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PostSubject: Reyna   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:28 pm

Name: Seren Stark
Nickname(s): Reyna
Age: Unknown
Visual Age: 17

Gender: Female
Rank: Bount (non elite)
Sexual Orientation: Mostly Strait, however she may sway.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140

Body Frame: Reyna has a very hourglass shaped frame. Her curves are quite feminine and noticeable.
Blood Type: O Negative
Sound of Voice: Reyna has a rather sweet voice. It's not high pitched but it's not low either. Her speech may display some rather 'catlike' sounds. She will be heard purring, meowing or saying odd words such as 'nya!!'

Appearance: Reyna is a rather pretty girl. She has a more oval shaped face to her, with pretty bone structure and flawless skin. Her hair is long and olden, holding more of an orange hue to it. Cat like ears rest on top of her head, being in the same orange color as her hair. Her ears have been seen to twitch now and then and sh Her eyes are wide and full of expression, her iris's being a deep red color with her pupils having the ability to turn into rounded pupils or make them shrink into cat like slit pupils. Her bust is quite full, having a roundness and nice shape to them. Her bottom is nice and round, with a cat like tail shown. Reyna wears a bell around her neck, much like a collar. The bell is golden and is tied around her neck with a navy colored ribbon. Reyna sometimes will wear a simple white shirt with a pair of jeans. Other times she wears a more cosplay like looking outfit. (like in the picture below)

Introvert/Extrovert: Reyna is more so an extrovert. She loves people and she can be quite curious. She doesn't like to get bored, however she does seem to do that quite easily. When bored Reyna will wonder and sometimes cause trouble.
Hobbies: Wondering, Climbing, and Tracking

Likes- Fish! People, Water, Affection, Sleeping, Kitties!

Dislikes- Boredom, Boring people, Serious people, spicy foods, bitter foods.

Personality: Reyna is a rather strait forwards person. She can be silly bubbly and cute. Reyna is quite a curious person and if something interests her she would have to be stopped somehow or else she will stick her nose in what interests her. Reyna shows some aggressive emotions over down and depressing emotions.
She can be shown to display some over exaggerated emotions. Being overly cheerful and full of life. If there's one thing she loves it's cats. Perhaps its the DNA structure that was placed inside of her that gave her this affection but regardless she loves cat and she will always go after and frolic over one if she see's a kitty!

Another thing Reyna is affectionate towards is Bounts, because they are much like her Reyna will become overly excites if she finds one. Resulting in an immediate hug which may give an awkward moment between the two. Reyna loves to be entertained. Boredom is something that she never ever likes to experience. When bored she will wonder and usually stick her nose where it doesn't belong. Reyna seems to show very...Cat like traits, the love for certain foods and the curiosity are a few to name. Her speech sometimes involves her saying 'Nyaa!' and she will even be seen to purr and sometimes meow. A very strange girl indeed.

Defining Characteristics: A set of cat ears and a cat tail on her body. Long golden hair and crimson eyes.
Specialties: flexibility in everyway!
Fighting type: Well Rounded
Reyna was born to a family who wasn't all that wealthy, her mother was a German nurse who was caring and compassionate most of the time, and her so called father was a nobleman. Reyna was born on June 6, in their own home, early in the time that noble men wore armor and the land was ruled by one man, a king. Reyna was born in the mid-evil era in western Germany. Reyna's given name was actually Seren. The birth was unexpected, the mother nursed all the wounded knights, her knowledge made her a saint among some, and because of those people her mother tended to, and helped her out in the time of the birth. Money to support the child was given to the mother as well.

Apparently Reyna's mother's husband wasn't the father, Reyna's mother had become pregnant around the time her husband left to fight in the war. By the time he returned Reyna's mother was sure that she was pregnant even though she never had sex with another man, her mother was sure she was either drunk when it happened but she wasn't even sure herself. She was a housewife and rarely drunk. When her husband returned home, she was no more then 6 weeks into the pregnancy with Reyna, but before any suspicions were made the woman welcomed her husband back home and made love to him. When she started to show the signs of a child growing inside of her all assumptions were made that the child was of the woman's husband. Even though the true father was unknown, it was almost as if she became pregnant one day without having sex, blessed with a child, or cursed perhaps.

Reyna had grew up in the land, her mother never telling her about how she became pregnant, and she accepted the man as her 'father' Reyna was youthful and full of energy, although she ran, played and explored like the other children, she never seemed to be seriously hurt, he would fall and tumble but she would not care, as if pain didn't bother her, or perhaps she didn't mind it or even enjoyed it. Reyna had always loved animals but she was always a fan of cats, exotic or domesticated it didn't matter When she was around 16 she seemed to be such a sweet person, she helped her mother heal people and tend to their needs. She was a bit stubborn at times though. and didn't care if she was teased, when she was still 16 she seemed to stop aging, well, she kept her youthful appearance. She was arranged to be married to another nobleman, The son of her 'fathers' friend, she didn't approve if it however, not wanting to have a husband that she didn't love, or meet for that matter. Reyna then ran away, believed to be dead afterward, believed to have killed herself or have been killed by bandits.

Reyna had been attacked by bandits before, attacked, robbed, captured and once kept as a slave. She progressed her aging slowly. but believe it or not Reyna was taken captive from something else, something called a shinigami. They had taken her to do tests, or rather experiment on her, for her aging being slowed. The shinigami that experimented on her was named Ran.

Ran's dairy,
October 15
The girl I have taken captive, Subject 'Rs0', had become scared, I have been monitoring her status over the years, but nothing seemed to change in her exterior. I plan on continuing the research to develop eternal life, I'm using already slow aging shinigami as a base, This girl seems to be progressing the most. As in slowing her age that is.

March 7
the girl seems to have slowed the age process down, I see no aging what so ever. however I planned on using this woman for another experiment, I intend to mix some other powers or genes into her system to create a weapon for the soulsociety, a superhuman possibly, plan on enhancing her scenes with animal-like genes, and wait to see what happens

November 4
The girl had become unstable, her regular ears have been replaced with cat like kind, shes been held in a incubating pod Ive prepared for her, the body still is frozen from aging, this seems good, I might be able to create eternal life. That is if all things go well. The ears seem to function, I've seen them twitch while she was asleep within the incubation pod.

April 25

The girl has been released from the incubating pod and gone under rehabilitation, Ive held custody of her for about 14 years, and not a day on her. Signs are good, shes learning to walk again and progression is well, she can communicate and function well,
-Ive noticed that the ears that formed on her head enhance the hearing she has, others might take a second look at her when she passes by but I trust it wont get to her. The animal I used for a base was a Fishing Cat, where I retrieved a DNA sample and ect. from the subject 'A21' which is a Fishing Cat taken from northern India, the ears resemble the Fishing cat I took the DNA structures from.
apparently like the rest of the subjects m using, she became infertile.
I also noticed that when air passes through the larynx on the way to her lungs, the cartilage walls of the larynx vibrate, producing sound. In other words she can roar like a cat her eyes have an arrange of colors in them, from blue, green to brown. it seems as if a color is added to every DNA structure I give to her. Her pupils seem to work much like a cat. I will see if she had the ability to see in the dark like a cat would.
I noticed her eyes change colors as well, perhaps this change responds to her emotions

August 18
Ive set her up into a training program with some higher level shinigami (just for extra precaution), she seems helpless although her reaction time is by far impressive and her hearing and sight is enhanced, along with the strength in her arms, legs, and jaws. She is no match for a least not yet. I plan on working on other subjects while she goes through training.

The materials I used to experiment crossed with the development of the souls, apparently it never really happened with this girl because her soul's development was slow. The new race had been formed, the Bount, and I'm sure Reyna is one of them. The girl has acquired a doll, like the rest of the bounts. Her doll looks like an exotic cat...However it's appearance seems to be mutated, some may dub it ugly. Although I'm not surprised because of the experiments.

A tenth or the seiritei was destroyed in the resulting explosion and now apparently these bounts pose a possible threat to the balance between the two worlds, just like the Quincy's. My goal is now to incubate that girl once more, I've managed to get her, even though other bounts have escaped. I did gather remaining bounts in a secret cave like structure, I intended to improve the quality of life to the people who were suffering because of me, that's where I met up with the girl again, her cat ears made her obvious who she was, I then incubated her once more and attempted to combine the powers of a shinigami with her again,...nothing happened. Then I had continued my research. I've made her doll that was created with her altered, attempting to use a shinigami's zanpakuto spirit as a base. Attempting to make her and her doll be able to purify hollows. The doll seems to have two forms, as if one form is the original doll itself, and the second once is created from the zanpakuto spirit base.
The ability to purify hollows: Non existent.

December 5
central 46 had issued the experiment of the bounts as a failure, and was to be covered up. Along with the bountou destroyed. Shinigami were dispatched to kill the bountou community, but a handful seemed to survive, including the girl, who I released before the order. It's sad to say but I believe I've become attached to this girl. I think of her like my own daughter.
The girl seemed to fallen prey under constant attack from hollows, like most bounts, I believe when her power is fully attained she can purify a hollow like shinigami. A breakthrough indeed, I have hope she still can purify the monsters. Even though all has failed so far.

May 5
the girl had achieved ability for major combat, she has become powerful but the doll had become unstable, I believe the doll had strained to much with the alteration I did with it, it seems as if the purification process is to much for the doll to handle this moment, the doll and the girl went into rage, and managed to kill many, I have decided it was best to discontinue this research and let the girl live a life, I did continue my research even though it was banned.

June 24
I placed a seal on this girl, The seal will help the girl unlock her powers but I have erased her memories, for if in rage she has trouble getting out of it, its almost insane....
I hope the seal stays strong for a long time, for I may not be here forever, and in which the seal may never get replaced again when I'm gone. When the seal fades all her memories will be back, and I fear that... I am scared on how she would handle that
-I've been found out. This will be my last entry. I wish the best for that girl, I hope she becomes happy. I'm branded a traitor to the Soulsociety, and because of that my execution happens today. I do not regret a day. I will never regret. Good luck, Subject RS0.

Reyna was in the human world, feeling alone and in despair she never know what to do, where to go, where she was, all she had was her doll, barely remembering him, she had no name but she decided to call herself 'Reyna', which she caught the name from a poster Reyna meaning 'Queen'. In which she would now see if her memories would time, the seal may fade, she felt discriminated unwanted and didn't fit in. She had no friends, no family, nobody except her doll. Reyna slowly began to remember small things, such as being in a small contained space filled with water and the name of what she was, she was a bount. However as time went on she became rather... bubbly as one could put it. Reyna began to love company, depression and sadness was pushed from her mind. Recognition of a fellow bount will set her off into a state of joy in which she may loose herself in happiness. She lacks some common knowledge and morals along with accustoms of normal people.

Role-play Sample: Just look at any post from the account Rebecca Seitz

Oh nooooessss rebecca didnt make a pretty app lawl
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PostSubject: Re: Reyna   Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:42 am

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