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 Lester Masashi

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Lester Masashi

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PostSubject: Lester Masashi    Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:19 am


Name: Lester Masashi
Nickname(s): Les
Age: 190
Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male
Division: 10
Rank: 3rd Seat
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs.

Body Frame: Not anorexic but thin
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Medium pitched, not too deep, but not too high
Appearance:Eyes so serene that the ocean’s beauty cannot compare. Scrawny and shit this man is. Clothing consisting of the occasional Shinigami rags. A ragged cape of a dull brown color falls over his clothing without attempt. A rank smell is NOT what this cape emits. Resting behind this is a katana, fitted upon his backside. Feather-soft bangs sit tightly on his face and cover his eyes at nearly all times. His skin tan colored like a moth in the night. His lips remaining silent. The man pieces together like an imaginable puzzle to this Courtship of Souls.
Hobbies:Practicing Katana skills, running, protecting others, eating. Composing Music.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Weapons. People who relate to him. Coffee. Ramen. Music.

Dislikes- The Soul Society (He is not a traitor). Arrogance. Ignorance. Cockyness.

Personality: "Silence rests upon this mans lips."

Lester Masashi quite the character. Rarely does this man speak. Bleak is what first comes to mind. But when met, Masashi's true personality comes to life. The man is brave. He is smart. Thinking is always the first thing before action to him. Friends are dear to him. Protection when it comes to friends and to beautiful women. Women is what gets the best of him and a beautiful woman can easily trick him. He seems to be quite the sweetheart. When in the midst of battle Masashi is a serious combatant. Focus on the opponent. And when it comes to composition of music it is his everything. Masashi loves music. He composes it all the time with raw materials around him and scribes of his writings are stashed away from the society. This talent makes Masashi who he is.

Defining Characteristics: Musical Composition, Fighting Style
Specialties: Musical Composition, Mediation and Therapy, Talking with women (when talked to first)
Fighting type:Close Combatant: Close combat is the common term for combat within close range. It may include lethal and nonlethal methods across a "spectrum of violence" or within a "continuum of force" as established by rules of engagement. Basically, those who use this fighting style are good with hand-to-hand combat, and other techniques of the sort. While they are incredible with that, they may be worse in the areas of kidou, cero, their zanpakuto, etc. It mostly depends on what techniques they use. For example, they'd be skilled in types of attacks that have to do with close range attacks, while they wouldn't be very good at ranged abilities.


Lester remembers nothing of his past before being a Shinigami, so therefore it will not be explained.

Lester Masashi was born into the courtship of souls as a shy person. As a youngling he would come to attend Shino academy. Frail and scared Masashi was. He was smallest of his class and the most quiet. He was not the most popular of his class nor did he make many friends. Two loyal friends is all he would make in terms of social life. One being a boy and the other being a girl. They tagged along with Masashi everywhere and he loved them nearly to death. They were insuperable. Until graduation, that is.

When Lester graduated from Shino Academy he would seperate from his two closest friends. Sadness seemed to roll over the horizen for Lester. He didn't know what to do and he didn't know who to turn to. Not to long after he would come across something he'd never seemed before. The 10th division. Greatly impressed with their style he was and he wanted to be just like the captain of the division. Impression came upon his spirit. This specific division's task is to maintain the district of Rukongai and to sometimes acompany the 6th division into the material world. These tasks were noted and Lester went to apply for this division. He made his way into the admissions office easy. Lester froze when an entity walked passed his figure. Creeped out the boy would be. Suddenly Lester realized something. Bravery is the ticket into the Gotei 13. Lester finally applied. Acception to the 10th division is what he got and excitement appeared upon him.

Majority of the Shinigami started off as an unseated officer. Lester was an exception to this. The fifth seat is where Lester would begin his journey. Aiming for the Lieutenant position the young Shinigami was eager, but silent to mostly everyone in the division. Frequent chats with his captain would help his chances. At least he would think. In order to prove himself in this division he would have to commense a one on one brawl with his captain. The boy worked his way up to becoming a 3rd seated officer. He would be a boy no more but a man. Lester Masashi aims to one day prove Lieutenant-ship worthy skills to his captain and one day, become a captain on his own.

Role-play Sample:

Beams of sunlight reigned down upon Lesters head. His own hand rose above him and blocked this enormous shaped orb. Even when his bangs dropped over his face the light irritated him. Lester took a breath of fresh air and focused on what his duty was today. Train himself in order to become a Lieutenant. He knew where his strengths lied best. Hand to hand combat and Hoho were these specialties. In order to defeat someone of high power the young Shinigami thought he would have to excel in these techniques even MORE than he already did. The Shinigami didn’t know but this was not the place where improvement was needed. Before he set off to do his training he could hear a small voice. The voice was his Zanpakuto spirit a voice that he had simply ignored for the time being. His door slid open with the touch of his hand and out he went. The forest is where he would be headed at this point. The door slid closed and the voice could still be heard. Now Lester knew something was wrong but he simply avoided the problem and ran into the forest.

When Lester arrived in the “heart” of this forest he stumbled about a humongous tree. Lester had come across this tree once before but this time it would be used for a different purpose. Lester used to always play on this tree back in his days of the academy. He and his friends used to ditch class and go to the tree. The lovely memories he imagined when he arrived towards the tree. Although he was having a good moment Lester quickly snapped out of it. He began to focus on what he went there to do. He made eye contact with the inanimate object. The training would now commence. He lashed at the tree like a madman. Punching his fists into it with intense fury. Lester’s physical abuse on the tree wasn’t a good idea but his punches and kicks became faster and faster each hit. Frustration began to appear on his face. He knew that the effortless punches and kicks wouldn't help him. Suddenly, Lester heard a noise.

The noise was his Zanpakuto Spirit's voice. The voice began to get louder and louder until finally Lester could hear dialogue.

You know what you need to do. You need to train me! said his Zanpakuto
You-You're right. But its just... Lester responded
Just what? There isnt an excuse. We need to train immediatly!
You're right.

The two of them walked together, further into the woods in order to train, together.

(Sorry about the length, I don't wanna keep you all waiting any longer.)
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Lester Masashi

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PostSubject: Re: Lester Masashi    Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:37 pm

I have finished
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Lester Masashi    Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:45 pm

-Yawns- Approved. Just remember your captain is gone! And you will soon have a brand spanking new one.
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PostSubject: Re: Lester Masashi    

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Lester Masashi
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