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 Romulus o-o

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PostSubject: Romulus o-o   Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:40 pm

Name: Romulus
Nickname(s): None.
Age: 234
Visual Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rank: (What rank do you want to have? You can only be a Vasto Lorde if you're registering as one of the top four espada.)
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Height: five feet ten inches.
Weight: 158 pounds
Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Some what deeper then most.
Appearance: (What do you look like? What do you wear as clothing? Etc.)
Clothing Romulus rarely wears his hollow uniform due to him being a very very low ranking hollow. He tends to wear a white shirt and white pants with no shoes. But he does fancy other clothing, and likes to wear heavy jackets that have deep color to them.
As far as his body goes his hollow hole is found over his heart like most hollows, but his mask fragment is harder to spot then most as it is not on his face. It is on his collar bone, it runs along it till the shoulders and then stops. If one were to see him with out a shirt on they would note how smooth and flat the fragment is, and how it seems to have two cracks in it due to flexing and twisting his upper body. This would not be noted if under clothing. Byond that he has no scars to speak of, his eyes and hair both brown/ dirty blond.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Fishing, running, swiming, and sleeping.
Likes and Dislikes: (What does your character like and dislike? At least 5 for each.)

Heavy jackets.
Deep colors that he can lose himself in.
The wind in his face.
Apple pies.

Warm drinking water.
Spicey things.
The taste of pickles.
Mean higher ranking people.
People with the same name as himself.
When happy: When Happy Romulus seems to be well happy, he seems to be the type of person to help and shair with people when he is like this. He gets happen when well good things happen. Like when a pie comes out well or he has ran that day and its windy. It is rather easy to please Romulus.
When sad: And its just as easy to make him sad. He will never show tears infront of people he knows or does not know. But if fighting back tears they might see his eyes water up, and he might get the sniffles. What brings him to this state is, people being hit for no reason, him being hit for any reason, burning a pie, running into something when he is running, triping, or being poked in the eye.
When pissed: A state which is rather hard to get Romulus to, he may flip from happy to sad more times a day that a light swich gets filped a year. But this happens only when things are going from hitting the fan to it miss and my mouth its open. Things that might piss Romulus off is someone choping off a limb, people pokeing his eye then ripping it out, being stabed more then four times in a row, and being made sick. Things like that tend to piss off Romulus.
Other moods: In other moods Romulus tends to act like a normal hollow would as if he could care less. He will show signs of being shy or worry some for someone else.

Defining Characteristics: Cant say he has any really next to the fact he seems to like to chew on his lips from time to time. His skin may seem pale to most others.
Specialties: His powers at handleing extreamly high levels of spirt power. When most would fall to their knees he would still be fine.
Fighting type: Close Combatant lacking any real skill with cero and bala.
Huuman arc:
When Romulus was a young child he had no spirtual powers, he was your normal day kid. He injoyed bright colors, playing around and going to parks. He infact lived across the street from a park, and to get to this park one had to cross a street. This park was really a bunch of woods with a river crossing through it. The only way to get to the river was basicly off a cliff, which ran along the road. Though the street was not busy most of the time at night a few horses would race by, you know teenagers back then. One day as Romulus was crossing the street by himself like his mother had always warned him not to do. It was a bright and hot day so he wanted to go play at the river, he knew a way to get down the edge of the river with out getting stuck or falling to his death. So he went and played their till dark. As he climed the steep bank up to the road, he found himself hearing some hoof beats off to his left they sounded as if they were going away from him, as they were. So he climed into the street still on his hands and knees as he heard more sounds of horses running down the street. He slowly turned his head to his right to find himself being stomped on by around 1000 pounds of horse meat. His back would be stomped on his chest would shatter almost at once, a crack would be heard for about a block. His ribcage and his collor bone were both shattered with everything inbetween being turned to mush. A puddle of blood and mush would come from his mouth and nose. The horse would trip and fall off the cliff, with the rider who would die later from bleeding in the brain. And it took around 60 seconds for Romulus to leave his body.

Soul Ark:
The first thing Romulus remembers when leaving his body is the sound of chains clinking and the gore of his former self before him. Then shadows suddenly covered his body it felt as if he was being bitten and ripped apart. Seconds later he was no longer a soul...but now a hollow.

Hollow ark: The years past faster then days of the week it seemed to Romulus. His craveing for flesh was weak at first but grew as it did for everyone of his kind. His body would change as slowly as he would age, it took him 200 years to look as he does now. His form changed as he at his fellow hollows. His shape going from monster to that of a smaller dragon. And time moved on dragging and nothing happing as it did. In time he changed into his Arrancar form and joined his fellows in the ranks.
Role-play Sample: Tis but a lowly hollow...
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Romulus o-o   Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:49 pm

What level of arrancar are you? Menos or Menos Grande?
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PostSubject: Re: Romulus o-o   Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:53 pm

Weak Adjuchas I guess .-.
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Tadashii Adachi


Posts : 257
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PostSubject: Re: Romulus o-o   Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Romulus o-o   

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Romulus o-o
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