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 Clemente Vega

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Clemente Vega


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PostSubject: Clemente Vega   Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:45 am


Name: Clemente Vega
Nickname(s): Clemente, Vega, The Peacekeeper
Age: 777
Visual Age: Early 20's

Gender: Male
Rank 7th Espada
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs

Body Frame: Lithe, Slender
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Around a low tenor, high baritone. Has a very soothing aspect to it, regardless of friend or foe hears it.
Clemente's body type does not strike an imposing figure. Instead of being muscular or large in general, he is instead thin and slender, his body covered in lean, flexible muscle. His hands are soft and delicate, as if they had never held a weapon or been in combat before. In fact, the way his body is built, you would think him more a gymnast than a warrior of any sort.

His face is a solemn one, always looking like he just attended a funeral. Though no one ever really sees him cry, it looks like his eyes could let the waterworks flow out at any moment. His eyes also seem to stare off into some great distance when he isn't talking to someone, and even in the middle of a conversation will seem to look right through you in thought. The blue in his eyes, a deep almost sapphire blue, seems to create the opposite effect, drawing you into them, giving off the illusion of a bottomless ocean. His nose is slender like his body, and his lips are thin.

Clemente's teal colored hair seems to only add to his overall sad look. His very light colored skin seems to also contribute to this. However, when Clemente is gladdened by something, such as when he's trimming his Bonsai tree or wallowing in nature, his smile seems to be like the sun, and everything around him seems to be brighter and happier overall. However, this is a rare sighting and one would feel accomplished should they catch him with his teeth flashing.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Playing the Violin, Observing Nature, Bonsai Tree, Reading
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Quiet, Order, Organization, Solitude, Music, Wildlife, Reading, Water

Dislikes- Loud people, Violence, Chaos, Fire, Disrespectfulness

Personality: Clemente is a quiet, reserved Espada who is perfectly fine with never talking to you, though he will speak if spoken to. It's not that he hates conversation, just that oftentimes he has little to nothing to say. He dislikes small talk and would much rather prefer to be lost in his own thoughts.

When he does speak and interact with others, he is quiet polite and respectful, even to those of a lower rank than him. One could even characterize him as nice. Because of his attitude, it brings about a sort of quiet leadership quality about him. While he would not characterize himself as a leader, his levelheadedness is what makes him an excellent leader. Clemente is able to remain calm in even the most dire of situations, and is always capable of rational thought.

Despite being a Hollow and, more specifically an Espada, Clemente loathes violence. He dislikes fighting and bloodshed and would rather prefer it if the war that constantly rages between the Shinigami and Hollows would stop. However, he knows that this is likely to never happen, but since he has little else to do he tries anyways, hoping to at least start some negotiations between the two parties. He is aware of each one's faults and hopes that, if he can bring these to light, that a solution can be worked out. However, most of the shinigami attack before he can offer, and he is regretfully forced to retaliate, for he refuses to give up his own life willingly. Just because he is a pacifist, does not mean that he won't fight back when threatened.

In battle, he seems to take on a depressed attitude, and upon asking, he would state that he is sorry that you're throwing your life away when he doesn't wish to fight. While this could be seen as cockiness, for Clemente it remains true. Every single opponent that has seriously fought him has lost despite Clemente trying to talk them out of it. It seems that for every opponent Clemente defeats, he only grows more sorrowful.

Defining Characteristics: His quiet, methodical attitude, as well as being a peace-loving Espada.
Specialties: Being a calm, reasoned voice in a stressful situation, staying organized, playing soothing music
Fighting type: Well-Rounded
History/Background: Clemente's human life was quite short, though what he does remember he remembers quite vividly. He was the son of a spanish carpenter and part of a highly religious christian family. They lived a simple and modest life, and kept mainly to themselves. Clemente was the oldest, but was only 8 at the time of his death, having a brother of 6, and 2 sisters 4 and 3.

His life took a turn for the worst when Muslims forced entry into his home and demanded that they convert to their faith or face death. Clemente's father was a devout man and spat upon them as he denied their request. He was promptly shot, as was Clemente's mother, who pleaded with the men to spare the children.

While his brother's and sister's were all crying in fear, Clemente was silent. Whether it was out of fear or an unnatural calmness Clemente himself cannot recall. However, his entire family, himself included, was slaughtered by the Muslim radicals. Such was the life of Spain at that time, where the Muslims and Christians fought bitterly over control of Spain, with the Christians winning in the end.

Clemente, after death, remained in his house, and wept for a considerable amount of time over the death of his family members. He begged for them to come back, but their souls had long gone to Soul Society. Clemente was alone and tormented with pain, constantly asking why such violence had to occur for no reason. Soon, as happens with any Plus that doesn't go to Soul Society, turned into a hollow.

As a hollow, starting out his personality was just as twisted as the rest, desiring only the wandering Plus souls that were around. However, he encountered his first shinigami. While he slaughtered the poor shinigami with relative ease, what he said when he first encountered Clemente changed him from then on. He said, "Why do you feast on those who are powerless to stop you? Why, you monster, why?"

Clemente had never pondered this and thought about it while resuming his normal activities. Flashes of his brief human life began forcing their way into his mind and he realized that he was no better than they were. However, even as he tried to resist eating souls, it hurt to much and it was akin to not eating as a human.

It then occurred to him that, while he could not stop himself from eating souls, he could decide what souls he would eat. Soon, instead of devouring the Pluses, he instead went after fellow hollow. While he disliked this greatly, trying to resist it only causes him pain, and so he was forced to consume other hollow in order to live.

Soon he underwent the transformation into becoming a Menos Grande. It happened suddenly, with his body exploding with the tons of souls that he had consumed over time. His body had been racked with pain and all the souls collided back into him, the body morphing into the tall familiar shape that all Menos Grande have. Clemente remembers very little details of this, only remembering that it had been a fierce struggle for dominance over the other souls which were also contained in his body. At one point he nearly was pulled under, but his determination to live on was stronger than the rest and he soon gained control over his new form.

As a Menos Grande, it took some getting used to his new bulky form, but found that with it came greater power than before. He also noted that most of the Menos Grande he now resided with were incapable of any sort of conversation, having become mindless unlike him. Initially, Clemente hoped that this would be the end of his cycle of eating souls, but soon the hunger hit him harder than ever and he began to eat the Menos around him, devouring them one by one. He would've apologized, but eating them was the same as eating a cow: they were too stupid to realize what was going on.

As time passed, his body slowly began to condense into a smaller, more compact form. His body grew more unique and his abilities became more realized in this state and it truly marked him as an Adjuchas. He was not large like most of the other Hollows his rank, but he was indeed powerful, more powerful than they realized when they attacked him in their quest to become a Vasto Lorde. Clemente did research on this Vasto Lorde rank, but found that not only did it require more souls to be eaten, something he detested, but that there was no guarantee that he wouldn't have to consume another soul again.

He eventually left Menos Forest, where he had resided most of his Hollow life, and wandered the desert above it instead. There were much fewer Hollow in these parts, though he made do with whomever crossed his path. Though he wished that he would come across a hollow strong enough to accompany him, the few that had any remote power only wished to challenge him to achieve more. So he was cursed to wander alone, the only other hollows either too weak or too foolish to stay with him.

Soon, however, he stumbled upon the Espada and was taken away by their collective strength. Some of them even dwarfed him in power, and for a moment, he was frightened, figuring that this would be when he finally lost his life. However, it seemed that they acknowledged his strength and, instead of destroying him, offered for him to join their ranks.

Clemente noted that while their reiatsu certainly felt Hollow-like, their bodies were much more humanoid than he would've imagined. Upon inquiring further, he learned that they had become Arrancar, and had sealed all their power into their swords, mimicking the Shinigami. When Clemente discovered that this form no longer required the consumption of souls, he became overjoyed at final finding a form that no longer forced him to be violent and cannibalistic.

Clemente soon ripped off his mask, which he learned is how one becomes an Arrancar, and soon he too was free of the hunger for other souls, his powers and abilities sealed away inside his sword. While his personality clashed with most of the other Espada around him, they seemed to accept that they all had their differences and that their group was more made out of convenience than out of possible bondships, though they weren't entirely out of the question. For the moment though, Clemente was happy, not only to have company for the first time since becoming a Hollow, but also for finally being free of his need for souls.

Role-play Sample: (While most of the names and places will be lost on you, hopefully it won't detract from the example)
Kaze raced across past Venun Hill, his body already weary from having been traveled such a great distance as a breakneck pace. He had to get Asmo as soon as possible, especially with the recent turn of events. If he made it quickly enough, then he could inform Asmo of what had happened at the Temple of History before it was too late.

His traveling had been difficult, as both the mountains and the Shapeshifter village were both overrun with noobs. He had skirted both of them, hugging closer to the mountains and speeding through. Lucky for him, if there were any enemies nearby, they paid him no mind or he was traveling too fast for them to do anything. Either way, he managed to get past the first to obstacles and eventually get to where he was now.

As Venun hill faded over the horizon at his back, a massive explosion rocked the ground, and, even from this distance, he felt the massive destruction from Dystopia, watching in awe at the large plume of fire and smoke stabbed into the sky. He wasn't sure what was going on over there, but as he began towards it, he soon saw a speck speeding away from the wreckage. As Kaze followed it, he figured that it must be Asmo, as only he could fly like that and be strong enough to survive whatever transpired at Dystopia.

He saw the dot finally drop and raced in the direction that he lost sight of them. However, as he moved further and further south, he suddenly realized what awaited him. Insanity. Having only read about it in texts, the place was something you should never understand nor try to. The only person to truly call this place home was Paorou, but one could argue he was the embodiment of Insanity itself.

Kamikaze paused at the mirror, trying to steady himself for what he knew, yet didn't know, laid on the other side. He drove in slowly, and felt his breath being pulled away. It was like some sort of odd dream, where nothing looked right, yet did not have that quality of being false. No color was where it should be, and the air had an odd aura about it, as if somehow it was blowing in the wrong direction. Deciding he didn't have any time to waste, he moved on.

He soon came across a burning patch of land, what looked like charred plants the source of their flames. He looked around to see if he could find the culprit, or some clue to where Asmo was, when he saw him and a group of people upon a hill. Lightning crackled around Asmo, as if he were under attack, though after it ended Asmo did not show aggression to the source, and instead spoke calmly to them, though Kaze could not hear.

Driving up, he slowed down to a stop before the group. His breath came in small pants, he had never driven for such a long duration, and it was having a noticeable effect upon him. Walking up to Asmo, he spoke in short bursts, "Asmodeus, I bear news..... from the Temple of History. Despite.....despite Chaos being with us.....the Cycle has deemed it fit that he die protecting the.....the knowledge that the Temple contains. I have come here to seek you to become my mentor in place of Chaos... Only then, can I become strong enough to guard what is most valuable....History."

Kaze looked around at the rest of the group behind Asmo, Natalie on the ground, muttering and looking obviously disturbed, Sakura with a worried face upon her, as if she were helpless to her current situation, and Soulless, who was obviously injured, but still held an aggressive stance towards Asmo, who it seemed angered him in some way.

Last edited by Clemente Vega on Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:47 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Improved)
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Clemente Vega   Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:07 am

1. A definite fighting style would be great.

2. Your Appearance and Personality could perhaps use a few more words added to it.

3. Your history suggest to me that you are still of the Gillian Menos Class. Which is just fine, it means that you will be one of the weakest Espada around. Thats if you get accepted in the ranks. So to change this fact, you should add more detail and clarify your stages of evolution and what not.

4. I think you should post an RP sample, rather than giving a link to one. Please edit in all of what I suggested and I might take another look.
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Clemente Vega


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Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: Clemente Vega   Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:23 pm

Izanagi DILF wrote:
1. A definite fighting style would be great.

2. Your Appearance and Personality could perhaps use a few more words added to it.

3. Your history suggest to me that you are still of the Gillian Menos Class. Which is just fine, it means that you will be one of the weakest Espada around. Thats if you get accepted in the ranks. So to change this fact, you should add more detail and clarify your stages of evolution and what not.

4. I think you should post an RP sample, rather than giving a link to one. Please edit in all of what I suggested and I might take another look.
1. Done

2. Done and Done

3. Fixed and Improved

4. Done and ready for approval.
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The Russian
Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Re: Clemente Vega   Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:07 pm

1. I still don't like it.

2. The mention of Noobs in your sample offends my pride as the Noob prophet.

3. Your rank will be determined by he who is in charged of the Espada.

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PostSubject: Re: Clemente Vega   

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Clemente Vega
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