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 No way, bitch

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PostSubject: No way, bitch   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:43 am

A small black spot in the middle of the air. Probably nothing, maybe just some jackass drawing on air... Wait, that isn't possible. Soon enough, the black vortex grew in size and it seemed like a mouth. Falling from the vortex or Garganta, Hunter let Ryohei's corpse fall first as they landed on the grounds of the Fourth Division. Scratching his head, Hunter farted and realized Ryohei was still dead.

Say what? DOESN'T GARGANTA HAVE HEALING ABILITIES! His experiment had failed. Poor Ryohei. Farting more, he kicked the head of the fourth division goon and said " Five hundred years, my friend. One of us finally kicks the bucket, bites the dust, or something else." laughing it out, he pulled down his pants a little bit and revealed a true piece of manliness.

The urine of Hunter was aimed perfectly at Ryohei's mouth. His eyes were open, but no orbs were in the middle. An effect shinigami seemed to have when dying from having their neck broken. Sighing, Hunter brought his pants back up and said " Who do I piss on next?" having been gone for five hundred years, the light that shone from the sun caused Hunter to disappear in a blur and appear under the shade of a gay tree inside the fourth division grounds. It sure was bitchy as he remembered it.

People ran around Hunter, but more of them gathered around the corpse of Ryohei. He was a famous Fourth Division member, and the old ones knew him. Dude sighed and said " He survived five-hundred years in the Menos Forest, but died once a mosquito bit him. How sad." shaking his head in denial as it seemed, he exposed his muscles and smiled at the girls.

The majority of the Fourth Division were hot chicks, and the men looked like girls. Shrugging at the thought, wearing normal shinigami attire yet possessing such miraculous reiatsu, he released a little and made the guys piss their pants. The girls just drooled and Hunter cast yet another smile at them. Their eyes seemed to turn into hearts as they saw his cool face. Holding back the urge to fart, he released a sigh of relief when it passed.

Now, why the hell did he use a Garganta to come here? Truthfully, it was something Ryohei was working on. As a guy from the Fourth Division, he wasn't really smart, but he was all that Hunter had in that fucking place. No contact with others whatsoever and so, it took him to build a coconut radio and create a device which produced a Garganta. It'd be especially difficult to appear in the Soul Society just like that, and so it took him awhile. Plus, with all those beasties running around, he really didn't have enough time to sleep, or eat properly. That is why they had their appendixes taken out.

Anyways, Ryohei eventually decided it was time, but it was going to be harder than a real Garganta. This Garganta would be falling apart in the inside and one might possibly die from the disruptive Garganta. Power surges everywhere, and explosions was like rain in freaking London. As they were in the middle of traveling, Ryohei got hit by an explosion. Had a gay flash-back and eventually breathed his last breath. Dragging his corpse by his right leg, Hunter managed to get out of their without a scratch cause he was awesome.

He explained it to all the people their and they all said in unison " Seriously?" which caused Hunter to turn red and have the urge to kill them, but he didn't. Taking a breather, it was hard with all those flames and explosions. The power surges made it hard for Hunter to move nevertheless walk. It was like a fucking mine field in there. Dude expected something like that since Ryohei wasn't the brightest of the bunch.
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No way, bitch
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