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PostSubject: Rekkan   Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:35 am


Name: Rekkan
Nickname(s): Akume no Rekkan (Orgasmic Rekkan)
Age: 3157
Visual Age: 29

Gender: Male
Rank: Captain (If unavailable, LT or regular)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 67 kg

Body Frame: Semi-athletic; Low-Fat Levels.
Blood Type: Unknown
Sound of Voice: Rough.
- Rekkan's hair trails a long way down his backs and towards his waist. He ties it together with a black ribbon while he uses a bandana, strapped around his forehead, to keep locks of hair from his brown eyes. It is quite peculiar to see when Rekkan is high because his eyes tend to glitter at an abnormal level. Maybe this happens because of the potency generated from the perfect drug he consumes everytime he enters a fight or just decides to imagine things;
- His face is torn with scars. These scars are what represent Rekkan's battle experiences throughout the years. They have also given an aggressive expression to his appearance, even though he tends to be docile around people that fall under his definition of "friend". Altogether, he has five scars on his face. One flowing from the left side of the forehead, past the left eye and towards the left side of the chin; the second running down from the right temple to the center of the right cheek; a third one, quite smaller than the rest, just marking the right side of his upper lip and continuing a couple of centimeters up; and the last two in the middle of his eyes, performing a crude "x" shape on the bridge of his nose;
- Rekkan's physique is portrayed as being semi-athletic due to the time he has put on perfecting his body. However, he keeps his muscular level as controlled as possible. He decides to waste strength in exchange of flexibility, speed and acceleration (one could say he is remarkabily agile and fast). He doesn't have much fat because he controls what he eats. Scars scattered through the rest of his body tell tales of ancient battles, just like the scars on his face did;
- As usual, Rekkan would wear his professional attire.

Introvert/Extrovert: A little in between.

Hobbies: Sexual acts of the most varied kind; Fighting; Imagining things under the influence of the Perfect Drug.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Interesting Living Beings; Music; Sex; Poetry.

Dislikes- Idiots; Uninteresting Living Beings.


- Laid Back: Rekkan takes the world lightly, not really giving a damn about things that have nothing to do with him or people he is acquainted with. The Shinigami prefers to spend his time doing nothing, enjoying a good afternoon laying on his couch and staring at the ceiling or taking a nice nap. He doesn't get taken away by emotions and his speech is always calm and passive, sometimes words coming out in the form of whispers because he really can't speak up. His whole body's muscles are never actually tense, not even in cracked up situation that requires the utmost concentration. Although one thinks he is a distracted fellow, it's really his regular way of acting.

- Critical Thinker: Another trait of Rekkan's personality is his ability to think fast and well in important situations. Due to his wild imagination, the Shinigami is able to think about multiple reactions to perform against an action executed against him. Although his face's expression never changes from that blank and relaxed form, the glitter in his eyes is the hint that shows that his mind is working.

- Day Dreamer: Although a day dreamer is defined as a distracted person, Rekkan is the opposite. His day dreaming works together with his current situation. It is because of this trait that the Shinigami is able to create and coordinate multiple reactions and choose the most suited for the situation at hand. He has a deep level of imagination and is almost able to control at its fullest without the use of his Zanpakuto. However, his imagination does not gain substance in Rekkan's reality without the First Release.

- Lover: Rekkan is a flirter. He enjoys women and does anything for them to enjoy him. In his own words: "Women are magical creatures that should not be underestimated. Their powers are far beyond those of a man." His idea is to protect this "creature" in the plural form. He has been seen jumping into battle, not because it is required, but to protect a woman. That is why he likes to think of himself as a gentleman and a "knight".

- Poet: Rekkan does not use words, but actions. His own movements, whether in battle or in any other situation, narrate the path of his life and emotions that are well hidden in his relaxed behavior. The way he touches and sees is to be studied for he keeps writing in a constant manner, it being with his swords on an opponent's flesh, or his lips on a woman's body.

Defining Characteristics: Highly perceptive and intuitive. Rekkan is also remarkably agile, being a couple of notches above average when it comes to reflexes and speed.

Specialties: Sex Expert - I think that says everything.

Fighting type: Close Combat - Rekkan is heavily oriented and has profound knowledge in the Art of the Sword. He is also very interested and continues to learn in order to perfect his fighting skills in hand-to-hand combat. He has an average knowledge of Kido and knows when it is suitable to use it or not, but Rekkan prefers an eximious battle of swords between two warriors.


- Life as an Outlaw:

Rekkan was the scum of the Earth through society's eyes. He'd steal, beat up and extort small stores just for the sake of his quality of life. The bastard was held in prison ever since his early days as a seven-year old.
As a teenager, Rekkan created a gang of thugs that roamed freely through the city with the intent of mugging people and enforcing a chaotic sense of power that only he could control. But one who has power wants more power, and Rekkan's ambition was his downfall. He continued his reign of terror for years until the drugs got to him. He wanted to be a businessman in all fronts of the criminal world, a mobster just like Scarface and Al Capone.
The very taste of drugs destroyed Rekkan. He became an addict, completely stuck in a world of dementia. He'd be paranoid and shoot people that he was once proud to call friends. His kingdom began to tear apart by his own stupidity. In the end, with twenty-five years of age, the criminal woke up from the world he had been living in. It was horrible. A complete brainstorm forced Rekkan to collapse and try to escape back to that world of peace and ultimate serenity. The beast shooted the heroin into his bloodstream once more and he collapsed into a two-year comma.
Two years later, the machines would be unplugged and Rekkan would die...

But during those two years, Rekkan lived in a perpetual OBE (Outer Body Experience). He traversed through the halls of the hospital and discovered a world far beyond his comprehension, even with the heightened spiritual sense provided by that two-years shoot. Rekkan learned to travel far beyond the limits of the hospital, unaware of the danger he was in as a soul. When he met a Hollow for the first time, he showed the first hint of dignity after a long time of his life.
Rekkan focused his spiritual energy in order to grab a pipe and charged at his enemy. Monster or no monster, this would not make the former criminal succumb to darkness.
The pipe struck the top of the Hollow's mask and scratched it. Rekkan released a small smile of pleasure as he hit the monster and that did not go unnoticed. A patrolling shinigami helped in the defeat of the beast and followed by explaining what was happening. When Rekkan's chains with the human world were broken, he should immediately seek a "death god" to take him to the Soul Society. Who knew? Maybe one day Rekkan would become a shinigami himself.

- The Soul:

Rekkan joined the Soul Society in a peaceful time. After the two-years experience as a spirit stuck in the living realm, the former criminal changed. He focused on gaining knowledge and drowning in the wisdom of books of old. The soon to be warrior also wanted to keep in shape and decided to wear the drugs off from his body, instead focusing in a more peculiar taste. His sexual activity grew greatly when he arrived in Soul Society.
But something else managed to get his attention; it was the Shinigami Academy. Rekkan joined it and decided to show the other students what he had learned all by himself with the help of books. The teachers soon noticed that he was an extraordinary swordsman and that he could prove to be very useful in the 11th Division. Although Rekkan's knowledge of Kido was vulgar, he didn't need to use it in the place he was heading to.
The unseated officer wanted to continue evolving. He decided to challenge the last seated officer and made battling for a higher rank a hobby. Every other day, even day after day, the death god would challenge the one seated above him for a challenge until he reached the third seat.
When Rekkan challenged the lieutenant of the 11th Division, he still hadn't been able to know the name of his Zanpakuto. However, in the heat of battle, the shinigami released its first essence and left everyone completely stunned by the power it held.
Then came the time to challenge some soul named Fuman, who was the current Kenpaichi. Rekkan did not go easy on him, but neither did his opponent. It was a brutal fight that probably took more than mere minutes. The blade ravaged through the flesh and blood splattered through the arena. When all eyes were centered on just two warriors, Rekkan used his entire energy to release a powerful blow on his rival. But the same happened on the other end and the two were caught in a maelstrom of spiritual energy.
In the end, Rekkan stood up. His legs were shaking, but he endured the pain. He showed mercy, just to prove to himself that he wasn't the same as that criminal in the living world.

After that, Rekkan stood as the fantastic leader of the 11th Division of the Seireitei. He longed to continue fighting, slaughtering hollows and dangers to the Soul Society. It was only a few days later that Ryoku sought to give Rekkan the power of the final release and become strong. It was very hard training, but it was worth it.
The captain waited patiently for the day in which he was able to fight someone stronger than him and lusted for a being that could possibly crush him so that he would step up to the challenge and become stronger.
But anyway, he returned to the life of a drug addict, although the drug was what he called "Perfect Drug". It was... Human female's cum. He got high on that stuff and was able to see many things, going crazy in his inside and thriving for more. Of course, he was able to control himself and look almost perfectly fine on the outside. Anyway, it looks like the 11th Division has that crazy of a captain or so.´

He became the 11th Division Captain just a few days ago, blah blah, and got Bankai very recently as explained in the last paragraph.

Role-play Sample: - lol

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PostSubject: Re: Rekkan   Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:53 pm

More History to be a Captain.

Specialty can not be battle related. Sorry
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PostSubject: Re: Rekkan   Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Rekkan   Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:54 pm


I don't like it, but approved. Talk to Willy or someone about Captain.
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PostSubject: Re: Rekkan   

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