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 Shihin Yuki

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Yuki Shihin


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PostSubject: Shihin Yuki   Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:41 am


Name: Shihouin Yuki
Nickname(s): Yuki, Yukers, Yu-yu
Age: 1010
Visual Age: 20

Gender: Female
Division: 2nd
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 117

Body Frame: Slender, Athletic
Blood Type: AB-
Sound of Voice: gentle
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert. Though she can be happily fine on her own she prefers the company of others, having no qualms about spending time with her comrades. One of the nicest people you will meet unless, you happen to be a target or you happen to get on her bad side.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Ice Cream (mostly the chocolate kind), Chocolate(the best flavor of ice cream), Sparring(hones her muscles), Leading the Onmitsukido(super ninja death squad), Killing Hollows(Its part of the job description).

Dislikes-Arrogance, Assholes, Lies, Indirect Fighters, To be kept waiting.

Personality:She likes to fight, it is simply something hardwired into her. She loves to see blood and gore, she loves the thrill of fighting. She is never unhappy, finding a plus side to every situation, normally people would call this being optimistic, but Yuki's "happy side" to things can sometimes be a little strange. Yuki is more or less a sociopath, right or wrong all depends on her perception of it at that moment in time. She has a fierce sense of loyalty though, if you happen to be on her good side, when angering her though, many tend to end up with a fate you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. Too keep it short, Yuki is many things, but she is never dull.

Defining Characteristics: Her unique ability to tell when someone is lying.
Specialties: She does like to do magic tricks from time to time. That and she can drink the pants off most of the male members of the Gotei 13.
Fighting type:Close Combatant
History/Background: In order for anything to be learned from the story that I am about to tell you, you must understand that Yuki Shihin was totally and completely dead. Yuki understood this fact as she stood next to her corpse, bloodied, mangled, and slumped through the wreckage of a horse-drawn carriage laying broken at the bottom of a rocky cavern, haven been forced off the cliff's edge by bandits. She was pensive, unsure of what her next move should be. After all, she was still standing there; no Gates of Heaven spoken of in the Bible opening up to greet her, nor the gaping mouth of Hell opening up in the Earth, where she would be dragged into the fiery pits to be tortured and damned for all eternity for all of her sins. She simply stood there, idly fingering the long chain that ran down from her chest while watching the animals curiously poking their heads out or rushing off further into the darkness, obviously awoken by the sound of the carriage crashing. She was intrigued by the long chain running down from her chest, but she figured that it would be best not to question it.

Life went on, her body began to decay. Moss began to grow around the crash site the termites began to work on the wood of the carriage. It was some time before anyone even came looking for her, and even then it took even longer for them to find the rapidly disappearing debris as scavengers had their own go at possible treasures. Days passed by before Yuki truly became dissatisfied with her afterlife. Was she doomed to roam the world as a spirit forever? Was this punishment for some grave wrong she had committed years ago? She had visited all of her friends, her school, her family, but all of it was for nothing. She truly didn’t want to go. About a week after she died, Yuki finally noticed the fact that the long chain that had appeared when she first died was now shortening exponentially. At first, she welcomed the prospect. Maybe this chain represented her tether to the mortal world, and it would slowly dissolve until she was finally free to pass on, away from the terror of not knowing what her fate was. Daily, she began to count the links that disappeared.

Fortunately, as she found out later, she was found by a Soul Reaper and sent to Soul Society a place she supposed was supposed to be "Heaven". She was soon later informed that had she not been found in time, she would have become a hollow and her fate would have been different than it is now. She wandered the Rukongai for awhile figuring out quickly that to survive one needed to be strong, or smart. And she was very smart. Keeping to the shadows Yuki never messed with the wrong gangs and made all the right friends. She was quick witted and stealthy and made a name for herself after a time. A few hundred years passed and eventually the Shinigami Academy took notice of her talents and presented her with an opportunity to enroll. She could not have said yes any faster. Yuki went far in the academy, showing herself to be one of the brightest of the bunch. She continually grew stronger eventually graduating with flying colors from the academy and being admitted into the Second Division. From there, she worked tirelessly to prove her worth to her comrades, each day becoming stronger and stronger. It was then that she heard a voice from within her very being. It was, in fact her zanpaktou spirit calling out to her. The first step on her journey to becoming a powerful Soul Reaper. Years were spent mastering her zanpaktou, unlocking the talent they both shared. It was no surprise that when it was all said and done Yuki could call her zanpaktou her best friend.

She worked harder pushing herself to the limits of her durability. Another few hundred years passed and all of the hard work put into getting stronger each day finally paid off. Reaching the pinnacle of a shinigami's strength, she had obtained bankai. She became a fearsome force in the Gotei 13, quickly rising to the challenge of leading the 2nd Division and its Onmitsukido. After being deemed strong enough to be considered a Captain of the Gotei 13 she took a firm hold of the 2nd Division with plans for the Onmitsukido that would make them known as the elite group they truly were. Taking on her name that she has now.

Role-play Sample: Rose was wary but at the moment she was quite sure that most, if not all her self made servants had been killed or destroyed. Her lab was destroyed, or at least the one in Las Noches near Nara's great pillars, which were undoubtedly destroyed by now as well. Time to move to the lab in the White Sand desert, she would have to fortify this one, more efficiently so that the same thing could never happen again. Also, she had spent the past two days fighting Imperecedor, there was no doubt that Nara would be displeased with what had happened here. Oh well, she would cross that bridge when the time came. In the meantime she had to get this fool into an incubation tank so that he could begin to heal his broken body. Imperecedor was of no use to Rose crippled.

Her ears perked up catching the distinct sound of air being "cut", before the wind blade bit into her shoulder and made its way down diagonally across her back down to her hip. She roared in pain, the sound deafening to all but her a roar of pain and rage. Her hands clenched and she hunched over a bit before standing up straight. Her innate ability had slowed the blade down enough that her hierro was able to stop it from cutting too deep. But the gash still bled quite freely, having not damaged the spinal chord but still caused physical damage to her body. "I'm not quite dead yet... Rose... You should know... to never... underestimate an opponent... who's ressureccion is... still active..."

She looked at him her jaw set, and her eyes squinting in fury. She marched up to Imprecedor each step causing pain to flare on her back. Her hand seductively caressed the side of his face before she suddenly grabbed him by the chin yanking his head so that he was forced to look into her eyes. "And you....shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you" She snarled squeezing Imp's jaw in her hands aggravating the massive fractures that most likely existed in his skull. She let go and straightened up more pain flaring in her back. She started walking away seemingly going to leave Imperecedor behind, blood running freely down her back. Suddenly she twisted around bringing her fist in a rainbow arc. The earth in front of her was lifted, brought over her head and a 10ft wide slab of hard ground would be slammed into Imperecedor's broken body. It was risky, seeing as it could kill him, but she tried her best to hold back despite her incredible urge to go all out with that.

"Sleep tight" She said actually leaving him there, planning to pick him up later, let him lay there in agony while the medics were sent to get him. Maybe she might even delay them for another half hour, depends on how bad the gash on her back was. She sealed her ressurection and returned to her destroyed labs so she could set up Imps arrival to the new one.

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Yuki Shihin


Posts : 11
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PostSubject: Re: Shihin Yuki   Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:25 pm

Hmm, yea, done.
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PostSubject: Re: Shihin Yuki   Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:41 pm

Even though your character is hot, wears no bra and only wears a thong for an undergarment, I regret to inform you that the current forum date is 2009. So for her to be 1010 would make her alive at the time of about... 999 C.E. Means no cars, even an Audi. So adapt those bits. Make it some Samurai-like period, just remember that Samurai were just archers at that time, and if you wanted an equivalent of a car accident, it could just be a horse carriage that flipped over a cliff as an example.

Specialties, doesn't have to do with combat, your fighting style covers that bit. So make it something more social, like cooking. Oh, and put more likes and dislikes, should be at least 5.
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Yuki Shihin


Posts : 11
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Join date : 2010-10-29

PostSubject: Re: Shihin Yuki   Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:06 pm

Edit-ed. o-o
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Posts : 117
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Join date : 2010-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Shihin Yuki   Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shihin Yuki   

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Shihin Yuki
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