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 Take One For The Team...

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3rd Seat Shinigami

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PostSubject: Take One For The Team...   Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:48 pm

Kisho returned from the 5th Division quarters after a good talk with their captain, along with a correction to Kisho's wardrobe. Kisho stepped into the 4th Division Captain's office, and sat on a couch against the wall. He didn't want to sit at the desk, because he didn't know when he would returned. As he laid back, he propped his hands behind his head, so he could look toward the door, and see whoever entered. He stared blankly, letting his mind wander. There didn't seem to be a current emergency, and if so did arise, the officers new what to do. He wasn't too comfortable with him playing temporary captain, in the absence of the actual one AND the lieutenant. He just figured he would wait for the others to come here for assistance.

After about 2 hours, Kisho had gotten up and walked to the bookcase of the office, and searched through it. He wasn't looking for anything particular, just something to increase his knowledge, and keep him busy. He found a interesting book on the healing properties of kidou, returned to the couch in his relaxed position, and began to read. The book was very detailed, though most of it contained things Kisho already knew. He returned the book within an hour, for it wasn't all that long by his standards. He then sat back down and decided he would conversate with his Zanpaktou spirits, Itami and Tetsu.

As Kisho closed his eyes slightly, his sight grew dark the light again, with the world spinning around him. When it finally came to a stop, Kisho was standing in a white sandy area, in the middle of an amusement park. The left side of the park was dark, giving off a evil aura, while the right side was bright, giving off a serene aura. Echoing throughout the park were numerous screams of fear and laughs of joy, though no one was there. Except, two girls, one sitting at the peak of a roller coaster, and the other standing above the Ferris wheel.

"What did I tell you about coming here?" echoed the chilling voice of the girl at the roller coaster, as she dropped down and shunpo'd her way in front of Kisho. "Didn't I say, that if you come here again, I will personally kill you?!" She shouted, as she began to swing her black blade at Kisho's head. Kisho laughed, and simply shunpo'd back, avoiding the slash. "You say that every time I come here, Itami. Yet you still haven't killed me, maybe you're all bark and no bite..." he chuckled, teasing the girl. She gave him a piercing glare, then sheathed her katana. "You'll feel my bite soon, if you keep coming here." she said as she folder her arms and rolled her eyes.

"You two need to stop fighting like this, it's not good for your health." echoed the voice of the girl above the Ferris wheel, as she too dropped down and appeared next to Itami. She gave a nice smile to Kisho, as she grabbed the hand of Itami, swinging her arm joyously. "Hello Tetsu, peace-loving like always..." said Kisho, returning the smile. Itami had then snatched her hand away, glaring at Tetsu out of the corner of her eye. They then both spoke in synchronization, "What brings you here?"

Kisho glanced down at the ground, smiling to himself before he replied. "Nothing major, just needed to talk to someone. Im feeling pretty alone right now, but I know I have you two...." The two girls looked at him, Itami with a serious face, and Tetsu with a warm smile. "You're afraid of power. You've been given a temporary position, yet it's one of high authority, and you're scared of it. How pathetic..." said Itami, her words tough as usual. "You feel alone, unable to socialize the way you please with others, because they all seem to be hiding from you. Yet you know that's not the case." interceded Tetsu, speaking gently. Kisho smiled again, they knew him so well, but that could've been the fact that they're connected. "So what should I do?" he asked, as he now peered up at the sky, watching the clouds drift by. Both girls then disappeared in a instant, leaving behind the echo of their voices. "Accept your position with confidence, take it as practice for what may come one day. Don't fret about not having many friends or acquaintances, they come when they come." As their last words reverberated throughout the amusement park, the inner world began to fade into darkness.

Kisho opened his eyes, seeing the office again. Nothing had happened during the time he spent in his inner world. He decided to continue to sit on the couch and possibly take a nap. He had a smile on his face, he was happy to have zanpaktou spirits like Tetsu and Itami. He wouldn't know how to be the shinigami he was without them.
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3rd Seat Shinigami

Posts : 23
Points : 27
Join date : 2010-10-30
Age : 108

PostSubject: Re: Take One For The Team...   Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:24 pm

After several long hours of sleeping, Kisho awoke with a bit of confusion. It was so boring in the 4th division that he was able to sleep without any kind of disturbance. He arose from the couch and moved toward the door of the captain's office. He decided he would just travel through the other divisions and see what they were up to. He couldn't think of anything better to do. He place his hand on his zanpaktou as he walked through the doorway, he wanted to relay his feelings to his spirits. As he walked down the roads of soul society he heard silence. He was coming upon a turn for a new division, he did know if he wanted to turn here or not, but he eventually did. To help with his boredom, he had been counting how many steps he took, 598. He sighed as he turned to leave the 4th division, he just wished there was more to do than this.

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Take One For The Team...
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