere in the world. He could have stayed there forever as long as everyone else was there as well. Looking out for the people he began holding dear to him. Indeed, he had found purpose with his life. It was nothing special at all. Yet it still felt so important to him back then.

Don't think that they didn't have any problems though. There is no such thing as a utopia. Even the concept of having a harmonious arcadia is flawed. Every now and then Hollows, bandits and such would pass by. If they had to deal with dangerous beings such as the rare Hollows, they really didn't have any other chance but to try and hide in the secret places they had prepared for such events. The beasts mostly ignored them, because of the low spiritual power most of them had. Yet something always attracted such a heinous spirit there, forcing them into hiding. Some of them even died as the years passed. Bandits weren't such a big problem. If anyone would ever come there with harmful intentions, Tetsuya would just use his newly heightened fighting skills to beat them to a bloody pulp, before sending the saps packing. Sometimes even he couldn't handle the task alone though, getting assistance from the more foolhardy Leeroy Jenkins there who smashed some heads together with him. And so they were set for life, even when things began looking a bit darker for a while.

As the time passed, so did Tetsuya's skills and power. It was as though he was destined for something more. Something that none of them could figure out soon enough. He remembers that day very clearly. The day he lost everything. The day he figured out the truths of this world. No, he always knew how this place was. It was just that he came face to face with the facts that day. It began on a clear evening. The sun was setting, rendering the sky a warm orange color. The male was feeling hungry at that time. It was rare, but it sometimes happened to him. The others didn't need as much food as he did. The reason lying in the fact that the reiryoku he possessed had grown over the ages. By now he had a decent amount for a warrior spirit, suppressing it unconsciously. It was one of those evenings the Hollows passed by. They had formed a pattern for searching the place. The hunts turning more frequent over time. And that day, they came without any warning. Weak ones, yet strong enough to pose danger to the small community of spirits living there.

Tetsuya almost had a heart attack when he heard them coming. His clear judgment shaken for once, he commanded the really old ones and the girls who didn't know how to fight run away. He would stand there and fight. Even in a hopeless situation, he would always keep on standing up with the help of his six swords the others knew him for. Leeroy, most of the other males and a female who had practiced lots of martial arts before joined him. The fighting was truly fierce, even if the two Hollows were only playing with the poor spirits at first. He almost lost hope when the forests around were set ablaze before the others could even escape. That's where his memory fades away. The fighting really got too rough. No one alive knows how it all went down in the end. The male himself fought with everything on the line, and even stopped about caring as the Hollows turned more aggressive. He fought with only his instincts, even as his body was nearing its limit.

When the male came to, it was raining. Every crevice of his body burning with intense pain. Blood dripping from his forehead and arms. His clothes stained in even more of the dark liquid. He didn't know how long he had slept there. If it hadn't rained, he wouldn't have even awakened. Gradually opening his eyes, his vision had turned blurry. When his sights cleared, he could still see one of the trees flaming. The others already extinquished by the rain, having mostly turned into charcoal. All their homes turned into rubble. There was nothing else there. Everyone was gone. Not even their bodies remained. The same went for the Hollows. Not even blood. Nothing. He tried getting up. It didn't work. His whole body had fallen numb. All he could do was bite his teeth together and scream in pain. Calling for the others over and over again. Hearing no answers. This was the result of his unshakable will and drive to survive. In the end, he managed to only protect himself. That was the day Tetsuya truly learned hate for this world.

The next day, he managed to get up. But the recovery from this fight took a much longer time than that. Normal spirits were not meant to face off against Hollows, even if they had developed heightened spiritual powers. What remained with him from those times were the swords he had with him about a hundred years. He only rarely used them, so they were still in quite a good shape. But really. None of it even mattered to him anymore. His purpose in life was now lost. And he began seeing the true shape of this world, with depressed and cynical eyes. Sooner or later he would get over it. But he would still see this world in a whole new light. Endless conflict and suffering. This time around his traveling was a whole lot different than before. Fighting against bandits or thieves every other day. Sometimes, when he didn't have enough power to leave the enemies in only a wounded state, he would have to rely on his burning drive to live inherited from those who most likely died, killing his enemies even when it harshly clashed against his ideals. His natural strength and skill with the blade grew immensely. At the price of his formerly warm personality. Rather, it's hard to get him to trust anyone anymore. To properly open up. That's how he began his life as a wandering swordsman who didn't even know of what purpose he had left anymore. Once making it back to where other people lived, the main streets of Rukongai.

Many were intimidated by his presence. He was often very annoyed at others, showing anti-social traits, not to mention the extent of his equipment. What managed to interest most of them, was the color of his hair. The shock he experienced during that nostalgic day having resulted in an early loss of hair color. His hair turned silvery very soon after those events, even though the trauma did later resolve itself. But there were few curious ones who wanted to talk to him. One of these people asking him if he was a Shinigami, most likely due to the swords he carried with him. Having heard of these Shinigami before, he decided to interview the person a little more. Something was actually interesting him for once. After getting all the information he needed, he headed straight towards Seireitei. His aims lying in entering the academy and joining the Gotei 13. This decision was done on nothing more than sheer impulse. Something was guiding him there. His inner voice, the one thing that he knew he could still follow. He focused on studying for a couple of years, since he had nothing more than time on his hands, before officially entering the academy to study the arts of the Shinigami.

Academy life turned out to be surprisingly easy for him. He had gotten used to staying alone the hard way, so people's opinions didn't really matter one bit to him. Yet the presence of many others helped him a bit. Tetsuya managed to reform his personality a little since then, becoming less irritable than he was at first. The physical arts of the Shinigami were a washout for him. More than two hundred years of experience in armed and unarmed conflict and survival in the wilderness really helped him on that one. Of course, he did learn a couple of useful new moves during his time there. The Zanpakuto they gave him also felt like it was made for him. The perfect weapon to assist him on his journey. Because he was already good enough at using the sword and his body, he decided to focus more on his intelligence and skills at Kido. The male always had a sharp head, he just never had the chance to study much. And this focus on other subjects for a change broadened his sights once more. On the field of kido, he never made it that far. Rather, his grades on the topic were average at best. His bakudo was good, but the same couldn't be said for his hado.

Much to the surprise of some of the teachers there, he managed to learn the name of his Zanpakutou while being a student of the academy. It was quite simple really. He understood how swords worked, and the same could be said about Zanpakutous. He felt like one with the sword, accepting it right from the beginning. The name just came out to him one day, calling out to it when he first got the chance to do so in secrecy. The Shikai release of his Zanpakutou perfectly mimicking the set of swords he used to have for so long. Somewhat pleased, he decided to work even harder and get through the academy quick. Only later learning of the true abilities his release had, at first thinking that it wasn't supposed to have any special powers. The last year of school passed and he got right into the Gotei 13. He was assigned to the 9th Division because of how his views were fitting for such a place.

The first hundred of years of his life as a Shinigami went as one would expect. Having learned the name of his Zanpakutou, he became one of the Seated Officers almost immediately. But at first he had to settle for the lower seats of course. Being new and all. He went on missions with great frequency, always fulfilling the orders of the Lieutenant and the Captain of the Division like he was supposed to. Often protecting the order of the Seireitei and exterminating any Hollows that had been spot nearby. Despite his past, he held no clear contempt for the corrupt spirits. They were beasts driven by instinct, nothing more nothing less. At least for now. So long as they proved to be a threat to their surroundings, he would eliminate them. Yet sometimes he couldn't help but to wonder if there were Hollows with true intelligence. The kind that would surpass their destructive impulses and find intelligence once more. He was always like that, having too much shit on his mind.

During the second part of his career, he focused more on training and bettering himself. Mainly studying to improve his common knowledge and sometimes discussing with his Zanpakutou. Through trial and error he learned very few things of it, as his was of the silent kind. It never revealed him any of the information he wanted or gave him the answers he needed. Later, he would understand why it was like so. Nonetheless, his meditations with the sword became more frequent as the time passed. Soon his power and understanding grew enough for him to attempt doing something very rare and very difficult. Learning the true name of his Zanpakutou and getting to know one of the legendary abilities of the Shinigami, Bankai. When he began this challenge, he entered the inner world of his Zanpakutou for the first time. It was a field that stretched on for an eternity, an infinite amount of blades sticking up from the ground. It was then that he realized, this image also served as a representation of his own soul. The challenge was simple, yet very difficult. It had nothing to do with fighting. No, it was a test of his own will power and drive. Three days would pass in the Seireitei. But it felt as though his consciousness was locked inside an empty white space for a hundred years. There was nothing. He could only lie there, awaken the whole time, looking at the emptiness. His will still strong, he managed to retain his sanity and pass the test. Such was the trial he had to endure, in order to attain the Infinite Creation of Swords.

We are nearing the present day with this story. This training happened only a couple of decades ago. The 9th Division had lost it's Captain a long time ago due to some reasons remaining undiscussed, unable to find a proper replacement. The duties having been handled by the Lieutenant. But now there was someone who could replace this position. Tetsuya Shirogane, one who still held the ideals of the Division somewhere behind his harsh exterior, one who had learned and even mastered his Bankai. He was a bit young when compared to some of the others who had served a longer time. But one couldn't deny that he knew the workings of the Division and had enough power to handle the position as well. As such, he was made the successor of the 9th Division. Now spending his time as one of the rightful Captains of the Gotei 13.

Role-play Sample: Tetsuya Shirogane broke the status quo =D

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Tetsuya Shirogane broke the status quo =D

1. Your Application, I don't like it.

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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuya Shirogane   Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:40 pm

I would like an actual RP sample, and if you want to be a captain I would appreciate you upping the age some.
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Tetsuya Shirogane

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuya Shirogane   Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:18 am

-Twitch, twitch- The story won't work if I up the age. Simple as that. There have been younger Captains, I am sure, just check the actual Bleach series thoroughly. Geniuses like Hitsugaya who are about two hundred years in age. My character is more than twice of that, so I should be cool. Rather, I think that all other Captains having ages over a thousand is ridiculous. There should be some people who are a little younger. Come on. Five hundred years. There is no way that is too little.

The RP sample, I can provide given enough time. Just having a lack of motivation to do one from scratch, not to mention that it wouldn't directly correspond to my true talents because I would have no one to play with and accommodate to the situation. Lots of people *since almost everyone comes from BR* here can vouch for my RPs always being long and of a high grade.

Put simply. I can provide a RP sample if it really is necessary, rather, I will post one after I get to write a proper post here no matter what the case. The age... Not seeing why I should increase it. The age deal here in Bleach sites has gone way over hand. Saying everyone needs to be almost a thousand years old for the higher ranks. It just seems absurd. Five hundred. That's a very long time. Wouldn't have this much of a problem of increasing the age, if it wouldn't ruin my story.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuya Shirogane   Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:25 am

After discussion in the chatbox, He doesn't need an Rp sample, as I have previously seen his skill.

On the matter of age, if you wish to be that young you must take into account that you will be lacking in experience and such, yadda yadda.

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Tetsuya Shirogane
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