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 Hao's Cero Training

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Hao Aokami
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PostSubject: Hao's Cero Training   Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:27 am

OOC: For Nulo Vacio. Approved by Hisoka

It was another lone night at the good old castle Hao lived in. The time was passing by leisurely just like usual. The hallways of the fortress were as quiet as ever, as if the whole place was resting at the moment. Yet, within this near perfect silence, some people were working towards achieving certain goals of theirs, inspired by past feats. One of these people was an Arrancar known by the name of Hao Aokami. He was spending his time alone in the peace, locked up within his very own personal chamber located within one of the towers that rose up towards the skies. The light of the currently crescent moon lighting his room up with its pure silver hued shine. Sitting back on a very comfortable looking chair, he took his time enjoying a warm cup of capuccino he prepared for himself. He wasn't that big a fan of coffee usually, but he did enjoy a drink every now and then to calm his nerves and focus better. His attention was focused on two books that layed scattered across his desk. Both of them very thick, detailing about numerous different things. The first being an ancient grimoire that detailed the secrets behind the abilities that hollows and Arrancars possessed. The other, a modern science book that told about all kinds of phenomenon that had occurred over the ages. You could say that he was studying in preparation for something. Something very interesting and devious. Stay tuned. You don't wanna miss it, that's for sure. Because this man, he will take the whole world by surprise one day.

Soon enough the man began rubbing his temples looking very bothered, a silent yawn escaping through his lips. "Even simple techniques like Cero and Bala can be modified through many advanced methods to become so much more powerful... This is going to get complicated", Hao mumbled to himself sounding bored as usual and turned his attention towards the other book. He found many kinds of interesting subjects from this grand collection of scientific advances and unexplained events. The controversial ball lightning, the hypothetical concept of exotic matter, even normal things such as the northern lights. This book was his main source of inspiration at the moment. Something to keep him going while focusing on deeper matters concerning over his original techniques. Turning his attention back to the so called grimoire, he began turning the pages over until something very interesting caught his eyes. It seemed like he finally found the lost chapters that he had been looking for hours now. The pages from that point forward were detailing about ways of applying new elements to techniques that all hollows and Arrancars should know by nature. Ways of using the fast bullets known as Balas more efficiently, and amusing methods of strenghtening one's Cero or Hierro. He was glad to have picked this book up from the central library earlier that week. During peaceful times like these, he often experienced what one could call a sudden thirst for knowledge, when he had the time to spend searching for this information that he found oh so amusing.

Nodding as if he had understood the meaning of this old writing, Hao got up from his oddly comfortable seat and began walking in full circles around his room. He was obviously planning on doing something devious, figuring out all the important details in his mind before proceeding to the actual practice. It should be completely and totally obvious by now, he was planning on creating a new original move that all respected Arrancars should possess if they ever wanted to be respected. Perhaps a Cero that he could truly call his own beautiful work of art. But a lot of thinking had to be done before he could even try creating one. The theory of how it works and how it is pulled off in practice, it would all need to be as perfect as possible before even trying to make it work for real. Or at the very least, stabile enough for him to safely release the destructive burst he was planning on creating. He focused his mind once more and gathered his thoughts together while randomly strolling around this room, slowly starting to leave tracks behind his frustrated step. Finally settling in for a couple of very simple applications before trying to even attempt making a new cero happen. At first he would just attempt to infuse his normal cero with foreign energies such as the ones possessed right now. Changing the composture of the beam in certain complicated stages afterwards. If only he could come up with a suitable theme for it now... But what the heck was this he saw just now? The scientifical book that so motivated him before and right now could provide an answer. He waltzed back towards his desk in a hurry, flipping over a couple of pages.

His eyes widened not only a little but quite much as another very intriguing subject hit his eyes. Just like that, in a single moment that was closer to an instant. A somewhat closely observed phenomenon known as white noice. Generally, this thing was random signal with a flat power spectral density. When observed from the eyes of a normal person, such things would probably seem pretty dull and maybe even completely uninteresting. But not to him, since Hao wasn't your everyday person. His reasons for this trail of thought were pretty simple. Even too much so. White noise somewhat reminded him of the abilities he had access to while using the powers of his Resurreccion to the fullest. As a concept this was enough to motivate him to try it out somehow. Not to mention that the book mentioned something of a theoretical infinite-bandwidth that could provide infinite power, and as such was totally impossible. He wasn't aiming for creating something that absurd as interesting and impossibly hard as it would be. Rather, he found his inspiration for the form and appearance of the Cero from this very article. The actual power that the dangerous yet awesomely good looking burst held would have to be decided later. It was time to go and finally make this new power of his a reality. Through blood sweat and tears. Simply put, pure hard work and effort combined to his overflowing intelligence and instincts.

As such, Hao ran towards the door, opening it in haste and literally slamming it close as he left the room. He passed by the dark halls just as quickly, running down a long, long spiralling staircase down to the rooms below. It was bothersome living so high up sometimes. Going down sometimes just took too much time and effort. Then again. Being a soul, he had all the time in the world he would ever need. But that is besides the point. Now that he was down on the main hall, he would only have to push open the large gates made of an ancient oak. Then he would be free to go and find himself the perfect spot to practice and perfect this technique of his. It would have to be flat enough for one. He'd need to be able to aim it properly. Misfired ceros could be extremely dangerous after all. Not only that, the place would have to be devoid of any forms of life that Hueco Mundo might have to offer. He wasn't the kind of man to want to attract unneccessary attention towards the things he does. It would be bothersome to have to deal with outsiders such as Hollows after all. With these intentions Hao pushed the gates open and left for his search. Leaving this castle way behind of him. Exciting in a burst of sonido steps that would carry him far and wide through the endless deserts of Hueco Mundo. He wondered how the desert would look after such a long time. He hadn't been out from the castle for a while after all. Then again. It was always the same. Nearly unchanging.

He had to say, the scenery truly was something else, even if it was always nearly the same no matter where he went. The sand was always snow white, sometimes even giving off a faint sparkle like the clear surface of a pearl. The trees as well. No matter where you looked there were those trees. Or more like tree-like structures made out of a mineral resembling quartz. The stares of course were the same. Yet they were always stagnant and unchanging. The one thing that seemed to change every now and then was the moon. Eventhough it always seemed to be right in the middle of the sky, sometimes it was crescent and sometimes it was full. A mysterious place this world was. Yet that was why he liked it. As long as one would ignore all the hollows that plagued some parts of this white desert and the forests below of it. Thinking about it now, the one place where there was little to no Hollow activity would have to be the northern parts of the desert. For some reason there weren't as many Hollows there. It was just. Empty. Like a void of darkness filled only by the sand below your step. It would be the ideal place for him to figure this beast out. This was going to be fun, that much was for sure.

So there Hao was after his long, long dash. Right in the middle of the northern parts of the desert. It still looked like these white fields could go on forever and ever. It was disturbing to think that this desert could keep on expanding endlessly. Like the very universe itself. Creepy thoughts indeed. But one would have to remember that there is always a limit for everything. He took a closer look around at his surroundings. Nothing. He couldn't see anything else, than the even plains of white sand surrounding him and the darkness that covered his form and being. It was just as he imagined it. Perfectly silent and hidden in complete secrecy. Not a single soul in sight. This was the spot he had been looking for these past hours. An interested whistle leaving through his mouth. It would have echoed, if there was anything there. But since it was empty, the whistle only sounded all the more louder. The man began stretching, making sure to get all of his muscles properly attuned before starting the practice. Who knows, he might end up pulling a muscle or a couple if this fails. No. He was sure he would actually failr a couple of times before succeeding. Testing out new techniques, it was always like this. Risky business in the fullest. One would have to be completely prepared for it. Both mentally and physically. Heck, one would have to try and at least prepare for the completely unexpected as well. If it was only possible.

His stretch was done now. It was time to throw the gauntlet and get down to business. His training would be exceedingly sleepy. He would try ceros, over and over again, modifying them until he would find the combination fitting his needs and abilities the most. Looking like a blurred mix of black and white. While also having a strong dimensional impact. That was the kind of beastly cero he was aiming to create today. And what better way to kick it off than using a variation of the usual cero? Hao pointed his hand towards the space in front of him. A swirling concentration of thick purpler colored reiatsu appearing around the palm of his hand. He began overcharging this concentration of his, making the reiatsu fluctuate as violently as possible without making the whole concentration blow up on him like some idiots sometimes did. He then released this concentration, a small shockwave appearing from the point where he shot it. The cero violently plowing forward, even pushing Hao backwards on his tracks. Exploding as it flew a certain distance away, kicking up winds that swirled just as dangerously. Large amounts of sand carried around by these violent currents. This wasn't quite what he was looking for. Effective, yet way too much basic. Something that any skilled Arrancar could pull off on their own. He'd have to practice this with something that only he could do. An unique maneuver he had learned to do with a combination of his naturally occurring negative energy and pure reiatsu, combined to form a slightly more dangerous cero.

A frown appeared over his face. This was going to be dangerous and bothersome. It was no use playing happy. He disliked doing training like this. It was only natural that he would have to place a lot of effort in, but it was something that he'd rather not do. As mentioned before he doesn't like excerting himself too much. Yet it was a necessary thing for him to do at this stage. Reaffirming his resolution to get this done, he formed another concentration within the tips of his fingers. Making sure to this time take his left arm and place it on his right arm to give it the proper suffort it needed to withstand the recoil better. Not only did he form his usual purple cero. This time something else was also added in. The orb-like concentration starting to shine as its form became just a bit more loose. His negative energy also sinking in and fusing with it. This was just not any cero. It was an unstable cero with heightened destructive capabilities. That's about all one has to know about it. He released this destructive mixture of his, the recoil much worse than before. But his stance was firm this time. Hao stood strong, staying in place while the powered up concentration began twirling wildly towards the horizon. Suddenly slamming down on the sands below and erupting in a blazing explosion of energies. There was a small black crater on the desert now, one that would soon get filled with new sand pouring in from all sides.

A string of sweat ran through his forehead, reminding him of how easy it was straining oneself while releasing these ceros in too quick of a succession. But you know, venting out like this every once in a while was fun in its own way. Even if Hao really would not want to admit it due to the way he usually was. Sighing once, he took a firm position once again, his arms resting on his sides. Rising his right hand out to the sky. He was used to it now. Quickly forming and releasing these beams of concentrated destruction that is. Forming a larger orb of negative energy mixing in with a normal cero. He swiped his right arm through the air, shooting three ceros up towards the dark heavens of Hueco Mundo. Reaching somewhere towards the moon. All of them imploding in a symmetric display of pretty fireworks, colored in different shades and hues of purple. It was a nice change for the usual to be honest. Swift currents of fresh air wildly pushing themselves towards Hao. Retreating from the explosions of the orb that distorted the dark skies so. This reminded of the one thing that annoyed him with this world known as Hueco Mundo was always the sky. It wasn't the moon nor the stars. It was always the black sky. So depressing and ever unchanging. Completely different from the normal blue skies of the human world and Soul Society. This world was at a lack of color. That is why he disliked it sometimes. Yet it was also his destined home.

The male sighed once more, gathering himself as well. It was about time he'd go serious with his training. Doing it like this just wasn't nearly as efficient as he wanted it to be. In order to perfectly figure out the secrets to creating this unique cero of his, he would have to utilize his entire potential. Maybe then he could work on simplifying it so that he could use it without doing this. His mind was made up now. It was time to go ahead and get dangerous. He had no other choice but to release his Resurreccion. This far out in the desert, no one would mind his destructive show. See, some people have famed Hao for this strange potential of his. Whenever he starts fighting, he has the tendency to cause humongous property damage to his surroundings, even if he doesn't really end up harming anyone or anything in the end. It was sort of embarassing, but he fully admitted this fault of his. It was just one part of being Hao after all. Destroying stuff even if he didn't mean to do so. How ridiculous. He never thought he would end up thinking of himself as such. Heck. He was too young to be thinking so deeply. It was time to get it on!

He took a deep breath, now unsheathing his finely crafted Nodachi. Holding it right in front of him with both of his hands. Exhaling calmly before uttering the words the would lead to chaos. "Aullido De Furia, Bestia De Mítica!" he shouted, the sword immediately fading to thin air as violent torrents of thick purple reiatsu began forming around of him. Soon, the ground began shaking violently as a deep indigo hued blaze formed over him. Setting his clothes ablaze, turning them into dust within a second. This furious blaze then shot up high into the sky as the rumbling only got worse. His reiatsu washing over the white fields of sand like a flood. Suddenly, this burst just stopped all together, a flash lighting up where he stood. Carrying long towards the far side of the desert. His changed form now standing there, showing off the terror that was known as a Resurreccion. His body mostly clothed in a protective dark colored material that almost looked like a hakama. An armor plating of bone covering his chest, forming large gauntlets over his arm and legs. Around his waist also appeared armor reminiscent of that of ancient samurais. His head covered in a mask that looked like the skull of a canine. His eyes looming red and furious beneath it. No longer did he have normal hair, but instead a spiritual one that burned violet. On his back, sheathed a blade. A Nodachi nearly as tall as him entirely made out of bone. A fiersome sight indeed. One burning with a just soul and spirit.

He exhaled once more, his voice now sounding much deeper and even somewhat echoey. This was his transformed form. The Mythical Beast. He didn't have a need to show off more than that this time. This sacred release of his this time was only for the sake of giving him the power of creating his new techinque. As such he began moving his right arm slowly. Bringing it towards the sky once again. But then his hand disappeared in a swift blur. He was firing a barrage of different quantities of negative energy mixing in with different ceros he was composing. None of them having quite the effect he was looking for. Yet they were all pretty powerful. He was now slowly starting to sink down, the sand being pushed off below his feet. The rapid releases of power pushing him down without his consent. It was just to show how uncontrollable these powers could sometimes be. Yet this was nowhere close enough to what he was looking for. He needed more. More power to complete it.

Hao brought his arm down, taking a look at his palm from beneath his mask. A slightly amused grin forming on his mouth hidden beneath the mask. His hand was quite literally smoking. The price for such extensive overuse of the cero would hit him hard later. But it was more important to keep this pace up. He was pretty sure he could do it now. One last test before attempting to create his own original. The male who now looked like some skeletal warrior brought his arm outwards from his side. Pointing it somewhere into the distance. He let his negative energy freely eat away at his hand. Only long enough to create a small wound that leaked his crimson colored blood. A mixture of dark red and inidgo reiatsus starting to violently swirl at his palm, crackling violently. But he also pushed large, large amounts of negative energy within this thing. This would be his most dangerous and suicidal cero yet. "Gran Rey Cero", he whispered, the obviously dangerous concentration launching forward like the wreath of apocalypse it was. Or was it Hao who was really flying? Yes, the man began twirling through the air, underestimating his own powers for once. He flew for almost a minute with untold speed, before crashing through a rocky hill that came along his way. The cero exploding somewhere in the distance like a nuke.

Surprised, he got up from the rubble, shaking his head. It was almost there. He could now see what he needed to do to finish this. You could say the bump on his head was giving him the inspiration. The man began focusing, concentrating different reiatsus on his hands. For the left, it was white. For right, it was black. "Heaven and hell", he took a look at them before placing his hands together, crossing them. The reiatsus mixing ominously. His own energy, all of its variations joining them in an unholy union. He then brought his hands up towards the sky, knowing what to say. "Nulo Vacío!" his shout could be heard, a mixture of black and white covering the air above of him. Shooting high up before getting to the middle ground. Where it all set off a huge implosion, a shockwave of white traveling some way. Before a void opened there, sucking air within before it disappeared after mere moments. This was it. His training was complete. Working from this as his basis, he could make his true own cero. A happy day it was for the man who now rested within a crater that had formed below of him. He would continue his training further later. Learning how to pull this thing off without using his Resurreccion. And how to do it quicker as well.

[Word count: Somewhere above 3.5 k >>;]
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PostSubject: Re: Hao's Cero Training   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:20 am

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Hao's Cero Training
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